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Make some noise for your business, school, or favorite team with custom noisemakers! Our clappers, cowbells, maracas, and other noisemaker products will stir up the crowd and draw attention to your branding.

Custom Noisemakers Make Your Message Loud and Clear

If you're on the hunt for fan giveaways, party favors, or something fun to turn an event into a fiesta, promotional noisemakers are just what you need. They're entertaining, affordable, and perfect for buying in bulk. These attention-drawing promo items are a great way to boost morale and spread joy in your target audience. They'll come to associate your brand and logo with the great items they've had at parties, games, and concerts.

Noisemakers are perfect for adding an air of festivity and team spirit, helping to propel athletes to superior performance and building comradery. Booster clubs and event planners can use promotional branded noisemakers to create a memorable and engaging experience.

Types of Promotional Clappers and Custom Noisemakers

Our collection of noisemakers contains great options for building team spirit, spreading brand awareness, and taking events to the next level. They come in assorted colors, shapes, sizes, and styles. What are some examples of noisemakers? Some examples of noisemakers include cowbells and clappers. The most popular styles include:


Get the party started for your advertising with our custom-printed cowbells. These cost-effective promotional noisemakers will help you celebrate success. Cowbells are great giveaways at marathons and sporting events where everyone wants to get loud. Use custom cowbells as fan appreciation and target audience gifts and the stadium will ring with excitement as their team goes on to blow out the competition. 

Hand Clappers

When it's time for a celebration, hands will be clapping. Wedding guests, party-goers, and happy customers at corporate functions can easily let out a round of applause with our promotional hand clappers. These noisemakers are easy to use and perfect for getting kids and seniors involved in the cheer section.

Personalized Megaphones

Cheerleaders at pep rallies or on the sidelines during sports events ensure their cheers are heard by the crowd by using our promotional megaphones. Show off your logo or mascot as you shout into them to project your support.

Bulk Thundersticks 

Our inflatable custom logo thundersticks will deliver a message of spirit, solidarity, and support. They make plenty of noise during games and rallies and they’re much safer than party poppers. Just hit them together to send a soundwave over the opposition. Thundersticks are a favorite in the USA and worldwide.

Novelty Musical Instruments

Some of our other personalized noisemakers include products such as imprinted kazoos, colorful personalized light-up tambourines, collapsible customized stadium horns, and promotional light-up maracas. All of these products will be popular with kids and adults alike. 

Wholesale Noisemakers Let You Amplify Savings

Promotional noisemakers make excellent party supplies and are useful at all types of events. Get wholesale noisemakers in bulk as party favors for a birthday party, retirement, baby shower, or even a wedding. 

Buy branded noisemakers in bulk to make sure you have enough for fan giveaways at sporting events or students attending pep rallies. Our guaranteed low prices allow you to stock up for holidays like Mardi Gras, New Year's Eve, St Patrick's Day, and Cinco de Mayo.  


FAQ About Branded Noisemakers

What are party noisemakers called?
Party noisemakers have been around for years and garnered several different names. Some of the fun names we’ve seen them referred to include tweeters, flid-whistles, blowers, squeakers, twizzlers, party puffers, party blowouts, clackers, and fandoozles.
What is the noisemaker's job?
A good noisemaker will stir up the crowd, build school & team spirit, and provide plenty of fun for anyone using it. Buying noisemakers in bulk allows you to hand them out to larger crowds, letting your logo be seen by a crowd of people.
What are the best pep rally noisemakers?
Thunder sticks, megaphones, party horns, and clappers are all great for pep rallies. Whistles are handy during events too because they can be attached to a keychain, necklace, or lanyard when the crowd needs to jump up and down. Consider pairing them with foam hands, rally towels, confetti, or pom poms for a pep rally experience that nobody will forget!
What is the minimum order quantity for personalized noisemakers?
The minimum order quantity for our branded noisemakers is 96 items.
How much do custom noisemakers cost?
You can buy custom noisemakers from 4AllPromos for as little as $0.93 each.
How can I customize branded noisemakers?
Branded noisemakers are customized with imprinting of your company logo, school or team mascot, or special message. Our noisemakers are screen printed and can be personalized with your artwork in single or multicolor designs.

Turn Up the Volume For Your Brand

Custom noisemakers are ideal for getting your logo into the hands of a broad audience. They’re great for booster clubs reaching out to students and fans, event planning agencies looking to pump up the excitement, or a business celebrating a corporate milestone.

Custom noisemakers resonate with the energy of your audience, creating memorable experiences directly linked to your brand. As your audience celebrates, the volume gets cranked up on your brand too. Order today and let your brand's presence be heard loud and clear.

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