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Engage with customers in an interactive way with fun promotional games. From mini board games, cards, and fidget kits, your audience will associate your brand with the good times they have playing your custom games.

Score Big with Customized Promotional Games

Promotional games are a type of branded merchandise like handheld or board games that double as marketing tools. You can create excitement both for your brand and while playing the games with these giveaways. 

What are the benefits of fun promotional games? The positive association with your brand is the biggest benefit of giving away fun promotional games. Your company name and logo will be on each product. Each time a game is used or a toy is played with, more people become aware of your business. 

Types of Custom Promotional Games

Our selection of customized games has something engaging for new customers and target audiences. Games with multiple participants have the bonus opportunity to make branded board game gifts to an employee or client turn into an awareness campaign every time their friends and family play. 

Family fun is a worthy objective for your promotional campaign and builds relationships for your brand. Custom games kids can enjoy, especially if your target audience includes parents or grandparents, are great for family game nights, and others are ideal for kids to play independently. We carry branded board games for kids and fun games for adults too. 

Push Pop Puzzles and Games

Push pops are incredibly popular toys for toddlers and fidgety children. They are a texture-based activity where little ones can pop and un-pop small silicone bubbles. Promotional push pop games are even appealing to adults as stress relievers, just like custom fidget spinners. Our custom push pops come in multiple shapes, including squares and circles in, various colors. 

Water Squirters

Not all games in our catalog are your typical board games. We also carry water squirter toys that are fun to cool down in the summer. Promotional water squirters let you make the game. Kids love these toys, but adults enjoy a friendly water fight competition too. We carry super soakers, small pistol squirters, and pump water squirters for your business to choose from. 


One of the most popular games on the planet is tic-tac-toe. This staple of entertainment can be played anywhere and anytime. Elevate the tic-tac-toe experience with our wooden tic-tac-toe board. You can use this for engaging customers at events or as a fun giveaway at your booth. 

Tower Games

Put your brand's logo on the box or the pieces of tower-building games like Jenga. With your logo on every block, you can quickly increase visibility for the company. Some popular options in this category include Jenga, wooden tower puzzles, and even giant Jenga. 


Just like marketing, chess is all about strategy. Businesses can customize chess sets to keep employees and clients thinking about their next move, and your eye-catching logo.  


For an easier-to-learn game, consider adding your branding to on-the-go checkers. This mini-board game in a bag is easy to pack for travel. Encourage quality family time for your customers and employees with promotional checkers giveaways. 

Spin the Wheel

When you’re heading to a trade show, product launch, community festival, or corporate event, boost engagement with a Spin ‘N Win prize kit. Spin the prize wheel games are an effective tool to drive excitement at a display booth. Decide on your rewards for landing on a particular section. You can incorporate additional promotional swag like t-shirts or tumblers.


People play with personalized game sets of cornhole at barbecues, graduation parties, community gatherings, or just for fun. This bean bag toss game can be used to draw people into a tradeshow booth or as a limited high-value reward for a top employee.

Trivia Games

Trivia tests all aspects of your knowledge. Promotional trivia games can be used as gifts to encourage family game nights, or bars and restaurants can buy them to draw more customers in. When people engage in these branded fun activities, they’ll have positive associations whenever they see your logo. 

When to Buy Promotional Games in Bulk

Grow your audience and spread brand awareness with custom promotional game giveaways.  You can speed up the process by ordering in bulk and giving games to a larger crowd of people. 

When you buy customized games in bulk, you’ll save money in the long run. The higher the volume, the lower the unit price will be. 

FAQs About Personalized Games

Can I add a logo on promotional games?
You can add your logo to all of our fun promotional games. Our customization options include custom imprints and engravings to showcase your brand.
Are there discounts on bulk purchases of customized games?
Yes, there are bulk discounts on customized games from our website. Invest your dollars wisely and get lower per unit prices the larger your order becomes.
Can promotional games be used at trade shows?
Promotional games can be used at trade shows and events to draw potential customers into your booth or as giveaways to make them remember your organization. We have a wide selection of products to cater to your marketing needs. Use smaller, cheaper games as giveaways to people who sign up for an email list, and more exclusive games to serve as prizes that can be won or a thank-you for signing up for services or buying a new product.
What are the most popular promotional games?
Clients love the products we offer at 4AllPromos. Our wooden tower puzzle and travel domino sets are our most well-reviewed.
Are tabletop games available?
We offer tabletop games like cribbage, chess, and mancala promotion giveaways. They allow families, employees, and event participants to interact in a fun and positive way as they become familiar with your logo.

Make Your Move With Custom Branded Games

Promotional games are a memorable and effective way to promote your company.  As players gather around the board, your brand takes center stage, creating lasting impressions and joyful moments. Personalized board games and other custom games allow you to connect and engage with audiences of all ages.

Make promoting smiles part of hitting your marketing goals with customized games.

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