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If your company needs cheap event wristbands in bulk, you've come to the right place. 4AllPromos offers numerous designs in bright colors to make the ticketing entry and reentry process much easier. We offer many styles and material choices. In our collection, you'll find wholesale paper wristbands (opens in a new window), sturdy branded locking cloth wristbands (opens in a new window), fun promotional slap bracelets for events (opens in a new window), flexible custom elastic wristbands (opens in a new window), and much more.

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A custom wristband is generally a common sight when you attend a concert, go to a sporting event, visit trampoline parks, or enter a nightclub or museum. Creating custom event bracelets for your venue or activity is a great way to keep track of security in the crowd. They're also ideal for security and keeping things orderly when testing for COVID or making sure medical patients are easily identifiable.

For example, you might want to use a special color to designate entry on a certain day or even differentiate between multiple events happening simultaneously. We even have light-up bracelets that are easy to spot in the dark and adjustable models that can be used as custom event armbands. With the option to choose between Tyvek plastic wristbands, paper bands and beyond, there's always a design in the 4AllPromos inventory that will suit your needs.

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Different Styles of Custom Event Wristbands

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Different Styles of Custom Event Wristbands



At 4AllPromos, we know that every business and event is different. That's why we offer a wide range of wristband color and design styles, from reusable to glow-in-the-dark. Of course, all of our products can be customized with an image or another message. We have many types of custom wristbands. These include bulk paper wristbands, personalized runner ID tags, promotional holographic event bracelets, imprinted slap bracelets, plastic wristbands, vinyl wristbands, and many more. Read on to learn a bit more about some of the more prominent styles that are available on our site.

Bulk Tyvek Wristbands

Some of our most affordable (and popular) models are our custom Tyvek wristbands (opens in a new window). Typically made from paper with adhesive backing for tight seal, these event bracelets are ideal for one-time usage. They're perfect for admitting guests to concerts, music festivals, museums, parks, and more. Tyvek wristbands are also a great choice for medical facilities and keeping track of visitors in any limited access area.

Promotional Slap Bracelets

Most adults these days probably remember slap bracelet fad of the late 1980s and early 1990s. While they're no longer as omnipresent as they were back then, these items still have a strong presence. Our promotional slap bracelets (opens in a new window) start off looking like a ruler but quickly form to a wearer's wrist when snapped against it horizontally. At 4AllPromos, we can customize these nostalgic bands with your unique branding, event name, or message.

Custom COVID Screening Wristbands

COVID testing and vaccinations are a big point of focus the whole world over. We can help make things run a bit more smoothly for your facility by way of providing bulk COVID testing wristbands with logos (opens in a new window). These are cheap and affordable custom printed wristbands that are designed for one-time only usage. They can be used to keep track of patients as well as to help identify them and determine what steps of the testing or vaccination progress they are in. They also provide a measure of security, as their adhesive closures do not allow them to be transferred to other users during multi-day events.

Wholesale Reflective Event Wristbands

4AllPromos has several reflective custom wristband designs. These are great for sporting events that take place before or after dark, such as marathons. Our custom reflective event bracelets (opens in a new window) and company logo holographic event wristbands (opens in a new window) are also handy for dark indoor spaces such as bars and nightclubs. In addition, we have sport shoe tags for simple and effective runner identification, which is essential to keep track of everyone who is taking part in a race or charity walk-a-thon.

Branded LED Wristbands & Promotional Glow-in-the-Dark Event Bracelets

When it comes to keeping users safe, secure, and organized while having some after-dark fun, there are few better choices that our custom light up wristbands (opens in a new window) and printed glow-in-the-dark wristbands (opens in a new window). Imprinted or etched with your company branding design, these are fun promotional product giveaways that will help to spread awareness of your brand at both indoor and outdoor events. They're fun novelty event bracelets that are always a hit with users of all ages.

Personalized Event Wrist Lanyards

Custom wrist lanyards (opens in a new window) provide the same security and utility as our traditional bands, but in a different style. These promotional custom cloth wristbands are made from comfortable and lightweight fabrics. Some are made with sliding mechanisms or are designed to be tied in a knot for adjustable comfort and repeated usage. Others have a locking ball for single usage. They provide a chance to add a bit of extra color and creativity to promotions, making fabric wristbands fun for users to wear.

Customize Your Own Event Wristbands

Adding your branding is the best way to make them work for your promotional needs. There are several different ways of doing this. The following trio of paragraphs will briefly explain the three most common methods.

Company Logo Printed Event Wristbands

Affordable, effective, and often quick to produce, our custom imprinted wristbands (opens in a new window) feature a very popular branding style. Screen print with your design in one or multiple colors for a bold and efficient graphic or text line that won't break the bank. Single color imprints, like black ink, are typically the most affordable and are the fastest to produce. However, multiple color imprints can also look great and are still an economical choice.

Custom Etched Event Wristbands

If you're looking for personalized event bracelets with customized markings that will last for the long haul, we suggest taking a look at our promotional logo etched wristbands. Intended to be used multiple times, these items have your image etched into their surfaces for a design that will look just as great in five years as it does today. Your personalization cuts into the surface of the wristband, ensuring that it can't fade, peel, or chip over time.

Wholesale Dye Sublimation Event Wristbands

When searching for an item that has the potential to display your artwork over its full surface, there are few better methods to pursue than dye sublimation. Our personalized dye sublimation event wristbands offer full-surface decoration ability. This creates a colorful, unique, and impossible to ignore product to bring attention to your brand and keep it on everyone's minds.

Promotional Adjustable Wristbands for Events

Our wide selection customizable stock wristbands are equipped with features to help them comfortably fit users of different sizes. Our bulk snap wristbands (opens in a new window) are one great example. They include an elevated folding panel with a snap top and bottom at one end. The other end has a set of holes, with one intended to be slipped between the top and bottom of the snaps. When snapped into place, they create a secure fit that's just right for each individual user. We also have personalized options that can be adjusted by way of tying in secure knots or manipulating a sliding clasp.

Custom Reusable Wristbands & Wholesale Single Use Event Wristbands

While this isn't always an ideal solution for certain situations, plastic or rubber custom printed reusable wristbands (opens in a new window) that can be worn as a durable accessory are a fun way to remind attendees of your enjoyable event, team spirit, or support for a specific cause. As we said, a reusable wristband isn't always ideal. When you want models that only need to be used once and can't be transferred from person to person, our bulk single use wristbands (opens in a new window) are ideal. Looking for something in between? We also carry promotional long-lasting wristbands (opens in a new window) that can be used for security multiple days, such as at festivals or fairs, for events longer than a few hours.

Company Logo Event Wristbands FAQ

While 4AllPromos makes purchasing custom wristbands and wrist lanyards as simple as possible, you might still have a few questions. That's we've assembled this list of frequently asked questions to help clear up any uncertainties.

What are wholesale custom wristbands used for?
Our promotional custom wristbands have many uses. They can be worn for medical testing and facility visits, used for security, employed as nightlife wristbands for clubs or used for admittance of guests into events, festivals, fairs, parties, carnivals, concerts, and more. They can even be used for athletic events, such as with our durable bulk printed runner ID tags (opens in a new window). We have customized event bracelets designed for customers of all ages and sizes. There are plenty of great options for kids and adults to wear within our collection.
What materials are custom wristbands made from?
They can be purchased in many different materials. Among our offerings, you'll find wholesale plastic wristbands (opens in a new window), assorted custom cloth event wristbands (opens in a new window), woven fabric wristbands, comfortable branded nylon wristbands, affordable wholesale promotional paper wristbands (opens in a new window), fun promotional elastic wristbands (opens in a new window), attractive vinyl wristbands with logos (opens in a new window), and more.
How do you buy custom event wristbands in bulk?
Buying personalized wristbands in bulk is simple with 4AllPromos. Just pick out the style you like the best and follow the instructions on the order page. We offer quantity discounts on numerous products, making it easy to get the event bracelets you need and an ideal shipping option without breaking your budget. We're also here to answer any questions you have along the way.
In which sizes can I purchase printed wristbands?
We have customizable wristbands in many different sizes. Several are adjustable, effectively creating a one-size fits all item. We also have custom 3/4" wristbands, 1" wristbands, 1/2" wristbands, 3/8" wristbands, and more.
Are Tyvek wristbands waterproof?
Yes, our Tyvek plastic wristbands and assorted plastic vinyl wristbands are waterproof. This means that someone wearing one can easily wash their hands or make it through an accidental spill without worrying about the material degrading. These plastic vinyl custom waterproof wristbands for events (opens in a new window) are incredibly durable and secure, lasting several hours without breaking free. This makes it easier for your guests or customers to keep them secure throughout the duration of your next event.