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If you're looking for the best custom made messenger bags for school, top-quality cheap messenger bags at wholesale prices, or custom recycled messenger bags, you've come to the right place. Shop our collection of personalized laptop bags, stylish custom embroidered messenger bags, professional promotional document bags & portfolios and more.

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Our custom made messenger bags are a great way to send out a "message" to the public about the quality of your brand and all that it has to offer. Choose your favorites from our collection of personalized messenger bags for school, promotional airport friendly messenger bags, custom messenger bags for men, promotional laptop and tablet messenger bags, and much more. When you get a moment, take a look through the section below, in which we've outlined virtually all there is to know about our promotional messenger bags. Only curious about one thing? No problem; just click on the menu below to jump straight to the content you want to see.

As a side note, we should mention that messenger bags go by several different names, so we'll include a few of the synonyms here. Custom newsboy bags, personalized shoulder bags, promotional crossbody bags, custom sling bags, and promotional across the body bags are all terms you might hear, all of which refer to either messenger bags in general or to a specific style.

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Different Styles of Personalized Messenger Bags

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Different Styles of Personalized Messenger Bags


Messenger bags come in many shapes, styles, colors, and materials. Each style best lends itself to specific purposes, be it for fashion or functionality. If you're uncertain with custom messenger bag jargon or just aren't sure which is the best fit for your business, the following 14 paragraphs should clear things up. Each puts the spotlight on a different style, giving you the information to make the best choice to match your promotional needs.


Cheap Promotional Messenger Bags


Whenever saving money and building brand awareness are able to go hand-in-hand, success is sure to follow. That's why we offer a broad range of budget-friendly messenger bags that will earn your company plenty of publicity without breaking the bank. Our wholesale discount messenger bags are low on cost but high in quality.

Custom Crossbody Bags

While "crossbody bag" may not be a phrase you hear every day, it's pretty straightforward in meaning. The promotional crossbody sling bags you'll find at 4AllPromos are designed with large straps, allowing them to hang across one's body when in use.

Personalized Cosmetic Bags

Some of our most popular messenger bags for women come in the form of our custom toiletry bags. This style is perfect for the woman on the go, ensuring all makeup, cosmetics, and hair care items will always be organized and at the ready when needed. They can also function well as promotional messenger bags for men, easily accommodating shaving cream, razors, deodorant, soap, shampoo & more. They're great as promotional giveaway items for salons, barber shops, beauty shops, massage parlors, and any other business in the personal care and wellness fields.

Wholesale Clear Stadium Bags

Stadium bags are perfect as personalized giveaway items for sports teams or for users to bring to the big game. Our personalized clear stadium bags are particularly useful in this way, as they're in keeping with all of the safety guidelines of the NFL. Along with security benefits, there's another great thing about these bags being completely transparent. Users will easily be able to check and make sure they've packed everything they need without having to open and rummage through the bag. This saves a lot of time and aggravation.

Promotional Saddlebags

Our business logo saddlebags get their unique name from their Old West tote bag ancestors. They're made in a style very similar to the bags that were once attached to saddles while making long trips by horseback. They have a lengthy, rectangular shape and tend to have expandable edges for fitting more cargo. Buy our company logo printed saddlebags in bulk and you'll have a top giveaway item for your casino, travel organization, luggage company, horse farm, or ranch.

Few students or medical/business professionals can make it through their school or work day without at some point needing access to a computer, tablet, smartphone, calculator, or all of the above. This is the concept around which our personalized laptop bags for schools and businesses are built. Designed with style and utility in mind, these customized computer bags are a great buy for any business.

Bulk Document Bags with Logos

Schools, legal organizations, real estate companies, and accounting firms will all find our customized document bags to be useful both for personal use & brand promotion. These are relatively small and flat (but not always) customized messenger bags that are designed to keep files together and in order. They're perfect for when the paperwork and forms start to build up. Many have multiple pockets and sections, making even more precise organization simple to achieve.

Personalized Water Resistant Messenger Bags

Regardless of profession, age, gender, or location, sooner or later, we all have to deal with the slings and arrows thrown by Mother Nature. Logically, it then follows that your business can make big strides in mobile advertising when its logo is printed on an all-weather promotional product. Such is the case with our promotional water resistant messenger bags. Made with material backing designed to keep inner contents safe and dry, these are consistent best-sellers and a hit with all audiences.

Promotional Portfolio Bags

Lying somewhere in between laptop totes and document bags are custom made message bag portfolios. They provide a hybrid model of sorts, bringing together the utility and features of the two tote bags styles mentioned in the previous sentence. Their large size and multiple pockets give them the ability to store several items at once, creating somewhat of a mini travel office kit.

Custom TSA Friendly Messenger Bags

Getting through security screenings at airports is an annoying yet necessary hassle to ensure safety in the skies. Travelers can make this process a bit less painful when they're equipped with personalized checkpoint safe messenger bags. Every time they enjoy getting through the security lanes with speed and ease, they'll see your logo design and have your company to thank. Meanwhile, other passengers will look on in envy and think, "I have to get one of those!"

Browse the collection of wholesale messenger bag briefcases available at 4AllPromos & you'll be certain to find one that fits your promotional and logistical needs. They're similar in function to the classic briefcases we've come to know over the years, only with a modern, stylish twist and more storage and organizational features.

Promotional Messenger Bags for Men & Women

"Personalized messenger bags for men" is one of the most commonly entered queries on our site. This gives us cause to deliver on providing the best custom made messenger bags for men & promotional messenger bags for women. While no one messenger back is exclusively limited to one gender, some models tend to be more popular with men and others with women. Be sure to click both links to see what style you can see working best for your company.

There are many different kinds of promotional colorful shoulder bags available for purchase at 4AllPromos. Some have single or twin handles designed to be worn over one shoulder, while others have a larger, diagonally oriented strap. The latter are constructed such that they can be worn over one shoulder, with the strap then crossing the user's body.

Cheap Promotional Slingpacks

Did you read the last sentence in the preceding paragraph? If so, you're already familiar in concept with our custom logo imprinted sling bags. These come in styles within the messenger bag family and beyond, creating a diverse and versatile offering to fit any organization's promotional needs.

Custom Messenger Bags - Materials

Our customizable messenger bags offer a large degree of choice and variety to businesses and for their target audiences. Therefore, it's not hard to see why they come in a hodgepodge of different materials. We'll discuss some of the most prominent messenger bag materials in the following six paragraphs to give you a better feel for what's out there.

Personalized Cotton Messenger Bags

When going for a soft feel, natural look, and eco-friendly design, our promotional cotton messenger bags are a perfect fit. They make use of post-industrial recycled materials to create fun, fashionable, and versatile tote bags. They're ideal for cotton farms, textile businesses, nature centers, recycling centers, museum gift shops, and more.

Promotional Canvas Messenger Bags

Looking for a durable messenger bag that can survive punishment and look great while doing it? If so, our personalized canvas shoulder bags will be right up your alley. These promotional messenger bags are rough, tough, and ready for action. They have what it takes to assist users in their daily goals, providing mobile advertising impressions for your brand all the while.

Custom Eco-Friendly Non-Woven Polypropylene Messenger Bags

Looking to save on promotional Earth-friendly messenger and tote bags? If so, buying our wholesale eco-friendly non-woven polypropylene messenger bags in bulk is a strategy that can't fail. These are customized messenger bags made from recycled (and recyclable) materials. Their strength is measured in GSM, or grams per square meter. The higher the number, the more dense and durable the fabric.

Wholesale Polyester Messenger Bags

Another available avenue in regard to material is presented by way of our custom polyester messenger bags. Polyester is a material that excels in providing protection against UV rays. Colors and logo designs on polyester will stand the test of time, offering superior protection against fading. If your business and its clients/target audience are geared toward an outdoor lifestyle filled with fun in the sun, these are the messenger bag giveaways for you.

Personalized Litchi Messenger Bags

What is litchi leather? Litchi leather is a type of animal-friendly imitation leather which possesses a texture similar to that of a lychee fruit. Why the name is "Litchi" rather than "Lychee" is something we're not entirely sure of. Whatever you want to call them, these personalized faux leather messenger bags offer the style and sophistication of leather while remaining free of animal products. Any business professional would be proud to carry one on their commute, flashing your personalized business logo design every day.

When browsing through our collection of promotional messenger bags for businesses, you'll come across several custom made PVC messenger bags as well as personalized messenger bags with vinyl backing. These are constructed with the goal of durability and protection against wetness in mind. Therefore, they're ideal for users who spend a lot of time outdoors or for giveaways in stadiums, arenas, and parks.

Promotional Messenger Bags - Closure Styles

As is the case with most bags, messenger bags are at their best when appointed with a closure mechanism that keeps their contents safe. There are a variety of different closure styles, but we're going to focus on three of the most prominent types.

Wholesale Messenger Bags with Zipper Closure

One way to go when it comes to securing documents & personal items is to store them in promotional zipper closure messenger bags. The name of this style is pretty self-explanatory. Most of the messenger bags in this category feature a large main zippered compartment, but may have other smaller pockets to accompany them.

Custom Velcro Flap Closure Messenger Bags

One of the most common styles of messenger bags you'll find on our site are personalized messenger bags with Velcro flap closures. Typically, these bags sport a large panel that folds down over the main storage compartment and fastens to the lower front area via a Velcro strip. The compartments they cover may or may not have additional closure styles beneath or above, such as zipper, snap, or buckle closures.

Personalized Messenger Bags with Snap Buckle Closures

The third closure style we'll get into is the buckle closure. Custom snap buckle messenger bags offer an added measure of security, often augmenting zipper or front flap closures. In some cases, you'll find snap buckles that attach shoulder carrying straps to the body of the bag. Others may employ snap buckles to attach to rolling luggage or carts.

Design Your Own Customized Messenger Bags

A custom made messenger bag isn't really custom made if it's not decorated with a unique and purposeful design. Our team of talented artists will be happy to work with you to bring your best company logo images to life. However, not all bags are customized in the same way. There exist several company branding options, many of which we'll address in this section.

Cheap Screen Printed Messenger Bags in Bulk

If you're on a budget or are looking to buy in bulk quantities, our wholesale inexpensive screen printed messenger bags will be a good fit. These work best with single color logo designs, but can accommodate multiple colors if desired. Please note however that multiple colors will result in longer production times and often will involve an increase in price as well.

If you're envisioning a bold, colorful design on your giveaway items and want to receive them quickly, we recommend going with our personalized full color logo shoulder bags. The use of full color imprinting (also known as 4-color process printing) offers speedy production times and lively, color-rich graphics. Some of our messenger bags come with this decoration style standard, while with others, it is offered as an upgrade option.

Personalized Debossed Messenger Bags

A business logo design that won't fade or flake away with time is surely a desirable attribute. That's just what you'll get when you invest in our promotional messenger bags with debossed logo designs. These are messenger bags whose logo designs are engraved or stamped in, creating a 3-dimensional graphic that is oriented inward. This is not to be confused with embossing, which features a raised design.

Custom Embroidered Messenger Bags

Much like our debossed messenger bags, our personalized embroidered messenger bags offer a 3-dimensional company logo design that will stand the test of time. Embroidery consists of sewing designs into the surface of an item, often in many different colors. As is the case with our debossed & full color logo designs, embroidery comes standard with some of our messenger bags but is an upgrade option for others.

Promotional Messenger Bags with Epoxy Dome Logos


Epoxy dome logos are a fun and unique way to create a graphic that is impervious to most forms of destruction and time-worn deterioration. Our wholesale messenger bags with epoxy dome logo imprints are appointed with colorful designs that are protected by way of a transparent yet sturdy epoxy coating. This keeps your logo design looking its best for years to come. As you'll see when clicking on the preceding link, epoxy dome graphics are an upgrade option for multiple models.

Wholesale Messenger Bags - Features & Accessories

Sometimes there's just a little something extra that makes one item a better fit for a company than another. Other times, the difference might not be quite so small; you can approach your search with the knowledge that only a certain set of features can get the job done. Fortunately, our promotional messenger bags come with a wide variety of different features and accessories that help to make your decisions a bit easier.

Promotional Messenger Bags with Carrying Handles

When it comes to carrying and transportation, there are many options. Two of these options are found in our custom messenger bags with top carrying handles and our customized messenger bags with long carrying handles. The former is a good choice for lighter loads intended to be carried in one hand. The latter is a superior choice when hands-free carrying is needed or when carrying a heavier load. Another popular style can be found in our personalized messenger bags with adjustable shoulder straps. These can be tightened or loosened to fit users and content weights. In some cases, they're entirely removable.

Custom Messenger Bags with Headphone Ports

Looking to be a hit with the tech set? Our personalized laptop messenger bags with headphone ports and bulk messenger bags with ear bud slots allow users to listen to music while walking or commuting on a bus, subway, or train.

Personalized Messenger Bags for Schools with Organizers

We have many different styles of promotional school messenger bags with internal organizers. These help students, teachers, and professionals at all levels keep track of all of their needed items and have them available and ready whenever needed. These contain spaces for items such as calculators, pencils, pens, notebooks, tablets, erasers, scissors, sticky notes, and more.

Wholesale Gusseted Messenger Bags

When users need a bag that can expand to accommodate several items, your business can supply them with custom logo printed gusseted messenger bags. These are messenger bags that have side panels that can be folded flat for easy storage or stretched out to their fullest dimensions when transporting bulky cargo.

Promotional Messenger Bags with Extra Pockets

If you're marketing toward a crowd that lives a busy, active lifestyle, bulk logo printed messenger bags with extra storage compartments will garner tons of ad impressions. They're also handy for staying organized, providing a place for everything and keeping everything in its place.

Customized Messenger Bags with Bottle Holders

Whether walking around campus, strolling in a park, or commuting to work on foot, it's always good to be able to hydrate along the way. Our promotional shoulder bags with bottle holders are designed with this concept in mind. Typically, they feature side mesh pockets into which bottled water or other beverages and containers can be snugly and securely placed.