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If you're looking to buy the best custom highlighters or wondering where you can order personalized permanent markers, 4AllPromos is where you want to be. We have a large collection of promotional highlighters for students, businesses, and more. You'll find several types of traditional highlighters on our site, in addition to some more unique styles such as custom odorless highlighters and personalized twist highlighters. Novelty styles such as our promotional flower highlighters are popular products as well. In addition to this, we also carry logo branded markers, customizable imprinted permanent markers, and much more.

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Highlighters are vitally important writing supplies when it comes to school, research, memorizing scripts, and much more. They help users to put a focus on what they need to remember most in order to achieve their goals. Similarly, custom highlighters from 4AllPromos will bring the focus to your imprinted company logo, helping you to achieve YOUR goals. The guide following this paragraph goes into detail explaining many of the different types of promotional highlighters available on our site. In addition to our personalized highlighter pens and highlighter sets, we also have washable markers and permanent markers for you to explore.

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Different Styles of Promotional Highlighters

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Wholesale Imprinted Highlighters - FAQ

Different Styles of Promotional Highlighters

There's more variety in the world of highlighters than one might be inclined to think. There are many different styles, shapes, sizes, and other qualities that go into making individual highlighters the best choice for any given job or situation. In this section, we'll discuss ten of the most prominent types of promotional highlighters that are available on our site.

Wholesale Cheap Highlighters

Any company that is looking to spread brand awareness effectively while operating on a budget will want to buy cheap promotional highlighters in bulk. Great for large giveaways at trade shows and events, these items provide a way for your company to get its name out to the masses without having to break the bank. They're also a hit as promotional products for schools.

Custom Desk Style Highlighters

Our custom logo imprinted desk style highlighters represent some of the more classic models. They're what people usually think of when they hear the word "highlighter". These products consist of wide bodies with thick barrels and sturdy chisel tips. They come in handy when users wish to bring attention to large blocks of text without having to continually pick up and put down a writing tip. They're quite popular for academic, legal, and business usage. They're also frequently employed by thespians working to memorize their lines. If even bigger areas need attention or a marker that's extra easy to grip is desired, we suggest looking at our branded jumbo highlighters.

Bulk Pocket Highlighters

Some of our more affordable offerings can be found among our wholesale pocket highlighters. Pocket highlighters are a bit more thin than many other styles and usually have a pen-like shape, complete with a pull cap and clip. They have thinner tips than most highlighters and are great for covering smaller fonts and text snippets.

Promotional Highlighter Pen Combos

If your company likes the idea of getting two promotional products for the price of one, it's safe to say that our custom pens with highlighters will be of interest. We offer many different types of ballpoint and gel ink pens that feature highlighter tips on the opposite end. They're highly convenient as they allow users to switch between different tasks without having to switch between different writing implements.

Personalized Stylus Pen Highlighters

Tech firms, web design companies, office supply stores, and mobile phone retailers will all find our custom stylus pens with highlighters to be ideal giveaway items. These are three-in-one promotional items, as they contain a traditional ink pen, highlighter, and stylus tip. They come in handy both for writing on paper and for typing on mobile phones and other touchscreen devices.

Customized Crayon Highlighters

A more unique style is presented by our promotional wax highlighters. Rather than ink, these highlighters make use of a crayon-like colored wax stick that twists in and out of the barrel for easy access. These versions offer a longer life than many other kinds of highlighters. Namely, they will not dry after a long period of time as their ink-filled cousins might do.

Branded Novelty Highlighters

It never hurts to have a little bit of fun while promoting your brand. Our promotional goofy highlighters allow your business to do just that. These unique markers come in custom shapes and sizes to perform useful tasks while also bringing smiles to faces. All the while, they'll bring attention to your company logo, helping to increase brand awareness and loyalty. Custom syringe highlighters are just one example of the many fun & innovative styles we have to offer.

Multicolor Highlighters with Logos

Yet another style that has proven popular with our clients over the years is highlighters that write in multiple colors. Our promotional highlighters with multiple tips can offer up to 5 different colors in one marker. They're great for color coding text materials, dividing up tasks, and creating colorful images. In many cases, they come in unique shapes such as large triangles or flowers.

Imprinted Highlighters with Keyrings & Carabiners

It's always helpful to be able to conveniently carry a frequently used item anywhere one goes. This can be easily achieved by way of our custom keyring highlighters and wholesale carabiner highlighters. These products include keyring attachments and built-in carabiners to allow the highlighters to be clipped to keychains, belt loops, backpack straps, and any other place that will ensure constant availability.

Custom Highlighter Sets

Finally, we'd like to say a few words about our company logo highlighter sets. These are handy packages that offer multiple highlighters in different colors. They're ideal for color coding as well as creating more colorful and visually appealing designs. The same can be said for our promotional marker sets. Both make first-rate giveaway items for schools, art supply stores, office supply retailers, and more.

Branded Washable Markers & Personalized Permanent Markers

While company logo printed highlighters are the primary focus of this page, we don't want to let them steal the show entirely. That's because we also offer an assortment of excellent washable markers and permanent markers. Great for office work, art projects, creative fun, property marking, and more, these are promotional products that anyone can use.

If you're looking for promotional washable markers with your logo, we won't disappoint you. We stock multiple models of terrific washable (aka "magic") markers that make great promotional products for schools and art supply stores. They're excellent giveaway items for kids and adults alike.

Promotional Permanent Markers

When users want to make a mark that will last, there are few better tools to turn to than our branded permanent markers. They're handy while being used to designate personal property, create bold signage, handle tasks around the office, and a multitude of other applications. For use on the road or when space is at a premium, we suggest also investing in our custom logo printed mini permanent markers.

Wholesale Imprinted Highlighters - FAQ

We'll round things out by addressing some frequently asked questions to help you understand some of the finer points of our customized highlighters.

What kinds of ink are used in highlighters?
Many different kinds of ink are found in our branded highlighters. Our custom liquid highlighters feature an ink that is bold, colorful, and great for art projects. It's best for use on thick paper, as it can bleed more than most other varieties. On the opposite end of the spectrum are our promotional erasable highlighters. Also known as "dry" highlighters, these products employ a thin strip of highlighter tape that transfers onto paper surfaces. It can be easily erased to remove any mistakes or accidental markings. We also carry personalized gel highlighters. This style has excellent longevity and employs a gel stick instead of a traditional felt tip. Finally, our branded wax highlighters offer the best longevity of all. They have a crayon style wax stick that avoids the potential drying (and bleeding) issues that other highlighters can sometimes bring.
What are the advantages of each highlighter tip style?
Ink isn't the only thing that can vary from highlighter to highlighter. Writing tip styles can make a big difference as well. One of the more common varieties you'll encounter on our site comes in the form of custom chisel tip highlighters. Also known as wedge tips, these ends are short and flat. They have a slanted top in order to allow users to switch between drawing in thick and fine lines. If the goal is to cover large blocks of text and bigger font sizes, our company logo broad tip highlighters are the best way to go. If a user needs to bring attention to smaller and more precise items, our wholesale fine tip highlighters will be a better fit. When pursuing artistic creations and hand lettering projects, promotional brush tip markers are the best tools for the job. These markers have tips that operate almost like paint brushes. They can be pressed down to draw heavier lines, while gliding the tip over a piece of paper will produce more fine, precise strokes.
What are the best customized highlighter brands?
At 4AllPromos, you'll find personalized highlighters from some of the biggest names in the business. A couple of the most well-known and respected would have to consist of promotional BIC® highlighters and custom Pilot® highlighters. However, those are just two of many great brands. We encourage you to view our full inventory to get to know them all!