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Promotional Product Marketing

How can you increase brand awareness for your business while also building loyalty and excitement? Marketing is a tool that all businesses use to communicate with their customers, attempting to convince them to take a desired action, whether that means learning more about a company, visiting a website, signing up for an email list, or making a purchase. The top priority for marketers and business owners is to figure out the most effective strategy for their advertising efforts. What is the focus of the content? What media will connect most with the target audience? These are questions that must be answered to run a successful marketing campaign.

While most marketers will focus on current methods like emails, social media, website SEO, online ads, and print, there is one form of marketing that plays a unique role in the advertising space; promotional items.

What Are Promotional Items?

Essentially, these products are branded merchandise. Your company will invest in items that can be used by customers, employees, and other parties. The items are then imprinted with your business brand information, like the name and/or logo. When given away, these products can build loyalty to the company for the recipients while generating additional impressions whenever the items are used. Unlike other advertising initiatives, promotional product marketing simply requires an initial investment to work. Once given away, each product could create ongoing visibility for the associated business.

Custom Golf Divot Tools | Personalized Ball Markers | Golf Tees

Golf accessories are a fantastic promotion for many industries. Whether you run a sports business, a country club, or a bar, imprinted golf accessories are a popular giveaway. From tees and divot tools, to golf markers and pencils, there is a wide selection of golf accessories here at 4AllPromos. Set up shop outside a tournament registration and pass out your promotional items. Your company name will be recognized by golfers all around! 4AllPromos is ready to take your custom golf divot tools and golf accessories order today! 

Types of Custom Divot Tools and Markers

4AllPromos offers multiple branded golf accessories that can make your business stand out from the competition. Perfect to be given away at a golf tournament, as a corporate gift to employees, or to loyal customers, these items can be customized with your company artwork to increase visibility. These gifts are great for golfers of all skill levels and ages, allowing every player to fix a ball mark, tee up the ball, keep track of their spot on the green, and carry essentials in their golf bag.

Before your next golf tournament, community event, or trade show, be sure to browse through our many golf tools and accessories. Here is a breakdown of some of our affordable golf gifts for your next golf event.

Metal Custom Divot Tool

Any avid golfer knows that the need to repair divots is a critical element of being on the golf course. For players who frequent the fairways and greens, a more durable repair tool is needed so they do not constantly have to replace broken divot tools. Enter our metal divot repair tools. Our options include divot tools made from aluminum, steel, and even engraved chrome.

A metal divot repair tool lasts longer and has extra leverage, allowing your customers, employees, and other recipients to keep repairing greens in every round they play. If you are involved in any golf events, these metal promotional items are the perfect giveaway to keep the grass on every course in good condition.

Custom Plastic Divot Repair Tools

Maybe you are looking for some simple and cheap giveaways that can still help with golf divot repairs but are not as expensive as metal versions. We offer plenty of plastic golf divot tools that can be included in swag bags, as part of an employee appreciation gift, or even with a trade show giveaway.

Promotional Tees, Markers, and Divot Tools

Looking for a small kit that includes multiple items that will be useful to every golfer? We offer multiple sets that include a customized ball marker, golf divot tool, and multiple tees all in one. Keep your golfer customers and employees well-supplied when they are playing their favorite sport, whether it is an official golf tournament or just a casual outing on a weeknight. Each item is printed with your company logo to increase brand awareness while providing value to the recipient.

Tote Golf Kits

Deliver multiple golf accessories with fun packaging to recipients with one of our tote golf kits. With packaging options that include either a zipper or drawstring opening, you can help customers carry their golf supplies in style with these logo-printed totes. Golf balls, hand warmers, and tees make these kits incredibly useful, especially for those cooler days on the course. Multiple color options are available for each line, including green, blue, pink, orange, yellow, gray, and even purple.

Unique Ball Marker Products

Once you get to the green, the game of golf slows down quite a bit. Since putting is such a delicate and precise part of the sport, players may need to step back, clean off their ball, or get out of the way of another golfer. Using a ball marker is a common practice for golfers, but sometimes all they have on hand is a shiny nickel. Instead, gift them with a unique golf ball marker product that advertises your company while serving a fun purpose.

A magnetic ball marker can be stuck to metal surfaces on the golf bag for safekeeping. Our golf club brush features a removable ball marker so that players can keep their clubs clean and safely pick up their golf balls on the green. Hat clip ball markers can be conveniently stored on the lid of a hat or visor. Customize these markers with your logo and you have free advertising every time the recipient breaks out the clubs for the next round.

Design Your Own Divot Tools with Engraved Logos or Logo Imprints

An effective promotional product is one that is used often and features a noticeable imprint of your company branding information. It has the highest chance of being used often and generating impressions. Whether it is the packaging materials of our tote kits or the steel surface of a divot repair tool, you want your logo to pop and remain visible for a long time.

Engravings can ensure that your design stands out on a repair tool or customized golf ball marker. Other items will be more effective when screen printed, like plastic markers, golf tees, golf balls, and lightweight divot tools. This process can display full color, including shades of green, blue, pink, yellow, orange, and more.