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Our custom beach chairs are great for promoting your business while users have fun in the sun! However, they're not limited to spring and summer. We have a variety of custom folding beach chairs with pockets for holding beverages and other items, low minimum order beach chairs for small companies & gift purposes, custom folding outdoor chairs for camping, branded quad chairs for relaxing on campus or attending events, and much more. Scroll on to see the personalized beach chairs in our inventory and learn a bit more about each available style.

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Having a high-quality folding chair is an essential part of any outdoor adventure. After all, who doesn’t want to kick back and relax a little sometimes? Is your business is looking for great promotional products to really impress its target market? If so, our selection of customizable folding beach chairs will be a treasure trove. Our promotional beach chairs for adults and kids come in wide variety of colors, designs, materials, and special options. Each can be imprinted or embroidered with your logo design, helping the chairs to create advertising impressions for your brand wherever they're taken.

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Different Types of Custom Beach Chairs

There are several types of beach chairs out there. Some are designed with extra high weight capacities, while others are designed to hold refreshing drinks. Some models may work well in a campsite setting. Nearly all come with features to make for easier carrying, storage, and transportation. With all of that said, we'll now discuss some of the different styles of branded beach chairs that are available on our site.

Custom Printed Reclining Beach Chairs

Want to help your audience bring the comfort of their living room outside? Choose a portable chair with a built-in recliner. This design allows them to raise their feet up while they sit, keeping them cool, comfortable, and relaxed. Reclining chairs are especially good options for beachgoers and campers who want to sit back with a good book. We have promotional fold-up reclining chairs that can be set in as many as six different positions. Pair them with a stadium blanket for a giveaway package that’s perfect for any outdoor leisure enthusiast.

Promotional Camp Chairs

While some refer to camping as "roughing it", even the most avid outdoorsmen like to have a little bit of comfort now and then. That's why our custom logo camping chairs will be a hit with users who love the outdoor life. They provide a comfortable place to sit while camping, eating, enjoying a drink, or just relaxing after a long day of outdoor adventures. Meanwhile, they'll show off your logo on the campgrounds and the many other locations where they will be used and enjoyed.

Personalized Cooler Chairs

Tailgating parties and beach days call for ice-cold drinks, but carrying everything to the final destination can be a challenge. Users can avoid such hassles when your business provides them with our branded fold-up cooler chairs. These unique metal frame folding chairs allow users to keep their beverages cold while also providing a comfortable & convenient place to sit and relax. These chairs are also excellent for pairing with drinkware like travel mugs, tumblers, school spirit items, and cooler bags.

Branded Low Fold-Up Chairs with Storage Options

From snacks to sunblock and magazines, a lot of items are required for a day by the water, attending events, or having fun at the campground. At 4AllPromos, we offer a variety of promotional low beach chairs that help your target market keep everything organized and stored safely. With low to the ground seat heights, these chairs aren't at risk for tipping over or blowing away. They're also easy for both kids and adults to get in and out of. Plenty of storage options exist, including large pockets on the front or back, mesh pockets extending from the sides or arms, or even simple cup holders built into the armrests. These custom beach chairs do well when paired with our promo beach blankets.

Custom Beach Chairs with Carrying Bags & Straps

Your business doesn't have to stop at giving clients, employees, and event guests chairs to sit on. The products on this page enable your business to provide something to carry them with as well. This helps prevent users from having to struggle with a handful of items as they walk to the shore or unpack their camper. We offer several personalized beach chairs with carrying bags as well as custom beach chairs with carrying straps. The latter feature essentially function as custom beach chairs with built-in backpacks!

Promotional Heavy Duty Beach Chairs

People come in all different shapes and sizes, as do the loads they might happen to carry at any given time. That's why it's important to have a chairs that can accommodate a broad range of weights. While our personalized folding outdoor chairs may have lightweight frames, they're anything but weak. Some of our custom heavy duty beach chairs can hold up to 400 lbs!

If your business wants to get the most out of our customized beach chairs, adding a company logo design is one of the most essential parts of the process. When these chairs are seen and admired by beach goers, event attendees, or fellow campers, powerful advertising impressions will be made. With your brand at the forefront of people's minds, increased order volumes are likely to be a part of your near future.

When it comes to adding your business logo to our custom beach chairs, imprinting is the most common method pursued. It's speedy, affordable, and effective in creating a branded product that is appealing to the eye. With a single, multiple, or full color imprint on our beach chairs, your logo will stand up and shout in a way that just refuses to be ignored.

Personalized Embroidered Beach Chairs

Many of our custom beach chairs come with the option to upgrade to embroidery. While embroidery is more expensive than imprinting, it has some distinct advantages. Embroidered logos present a rich array of colors while also creating a textured, three-dimensional design. They also are able to last for as long as the chairs do, as they will never peel or chip with the passage of time. A new chair embroidered with your logo is a great way to build branding on the beach and beyond.

Where Can You Use Custom Beach Chairs?

From the baseball field to the sand, lightweight folding chairs can make users' lives easier while advertising your brand. These items provide a comfortable place to sit while catching some rays, communing with nature at the campground, enjoying a game or concert, or even while attending a graduation ceremony. Bear in mind, adjustable seat height will grant even more versatility.

Promotional Chairs for the Beach

Are you looking for a foldable beach chair to customize with your business name or logo? 4AllPromos has multiple styles to choose from. The best part is that these low-to-the-ground designs stay sturdy in the sand when they’re used at the beach or by the lake.

One great way to catch the attention of your target customers and supporters is by hosting a raffle or giveaway to win a portable beach chair. When attending a community event or a trade show, offering one of our portable beach chairs as a raffle prize is a great way to grab some attention for your brand. Another option to consider is pairing our personalized beach chairs with other promotional items to create a gift basket that your employees, clients, and event attendees are sure to love. Think related items like grilling tools, picnic baskets, or beach towels. Don’t be afraid to get creative; the sky is truly the limit.

Custom Folding Chairs for Camping

Promotional camping chairs are handy items for outdoor enthusiasts, as users will need somewhere to sit while hanging out around the fire, eating meals, or just spending some time outside of the tent. By adding your custom logo to these items, your business can create advertising impressions in places where competing media can't disturb your message. They're ideal for advertising lawn care companies, camping supply stores, fishing gear shops, outdoor apparel companies, and more. These personalized beach chairs can easily become essential parts of the camping experience.

Imprinted Chairs for Sporting Events

Whether they’re tailgating or sitting on the sidelines, portable chairs are a necessity for people attending sporting events. This is especially true in youth sports, where parents and fans travel from one place to another on a weekly basis. By offering promotional beach chairs with your company logo, it's easy to spread the word about your brand at home games or on the road. Even better, your audience will appreciate having a comfortable place to perch during games & sporting events, helping to build emotional bonds with your brand.

Affordable beach chairs imprinted with a team name or league logo also make a great gift for coaches and players. Consider adding a few to the giveaway items for your end-of-year banquet or awards gala. This is a great way to show appreciation for your team’s hard work and dedication while giving them a product they can use again and again.

Branded Folding Quad Chairs

When the weather gets warm, students will want to spend some time relaxing and getting fresh air out on the quad. Our custom folding quad chairs are perfect for this. These personalized beach chairs are also handy for friends and family members who are attending outdoor college and university graduation ceremonies and for incoming students at orientation events. Other outdoor events, such as concerts and fireworks shows, are also situations for which our quad chairs are tailor-made.