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Our custom cutlery sets offer durable knives, portable utensil sets for on-the-go dining, and other items like cheese boards to show appreciation and promote your brand. These products are ready to be personalized with your logo to provide a practical promotional gift for your recipients. 

Promotional Cutlery Sets to Carve Your Brand Out 

4AllPromos offers a wide range of customizable cutlery sets and utensils, including knives, steak knives, utensil sets, and specialty items like mood spoons and chopsticks. 

What is a custom cutlery set? A custom cutlery set is a bundle of kitchen utensils that your audience uses during food prep or mealtime. The personalization comes from the unique logo and company name imprinted or engraved on the set to remind recipients of your business. 

What are the benefits of custom cutlery sets? Custom cutlery sets offer the benefit of a practical and durable promotional gift that recipients use regularly, keeping your brand top of mind. They also cater to a wide audience, from culinary enthusiasts to everyday users.

Types of Custom Cutlery Sets

Choosing the right cutlery to give away to your audience is important. We offer a selection of products ranging from company logo fillet knives to promotional utensils. The promotional cutlery at 4AllPromos ranges from high-value corporate gifts to promotional reusable cutlery sets for an eco-friendly office. 

Wooden Cutlery Sets

Wooden cutlery sets are eco-friendly, reusable items with a more natural aesthetic for flatware. High-quality wood is used to customize these knives, forks, and spoons. Custom wooden cutlery can be engraved with your artwork for a permanent display of branding information. 

In addition to forks and knives, we also carry bamboo chopsticks that come with a custom imprint on each stick for your logo or company name. Your artwork can be printed on the wrapping too for extra brand awareness. 

Plastic Cutlery Sets

Perfect for lunches on long trips, camping, or picnics, promotional plastic cutlery items are great on the go and easy to clean. Employees and students can also grab a quick bite, reduce waste, and associate your brand with positive environment initiatives when they have durable plastic branded cutlery.

Steak Knife Sets

A quality steak knife makes quick work of your cutting needs at dinner time. Our well-crafted steak knives can feature your logo on the handles or the case that contains them. You can order steak knives to give away to customers and make a lasting impression when you pair it with a promotional cutting board too. 

Fruit and Vegetable Knives

Promotional fruit and vegetable knives are great swag and giveaway items, especially if you promote nutrition and wellness. These types of knives make food preparation easier, at home or outdoors. Add your logo for an advertising tool that provides value to the recipient. 

Cheese Knives and Cheese Boards

Beautifully crafted promotional cheese boards can make your logo the centerpiece of any event or get-together. Customers and employees who love to host can cut and display their own charcuterie board. Your logo becomes part of the party and gets associated with the good time.

Buy Custom Promotional Cutlery Sets in Bulk

Branded cutlery sets can be used at tasting experiences, festivals, food truck events, and for bar and restaurant branding. Bulk ordering with 4AllPromos lets you take advantage of lower unit prices when you buy in larger quantities. All of our customized cutlery comes with a minimum order quantity, so it is easy to take advantage of bulk prices.

Go a Cut Above The Rest With a Custom Cutlery Set

A personalized cutlery set or promotional tableware can be used for fun giveaways, to cater to large events, or for premium corporate gifts. We all need these kitchen utensils to eat and your logo will be seen every time they are used. 

Browse our custom cutlery collection now for the opportunity to bring your brand to the table at every meal.

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