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Our promotional sunglasses consist of many different brands, styles, and materials. Explore our selection of custom Blues Bros sunglasses, quality promotional polarized sunglasses, bulk business logo imprinted mirrored sunglasses, stylish, unique designer Slazenger sunglasses, cheap promotional rubberized sunglasses & more. If you're planning to catch some rays, we have the best promotional UV resistant sunglasses as well as promotional novelty sunglasses for people looking to have a little fun.

Custom Company Logo Imprinted Sunglasses

Company Branded Sunglasses are the perfect way to advertise your corporation for its next promotional event. Available & useful all year round, these marketing items are sure to build brand awareness. Our custom promotional sunglasses will step up to the plate when encouraging school spirit at the next pep-rally, protecting eyes from harmful UV rays behind the wheel, or being distributed as tradeshow giveaway products. We’ve included some information below to help you choose from our vast inventory of promotional sunglasses and to clear up any terms that you might be unfamiliar with.

Promotional Sunglasses - Styles, Features, and Designer Brands

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  • UV Ray Protection

    UV Rays, or ultraviolet rays, come directly from the sun to Earth. There are three main forms of UV rays: UVA, UVB, and UVC. Our custom logo imprinted sunglasses protect against UVA & UVB rays. Protection against UVC rays is unneeded, as Earth’s ozone layer prevents them from ever reaching us. Ultraviolet radiation travels in the form of waves. They actually have color properties, but due to the extreme shortness of the waves, these colors are not visible to humans. The length of UVA and UVB rays runs between 290-400 nanometers, which place them in the invisible range of the color spectrum to most living creatures.

    UV ray protection is extremely important. When a person is exposed to too much direct sunlight for too much time, negative health effects can occur. The more consistent the exposure is, the greater the threat. UV rays can cause skin cancer, premature skin aging, and visual damage (most frequently in the form of cataracts.)

    Wearing sunglasses with UVA protection and sunglasses with UVB protection will keep your eyes safe from harmful UV rays and will also protect the facial skin that they cover.

    What are UVA Rays?

    UVA rays are the most common form of ultraviolet rays that reach our planet, with wavelengths between 320-400 nanometers. In fact, they account for up to 95% of them. UVA rays are omnipresent during daylight hours, even during cloudy conditions. They can stream right through clouds, so it is important to keep your eyes and skin protected even on cloudy days. They’re 30-50 times more common than UVB rays, but fortunately, they are not as intense. However, they are capable of penetrating human skin more deeply. This is problematic for several reasons. First of all, they contribute to skin aging and wrinkling, but much more seriously, they reach the basal layers of the epidermis (the outermost layer of skin), and this is where most skin cancers originate.

    UVA rays are also artificially projected by way of tanning beds. This type of exposure is far more dangerous than the risks you run from being exposed to the sun. This shouldn’t be a shock, as the UVA rays emitted by tanning beds are 12 times more intense than those that come from the sun.

    What are UVB Rays?

    UVB rays feature a wavelength between 290-320 nanometers. They aren’t as common as UVA rays, but are actually even more dangerous. They tend to affect the layers of the epidermis closest to the surface, so they’re a primary culprit in sun burns and the resulting skin peeling. They contribute to tanning as well, but not to the same extent as UVA rays.

    UVB rays hit Earth the most between 10am and 4pm. In the Northern Hemisphere, they’re most abundant from mid April through mid October. In the Southern Hemisphere, their greatest presence begins in mid October and ends in mid April. Exposure risks are greater at high altitudes and when in the presence of reflective surfaces such as ice and snow. They are far more reflective than UVA rays and up to 80% of their intensity can be reflected back at your eyes after hitting a reflective surface.

    Have you ever wondered what the SPF ratings on your suntan lotion mean? SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. The specific number assigned represents how much longer it will take for UVB rays to redden human skin when the suntan lotion is applied as compared to how long it will take to redden unprotected skin.

    What do Sunglass UV Protection Numbers Mean?

    The UV rating number assigned to the lenses of our promotional sunglasses represents the maximum wavelengths they are able to protect against. A UV rating of 400, expressed as UV400, means that the sunglasses in question offer complete protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Remember, UVA rays have a maximum wavelength of 400 nanometers.

    Styles of Promotional Sunglasses

    Our customizable business logo imprinted sunglasses come in a variety of styles. If you’re unfamiliar with any of them, we’ll explain them for you below. Blues Brothers sunglasses, polarized sunglasses, wave sunglasses, Malibu sunglasses, mirrored sunglasses, matte lens sunglasses, rubberized sunglasses, navigator sunglasses, and aviator sunglasses are all styles we carry. We also offer novelty sunglasses & comedy sunglasses. Last but not least we offer a sizable selection of promotional designer sunglasses including Under Armour sunglasses and Slazenger sunglasses.

    Blues Brothers Sunglasses

    Our promotional Blues Brothers sunglasses are not a brand, but rather a specific style. Why are they called Blues Bros sunglasses? The answer is fairly simple; they were prominently worn by the title characters throughout the original Blues Brothers movie, which was released in 1980. Despite this, their general style and design has been around since the 1950s. These sunglasses feature large, dark lenses. Their lenses have a semi-circular shape with relatively flat tops. They are very similar to Ray-Ban Wayfarers, which are now synonymous with many a Hollywood celebrity. Another hallmark of Blues Brothers sunglasses is the iconic elevated metal insert located at the top outside corners of the frames, located just above the lenses.

    Polarized Sunglasses

    The primary purpose of polarized sunglasses is to protect eyes against glare reflected off of other objects. When UVB rays travel to Earth, they are fairly scattered and disorganized. However, when they reflect off of a shiny surface, as we described earlier, they unify and become much more focused. This is referred to as polarization, and hence it is how our promotional polarized sunglasses get their name. They are designed to reflect polarized light, or glare, away from your eyes.

    Our custom promo polarized sunglasses are great for drivers and motorcyclists dealing with glare from other vehicles. They’re also a great pick for outdoor athletes and virtually anyone who has to be outside in icy/snowy conditions for long periods. The one exception to this is skiers, who need to be able to easily spot icy patches in order to prevent potential accidents.

    Mirrored Sunglasses

    Mirrored sunglasses go by a few other names. Some refer to them as “mirror” sunglasses and others used the term “reflective sunglasses”. Whatever the name, the goal is the same. Thanks to a reflective coating applied to their lenses, tinted mirrored sunglasses are able to decrease the amount of light that passes through them by up to 60%. They external portion of their lenses act as mirrors, which is where their name originates. Fortunately, they are one-way mirrors and won’t reflect images back into your eyes.

    Mirrored sunglasses are generally very durable and are of the most use in high altitudes, on the water, or on sandy or snowy surfaces. Therefore, they are a great choice for competitive sailors, sunbathers, mountain climbers, skiers, and snowboarders. They’re highly fashionable as lenses can be made in any color without losing function.

    Acrylic Sunglasses & Polycarbonate Sunglasses

    Acrylic sunglasses are among the most inexpensive varieties, making them excellent cheap promotional sunglasses. They are highly impact resistant and have a very sleek and shiny appearance. They are light and comfortable to wear, making them good sunglasses for young children or anyone looking for functional yet inexpensive sunglasses. While they are cheaper than polycarbonate sunglasses, they aren’t quite as durable and crack-proof.

    Polycarbonate sunglasses are also a great choice when it comes to cheap personalized sunglasses that don’t sacrifice quality. They are slightly more expensive than acrylic sunglasses, but they’re more sturdy. They’re actually the most impact resistant sunglass variety you can buy, so again, they’re great sunglasses for children and people who are looking for the longest lasting sunglasses.

    Wave Sunglasses

    To clear up any potential confusion, wave sunglasses, much like Blues Brothers sunglasses, are a style and not a specific brand. Our custom business logo imprinted wave sunglasses tend to be made with rubberized frames. They’re among our most eco-friendly promotional sunglasses, as they’re made from recycled materials and are recyclable themselves. Their lenses are slightly shorter than most other styles, but compensate by being more substantial in width. They sit low on the face and very lightweight.

    Their UV ray protection qualities, unique shape, and superior ability to stay in place make them among the best sunglasses for watersports. Jet skiers, surfers, waterskiers, and parasailers will all reap the benefits provided by wave sunglasses. In addition, their qualities make them optimal for extended wear, so hikers and bikers are big fans of these promotional sunglasses as well.

    Malibu Sunglasses

    Our promotional Malibu sunglasses offer 100% UVA ray protection and 100% UVB ray protection. They are hearty sunglasses that can stand up to a lot of punishment. They’re also among the most colorful sunglass varieties, making them adaptable to anyone’s fashion preferences.

    Malibu sunglasses are the quintessential summer sunglasses. They are perfect for outdoor events such as picnics, weddings, BBQs, sporting events, and outdoor corporate events. Their frames typically feature customizable metal designs and are excellent as custom engraved sunglasses. They can be produced with polarized, mirrored, or basic lenses. Some of the most common Malibu sunglass frame styles include metallic colored frames, folding frames, woodtone, timber, bottle opener, and color changing frames.

    Aviator Sunglasses & Navigator Sunglasses

    Aviator sunglasses feature a timeless style that just can’t lose. They are notable for their large teardrop style lenses and double, and sometimes even triple nose bridges. They typically have thin metal frames, but are also available with plastic frames. Their previously mentioned large lenses are designed such that your eyes will be protected from the sun from all angles. This has made them very popular with pilots, which is how their name came about. They’re also very handy when it comes to battling sunset conditions on the drive home from work.

    Navigator sunglasses are a sub-type of aviator sunglasses. Their lenses have a more angular and square shape than typical aviators and offer excellent UV protection. Like aviator sunglasses, they are a hit with pilots and anyone whose job description involves a lot of gazing at the sky. They do a good job of reflecting glare and fit very well under helmets. Custom branded navigator sunglasses are among our most popular custom logo imprinted sunglasses.

    Rubberized Sunglasses

    Rubberized sunglasses don’t really represent any specific style in and of themselves. Rather, our promotional rubberized sunglasses are ones whose frames, predictably enough, are constructed from rubber. The advantages of rubber sunglasses are many. For starters, they’re much softer and easier on the ears and nose than plastic or metal frames. Secondly, they’re among the most affordable sunglasses you can find. If you’re looking to buy promotional sunglasses wholesale, rubberized sunglasses are definitely the way to go.

    Rubberized sunglasses are a good choice for people who are allergic to certain metals and plastics. They work well in sports, as they are lightweight yet stay in place. In the athletic world, rubberized sunglasses are particularly popular with basketball players who need to wear prescription lenses or just want to protect their eyes. Another key advantage of our custom rubberized sunglasses is that their frames won’t warp. They’re highly malleable and can be moved in and out of any reasonable contortion you might put them through.

    What is SAN Material?

    SAN is an acronym for Styrene Acrylonitrile Resin, but if you’re not a chemist, that answer probably won’t mean much to you. SAN material is a copolymer, which is in some ways similar to the Eastman Tritan copolymer that’s found in many of our promotional sports bottles. SAN is made from recycled materials and is a thermoplastic. This means that it comes into its plastic form upon heating and can subsequently be melted down and heated into plastic again. This makes it one of the most eco-friendly copolymer plastics in use today, as SAN products are made of recycled materials and are in turn fully recyclable themselves. Long story short, if you want a pair of environmentally friendly sunglasses, you’ll be highly satisfied with promotional sunglasses made of recycled SAN Material, such as our eco-friendly Malibu Two-Tone promotional sunglasses.

    Matte Lens Sunglasses

    Matte lens sunglasses have a non-glossy appearance. Being that they aren’t shiny, matte sunglasses are referred to as being “dull”. Don’t take that term literally though, because these promotional sunglasses are anything but boring. They can be made in a variety of colors and are highly fashionable. Matte coated sunglasses are tenacious and dependable. They are shatter and scratch resistant, so they’ll maintain an excellent appearance for a long period of time.

    If you’re looking for stylish wholesale matte sunglasses, we have a broad selection for you to choose from. Their toughness makes them a top choice for people performing outdoor work, such as tree workers and landscapers.

    Folding Sunglasses

    Folding sunglasses, as their name would imply, are collapsible sunglasses whose frames can be folded for easy storage. We offer many different promotional folding sunglasses with business logos that are sure to be a hit with all of your clients and customers. Folding sunglasses are the height of convenience. If you’re driving at night and don’t need to wear your sunglasses, simply fold them up and place them in your car’s cup holder. Alternately, you could slide them into one of our protective company logo imprinted sunglass pouches for easy transportation and access.

    Promotional Novelty Sunglasses

    Have some fun at your next corporate event with our novelty sunglasses. Great as promotional trade show giveaway items, novelty sunglasses are a fun way for people to express themselves and have a good time. Our novelty sunglasses run the gamut from tools to tricks. We offer bottle opener sunglasses, light-up LED sunglasses, glow-in-the dark sunglasses, color changing sunglasses, and a whole slew of comedy sunglasses.

    Light-Up Sunglasses, Glow-in-the-Dark Sunglasses, and Color Changing Sunglasses

    Our promotional light-up sunglasses contain LED bulbs along the earpiece portion of their frames. They add a fun burst of color to the sunglasses and will certainly bring attention to your corporate logo. Everyone wants to see their name in lights, but having your business logo surrounded by lights isn’t a bad alternative. These promotional novelty sunglasses are best for darker indoor environments or outdoor events that take place after dark. A unique alternative to our traditional light-up sunglasses exists in the form of our custom branded LED slotted glasses.

    If light-up sunglasses aren’t your thing, maybe you’d rather have your company logo imprinted on a pair of promotional glow-in-the-dark sunglasses. They’re phosphorous-infused, or phosphorescent, if you prefer. Kids love all things glow-in-the dark and these sunglasses won’t be an exception. Offering UV400 (that’s 100%) protection against UVA and UVB rays, they’ll keep eyes safe during the day and keep eyes on your business logo at night. The frames soak up light from the sun when worn outdoors. The longer they’re exposed to light, the longer and more brightly they’ll glow in the dark.

    Custom branded special effect sunglasses are at their zenith with our color changing sunglasses. We offer them in several different colors and style, so there’s a look for every business looking for the perfect promotional item. These personalized logo color changing sunglasses stay in their original color in dim indoor environments. When taken outside and exposed to the sun, they will begin to spray a broad spectrum of bold colors. If there’s a better way to spread business awareness at outdoor, especially beachside, corporate events, we haven’t heard of it!

    Bottle Opener Sunglasses

    Our bottle opener sunglasses do just what you think they’d do. That is to say that they are useful in opening bottles. This is achieved by way of cutting an opening within the ends of their super-sturdy frames. If you want to have a drink on the beach or while relaxing in a hammock, these are your go-to sunglasses. Simply take them off, open your glass bottle, and enjoy! Your customers will see your logo imprinted on their sunglasses every time they get ready to knock back a cold one. It’s a pretty great form of positive product association. Take a look at our promotional Malibu bottle opener sunglasses to get an up close and personal look at these handy items.

    Sun-Stache Comedy Sunglasses

    Sun-Stache is a novelty sunglass company that specifies in the comedic. It was a company started about by three friends who wanted to make a career out of inventing fun and trendy items. An anonymous fourth friend desperately wanted to grow a mustache but just couldn’t make it happen. One night while the quartet was together playing video games, one of them decided to hang a video game controller just below the nose of their non-mustachioed friend. After having a good laugh, they soon realized that they had stumbled upon a potential goldmine. Their idea was to invent novelty sunglasses that could completely change the wearer’s face, and thus Sun-Stache was born.

    We proudly carry a broad range of Sun Stache wholesale promotional novelty sunglasses. They’re great as trade show giveaway items as well as for corporate events and company halloween parties. These business logo items can instantly transform anyone’s appearance in a highly amusing fashion. Sea captain, police officer, firefighter, football player, monkey, or even the devil are all new identities one can take on when they don a pair of our promotional Sun-Stache sunglasses. And don’t worry, nearly all of them come with mustaches standard.

    Best Promotional Designer Sunglass Brands

    Sometimes one great company deserves another. This is the case with our custom logo imprinted and custom logo engraved sunglasses from Under Armour and Slazenger. These are two of the best known names in designer sunglasses and for a good reason. Their unparalleled style and quality place them head and shoulders among their competitors in the designer eyewear market.

    Promotional Slazenger Sunglasses

    Custom logo Slazenger Sunglass kits are one of our most popular outdoor items. When you order our Multi Lens Slazenger Sunglasses, you’ll receive a deluxe carrying case imprinted with your company logo. Three lens sets, cleaning cloths, and a leather sunglass strap are all part of the deal as well. Our other promotional designer sunglasses from Slazenger come with hard and sturdy carrying cases that are customized with your company logo.