Promotional Nail Clippers & Manicure Sets

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Custom Manicure Kits & Nail Clipper Promotional Products

Wholesale Nail Clippers & Custom Nail Care Items

If your business is in search of the perfect gift for its next marketing campaign, consider our promotional nail clipper items and personalized manicure sets. Customized nail care items make a great promotional gift for women and are a great way to promote your brand at a health fair, tradeshow, awareness events, and more. These personal care giveaway items are an excellent way for a salon, cosmetic company, or pharmacy to help clients keep customers' nails in tip top shape while also boosting brand awareness. 

Promotional Manicure Kits & Branded Nail Polish Bottles

Custom manicure sets, nail files, cuticle pushers, nail clippers, and other manicure & pedicure promotional products are a great way for any spa or health & wellness industry business to spread awareness. Events such as trade shows, job fairs, seminars, and health & beauty expos are all great opportunities to treat potential customers to these items. They can also perform very well when handed out as corporate gifts for employees or even when sold in a retail setting. Read on to learn more about the different types of personal care & pampering products offered on this page & how they can help you get ahead of the competition.

Personalized Nail Clippers for Babies & Adults

Some of our most popular nail care products can be found in the form of our branded nail clippers. We have large nail clippers for adults as well as custom infant nail clippers for the little ones. Even our large models are small enough to easily be stored inside of a drawer, purse, pocket, backpack, fanny pack, or similar area when not in use. They're a handy way to keep fingernails looking their best while also removing annoying hangnails and preventing ingrowns.

Wholesale Manicure Sets & Custom Manicure Gift Sets

Salons, spas, beauty shops, pharmacies, high-end gift shops, and many more businesses will find our promotional manicure and pedicure sets to be the perfect product choice when it comes to earning a place in the daily life of target market members. When you read the description for each individual model of our promotional manicure sets, you'll find that different products offer different tools. We have low price basic cheap custom manicure sets in vinyl pouches as well as deluxe executive pedicure and manicure kit items to choose from. They include nail care tools such as clippers (some will also have toenail clippers), nail scissors, multiple cuticle pusher tools, nail files, tweezers, and more. 

When you want to treat customers, guests, travelers, and employees to the best gifts for pampering their hands and feet, our personalized manicure sets are an unbeatable asset.

Promotional Nail Polish Bottles in Bulk

No manicure kit is fully complete without some colorful nail polish to complete the look. That's why we offer several kinds of wholesale nail polish bottles with company logo imprints. We have mini bottles as well as medium and large sizes to accommodate the branding needs of any spa or salon and the personal care needs of the clients they seek to pamper. Hands will be looking sharp, prim, and vibrant when treated with our promotional nail polish.

Custom Nail Salon Tools

Our custom manicure sets carry  a variety of tools that are designed to help users look and feel their best. As we've already mentioned, tweezers, scissors, nail file & cuticle pusher items are all among the product choices our manicure set models offer. However, some of these can be combined with other useful accessories.

For example, travelers and commuters often like to attach as many items to key chains as possible. This keeps them accessible at all times. That's why we offer custom manicure set keychains and multi-tools with manicure set features. Imprinted or engraved with your logo, these are items that bring convenience to customers and employees while helping your business to spread its message and grow its brand awareness.  

Design Your Own Manicure Set & Custom Nail Trimmers

When you imprint your business logo on a product, it becomes a much more viable tool for any efforts to promote your brand or spread your message. Our custom nail care gifts can be personalized with your logo design in many ways. Our custom engraved nail clippers are a perfect example, putting a product in users' hands that will be able to advertise your brand for years to come.

If you're searching for a way to promote at a lower price, adding a custom imprint always works. Our company logo imprinted manicure sets can be designed with your logo in one or more colors to create a perfect branded item for your next marketing campaign or trade event.