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Find the best promotional laminated recycled tote bags at 4AllPromos. Our custom laminated recycled tote bags come in laminated high gloss patent finish as well as matte finish. These eco-friendly logo imprinted laminated recycled tote bags are made of recycled materials including polypropylene and PET. Also available are our animal friendly personalized faux alligator tote bags & faux reptile tote bags. Scroll down below the pictures for extensive information regarding our laminated recycled tote bags.

Best Laminated Recycled Tote Bags Imprinted with Your Business Logo

Our promotional laminated recycled tote bags are the best eco-friendly tote bags to bear your company logo. While a lot of the terms you'll read on our individual product pages will be similar to the ones you'll find in our promotional recycled tote bags category, our laminated versions have some unique terms of their own. To help better fit your promotional needs, we're going to provide a glossary of promotional laminated recycled tote bag industry terms below.

Promotional Laminated Recycled Tote Bag - Terms Defined

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  • Spot-Clean & Air Dry
  • Hand-Wipeable
  • CPSIA Compliance

  • Lamination

    Our custom laminated recycled tote bags, quite obviously, are laminated. What may not be immediately obvious to people who don't work within the reusable tote bag profession is what lamination is and what benefits it provides.

    Lamination consists of coating an item, in this case, recycled material tote bags, with a specialized liquid. There are different liquids and lamination methods employed, with high gloss lamination and matte lamination being the two that are most relevant to this discussion. Different types of lamination can bring different benefits, such as glossiness, water resistance, scratch resistance, UV resistance, and much-improved durability. It also makes items much easier to clean.

    High Gloss Lamination and Patent Finish

    Our high gloss laminated recycled tote bags are treated with a synthetic polyurethane coating that gives them a very smooth texture and shiny appearance. In some cases, this coating is used to produce a patent finish. Our promotional laminated non-woven polypropylene backs with patent finish are referred to as "pleather". This is because such fabrics are a much more affordable form of patent leather, a look that has always signified elegance and high status. Our promotional patent finish tote bags are cheap promotional items with a luxurious appearance. This type of look is a great fit for design firms, any business in the fashion industry, tech companies, medical research laboratories, art galleries, and many other businesses and institutions.

    High gloss lamination leads to colors appearing in a deep, bold, and extra crisp nature. It creates a reflective surface that easily repels dirt, dust, water, and fingerprints. Our high gloss laminated recycled tote bags are notable for their color contrasts and easy maintenance. Dirt and dust can easily be wiped off of these laminated branded tote bags by hand.


    Matte lamination isn't as shiny as high gloss lamination, but what's lost in luster is gained by lack of glare. Our matte laminated tote bags made of recycled materials have a stoic and dignified look. Matte results in more muted colors but still produces a high-end look. It also offers superior scratch resistance when compared to high gloss lamination. Law firms, historical museums, libraries, and educational institutions are just of a few of the entities whose promotional needs are met very well by recycled tote bags with matte lamination.

    Recycled Laminated Tote Bag Materials

    Our custom laminated recycled tote bags are made out of a wide variety of materials, each with its own unique set of benefits, features, and applications. Non-woven polypropylene fabric, PET, PVC vinyl, faux alligator/reptile, and post-industrial recycled materials are all elements that go into our promotional laminated recycled tote bags.

    Polypropylene & Non-Woven Polypropylene Tote Bags

    Our non-woven polypropylene laminated recycled tote bags are referred to as "non-woven" as polypropylene fibers are bound together through a chemical process rather than being sewn. Polypropylene is a rugged, long-lasting fabric that can stand up to life's slings and arrows. It is water-resistant, resistant to tearing, maintains its shape exceptionally well, and is 100% recyclable. It's non-woven polypropylene bags are among our most eco-friendly handbags as in addition to being recyclable, they're already made of recycled materials to begin with.

    You'll often see GSM preceded by a number when reading about our promotional non-woven polypropylene tote bags. This acronym stands for grams per square meter, and it is a measure of the durability of a polypropylene bag. The higher the GSM rating, the higher the density and durability of the bag. Custom logo imprinted non-woven polypropylene tote bags make up the majority of the laminated recycled tote bags on our site.

    PET Tote Bags

    PET is an acronym for and much easier way of saying polyethylene terephthalate. This particular promotional recycled tote bag material is often made from recycled clear drink bottles, such as soda bottles, water bottles, and seltzer bottles. It is one of the most recycled substances on earth, and is denoted by the #1 plastic code. PET is non-toxic and food safe. It's lightweight, but not quite as lightweight as polypropylene. Therefore, a PET tote bag will in most cases be slightly heavier than a polypropylene tote bag.

    PVC Vinyl Tote Bags

    PVC is yet another acronym within the recycled tote bag industry. Short for polyvinyl chloride, PVC is one of the most extensively used synthetic polymers throughout the world. It is a very sturdy and rugged material that exists in two different forms: rigid and pliable. Rigid PVC is usually used in plumbing, construction and carpentry. Pliable PVC is more malleable and it is the form that goes into our recycled tote bags. This is made possible through the addition of plasticizing agents which make it more shapable and flexible.

    PVC vinyl can take on many different forms and textures and is one of the most water resistant materials used in our laminated recycled tote bags. Its water resistant qualities also make it a common ingredient in our promotional stadium blankets, custom logo imprinted stadium cushions, and in our promotional caps & hats.

    Faux Alligator Tote Bags & Faux Reptile Tote Bags

    Our faux reptile and faux alligator laminated recycled tote bags are actually one and the same; it's another case of multiple popular terms being used to refer to the same thing. These are animal friendly tote bags as they are made without using any actual animal products. Crocodile and alligator skin are ingredients in some of the most expensive and high-end handbags, belts, shoes, purses, watches, suitcases, wallets, and other promotional items for businesses. Faux alligator fabric produces the same high-style look at a fraction of the cost. Our promotional faux reptile tote bags are made out of 100% recyclable nonwoven polypropylene.

    Promotional Laminated Paper Tote Bags

    Promotional laminated paper tote bags make for excellent unique promotional items. Many of the ones we carry come with custom hot foil stamp logo imprinting. This creates a textured look and feel that lends a touch of glamour and class not typically associated with the term "paper bags". Matte lamination strengthens and beautifies our custom paper tote bags in a way that will prove unforgettable to anyone who sees them. These are yet another item whose thickness is measured in GSM.

    Laminated Tote Bags Made from Post-Industrial Recycled Materials

    Post-industrial recycled materials are also referred to as pre-consumer recycled materials. The names are interchangeable, but they're responsible for creating some of the most eco-friendly bags on the market. When most items are manufactured, there are extra scraps of material and various other odds and ends left over when the finished product is churned out. Rather than simply being disposed of, these leftovers are brought to recycling plants where they begin their new lives as new products. Many of them end up becoming ingredients in our laminated recycled tote bags made of post-industrial recycled materials.

    Inserts & Dividers

    Inserts and dividers are added into our laminated recycled tote bags and promotional wine totes in order to protect, support, contain, and organize interior contents.

    Polyboard Inserts, Plastic Inserts, and Cardboard Inserts

    Many of our custom imprinted laminated recycled tote bags include a variety of different protective & supporting inserts. The inserts typically come in one of three varieties: polyboard, plastic, and cardboard.

    Polyboard is another ingredient that makes for an eco-friendly tote bag. It is made of 100% recycled materials, is 100% recyclable, and 100% reusable. It's hard to beat a 300% eco-friendly promotional product. It has often been referred to as "the savior of hardwood floors". This is because it is resistant to water damage, mildew, and termites. It's also shock-absorbent and leakproof and its twelve times stronger than wood. Consequently, our laminated recycled tote bags with polyboard inserts remain supported, dry, and safe, as do their contents.

    Plastic and cardboard inserts also help to keep the contents of your tote bags dry and supported, as well as preventing leakage from hitting the fabric of the bottom gusset. They're not quite as strong as polyboard, but they still get the job done and are more affordable.

    Promotional Insulated Wine Tote Bag Dividers

    Our custom logo imprinted wine tote bags feature sewn-in dividers. Their purpose is that of keeping the bottles from moving around when carried and from cracking into each other. They're sort of unsung heroes when you stop and think about it.

    There are many different components that go into making the best promotional reusable totes, and we make sure to include all of them in our offerings. Some are inherently parts of all custom totes & personalized bags while others are more product-specific. Here's a quick drilldown of some of the most important features of our promotional laminated recycled handbags.


    The term gusset refers to the side and (sometimes) bottom panels of our custom laminated recycled tote bags. When you are reading the size dimensions of our custom recycled bags, you'll often see three numbers in a # x # x # format. The third and final number is often followed by a "D", which stands for depth. By depth, we're referring to the length of the side gussets from front to back.


    Some of our promotional non-woven polypropylene bags and promotional trucker caps contain small holes. These can be added for the purpose of breathability or for the purpose of strengthening handle attachments. These holes are typically reinforced with grommets with our softer cloth items, such as our custom logo imprinted hats. Our laminated recycled tote bags are made of thicker and tougher materials, and their holes are more commonly reinforced by eyelets. Grommets and eyelets are terms that are often misused. Sometimes people erroneously use them to refer to the actual holes and others get the terms crossed up, or think they can be used interchangeably.

    While it's unlikely anyone will ever be sued for claiming their product has grommets when it actually has eyelets (or the other way around), we still think it's a good idea for you to know the difference. It's our goal to empower you with all of the knowledge we can to help you pick the products that will best fit your promotional needs. Getting to the point, grommets tend to flare out more and their surfaces tend to be larger in proportion to their holes than those of eyelets. This means that the flanges of grommets (the exterior metal portion that clamps down on the perimeter of material holes) are capable of latching on to a larger surface area than eyelets can. Eyelets may be smaller, but they're still plenty strong and often have a more subtle and aesthetically pleasing look.

    To get a better idea of what eyelets look like and what they do, you can take a look at our Metallic Mini Gift tote, which is one of our best laminated recycled tote bags with eyelets.

    UV Resistance

    Some of our promotional polypropylene totes offer UV resistance. Ultraviolet light can damage some polypro bags when they are exposed to intense light for too long. This weakens the bond of the material. Our UV resistant recycled polypropylene tote bags are built in an extra tight manner that is still breathable and retains the water-resistant and quick-drying properties that polypropylene is famous for.

    Water Resistance

    Non-woven polypropylene fabric absorbs very little water, even when fully immersed in it. Its construction is tight and durable to keep water out, yet light and breathable enough to keep it from being held in when contact with liquid is unavoidable. Our promotional laminated non-woven polypropylene tote bags aren't just environmentally friendly products; they're also able to stand up to whatever the environment dishes out. It's just one of the many reasons why most of our heavy duty tote bags are constructed of non-woven polypropylene fabric.

    Recycled Laminated Wine Tote Bag Insulation

    Our eco-friendly promotional wine tote bags are insulated to ensure optimum temperature retention. The insulation within these custom business logo imprinted wine totes consists of polyester fibers and a thermal coated film. These components are safely contained within the inner lining of the bags and consequently are fully food and drink safe. When combining items for maximum promotional power, we suggest offering one of our custom printed insulated tumblers or promotional insulated lunch cooler bags with our insulated wine bags.


    While handles may not be the first thing you consider when selecting the best branded tote bags to fit your promotional needs, they're still an important factor. Comfort, style, utility, and durability are all factors to take into account when deciding which type of handles you want on the personalized recycled tote bags that will bear your company logo. The three styles of tote bag handles we're going to examine below are macramé handles, polypropylene webbed handles, and die-cut handles.

    Macramé Handles

    Some of our laminated recycled material tote bags are equipped with macramé handles. Macramé refers to textiles that are tied together by way of knots rather than being woven or knitted. In addition to tote bag handles, this style of composition is also seen in belts, lanyards, bracelets, and in several other typical promotional trade show giveaway items. Our laminated recycled tote bags with macramé handles usually have thin handles with a slightly textured feel.

    Polypropylene Webbed Handles

    Our custom branded tote bags with polypropylene webbed handles are both affordable and highly durable. These handles are sturdy but can't carry quite as heavy of a load as solid polypropylene handles. It's a material that often sees use in life jackets, luggage, leashes, and medical supplies. It's less expensive than nylon, but not quite as abrasion resistant.

    Die-Cut Handles

    The final handle style we'll describe on this page is die-cut handles. Die-cut handles present themselves as slotted holes, usually rectangular, that appear near the tops of our promotional recycled tote bags. They're designed such that a hand can be slipped through both sides for strap-free carrying. Our laminated recycled tote bags with die cut handles are among our most popular recycled shopping bags & grocery bags.

    Our promotional laminated recycled tote bags can be customized with your company logo in a variety of ways. Whether you decide to go with screen printing, full color printing, hot foil stamping, or metallic ink, you can be certain that our custom recycled tote bags will bear your company logo in a stylish fashion that can't be ignored.

    Screen Printing

    Screen printing is available on nearly every one of the promotional personalized bags offered by 4AllPromos. Also known as silk screening, screen printing is a fairly simple custom logo imprinting process. Essentially, a stencil design is created from a custom-cut screen (sometimes constructed of silk) through which ink is poured, one color at a time, to construct the desired design. It is among the most affordable options for custom logo imprinting. Our custom screen printed logo recycled tote bags are best-selling items.

    Full-Color Printing

    Full-color printing is alternately referred to as 4-color printing, full color processing, heat transfer printing, photographic reproduction, and a whole slew of trademarked names used by individual companies. It provides colors and graphics that possess high definition, contrast, and strength. Our full color logo imprinted recycled shopper bags have their graphics applied via a mix of heat and pressure. Vinyl material designs are cut out and then transferred onto an item by a heat press. Another way of conducting the process is to apply solvent ink to heat transfer paper. The paper is then pressed to an item at very high levels of heat, and this transfers the custom logo imprint onto the item.

    Hot Foil Stamping

    Hot foil stamped promotional tote bags have their custom designs applied in a unique way. Previously dried inks and/or foils are transferred to the surface of these promotional recycled tote bags at very high temperatures. Usually this is performed by a simple up-and-down press machine operation, and both 2 and 3-dimensional logo imprints can be made. The result is an elegant and eye-catching logo design that has a luxurious and refined appearance.

    Metallic Ink

    Our laminated recycled tote bags with metallic ink imprinted logos are a big hit with salons, fashion designers, technology firms, and spas. This is because the modern and bold look created by this style of ink makes a strong and stylish statement that also creates a sophisticated and affluent look. These inks are literally metallic, as they are infused with metals. The metals most commonly used are zinc, aluminum, copper, and bronze. They can create 3-dimensional effect, but not to the same degree as foil stamping. Many metallic inks are designed to be UV resistant, which increases their durability and lifespan.

    Miscellaneous Laminated Recycled Tote Bag Terms

    As you progress throughout our selection of custom business logo imprinted tote bags, you'll see a few terms here and there that you might be unfamiliar with, but don't fit within the previous categories. We'll wrap up your guide to laminated recycled tote bags by covering these bits and pieces of promotional business product lingo.

    Spot-Clean & Air Dry

    When you see spot-cleaning and air drying is recommended for any item, there's one important thing to remember. NEVER, and we mean NEVER attempt to clean/remove stains from the item in question by way of washer & dryer. This can permanently damage some items and take away from the years of brand awareness building that they might otherwise provide.

    Spot-cleaning and air drying essentially refers to hand-washing a product, particularly focusing on the area that has become stained. This is best done with water and mild detergents in a sink or plastic basin. When the washing is complete, it is best to hang these particular promotional tote bags up to dry naturally. Using a hair dryer or clothes dryer could have very negative results.


    When one of our promotional laminated bags is described as being hand-wipeable, it doesn't refer to using antibacterial disposable hand wipes. Rather, it means you can directly wipe debris off by hand. Alternately, you can spray them with a mild disinfectant and then rub it off by hand or with a thin cloth.

    CPSIA Compliance

    CPSIA stands for the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. This was a bi-partisan (those were the days) effort led by Illinois representative Bobby Rush and signed by President George W Bush in 2008. Its purpose was to add more thorough and effective testing of products before they were released to the public. It also heightened safety and quality requirements with a focus on children's products such as toys, snack foods, and clothing. However, it also affected many adult-oriented items as well, especially those that interact with food.

    It's relevant to our company as we proudly offer only the best reusable shopping bags that are fully CPSIA compliant.