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4AllPromos is your one-stop-shop to customize your own license plate frames. We carry customized license plate frames for motorcycles, unique promotional license plate frames for dealerships, stylish bulk car tag frames, and several other varieties of unique personalized license plate holders.

Promotional License Plate Frames, Custom License Plate Frames for Motorcycles & Bulk Auto Ad Plates

At 4AllPromos, we empower you with the ability to design your own personalized license plate frames and custom dealership license plates. Does your business or auto dealership want to make advertising impressions anywhere and everywhere? If so, there's no better way to do it than to have each satisfied customer leave your parking lot with a promotional license plate frame with your logo imprint design attached to their vehicles. You might say it's where word of mouth meets world of eye - a strong yet silent endorsement for your business, creating awareness and building your customer base. Read on to learn more about our bulk license plate frames at wholesale prices, customized motorcycle license plate frames, and unique personalized vanity license plates.

Unique Personalized License Plate Holders - Design Your Own Custom License Plate Frames & Ad Plates

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  • Different Types of Promotional License Plates

    At 4AllPromos, you'll find all kinds of different custom imprinted license plate frames, promotional advertising license plates for dealerships, personalized motorcycle license plate frames & more in different colors, sizes, and styles. We'll explain a bit about the main wholesale license plate frames and custom logo imprinted license plates you'll find while scanning our site.

    Customized Full View License Plate Frames

    Our promotional full view license plate frames are among the most common and traditional auto tag frames that you'll see on the road and at dealerships. They're called "full view" plates because the frames are thick enough to encapsulate the edges of a license plate, yet still thin enough to keep virtually all of the plate visible.

    Personalized Corner View License Plate Frames

    What is the difference between full view and corner view license plate frames? The main difference is that corner view license plate frames extend a bit from the middle of the bottom of the base, covering part of the license plate from view, while still leaving the bottom of the plates visible in the corners. Our custom logo printed corner view license plate frames are highly popular promotional items for car dealerships.

    Promotional 4 Hole License Plate Frames & Custom 2 Hole License Plate Frames

    In most cases, our wholesale license plate frames (and anyone else's license plate frames for that matter) will feature either two or four holes. Each state issues license plates with four holes for the purpose of screwing them securely to the front and back bumpers of cars and trucks. However, as we just said, license plate frames will sometimes have only two holes. We'll break down the differences between the four hole and two hole styles in the following list:

    What are the Advantages of 4 Hole License Plate Frames and What are the Advantages of 2 Hole License Plate Frames?

    • 4 Hole License Plate Frames Provide Extra Security with Double the Screw Bracing of Two Hole Frames
    • 2 Hole License Plate Frames Can Be Attached More Quickly than 4 Hole Frames
    • 2 Hole License Plate Frames Allow for the Lower Pair of License Plate Holes to Serve as Connection Points for Hitch Handles
    • Both our personalized 4 hole license plate frames and our bulk 2 hole license plate frames can be attached with more security via the use of retaining clips.

    Custom Vanity License Plate Frames with Retaining Clips

    As mentioned in the previous paragraph, our wholesale vanity license plate holders for dealerships can be attached more securely by way of retaining clips. These security clips are located on the reverse side of the frames, holding them securely to license plates without showing up in front and obscuring your message or users' auto tags.

    Wholesale Motorcycle License Plate Frames

    While we have a broad selection of customized license plate covers for cars and trucks, we also offer customized motorcycle license plate frames. These are great promotional giveaway items for motorcycle dealerships, motorcycle trade shows, and motorcycle rallies & charitable events. Our promotional motorcycle license plate holders are smaller than those for cars and trucks to provide the best fit possible. Motorcyclists tend to be a highly dedicated and brand-loyal crowd, so buying customized motorcycle license plate frames imprinted with your logo can pay off in a big way.

    Custom Molded Car Tag Frames with Raised Letters

    Our custom 3D license plate frames create a promotional item that really stands out from the rest of the pack. This is quite literally true, as our promotional 3D license plate frames feature raised lettering, rather than a simple flat imprint. In addition to the textural appeal and bold design, this style of custom license plate holder runs a lesser risk of being obscured through fading over time.

    Cheap Promotional Auto Plate Frames

    When you want to buy cheap car tag frames in bulk for your dealership, auto parts store, gas station, or garage, we have you covered. Our basic discount promotional license plate frames sacrifice nothing with respect to quality and will keep your personalized logo design or message looking sharp on the road for years to come.

    Premium Multicolor License Plate Frames in Bulk

    Sometimes it's all about the color. When you have a logo design that you don't want to change in any way, or a specific imprint planned that you know will be pleasing to the eye, personalized multicolor auto plates are the best fit for your promotional needs. The preceding link will take you to some of our multicolor license plate varieties, including customized patriotic license plate frames. However, many of our other models can also include multiple colors as an upgrade option.

    Personalized License Plate Frame Materials

    Our custom designer license plate frames for dealerships cars, trucks, vans, and motorcycles are made from a variety of different materials. Exactly which material is the best fit for your company branding goals will vary based on what line your business is in and what it is hoping to achieve. That's why we've included the following section. It describes each material in detail in order to empower you to find the best possible choice for making your promotional dreams a reality.

    Custom Polystyrene License Plate Frames

    Wholesale polystyrene car tag frames are, quite obviously, made from polystyrene. Polystyrene is a thermoplastic, which means that it can be melted down, reformed, and repurposed into a new role in life once its original use is over. Appearing in foam and solid forms, it's the main ingredient in items ranging from plastic utensils to those impossible-to-open clamshell packages that everyone hates. Bear in mind however, that the same stubborn toughness applies to polystyrene when it's used for license plate frames to make them sturdy & long-lived.

    Personalized High Impact Polystyrene License Plate Frames

    Now that you're familiar with polystyrene and its various virtues, we'll introduce you to our custom high impact polystyrene license plate frames with logo imprints. These are tougher than your average promotional car tag frames. Polystyrene is measured in mils, which is a measurement of thickness, with 1 mil being equal to one-thousandth of an inch. The higher the mil number, the thicker & stronger the material. Our high-impact polystyrene license plate holders have a higher mil count than others, allowing them to absorb contact without taking severe damage. Thankfully, it's also an affordable material, making it possible for you to buy bulk high-impact polystyrene license plate frames at wholesale prices.

    Promotional ABS Plastic License Plate Holders

    Some of our custom promotional license plate frames are made from ABS plastic rather than polystyrene. An acronym for Acrylonitrile Butdadiene Styrene, ABS is another thermoplastic which can be recycled after use. While it's a more expensive material than polystyrene, ABS plastic is superior in regard to biodegradability. Our unique custom ABS license plate frames are among our more premium options. When you want the best in style and toughness while minimizing your environmental impact, ABS automobile tag frames are the way to go.

    Wholesale Eco-Friendly License Plate Frames Made from Recycled Materials

    If protecting the Earth is your cause, you'll love our promotional recycled license plate frames for dealerships & businesses. Made from recycled polystyrene, these eco-friendly license plate holders cancel out the slow biodegradability of polystyrene by capitalizing on its thermoplastic properties. Rather than being discarded, the polystyrene in our personalized recycled license plate accessories is melted, injection molded, and given a new life as an Earth-friendly promotional product.

    Briefly skipping ahead to our customized advertising license plates (which are covered in depth further down), we'd like to take this time to talk a bit about our bulk aluminum license plates. These personalized automobile plates for dealerships and businesses are made from recycled aluminum, offering both an eco-friendly automobile promotional product as well as a thoroughly durable one that can stand up to a lot of punishment without flinching.

    Custom Rust-Free Plastic License Plate Frames

    We're including this section about our custom rust-free plastic license plate holders to avoid a bit of potential confusion. When personalized license plates are described and advertised, you'll often see the expression "rust-free plastic". This isn't a special kind of plastic, as by its very nature, plastic cannot rust. It's simply meant to point out that these logo imprinted plastic frames don't run the same rust risks as their metal counterparts.

    Promotional License Plates

    We're not just about the frames and covers. In addition to those fine customized license plate accessories, we also offer full-size promotional license plates and custom imprinted ad plates for dealerships and businesses. We'll expound upon them a bit in the following paragraphs.

    Personalized Ad Plates for Dealerships

    Looking for the best customized advertising license plates? If so, you've definitely come to the right place. We offer promotional ad plates with logo imprints for cars, trucks, vans, and any nearly other kind of automobile on four wheels. These make great promotional products for car dealerships and garages as well as promotional giveaway items for auto industry trade shows.

    Full Color Custom Vanity License Plates

    When you really want to catch some eyes with sharp graphics and artistic design, the ability to customize your own license plates is crucial. We make that possible by offering personalized full color license plates. These are fully customized promotional license plates that are perfect for advertising your business on the highways and byways of America. Our talented team of artists will work with you to create the best possible design for your dealership or other business.

    Wholesale Blank License Plates

    As we stated in the paragraph above, being able to customize your own license plates is key to providing a promotional product that is unique to your business & one that viewers won't forget. Sometimes the best way to start with these kinds of promotional products is at the very beginning. For this reason, our blank wholesale license plates are a great way to go. You can order our blank high impact license plates without stock art, giving you the ability to design the surface in a way that's genuine, unique, and appealing.

    There are many different ways to design your own personalized license plate frames and custom license plates. When having promotional license plates imprinted with your custom business logo, you have a few different choices in regard to how to get the job done. We'll explain some of the most popular promotional license plate design methods for you in the following paragraphs.

    Personalized Side Imprint License Plate Frames

    As one would likely expect, promotional side imprint license plate frames are custom logo imprinted license plate holders that display your company logo or message vertically along the left and right sides of the frame. What you might not expect is that they also offer the traditional imprint areas on the top and bottom of the frames.

    Promotional License Plate Frames with Hanging Copy

    When your business logo has an intricate style or one that is greatly unique in nature, sometimes the traditional imprint methods just aren't a good fit. If your logo has three dimensional design or one that with letters that aren't in straight line text, our wholesale license plate frames with hanging copy are the way to go.

    What is Hanging Copy?

    At this point, you might find yourself wondering what hanging copy refers to. Hanging copy describes three-dimensional logo imprints where the letters/images extend beyond the boundaries of the product on which they're imprinted. To get a visual idea of how this works, you can click the link in the previous paragraph, which will take you to two examples of our personalized license plate frames with hanging copy.

    Custom 3D License Plate Frames with Raised Lettering

    The last custom license plate decoration method we'll touch upon in this guide involves our promotional 3D custom molded license plates with raised letters. These discount promotional 3D license plates & wholesale 3D license plate frames are molded such that your logo, message, numbers, and letters are raised up from the surface for maximum visibility. This style also isn't prone to the same eventual fading that other methods can be subject to over many years of use.

    Sales 4AllPromosHelpful Hints- with 4AllPromos 3 years.

    None of us enjoys waiting for an eternity at those pesky stoplights that always seem to turn red as soon as we approach them.  Turn this experience around and make it advantageous to your business by displaying a personalized license plate frame!  The impatient driver behind you will have nothing else to do but stare at your back bumper, and he will definitely remember your customized logo or company name.  You can hand out these impressive frames to all the employees to "drive in" even more customers! They're also great to install on all the company-owned vehicles so everyone can recognize your business while you work.  Customized advertisement plates are also available for the front bumper to complete the promotional look. Print the name and mascot of your sports team, create striking imagery to surround the name of your organization, or paint a motivational message to publicize your cause.  There are so many creative ideas for making your advertisement plate unique and eye-catching, so try it out and watch your business accelerate at full throttle!