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Order the best promotional stadium cushions wholesale from 4AllPromos. We offer the best vinyl stadium cushions, beautiful custom embroidered foam stadium cushions, personalized business logo polyester stadium cushions, polypropylene eco-friendly stadium cushions, promotional novelty stadium cushions & beyond. You can even add social distancing imprints to increase safety for students when ordering custom stadium cushions for schools! If you'd like to know more about our promotional stadium cushions, scroll down to the informational section located in the lower portion of this page.

Custom Logo Promotional Foam Stadium Cushions | Bulk Social Distancing Stadium Cushions

Even when cheering the home team to victory or watching your children graduate high school, there is not much to celebrate about sitting on bleachers for long stretches of time—until now! With the promotional cushioned stadium seats from 4AllPromos you can focus on what truly matters instead of spending the whole event shifting uncomfortably in your seat.

Promotional foam stadium cushions are the perfect way to get your brand name out there. Your customers will love taking them to public events where they sit for long periods of time, from conferences and outdoor concerts to sporting events and movies! This means extra advertisement for your business. Turn a promotional “double play” and pair any of our custom promotional stadium cushions with one of our many promotional logo imprinted stadium blankets. Your clients will be warm, comfortable, and twice as likely to have your company on their minds! They can also be used for safety & educational purposes. Our imprinted stadium cushions for schools can be designed with social distancing instructions to help keep students safe.

Despite their simple, yet useful function, 4AllPromos offers a huge variety of comfortable stadium seats for your convenience! From material to shape, and from imprints to accessories, there is plenty to consider when selecting which promotional printed product is right for your next giveaway. Read on to discover which model may suit your needs!

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  • Foam Seat Cushions - Custom Imprints

  • Promotional Stadium Cushion Materials

    An important factor to consider when perusing any personalized business product is whether it will stand the test of time. This is where selecting the right material is important. We offer a variety of materials for your outdoor chair cushions that are resistant to the elements and will ensure that your customers continue to use your custom branded item well into the future.

    Promotional Stadium Cushion Material Symbols

    Firstly, it is important to note that several materials come with a number and “D” label. This “D” stands for denier, and represents the density and strength of the material. A higher number accompanied by “D” means a tougher and more durable product. Therefore, a 600D polyester cushion will be more durable than a 200D polyester cushion. Similarly, some products have a number followed by “T.” That “T” stands for thread count and, as with denier, a higher thread count indicates a more durable material.

    Promotional Polyester Stadium Cushions

    Next up is polyester, another common material for stadium cushions. Polyester is used in a lot of promotional apparel as well as in promotional stadium cushions, so it has many flexible properties. It is also our most sun resistant material! This means it is perfect for the summer months and outdoor use. If you are an outdoor day camp we know your attendees will love our polyester cushions. And as a bonus, we know your logo won’t be prone to fading in the bright sunlight!

    Promotional Polypropylene Stadium Cushions

    Non-woven polypropylene is our most eco-friendly material. Made from recycled materials, polypropylene logo cushions are a great choice for environmentalist organizations or conservationist groups hoping to get their brand’s mission out there! This material is also quick-drying and lightweight, so outdoor promotions at the beach or lake are a must!

    Promotional Vinyl Stadium Cushions

    Vinyl (also labeled PVC) is used in a couple of our promotional stadium seats—and for good reason! Vinyl is a highly flexible material, so it can conform to any seat, from beach chairs to bleachers to office chairs! Vinyl is also known for its durability, so don’t worry about it getting torn in the rowdy fan section of the football stadium. This material often allows for more color options, so there should be plenty of options to best match your brand and logo!

    Promotional Foam Inserts

    The above materials are typically what makes up the exterior of the cushion. However, the entire product is not solely made from the external material. Each of our cushions comes with a foam interior, which both increases the durability of the product and comfort of your customers. This foam (sometimes labeled PV or PU foam) is a flexible and comfortable material that immediately increases the enjoyment of your customers. You will note that our cushions vary in thickness, from small custom stadium cushions under an inch thick to large promotional stadium cushions 4” thick and over. This is all thanks to the amount of foam inserted in each product!

    Promotional Closed Cell Foam Stadium Cushions

    One last popular and unique material used in the production of outdoor chair cushions is closed cell foam. Unlike other cushions, those made from this type of foam do not have any type of exterior (such as polyester). Instead, the entire product is made from this durable material. Closed cell foam is resistant to the elements, so sports franchises and outdoor camps can look forward to their customers using these whenever they need a comfier seat. Additionally, on average closed cell foam is a more budget-friendly material than many others. For a great closed cell foam product, check out this custom logo imprinted knee cushion pad, featuring the durable material! Whatever material you decide to select, make sure to consult with the experts from 4AllPromos before making your final decision. We can recommend the perfect promotional cushioned stadium seat for outdoor and indoor events alike!

    Bleacher Seat Shape (and Size)

    A great way to stand out and get your brand noticed is to choose the right size and shape for your promotional seating! 4AllPromos offers cushions in both traditional and amusing shapes. There is bound to be one that suits your needs! With different shapes comes a variety of sizes, so be sure to also take this into account when considering what your customers will use these cushions for.

    4AllPromos offers several models with traditional shapes, such as square, rectangle, and circle. These are perfect options if you want your custom logo to really stand out against a simple and minimalistic background. Law firms and insurance agencies can use these more traditional styles as gifts for employees to commemorate a fun company picnic! Or give them to patrons and his style will become their go-to for everything from outdoor concerts to baseball games!

    Why not switch it up and get more than just your logo noticed? You will see we offer many fun and thematic shapes that are tailored for specific industries! Hardware stores, try this wrench-shaped promotional cushion that reminds customers of your superb customer service. High schools and universities can opt for this customizable paw print stadium cushion, which will really amp up school spirit (especially if your mascot is a husky, lion, or bear!). There are so many more varieties, all you need to do it browse! We highly recommend choosing a shape that will represent your business well, so don’t hesitate to call 4AllPromos with any questions you may have!

    Stadium Cushion Accessories

    While we all know simplicity can sometimes be a great way to garner attention for your business, why not mix it up a little and go for a stadium cushion that is truly unique? 4AllPromos has many options for cushions with backs and accessory panels. Your customers are bound to bring these models with them to any event when they may be confined to the bleachers.

    Many of the stadium cushions offered at 4AllPromos have all the comforts of folding chairs at a much lower cost! We have several models that have closed cell foam or foam insert backs that provide a level of comfort unknown to the bleachers before now. We even offer cushions equipped with strong steel support rods that mean you can set up the cushion on the first row of the bleachers and lean back with no worries of tipping backwards! Your customers will be thrilled to receive such a compact yet useful promotional giveaway item. They are bound to bring any convenient stadium seat cushions with backs to any spectator event!

    Never forget sunscreen or snacks again by investing in a promotional seat cushion with a fold down panel with pockets. Do you get bored during halftime? Pack a book or magazine in one of the pockets, or stay hydrated with the water you store in another pocket. Customers will love how the fold down panels take up little to no space, but still double as a tote bag. Go hands free with one of these stadium cushions that make traveling a breeze! Choose one of these cushions if you know your customers have a penchant for multi-tasking.

    Whether you want to stay simple or upgrade your next giveaway with these extra features, give 4AllPromos a call today for our promotional expertise.

    Bonus Gifts

    Just when you thought stadium cushions couldn’t be a better option for your next promotional giveaway, 4AllPromos introduces bonus gifts to the mix! You can check individual product descriptions to see if this offer applies to the cushions you are considering. If included. gifts are made from closed cell foam that has been removed from the stadium cushion.

    The extra gift included with your purchase is a keychain that gives you even more opportunities to get your logo noticed by others! To create a custom keychain, simply pop the inside of the foam grip handle out (it is meant to be detached). This piece is also imprinted with your custom logo, so once you attach it to the keychain included with your order, customers will be able to take it with them everywhere, not just events that require a stadium cushion. This product is really a 3-in-1 corporate promotional gift item because the foam grip doubles as a finger exerciser, or stress reliever during rough outings!

    Do you have questions about how to instruct your customers how to use these bonus gifts? The 4AllPromos team knows exactly how to market these extras to your customer base!

    Foam Seat Cushions - Custom Imprints

    Now for arguably the most important component to any promotion—the way you market your brand with your custom business logo. Our experts are well-versed in how to create a successful promotion. While your customer’s enjoyment of the promotional giveaway item is greatly important, equally important is the exposure you gain for your business through a giveaway.

    4AllPromos offers one color imprints that really stand out! You can select one color from a rainbow of choices. Depending on the product, you can choose a material color and imprint color that are truly complementary. By using the one location one color imprint you can prove to current and potential customers that sometimes simplicity is the best option!

    However, if you are looking to create a truly decadent promotional product, why not invest in a full color imprint? Try this option if you truly are interested in creating a custom logo that will stand out in any crowd, from cheering fans to concert-goers and everything in between.

    Do you want to know which imprint option is right for your promotion? Give 4AllPromos a call today, we are happy to help!