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If you're looking for the best promotional fanny packs, personalized coin zippered pouches, high quality yet cheap hydration belts, or any other kind of small active lifestyle bag, we're your #1 source.

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If you're looking for the best promotional fanny packs, your search ends right here. You can design your own custom fanny packs with business logos to create the perfect giveaway items for gyms, fitness centers, health centers, and charity road races. Our customized fanny packs and personalized belt bags come in many different sizes and styles, ensuring that the best bulk zip bags to suit your promotional needs are only a click away. We carry promotional nylon fanny packs, handy business logo imprinted coin pouches, active lifestyle personalized running belt packs, non-woven wholesale eco-friendly recycled clip-on bags, and much more.

Browse our collection of customized fanny packs for giveaways and trade show events and feel free to come to us with any questions you might have.

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Different Kinds of Promotional Fanny Packs & Belt Bags

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Promotional Zippered Coin Holders


Looking for a useful back to school promotional gift? Give our customized zippered coin pouches a try! Our wholesale polypropylene coin pouches, customized zippered change purses, and promotional bank bags are an ideal vessel for carrying lunch money so it isn't forgotten at home or on the bus. Our personalized zippered coin pouches aren't limited to use by youngsters though. They can work great as carry-on luggage during flights and for toting coins, ID cards, keys, and credit cards while on outdoor adventures. They're cheap promotional giveaway items that are useful for nearly any business imaginable.

Different Kinds of Promotional Fanny Packs & Belt Bags


Customized fanny packs are a group of promotional products that contains a much more diverse selection of items than you might think. There are many different kinds of wholesale fanny packs out there, and by writing this guide, we hope to connect you with the best custom imprinted fanny pack style to fit your promotional needs.

Promotional Smartphone Waist Packs


These days, it's a rarity for anyone to leave their house without their trusty smartphone by their side. While pocket storage is often the route taken, it's not always feasible. What happens if a user's clothing doesn't have any pockets? How about if they're jogging or going for a run, during which their phone could easily slip out of their pockets and be lost or damaged? Fortunately, these hypothetical worries can be put to rest when you invest in our custom smartphone fanny packs. They'll hold users' phones securely in place while providing your business with mobile advertising impressions wherever they're worn.

Wholesale Running Belt Packs


Our hands-free custom running belts feature many of the same advantages as the personalized smartphone belt bags we've described in the paragraph above. However, there are some key differences. Our promotional running belt waist packs have a wider, more belt-like shape as compared to the more basket-style shape of a traditional fanny pack. They also have adjustable waist straps for optimum comfort & security. Some even have earbud holes built in so that users can listen to their favorite music as they go for leisurely walks or competitive runs. If your gym or health club is looking for a great yet affordable promotional product, our wholesale running belts are for you.

Classic Cheap Personalized Fanny Packs


When you want a high quality yet cheap promotional product for your next trade show giveaway or corporate event, buying our wholesale fanny packs in bulk is a can't-fail strategy. These are cheap promotional fanny packs in their classic form, looking, feeling, and functioning in a manner that exactly matches the mental image that naturally pops up upon hearing the expression "fanny pack". These custom logo imprinted fanny packs are worn around the waist with an adjustable waist strap and offer storage space for personal items, which are kept safe and protected via a zippered closure.

Wholesale Waterproof Fanny Packs


Our personalized waterproof fanny packs offer superior performance as promotional products for camping supply stores, sporting good stores, gyms, health clubs & any other business whose users spend a good amount of time outdoors. Gym rats & fitness fanatics will love the extra level of protection that our promotional water resistant fanny packs provide, allowing their minds to be at ease while they fish, run, sail, or hike in rain, snow, sleet, or shine.


Custom insulated running belts with water bottles prove themselves to be very handy assets when avid runners need a quick, cool drink to stay hydrated and keep their energy up. Our personalized hydration belts, such as the model linked to at the beginning of this paragraph, make great promotional giveaway items for charity road races, gyms, health clubs, sports shops, and schools.

Personalized Camouflage Fanny Packs in Bulk


When you want the best promotional belt bags for hunting, you want our wholesale camo fanny packs. These custom fanny packs with logo imprints sport camouflage designs to help users blend in with their surroundings. Whether hunting in the forest or skulking stealthily in an airsoft match, these are the fanny packs that provide the greatest utility.

Wholesale Fanny Packs with Reflective Strips


If your business caters to a crowd that is active at night, our promotional fanny packs with reflectors are a perfect fit for your next promotion. Strips of reflective material make these bulk fanny packs (and more importantly, their users) visible during both day and night, keeping them safe from any potential hazards out on the open road.

Custom LED Fanny Packs


Going a step further from our wholesale fanny packs with reflective strips are our promotional fanny packs with lights. With two vertical rows of brightly colored LED lights, our custom LED running packs offer the perfect combination of safety, fun, and brand awareness. These unique customized fanny packs are sure to turn heads and catch eyes wherever they go, providing mobile advertising impressions in an infinite amount of locations & situations.

Promotional Hipster Waist Packs


Do you target customers who are fond of taking walks down memory lane while running in the streets or through the countryside? If so, buying our discount hipster waist packs in bulk will prove to be an astute promotional move. These cheap personalized fanny packs feature a wide adjustable waist strap and a zippered storage compartment. Personal items such as sunscreen, ID cards, licenses, mobile phones, wallets & more can be safely held in these unique promo waist packs while running, hiking, fishing, or attending music festivals.

Custom Belt Bags with Organizers


Let's face it; some people are all business, all the time. There's certainly nothing wrong with folks who have industrious attitudes. In fact, they create a perfect niche market for any business that targets professionals who like to keep everything in order while striving to keep their bodies in ideal form. Are you wondering what kind of promotional product would be a good fit for this crowd? Here's your answer: promotional fanny pack organizers. Our custom waist packs with organizers help users to keep their smartphones, business cards, writing implements, ID badges and more safe and readily accessible at all times. Our running pack organizers assist the Type A crowd in staying productive even when they're away from the office and enjoying some peaceful time in the great outdoors or running at full speed in a road race or track meet.

Custom Fanny Pack & Waist Pack Materials


We mean it in the most literal sense when we claim that not all promotional fanny packs are cut from the same cloth. In fact, there are several different materials from which our personalized fanny packs and custom imprinted zippered pouches are made. We'll describe some of the most prominent running waist pack materials in the following paragraphs.

Custom Neoprene Fanny Packs


If you're looking to go in the direction of a custom running belt pack, our custom logo imprinted neoprene fanny packs are a natural choice. Neoprene is a synthetic material from the rubber family, offering durability, flexibility, and form-fitting snugness which makes them the top candidate for a compact personalized running belt. Neoprene is also UV resistant, protecting your personalized logo imprint from fading and items inside from being adversely impacted by the sun.

Promotional Nylon Belt Bags


Like neoprene, nylon is a synthetic material that is flexible, strong, and smooth to the touch. Nylon is a bit more affordable than neoprene, but isn't quite as snug/tight-fitting. That's why our custom nylon waist packs are a good fit for the more traditional style of fanny pack rather as opposed to our modern compact running belts.

Wholesale Ripstop Nylon Fanny Packs


Ripstop is a method of fabric weaving where special care and reinforcements are constructed to prevent tears from occurring. While this isn't a method exclusively tied to nylon, our personalized ripstop nylon running belts are hale, hearty, and ready for action. The long lifespan of this material ensures that your customized business logo imprint provides brand awareness for years to come.

Bulk Polycanvas Waist Packs


As its name would imply, polycanvas is a canvas material constructed from polyester. Like nylon, it is measured in Deniers with a higher D number denoting greater thickness. For example, 300D polycanvas would be thicker than 200D polycanvas. This is material that is resistant to stains and water, and consequently, it is used in many different types of outdoor storage and protective items. Our promotional polycanvas fanny packs are ideal for hiking, hunting, and camping, particularly when users need a personalized waist pouch that will keep their items dry and safe from the elements.

Custom Lycra Running Belt Fanny Packs


Lycra is a material that offers a soft comfort similar to that of cotton, along with a level of flexibility that most other textile materials are unable to provide. While it isn't quite as strong as nylon or neoprene, lycra is still a reliable material. Our custom lycra waist packs offer a thin, more lightweight carrying experience, making them especially useful for distance runners & habitual joggers.

Personalized Tarpaulin Waist Packs


Given that "tarp" is short for tarpaulin, one would logically and correctly assume that our promotional PVC tarpaulin fanny packs have the strength to stand up to inclement weather. Even when the sun is out and the sky is cloudless, this material continues to protect personal items as it is resistant to UV rays. Our custom tarpaulin waist packs offer the kind of longevity that will keep your personalized company logo imprint visible for years to come.

Wholesale Polypropylene Coin Pouches


When you're looking for promotional eco-friendly coin pouches, our custom polypropylene zippered coin bags are the way to go. These personalized zippered change pouches are made from recycled materials and are also recyclable in their present form. Once they've lived out their life as company branded coin pouches (which won't happen for a very long time), they can be brought to recycling plants and be repurposed for other uses in the future.

Uses for Our Personalized Fanny Packs


Our promotional fanny packs & custom imprinted coin pouches are useful in a wide variety of ways for a wide variety of users. The following list includes just some of the personalized fanny packs we offer and which applications they can be used for:

How Do You Clean Custom Fanny Packs?


Generally speaking, the best way to clean our wholesale fanny packs & custom business logo printed zippered pouches is a method known as "spot cleaning and air drying". This means that rather than putting them in washing machines or sending them to drycleaners (something we DO NOT recommend), stains should be gently removed by hand one at a time, without ever fully submersing the unit. Once the stain has been wiped out, it should be allowed to dry in natural settings rather than being placed in a dryer or being heated/dried through any other sort of unnatural means. If you're unclear as to which of our personalized fanny packs and/or bulk zippered pouches should be cleaned, reach out to us and we'll let you know.