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Custom Popcorn Gifts for Customers & Employees

Delicious, tasty popcorn is a treat that nobody can resist. When it comes to finding the best way to celebrate a big occasion, be it a wedding, business event, party, or anything else, there are few better items to attach your message to than a personalized popcorn gift. These snacks will be a hit with customers and attendees at trade shows, spreading joy with every bite. No matter if you package your popcorn items in a bag, box, tin, or tube, our gourmet popcorn items will be a delicious way to promote your brand.

Promotional Gourmet Popcorn with Your Logo

Whether your business chooses to go with a sweet or savory popcorn flavor (or perhaps even a mix), there's no doubt that your customers, employees, and target market members will enjoy receiving these gifts. Our popcorn giveaway ideas make excellent party favors and provide a great snack for movie night, ensuring that your brand will be associated with joy and good times. Read on to learn more about the different kinds of promotional popcorn products we have to offer and which are the best fit for your business. 

Branded Microwave Popcorn

Throwing popcorn into the microwave is just about the best way to get a delicious snack without having to wait. The freshly popped popcorn users will get in our wholesale microwave popcorn bags will make a perfect movie night snack. If you prefer a one bag approach or would rather employ custom microwave popcorn 3-packs, we have you covered. 

A colorful bag or imprinted box will show your logo off, offering movie theater stand quality popcorn to be enjoyed at home or in the office.  Offering bags of microwave popcorn is a great way to promote to potential clients at trade shows and events.

Promotional Popcorn Bags

If you're looking for a fun popcorn gift that offers a little something artistic, we suggest making an investment in our custom printed popcorn bags. These fun and tasty snack bags often come in a transparent cello bag that is wrapped up with a neat little bow. Several different flavors are offered, ranging from the traditional, to sweet kettle corn, to unique gourmet flavors and beyond.

If a container that's a bit more firm is desired, we encourage you to take a look at our branded popcorn trays. They can be ordered packaged separately or in stacks for an impressive tower of tastiness.

Company Logo Popcorn Gift Boxes

If a bag isn't quite what your company is looking for, there's no need to worry. There are more options for you to read about. One of these comes in the form of our promotional popcorn boxes. Filled with sweet and salty snacks, these items make for excellent corporate gifts. We have styles with transparent viewing windows as well as opaque boxes that are reminiscent of the gift packages that often hold chocolates. Great as a gift for just about any event or occasion, our popcorn gift boxes frequently mix in other treats such as mixed nuts, pretzels, chocolate covered almonds, and more.

Looking for a great promotional snack item for sporting events? Simply add your logo to one of our sports-themed customized popcorn tubes or tins. Some versions only contain popcorn, while others hold additional snacks such as candy bars, licorice, and bubble gum.

Custom Popcorn Tins for Holiday Gifts

In addition to our microwave popcorn bags and boxes, we also have an assortment of tins. Our personalized popcorn tins make great corporate holiday gift items. They can also work quite well as retail items or as a special way to say "thank you" to loyal clients and top-performing workers. Our custom popcorn tins come with many different artistic designs and most offer a mix of multiple flavors. Kids will love unwrapping these delicious popcorn tins under the tree on Christmas morning!

Design Your Own Popcorn Promotional Products for Clients & Events

The best way to make microwave popcorn or one of our tins or boxed items really stand out for your brand is to personalize them with your logo design. We offer custom imprinted popcorn gift products that are created with your logo artwork in one color, multiple color, or even full color designs. The latter boasts photographic quality branding that will certainly catch eyes and turn heads in any and all locations. 

Promotional Popcorn Items - FAQ

For what occasions does popcorn make a good gift?
Popcorn is an excellent snack favor idea for a wedding, trade show, holiday, party, birthday, corporate function, and just about any other event you can name!
What flavors of popcorn can I buy?
We offer several different flavor choices, including, but not limited to classic butter, caramel, cheese, kettle corn, peanut butter cup, chocolate, and cookies & cream.
What type of containers does your popcorn come in?
4AllPromos stocks popcorn in a bag, box, tray, tins, and tubes.