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Promotional vacuum insulated tumblers, sturdy  copper lined stainless steel water bottles, handy double wall insulated travel mugs, and genuine ThermosⓇ brand hot and cold metal water bottles are just some of the highlights of our premium vacuum insulated drinkware collection. In addition, we've recently started stocking business logo imprinted promotional Himalayan tumblers, which are one of our hottest new items. 

All the Best Promotional Vacuum Insulated Tumblers, Thermal Water Bottles & More

Our promotional personalized tumblers, custom engraved stainless steel water bottles, business logo imprinted travel mugs, genuine ThermosⓇ brand drinkware, and copper lined personalized water bottles, and every other product on this page all have one thing in common - they all feature double wall vacuum insulated construction. That means they’ll keep both solids and liquids cold and hot for hours, and in some cases, for multiple days. Just what are the advantages of vacuum insulation and copper lined hot & cold water bottles? Read through the following guide and you’ll have the answers to those questions and so many more.

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  • What is a Vacuum Insulated Bottle?

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  • What is a Vacuum Insulated Bottle?

    If you’re on this page but are not quite sure what it’s about, we’re here to help. Our promotional vacuum insulated bottles are built with one stainless steel cup inserted into and fused to a larger one. The air in the space between is evacuated, and this creates a vacuum-like effect that prevents outside air from getting into the bottle and inside air from getting out. The result is optimum temperature retention, which makes it possible for our vacuum insulated tumblers, travel mugs, and stainless steel water bottles to keep hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold. It also prevents anyone who grips a promotional ThermosⓇ filled with hot coffee from being burned.

    These are handy items for commuters, campers, athletes, outdoor workers, and anyone else who will have temperature-sensitive food and drinks on hand without access to a refrigerator, freezer, or oven. They’re ideal promotional products for nearly any industry, as there’s virtually nobody who cannot benefit from having one of the best promotional hot & cold water bottles in hand.

    What are the Advantages of Copper Lined Bottles?

    So now you know about vacuum insulated bottles, but what are these copper lined bottles we keep talking about? If you take a spin through the products on this page, you’ll see promotional copper lined tumblers, custom engraved copper lined stainless steel water bottles, among other items.

    Many double wall vacuum insulated bottles and tumblers feature inner copper lining. It’s typically there in the form of a thin wall of plating. Copper is a metal that has excellent abilities when it comes to blocking and reflecting thermal radiation. This is beneficial because it adds an extra level of protection against loss of heat/coolness in any vacuum insulated bottle it is added to. It also goes further to prevent hot liquids from burning those who touch said bottles and guards against sweating for bottles containing cold liquids in hot settings.

    Promotional Vacuum Insulated Tumblers

    Many people get confused when it comes to what separates tumbler apart from travel mugs. Generally speaking, tumblers are tapered from the top down and feature a bottom-heavy design. They’re typically designed to contour to the palm of your hand, and consequently, they don’t usually have handles, which is an essential feature to our promotional travel mugs. In rare cases, a tumbler will have a handle of some sort, which is the case with our custom imprinted 16 oz ThermosⓇ Travel Tumblers.

    We proudly carry the best wholesale stainless steel travel tumblers to fit all promotional needs as well as personal tastes and styles. Our promotional hot and cold travel tumblers are BPA free, offer premium insulation, and come with secure, spill-proof lids and easy pouring access. Whether you go with a large 30 oz personalized tumbler or small 10 oz custom imprinted tumbler, we have the right insulated drinkware to fit your needs.

    Promotional Himalayan Tumblers

    YetiⓇ tumblers are a big hit for a lot of good reasons. They’re durable, they offer excellent temperature retention, and feature sturdy stainless steel construction. There’s one thing to remember though - YetiⓇ is a brand name and not an actual style. So in that case, why do we even bring it up? The answer to that question is that we carry a broad assortment of promotional Himalayan tumblers that offer all of the same great features you’d find in a Yeti tumbler at an affordable price. Throw in the low minimum order numbers and you’ll see why our custom imprinted Himalayan tumblers are a perpetual best-seller. If you want tumblers like YetiⓇ at an affordable price and at top quality, we’ve got your back.

    Our wholesale Himalayan travel tumblers are sleek and smooth and offer a variety of different looks. Whether your preference is for stoic stainless steel, camouflage for the great outdoors, or bold metallic colors, we have the Himalayan tumbler to fit your business logo and culture. Every Himalayan tumbler we carry features double wall construction and vacuum insulation to keep your beverages at the ideal temperature. They’re also BPA free and boast spill-resistant lids, often with convenient slide-action closures. Their contoured design allows them to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand or to rest within your car’s cupholder during long drives.

    Customized Vacuum Insulated Travel Mugs

    As previously stated, one of the main differences between tumblers and travel mugs is their general shape, with the handle being the biggest defining trait. Our promotional vacuum insulated mugs will keep your coffee piping hot while they stand at the ready to help you push through the work day or as you salute the morning sunrise on a camping trip. Our Valhalla wholesale copper lined insulated travel mugs feature cork-inspired handles and slip-resistant cork bottoms for a perfect quaint meets modern look.

    Custom Engraved Stainless Steel Water Bottles with Copper Lining

    We offer a grand array of promotional vacuum insulated copper lined stainless steel water bottles. As explained earlier in this guide, copper lining helps our vacuum insulated bottles to regulate inner temperatures and to prevent burns and sweating. What we didn’t mention is that though they work hard, they still look great while doing it. Are you a modern, cutting edge tech firm? You’ll love our sleek and stylish h2go Ascent 25 oz promotional stainless steel insulated water bottles. Is rough and tough more your style? How about a custom engraved 17 oz stainless steel bottle in black matte?

    Do you remember our mention of YetiⓇ tumblers earlier? We have a similar situation here. S’WellⓇ brand stainless steel water bottles are high-quality and very popular items. Our stainless steel copper lined vacuum bottles offer that same style and functionality at a lower price and with small minimum order numbers.

    Promotional Vacuum Insulated ThermosesⓇ

    A broad selection of wholesale promotional ThermosesⓇ is available for you every day at 4AllPromos. ThermosⓇ is the company that wrote the book on vacuum insulated bottles and we’re proud to feature several of their fine promotional product offerings on our site. The custom logo imprinted Elite ThermosⓇ comes with a screw-of lid that detaches to serve as a mug. Do you cater to a tea-drinking crowd? If so, you’ll want to take a look at our personalized logo imprinted Thermoses with built-in tea hooks. Spilling and constant, tedious, opening and closing of spouts won’t be a problem, as several of our promotional vacuum insulated ThermosⓇ tumblers & mugs feature spouts that can be twisted for easy pouring without removal.

    Premium Promotional Vacuum Insulated Drinkware Gift Sets

    If you’re looking for the best corporate drinkware gifts, look no further. We offer several premium promotional drinkware gift sets that include the best promotional vacuum insulated tumblers, travel mugs, coffee cups, and more.

    Our Tuscany ThermosⓇ and Ghirardelli Chocolates gift set features a beautiful 16 oz vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle along with delectable Ghirardelli chocolate squares and hot chocolate mix packets. For the ultimate coffee lover’s dream come true, we carry promotional Gift Boxed Leather Wrapped Stainless Steel ThermosⓇ and Coffee Cup gift sets. Do you want to offer the best for the outdoorsmen & outdoorswomen? Try our Himalayan Outdoor Tumbler and Cooler Kit.

    Premium Promotional Vacuum Insulated Drinkware with Low Minimum Orders

    Low minimum order promotional products are always a favorite with business owners who are budget-conscious and know how to get the most for their money. We offer several low minimum order vacuum insulated tumblers, low minimum order double wall travel mugs, promotional Zippo copper lined stainless steel water bottles with low minimum orders, and much more. In addition to saving money, a low minimum order corporate gift allows each item to be individually customized to recognize and treat an especially well performing employee, thank a great boss, or give a little “thank you” to your most valuable customers and business contacts.