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With branded technology products and custom gift sets being among the hottest trends in corporate promotions, it only makes sense that we combine the two. Our promotional technology gift sets offer items that are fun and convenient for just about everyone. Items such as our branded mobile charging kits, custom earbud sets, wireless speaker gift sets, stylus pen gift sets, customized power bank gift sets, all of our other tech product gifts will gain a great deal of exposure for your brand. These are items used multiple times on a daily basis, ensuring that your company logo is seen by people from all walks of life in just about every location imaginable.

Technology Promotional Items | Corporate Tech Gifts | Custom Mobile Accessory Kits

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Technology gift sets are some of the most popular promotional items at trade shows, events, and for general branding purposes. At 4AllPromos, you'll find a variety of custom technology product gift sets and kits for impressing your target market & rewarding loyal customers. Your corporate logo design can be included on items such as earbud kits, stylus pen gift sets, journal gift sets with power banks, personalized Bluetooth speaker sets, smartphone charging kits for cars, and more. These tech accessory gifts can work as holiday promotional products, back-to-school items, general giveaways, and for many other purposes. The guide on this page goes into a bit more depth about the various types of tech item gift sets we offer. We encourage you to take a look through it to find the products that best fit your promotional needs. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call; we're ready, willing, and eager to help!

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Different Types of Promotional Technology Gift Sets

Custom Design Corporate Technology Gift Sets

Different Types of Promotional Technology Gift Sets

Our imprinted tech product gift sets and kits present quite a bit of variety. Designed for top performance whether employed for work or pleasure, these items will delight all who receive them. Our promotional tech gift sets make handy giveaway packages for nearly any business, especially those in the technology, communications, education, and travel industries. They can be distributed as trade show giveaway items, promotional products to reach your target market, or as corporate gifts to employees and loyal customers. Items such as earbuds, USB cord organizers, power banks, stylus pens, phone chargers, and more are packaged together with complementary items to up the value & convenience factors. Read on to learn more about some of the different styles of custom tech gift sets available on our site.

Branded Mobile Charging Accessory Kits

There's no denying the fact that across the globe, people are becoming more dependent on mobile devices by the day. Everyone always wants to stay connected with their phones and tablets. Low battery levels and drained batteries can cause quite a panic. Your brand can help users to avoid those situations by providing them with promotional phone charging kits. These handy little gift sets enable users to charge their devices in cars, on planes, on trains, and more. Able to plug into automobile power outlets and USB outlets, these items can be lifesavers when users are on the go. We also have models with wall adapters for plugging into traditional power outlets.

Promotional Power Bank Gift Sets

We can guarantee that all of our customers, employees, and target market members will find great utility in our personalized corporate power bank gift sets. These products enable users to charge their devices even in outdoor areas where no outlets are available at all. The power banks included in these gift sets can sometimes charge multiple devices at the same time. In addition, they include accessories such as USB cables, earbuds, and in some cases, smartphone wallets and stands.

Personalized Stylus Pen Gift Sets

If you're looking for top-notch corporate writing gifts, we suggest an investment in some company logo stylus pen gift sets. Stylus pens are designed such that they are able to write on paper with ink while also having the ability to type on touchscreen devices. A soft silicone tip is located either at the opposite end as the ink pen tip, or surrounding it for use when the ink tip is retracted. Our stylus pen kits come with pocket sized flashlights attached to key rings, creating a 4-in-1 gift package.

Custom Wireless Speaker Gift Sets

Whether hard at work, having some fun, or simply relaxing, many people enjoy having some music to accompany their activities. With our personalized Bluetooth speaker kits, your company can provide the gift of music to its audience. They can also be used to enjoy podcasts, audio books, and more. Our wireless speaker gift sets are low minimum order promotional items, coming complete with engraved power banks and USB connectors, all in an attractive gift box.

Earbuds are items that come in handy in many situations. If users wish to privately listen to music, calls, or other audio material, earbuds are perfect for getting the job done. Once they're plugged into a power source and placed in users' ears, they're ready to go to work. They can also be highly useful for situations in which users wish to listen to music or other audio content when people are trying to sleep nearby or any other time where quiet is needed. Our promotional branded earbud sets offer affordable, fun, and functional earbuds along with accessories for keeping them powered up, organized, and in perfect working order.

Custom Journal and Tech Item Gift Sets

Journaling can be a great way to relieve stress, organize one's thoughts, set plans, or to track personal progress in any area of life. To keep the stress low and the progress in motion, we offer personalized journal and tech accessory kits for your brand to provided to employees, existing customers, potential customers, and valuable contacts. Our journal & tech product gift sets offer attractive journals along with a high quality pens and power banks. It's a bit of an old-meets-new gift package that satisfies audiences of all demographics. They're a great way to build brand awareness while also creating emotional bonds and long-term customer loyalty.

Custom Design Corporate Technology Gift Sets

All of our branded technology item gift sets can be designed with your personalized corporate logo design to get the most for your advertising dollar. Some items are imprinted, others engraved, and still others are debossed. When exploring our collection, you'll come across gift sets with multiple design options as well. In the next four paragraphs, we'll explain each of the available design methods a bit in order to help you choose the style that's the best fit for your needs.

Custom Printed Technology Gift Sets

Many of our customized technology gift sets feature screen printed logos. This is one of the most affordable ways to personalize a promotional product. It's a good fit for many products and is ideal for single color designs. Logo artwork with multiple colors can be created with this method too, though it involves a longer production time. It's a good method to go with when ordering items in bulk.

Full color logo imprinting is another popular personalization method. It's often available as an upgrade option, though it does come standard with some products. While it's more expensive than screen printing, it is able to create designs with multiple colors far more quickly and in precise, impressive detail.

Debossed Tech Accessory Kits

Your company can opt to deboss its logo design on several of our items. This is a method often used with products that are wrapped in leather, faux leather, and other similar materials. With this method, your logo is essentially stamped down into the surface of an item, creating a design with a three dimensional effect that offers lifetime longevity. A debossed logo design will look just as good 20 years from now as it does today.

Personalized Engraved Technology Item Kits

Engraving is a popular way to design promotional tech items, particularly those made from metal. Laser engraving allows for your personalized design to be cut into the surface of a product for a stately, clear, and powerful look. Much like debossing, engraving creates designs that will stand the test of time, ensuring branding graphics/text that will stay in peak condition for years (and decades) to come.