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Welcome to 4AllPromos, your source for the best custom mechanical pencils with company logos! We offer a wide variety of different automatic pencils. Whether your business is in need of promotional mechanical pencils with latex-free grips, custom refillable mechanical pencils, custom logo mini mechanical pencils promotional Number 2 customized mechanical pencils, or any other variety, we have you covered. We also offer imprinted 0.5mm, 0.7mm, and 0.9mm mechanical pencils so that all user writing needs can be met. Scroll down to view our collection and learn more about each unique style.

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Mechanical pencils are excellent low-cost promotional products, perfect for any organization looking to advertise on a budget. They're ideal as giveaway items at trade shows, promotional products for schools, and branded items to hand out to customers who patronize your business. Writing utensils usually have a funny way of being lost by one person and then found by another. This is especially true in office areas and in schools. As a result, these are items that tend to change hands a lot. Fortunately, this means countless advertising impressions for your brand. Choose from our wide variety of colors and models. Here at 4AllPromos we strive to satisfy all of our customers, if you aren't happy with your product and graphic design, we aren't happy. Grab some customized mechanical pencils at a great price and start achieving your branding goals today! A fan of more traditional promotional pencils? We have those too! If you have any further questions do not hesitate to call us; we would be more than happy to help with your custom mechanical pencil needs in any way we can.

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Different Styles of Custom Mechanical Pencils

Different Styles of Custom Mechanical Pencils

Different Styles of Custom Mechanical Pencils

We carry several different types of personalized mechanical pencils to fit all kinds of user needs. When browsing our inventory, you'll #2 mechanical pencils that work on Scantron and other test forms, personalized engraved mechanical pencils with names, steady fixed sleeve automatic pencils, mechanical pencils with comfortable grips for easier writing, and much more. Read on to learn a bit more about the many varieties that are just waiting to be imprinted with your company logo.

Most automatic pencils write by way of having their graphite tips extended by way of a clicking mechanism. We offer multiple types of promotional click action plastic pencils. Mechanical pencils usually have the lead advanced by way of clicking at the top, though there are also custom side click mechanical pencils. One of the benefits of the latter is being able extend the graphite without having to change writing position.

Promotional Twist Action Mechanical Pencils

If an automatic pencil doesn't have a click action mechanism, chances are it's a twist action model. Our branded twist action mechanical pencils operate by extending and retracting their graphite writing tips by way of twisting their barrels. Unlike the click action style, they allow users to both extend the tip for writing as well as to bring it back in for safekeeping when not in use.

Promotional Automatic Drafting Pencils

Ideal for architects, carpenters, and the companies that serve them, our logo printed drafting pencils are very useful promotional products. These pencils offer an added element of control as well as writing tips in specific sizes for fine, medium, and thick lines. They're the best custom pencils to employ while working on blueprints, schematics, and other engineering and technical projects.

Personalized Executive Mechanical Pencils

When you want to give a corporate gift to recognize someone special or a milestone achievement, our premium mechanical pencils with logos are the way to go. These customized writing gifts have no minimum order requirement, and therefore are perfect for corporate gifting for businesses of any size. However, they don't need to be purchased just one at a time. They can be ordered both individually and in larger quantities. Personalize each with a logo or name for a thoughtful gift that will earn your company a place in each user's heart.

Branded Mechanical Pencils with Retractable Erasers

In many cases, mechanical pencils offer superior longevity in comparison to traditional wooden models. Even without being refilled, most offer approximately 2.5 times the writing hours than can be offered by their woodcase counterparts. Your promotional writing supplies will have an even longer lifespan if you invest in our custom twist eraser mechanical pencils. These models have extra large erasers that are retractable. The purpose is to provide an eraser that lasts far longer than what most any user is used to.

Cheap Wholesale Mechanical Pencils

When your business wants to promote in a way that is both economical and wide-reaching, there are few better options to pursue than buying cheap automatic pencils in bulk. With these items, you'll have products anyone can and will use over and over again. Before a trade show or event can even come to a close, users will be employing these affordable custom printed mechanical pencils to take down names and numbers, flashing your logo in the process every time.

Bulk Fixed Sleeve Mechanical Pencils

The sleeve of a mechanical pencil corresponds to the area that is referred to as a nib when discussing pens. It's the area at the end of the barrel from which the writing tip extends. Our custom advertising mechanical pencils with fixed sleeves offer superior control. The sleeves are guaranteed to not twist, turn, or otherwise come out of place when writing. This is helpful for users who like to keep an extra firm grip and have a very steady hand while performing work that requires extra neatness and fine detail.

Best Custom Mechanical Pencil Brands

If your business only wishes to buy mechanical pencils made from the most reputable brands, we have several options for you to explore. Our inventory includes promotional BIC® mechanical pencils, custom Pentel® mechanical pencils, personalized Pilot® mechanical pencils, and even more to help service your writing needs. We also have promotional pencils with comfort grips. It never hurts to turn to a quality brand to help build a similar reputation for your own!

Design Your Own Mechanical Pencils with Logos

Promotional mechanical pencils with names or business logos are ideal for helping your brand grow in awareness and strength. The two main methods employed for branding our custom advertising mechanical pencils are imprinting and engraving. We'll explain both in a bit more detail in the next two paragraphs.

Custom Imprinted Mechanical Pencils

Most of the options in this category fall under the umbrella of logo printed mechanical pencils. Imprinting an automatic pencil with a business logo is an affordable and effective way for your brand and key information to be seen by the public. Our screen and pad printed mechanical pencils can be decorated with logos in single or multiple colors and often have very quick production schedules. If you're looking for a cheap affordable giveaway item to hand out in bulk at a trade show or event, our imprinted mechanical pencils are a perfect fit.

Personalized Engraved Mechanical Pencils

The other option when it comes to personalization on our automatic pencils is engraving. Our custom logo engraved mechanical pencils can be decorated with logos, text, names, or company information. While engraving is a bit more costly than imprinting, it provides a design that will last for a lifetime. Your engraved designs will never fade, peel, chip, or otherwise decline in appearance or service with the passing of time. These make excellent writing gift items for employees. Some of our engraved mechanical pencils have no minimum order quantity, making them a great idea for a corporate promotional gift for individuals as well.