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4AllPromos is your #1 resource for all of the best custom insulated lunch bags. You can also depend on us for the top bulk meal organizer bags, chic wholesale stylish lunch totes, tailgate-friendly wholesale 6 pack cooler bags, fun retro metal lunch boxes with logos and much more!

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When you want the best personalized lunch bags, wholesale non-woven six pack coolers, or trendy & stylish custom lunch tote bags, you want 4AllPromos. In addition to the above, we also carry promotional weatherproof lunch bags, custom cooler bags for tailgating, personalized eco-friendly lunch bags, cheap paper lunch bags with logo imprints, and much more. Read on to learn more about our custom lunch bag offerings and which ones might be the best fit as a promotional product for your school, businesses, or charity.

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Different Styles of Promotional Lunch Bags & Custom Lunch Tote Bags

As you'll quickly notice, promotional lunch bags is a pretty broad category. There are all kinds of different shapes, styles, sizes, colors, materials, and purposes represented. We'll launch into this guide by getting into some of those different varieties and what makes each one unique.

Promotional Lunch Bags with Handles

We'll begin by introducing you to our cheap logo imprinted lunch bags with handles. While they're obviously designed for easy carrying & transportation, there are a lot of different handle styles out there. Die cut handles allow users to slip their hands through holes to grip their bags. Webbed polypropylene handles are designed for comfort and affordability. Some of our cooler bags have extendable handles for towing, while our paper bags feature twisted upright paper handles.

Custom Collapsible Lunch Bags

When storage space is scarce, our promotional collapsible lunch coolers are a natural fit. When not in use or just not carrying a full load, these personalized cooler bags can be folded down to a smaller size, leaving extra room for more cargo.

Wholesale Drawstring Lunch Bags

If you fancy a customized lunch bag or promotional cooler bag with a tight pull closure, your best bet is to go with our custom drawstring lunch bags. Some feature a pull-tight drawstring closure for the main compartment, while others feature side mesh pockets that can be secured via drawstrings.

Promotional Eco-Friendly Lunch Bags

Recycling centers, nature museums, eco-friendly gift shops, and all other businesses that want to do something good for Mother Earth will appreciate our wholesale recycled lunch bags. Many of these are also recyclable, meaning that they can live a different life both before and after their usage as lunch totes. Many of them are made from non-woven polypropylene, which we'll discuss later on.

Fashionable Lunch Totes in Bulk

Style and fiscal sensibility don't have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, they can go hand-in-hand quite nicely. Such is the case with our personalized stylish lunch tote bags. These are promotional lunch totes with bold, chic, modern looks that are sure to be a hit with fashion designers, upscale clothing stores, high-end gift boutiques, and all other businesses that have a cosmopolitan culture.

Personalized Colorful Lunch Bags

Color is one of the most effective ways to draw visual traffic to your items. The right matches can strike the mood and attitude that you're going for, which can make all the difference when courting potential customers. Whether you go with our contrasting wholesale two-tone lunch cooler bags or our urbane bulk Color Pop lunch coolers, you'll be sure to give the public an aesthetic experience it won't soon forget.

An important thing to remember that not all change is good change. Everyone has their favorite discontinued items, clothing styles, music, and even discontinued snacks that they recall fondly and miss sorely. That's why giveaway items such as our promotional old fashioned metal lunch boxes are such a hit. Their fun graphics and sturdy metal forms will help hearken back to a more simple and happy time.

Wholesale Waterproof Lunch Bags

A day at sea, fishing on the pier, or trudging through inclement weather all call for a carrying vessel that will keep important personal items safe and dry. Since few things are more important than proper nourishment, it's only natural that our custom weatherproof lunch bags are consistent top-sellers. They'll meals and snacks dry and delicious.

Promotional Monogrammed Lunch Bags

If you're thinking of going the promotional gift route when it comes to your lunch bag selections, we nominate our bulk identification lunch bags as the prime candidate. They offer your choice of multiple styles of ID card holders and also can be imprinted with a recipient's initials.

Custom Printed Lunch Cooler Bags with Logos

While going for a picnic, embarking on a long road trip, camping, or even just going to work or school, users will sometimes need a little extra something to keep their food at prime temperatures. Our personalized insulated lunch cooler bags and custom can coolers ensure that the hot stays hot and the cool stays cool. Kind of like the McDLT, if you remember that.

Custom PEVA Insulated Lunch Cooler Totes

PEVA insulation is a specialty insulation whose notable properties set the lunch bags containing it apart from the crowd. PEVA stands for polyethylene vinyl acetate; this insulation is one of the most eco friendly on the market! Both biodegradable and chlorine-free, not to mention waterproof and affordably priced, promotional PEVA insulated lunch bags are the right choice for your next outdoor event or promotion. They make great wholesale picnic & tailgating cooler bags. Let the team at 4AllPromos know if you have any questions about what insulation is right for your next promotional event!

Cheap Insulated Lunch Bags in Bulk

Save money and snacks/lunches from spoiling at the same time with our wholesale inexpensive insulated lunch bags! Insulated with a variety of different materials, these cheap custom cooler bags with logo imprints will provide first-class temperature retention at economy prices.

Personalized Thermal Film Insulated Cooler Bags

You will also see thermal insulation mentioned in some of our product descriptions. The main draw of custom thermal film insulated coolers is that they keep contents both hot and cold depending on the situation. This type of insulation then works great if you want your customer to use your promotional product all year long even through the winter months to keep food hot.

Promotional Lunch Bag Sizes

Depending on who you're targeting with your promotional efforts, the perfect size for a lunch bag giveaway can vary. We offer them in several different sizes, ensuring the ability to perfectly match them to your target audience.

Small Personalized Lunch Bags with Logos

Buying cheap small lunch bags with logo imprints is a sound strategy when hoping to offer the best customized snack packs & children's school lunch bags. Our Snak-A-Lope small lunch bags, linked to earlier in the previous sentence, will provide a perfect visual aid.

Custom Logo Imprinted Medium Lunch Cooler Bags

Bumping up to the next size, our promotional medium size lunch bags are great for small picnics and overnight trips. Large enough to fit some hearty meals yet small enough to not get in the way, they truly are what you'd call a "happy medium".

Large Promotional Lunch Bags

If you market toward an audience that group oriented and/or a tendency toward larger appetites, our large personalized lunch bags may be the best fit. These offer plenty of room for food and drink cargo. Their protective exteriors and insulated interior lining will keep the eats fresh and tasty for everyone.

Extra Large Lunch Bags Wholesale

Camping supply stores, travel agencies, hotels, and national parks will all find our extra large promotional lunch bags to be highly useful as company branded items for giveaways. Perfect for camping trips, tailgate parties, and company picnics, these items have the ability to get even the biggest food hauling tasks done to perfection.

Promotional Lunch Bags for Kids & Custom Lunch Bags for Adults

At 4AllPromos, we offer all of the best customizable lunch bags for users of all ages. For the little ones, we offer a variety of custom printed children's lunch bags. The previous link will take you to our Paws n Claws lunch bags, which we're sure you'll agree are too cute to turn down. Meanwhile, we haven't forgotten the grown-ups. Our promotional lunch bags for adults are perfect for users to employ as lunch bags for work, snack bags for commuting, or drink coolers for the weekend.

Our personalized meal management bags are ideal for users wanting to establish a healthy and efficient lifestyle. Also known as custom meal prep bags, these models feature separate compartments for pre-planned foods and drinks, allowing space for both lunch and dinner in one unit. Alternately, they can be used as wholesale lunch organizer bags for recipients to bring to work or on hikes & picnics. Whatever the destination, our bulk multi-compartment lunch bags never fail to impress.

Custom Insulated Can Coolers for Tailgating & Events

In addition to providing personalized lunch bags with insulation, we also offer many different models of promotional insulated beverage coolers. They're ideal promotional giveaways for sports teams, camping supply stores, event venues, breweries & more. From big to small, we have them all.

Promotional Insulated 6 Pack Cooler Bags

As versatile products that can be used to carry lunches to school or drinks to the big game, our custom non-woven six pack cooler bags are one of our top selling items. These custom insulated beverage can coolers will keep food & drinks cold (or hot) thanks to their interior insulated lining.

Personalized Insulated 12 Pack Cooler Bags

Can you envision your employees, customers, or target market indulging in a tailgate party? If so, our promotional insulated 12 can cooler bags are items you won't want to overlook. Large enough to fit in tons of snacks or twin six-packs, this style of custom cooler bag is especially popular for sporting events, concerts, company picnics, and large family reunions.

Custom Transparent Cooler Bags

If you literally want to see your promotional products at work, our custom logo imprinted clear cooler bags are option #1. Our Flexi Chiller Bags, linked to in the previous sentence, feature a transparent body filled with brightly colored cooling gels.

Promotional Lunch Cooler Bag Materials

The following section will further allow you to pinpoint the perfect customizable lunch bags to fit your promotional needs. We'll do so by way of explaining the different materials our wholesale lunch bags are made from and which situations each material is suitable for.

Custom Nylon Lunch Bags

Let’s start with our promotional nylon lunch bags. Nylon is a woven polymer used in everyday life. No wonder, as it is water, sun, and mildew resistant as well as a quick dry material! Though it is an extremely tough and strong material, it also has both flexible and foldable properties, perfect for when you need a collapsible lunch cooler bag. In our product descriptions, polyester is attached a numerical value, and that D stands for denier, or weight of the fabric. The higher the number, the tougher the fabric. You may also encounter dobby nylon, which is a specific type of nylon with a high denier count, making it one tough material!

Personalized Neoprene Lunch Bags

Neoprene is next on the list and this synthetic rubber material is as tough as nails, but still provides plenty of flexibility, meaning this is the perfect material if you are looking for children’s lunch cooler bags. Our wholesale neoprene lunch cooler bags are also resistant to the sun, so don’t rule out outdoor use. And you will be happy to hear this is one of our most budget friendly material options!

If you're looking to obtain customized lunch bags designed for one-time use, we have a suggestion. Consider buying our cheap paper lunch bags in bulk. Our inexpensive imprinted paper lunch bags are a low cost option that are great for events, trade show giveaways, grand opening ceremonies, and back-to-school promotions.

Wholesale Polyester Lunch Bags

Next up is polyester, a fabric that is similar to nylon, but slightly less flexible. Like nylon, the strength of polyester is measured in denier, though a much higher denier count in polyester is needed to equal a lower denier count in nylon. Though it is slightly less strong and durable than nylon, polyester is one of the most UV-resistant materials on the market! Custom logo imprinted polyester lunch cooler bags are a great option for promoting your brand at an outdoor event or camp where there is plenty of sun!

Promotional Non-Woven Polypropylene Lunch Bags

We'll now move on to polypropylene, our most eco friendly option. Our personalized non-woven polypropylene cooler bags are made from recycled materials! Polypropylene is considered the best material for insulating. It's also one of the most durable materials for creating eco friendly lunch cooler bags. It even floats! It also maintains its strength while being quite budget-friendly. You might also note that some bags made from polypropylene are assigned a numerical value followed by GSM, which stands for grams per square meter. The higher the GSM value, the more tear-resistant the lunch bag.

Bulk Cotton Canvas Lunch Bags

Cotton canvas is a high quality material and customer favorite. A sturdy textile, perfect for lunch cooler totes, this material is both wind and weather resistant. However, if you are looking for a material that will do well at outdoor events, try one of the many materials listed above and save the promotional cotton canvas lunch totes for indoor events dedicated to professional firms or universities.

Customizable Composite Lunch Cooler Bags

Finally, we offer a multitude of material blends that combine the powers of canvas, polyester, and nylon into one bag! These bulk composite material lunch bags are great for indoor and outdoor events alike, so give them a try. If you have questions about any of the above materials, or want to know which one will work for you, call the 4AllPromos team today!

What is the Best Promotional Lunch Bag for Your Business?

This section will deal with some of the finer points that get a little bit more specific than the previous category descriptions. We're going to talk a bit about the features included in our promotional lunch bags which can actually vary even among individual styles. Namely, we'll talk a little about pocket styles, handle utility, and closure types.

Different Custom Lunch Bag Handle Types

4AllPromos offers a variety of bags with differing handle lengths. For example, many of our bags feature a top carry handle, long shoulder strap, and in some cases, both! Most of our long shoulder straps are approximately 1 ¼” wide, which is plenty of room for a comfortable fit. Our top carry handles are shorter and more compact. Consider longer shoulder straps if you know your customers will be carrying the bags over longer distances (think outdoor events) and a shorter handles for indoor use.

Personalized Lunch Bag Pocket Styles

Pockets are a great feature because an extra pocket is an extra reason for customers to continue using your giveaway item and for your custom design logo to continue gaining the recognition it deserves. At 4AllPromos, we can provide you with lunch bags with combinations a multitude of pocket types. Each provide storage for unique items.

Front slip and slash pockets are the simplest of pockets, just an extra piece of fabric sewn on the front face of the bag are perfect for storing napkins and utensils. Larger items can be stored in zippered and Velcro pockets, either on the side or the front. Zippered pockets give the most full coverage closure, but you can trust both zipper and Velcro to keep the contents of your bag safe. Another common pocket type is the side mesh pocket, perfect for holding your beverage and keeping you hydrated. For extra security, invest in a bag with a side mesh pocket featuring a drawstring, which will keep your drink in place guaranteed.

Security - Wholesale Lunch Bag Closure Varieties

From zippers to Velcro to drawstring, 4AllPromos offers a variety of closures, another important feature. For example, custom lunch bags with zipper closure offer guaranteed security and there are both single and double zipper options available for purchase on our website. Velcro closures are easy to use and lightweight, perfect for any customer who is constantly on the go. We also offer lunch bags with drawstring closures, which are great because they also often double as handles for the bag, making it a convenient two in one closure. Another great option is buying our fold over hook with loop fastener, better known by the trade name Velcro closure lunch bags in bulk, which are no-hassle and easy to use, which make them perfect for any children’s lunch bag!

Design Your Own Promotional Lunch Bags

When it comes to imprinting lunch cooler bags with your personalized logo design, you have a lot of options. Affordability, appearance, production times, and color coordination are all factors that can come into play. We'll round out this guide by sharing with you some of our most popular custom lunch bag company branding options.

Custom Screen Printed Lunch Bags

Screen printing is one of our most popular available decoration method and for good reason. It's one of the most affordable ways of creating an attractive logo design imprint for a low cost. Buy cheap screen printed lunch bags in bulk and enjoy savings in style. However, most screen printed items will by default only include one color. Since a different screen and ink must be used for each area of the item, multiple color screen printed designs can have longer production times.

Did you see us mention the extended production periods of multi-color logo imprints in the last paragraph? You can forget all of that when it comes to full color logo imprinting. Also known as 4-Color process printing, this method employs the use of special printers that combine shades of yellow, cyan, magenta, and black to create nearly any color the eye can see. Our promotional lunch bags with full color logo imprints have speedy production times due to the efficient imprinting process. However, they usually are a bit more expensive than screen printed models.

Custom Embroidered Lunch Bags

For those who want a premium design for a look that will really stand out, our custom embroidered lunch cooler bags & embroidered lunch totes have logo designs that are three dimensional and will withstand the test of time.