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Our promotional sunglasses consist of many different brands, styles, and materials. Explore our selection of custom Blues Bros sunglasses, quality promotional polarized sunglasses, bulk business logo imprinted mirrored sunglasses, cheap promotional rubberized sunglasses & more. If you're planning to catch some rays, we have the best promotional UV resistant sunglasses as well as promotional novelty sunglasses for people looking to have a little fun.

Custom Printed Sunglass Promotional Items

Company branded sunglasses are the perfect way to advertise your corporation for its next promotional event. Available & useful all year round, these marketing items are sure to build brand awareness. Our sunglass promotional products will step up to the plate when encouraging school spirit at the next pep-rally, protecting eyes from harmful UV rays behind the wheel, or being distributed as trade show giveaway products. We’ve included some information below to help you choose from our vast inventory and to clear up any terms that you might be unfamiliar with.

Different Styles of Promotional Sunglasses

Our promotional Blues Brothers sunglasses are not a brand, but rather a specific style. Their lenses have a semi-circular shape with relatively flat tops. They are very similar to Ray-Ban Wayfarers, which are now synonymous with many Hollywood celebrities. Another hallmark of Blues Brothers sunglasses is the iconic elevated metal insert located at the top outside corners of the frames, located just above the lenses.

The primary purpose of polarized sunglasses is to protect eyes against glare reflected off of other objects. When UVB rays travel to Earth, they are fairly scattered and disorganized. However, when they reflect off of a shiny surface, as we described earlier, they unify and become much more focused. This is referred to as polarization, and hence it is how our promotional polarized sunglasses get their name. They are designed to reflect polarized light, or glare, away from your eyes. Our custom polarized sunglasses are great for drivers and motorcyclists dealing with glare from other vehicles.

Personalized mirrored sunglasses go by a few other names. Some refer to them as “mirror” sunglasses and others use the term “reflective sunglasses”. Whatever the name, the goal is the same. Thanks to a reflective coating applied to their lenses, tinted mirrored sunglasses are able to decrease the amount of light that passes through them by up to 60%. The external portion of their lenses act as mirrors, which is where their name originates. 

Our promotional Malibu sunglasses offer 100% UVA ray protection and 100% UVB ray protection. Malibu sunglasses are the quintessential summer sunglasses. They are perfect for outdoor events such as picnics, weddings, BBQs, sporting events, and outdoor corporate events. Their frames typically feature customizable metal designs and are excellent as custom engraved sunglasses. They can be produced with polarized, basic, or mirrored lenses. Some of the most common Malibu sunglass frame styles include metallic colored frames, folding frames, woodtone, timber, bottle opener, and color changing frames. Users will love to wear these stylish accessories at the beach, business party, trade show, or even when just going about their daily lives. 

Custom aviator sunglasses feature a timeless style that just can’t lose. They are notable for their large teardrop style lenses and double, and sometimes even triple nose bridges. They typically have thin metal frames, but are also available with plastic frames. Their previously mentioned large lenses are designed such that your eyes will be protected from the sun from all angles. This has made them very popular with pilots, which is how their name came about. They’re also very handy when it comes to battling sunset conditions on the drive home from work.

Our promotional rubberized sunglasses have frames that are constructed from rubber. The advantages of rubber personalized sunglasses are many. For starters, they’re much softer and easier on the ears and nose than plastic or metal frames. Secondly, they’re among the most affordable sunglasses you can find. If you’re looking to buy promotional sunglasses wholesale, rubberized sunglasses are definitely the way to go.

Personalized Sunglasses for Kids

Custom sunglasses aren't just terrific promotional products for adults; they're great for marketing to kids as well! Our custom kids' sunglasses come in many stylish models, with features such as rubberized frames, comfortable arms & nose supports, color changing abilities, and much more. Ink them with your branded design to support your organization at any high traffic event or occasion. They're available at many different price and minimum order quantity levels to suit the needs of any business.

Cheap Custom Sunglasses in Bulk

Personalized sunglasses are excellent products to promote any organization. When customers, employees, and target market members are seen rocking custom sunglasses with your logo, advertising impressions will be made wherever they go. Our cheap promotional sunglasses are a great way to achieve this outcome without breaking the bank. We have many available, affordable models at low prices, all of which will keep your brand visible to the public at all times.

Promotional Blue Light Glasses

Looking for a tech-friendly promotional product? Consider our custom logo blue light blocking glasses. These items are designed to help filter out blue-violet light that comes through digital screens such as those found on smartphones and tablets. Some people find them helpful in preventing eye strain and headaches, as well as for reducing the time it takes to get to sleep. Blue light has been known to cause sleep difficulty in many people when viewed just before bedtime. They can also offer some degree of relief while driving at night, helping to combat the effects of very bright headlights from oncoming traffic.

Wholesale Novelty Sunglasses

Bring some fun to your next company party, trade show, or big event by offering customized sunglasses that break the mold. We have several custom shades that offer a little something unique to ensure that everyone remembers your brand and its custom logo. 

Our promotional light-up sunglasses contain LED bulbs along the earpiece portion of their frames. They add a fun burst of color to the sunglasses and will certainly bring attention to your corporate logo. If light-up sunglasses aren’t your thing, maybe you’d rather have your company logo imprinted on a pair of personalized glow-in-the-dark sunglasses. Another great option can be found in our  branded color changing sunglasses. When taken outside and exposed to the sun, they'll begin to display a broad spectrum of bold colors.

Design Your Own Custom Printed Sunglasses

The best way to make our custom sunglasses find success in building brand awareness is to personalize them with your company branded design. We have many types of custom printed sunglasses that come in a rainbow of different colors, shapes, and sizes. Some come with your message or logo printed on the arms, while others can include a custom imprint on the lens area. Most sunglasses will have multiple imprint options and will come at different minimum quantity levels. Be sure to reach out to us with any questions if you need help while placing an order!