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If your employees, customer base, or target audience is spending more time working from home these days and/or doing their part to keep things safe via social distancing, we have a treasure trove of giveaway items for you. 4AllPromos offers promotional stay-at-home items both for fun and productivity. We have quarantine-friendly products for both kids & adults, including personalized stress toys, several custom logo printed card sets, fun promotional puzzle giveaways, creative logo branded art supplies, many wholesale home office supplies, custom Coronavirus awareness items, and more.

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Between social distancing and the increase of telecommuting as a general way of life, promotional products for in-home use have become more important than ever before. Fortunately, your business can help its employees, customers, contacts, and desired audience members by way of supplying them with the best custom stay-at-home promotional products, imprinted with your logo. We have branded adult coloring books & custom coloring books for kids, wholesale crayons & pencil kits, lots of fun puzzle and game giveaways, blankets, tote bags, playing cards, and even eco-friendly planters. That's not to mention our custom in-home tech products (earbuds, headphones, USB charging stations) and personalized health & wellness supplies, including yoga mats, tissues, First Aid kits, and more. With our bulk stay-at-home products, users will have everything they need to stay safe, comfortable, productive, and entertained under their own roofs.

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Custom In-Home Health Products

Fun Promotional Stay-At-Home Giveaway Items

Having to stay at home for extended periods of time can get boring for anyone. Fortunately, we're here to keep your customers, employees, and target audience occupied and entertained with fun in-home promotional products, imprinted with your logo. We have several different items that provide good times that are also educational, athletic, and have the potential to bring families closer together.

Promotional Adult Coloring Books and Custom Coloring Books for Kids

One great way for both kids and adults to have some fun while also de-stressing is to turn their attention toward a good coloring book. Our custom adult coloring books and promotional children's coloring books provide a creative outlet that helps bring peace to individuals and the family as a whole. With their beautiful designs and limitless possibilities, our branded coloring books will let the creativity and positive feelings flow.

Custom Art Supplies

As we've mentioned in the description of our coloring books in the previous paragraph, artistic expression can be an excellent way to reduce stress and just have a good time. Our company logo branded crayons and promotional art supply kits provide these same benefits. They make top-notch promotional products for schools, art academies, physician offices, bookstores, and more. These are perfect items to pair with each other or with our coloring books, but also do very well on their own.

Personalized Game Sets & Promotional Puzzles

Allowing for intellectually stimulating fun on an individual level, the bulk game giveaways and fun custom puzzles available at 4AllPromos can also be a vehicle for family bonding. Ideal for a cozy day or night at home with family or friends, our company logo printed games and puzzles make perfect stay-at-home promotional giveaway items.

Buy promotional playing card decks from 4AllPromos and your business will create advertising impressions every time someone gets a friendly game going or a family or group of friends holds a poker night. Great as promotional stay-at-home fun supplies, they're also great for bars, casinos, resorts, gift shops, magic stores, cruise lines, and much more.

Wholesale Sports Balls

Want to spread brand awareness and boost physical fitness at the same time? If so, your business should consider our custom logo printed sports balls. Coming in many shapes, sizes, styles, colors, and materials, our promotional sports balls provide hours of fun, friendly competition, and physical activity. It's another group of items that works equally well when it comes to custom stay-at-home giveaway items or for use outside of the home.

Custom Stay-at-Home Tech Items

In the 2020s, it's more important than ever before to ensure that your name is on as many of the best cutting-edge tech products as possible. If you want to increase visibility, your brand name and logo need to be seen on all the hot tech items, including custom PopSockets, promotional USB charging stations, personalized power banks, earbuds, headphones, and more.

Promotional Headphones

Whether they're used for listening to music, blocking out background noise, joining in on virtual meetings, or any other purpose, our imprinted headphones are second to none. Each set is appealing to the eye and pleasurable to the ear. Branded with your logo, these make excellent promotional giveaway items for the home.

When users are looking to save on space or money, traditional headphones may not be the top solution. However, our custom earbuds imprinted with your company logo design, are always go-to guys in such scenarios. They're affordable, easy to use, easy to store, and are always popular as bulk giveaway items at trade shows. These items also work very well for companies whose employees spend a lot of time working from home or engaging in online conferences.

Custom Mobile Device Chargers

Nearly everyone, from kids to seniors, rely heavily on mobile devices to get through the day and to have some fun. However, these high tech devices aren't of much use when they run out of power. That's why your business will want to supply its target audience with our promotional power banks and custom multi-port USB chargers, imprinted with your logo. These come in many styles and sizes and can power items from phones and MP3 players all the way up to laptops. Our multi-port chargers allow up to four different devices to be charged at the same time!

Wholesale Webcam Covers

If you want to provide a feeling of extra security and privacy to your customers, employees, and target markets, supplying them with personalized webcam covers from 4AllPromos is a great way to do it. These handy little tech giveaways can be placed over webcam lenses to block any potential unwanted viewing of private activity. When users want to appear on camera, they can easily slide these covers over to once again expose the lens.

Branded Charging Cables

Buy wholesale USB charging cables from 4AllPromos and your business will create multiple advertising impressions on a daily basis. This is true both during times when users need to stay at home as well as in cases when they're able to go out and show off your logo to the masses. Either way, they'll relieve stress by always making a quick and efficient charge possible for phones and more.

Custom PopSockets®

Highly popular since first hitting the scene a few short years ago, promotional PopSockets cell phone stands don't show any signs of going out of style. These customizable tech giveaway items make it easy for users to hold their phones while at home or on the go. Taking pictures and watching videos are made much easier by these expandable printed knobs, which can also be used to prop phones up for hands-free use.

Custom Home Fitness Items with Logos

During times when it's not possible to go to the gym or meet up with friends for jogging and hikes, it's easy for one to fall off of their fitness routines. Your company can be the face of good health & personal discipline with our excellent assortment of stay-at-home fitness products.

Promotional Exercise Bands

Our company logo exercise bands are ideal products for in-home fitness. However, they also make great promotional products for gyms, schools, hospitals, pharmacies, and physical therapy clinics. They're highly useful for both planned therapy sessions and impromptu workouts and provide a fun and effective way to stay in shape.

Personalized Yoga Supplies

One of the great things about yoga is that it can be performed just as easily at home as it can in a studio. A calming activity that's also great for physical fitness, yoga has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. Your business can cash in on this trend while doing its part to help its customers and target market members feel their best by investing in our promotional yoga products. We offer yoga mats with carrying cases, yoga stretch bands, fun novelty yoga items, and more.

Branded Exercise Balls

Our large customizable exercise balls make great promotional stay-at-home fitness items. They can be used for a variety of therapeutic, athletic, and training purposes. In addition to this, they can also make comfortable chairs, particularly for people dealing with certain back issues. Each comes with a drawstring bag that is imprinted with your company logo.

Personalized Stay-at-Home Relaxation Products

Working from home and having little change in setting or scenery for a long time inevitably grates on the nerves. Do your part to help those vital to your business combat this by investing in custom home relaxation supplies from 4AllPromos! A mix of physical and visual comfort items, imprinted with your logo, are certain to leave users thanking your company when their levels of anxiety go down.

Custom Blankets

After a hard day of work, there's nothing quite like curling up with a comfortable blanket on the couch to take a nap, enjoy a good book, or watch some TV. Alternately, they can be worn even during the work day when the mercury drops and the house gets chilly. We offer a grand array of custom embroidered blankets and logo imprinted blankets in a variety of sizes, materials and colors. When it comes to promotional blankets, we have something for everyone!

Personalized Bath Robes

When staying home due to a quarantine, taking a sick day, or just lounging around, the promotional bath robes are at the top of the pyramid in style and function. Embroidered or imprinted with your logo, these make perfect in-home giveaway items for clothing stores, resorts, hotels, spas, salons, tanning centers, bedding supply stores, and more.

Wholesale Candles

Our sense of smell is highly underrated, both in terms of power and overall impact on people's lives. It's one of the senses most closely tied to memories, able to stir up favorite times and feelings from the past. However, it can be equally impactful in the present, as can be seen when your company buys custom candles in bulk from 4AllPromos. Our company logo candles offer pleasant aromas and a calming effect for all of those lucky enough to be within smelling range. When their smell becomes a part of treasured memories created within the home, your brand will as well!

Bulk Matchbooks

Looking for the perfect promotional item to pair up with our candles? If so, our wholesale matchbooks with your logo are a natural choice. They also stand quite well on their own, making ideal promo giveaways for the home. Custom printed matchbooks help to ensure that customers (and potential customers) are still thinking of your restaurant, bar, club, or other establishment, even when staying at home.

Promotional Planters

If your business wants to take a green, eco-friendly stance when it comes to custom stay-at-home supplies, custom planters for home gardens are a perfect option. Users will have fun planting seeds and watching beautiful wildflowers grow when making use of these logo imprinted planters. Even those without much yard space can place these fun eco-friendly items in windowsill and patio garden areas.

Wholesale Work From Home Promotional Products

At least for the moment, working from home is the new normal. Your company can help its employees and target audience to ease into this more smoothly by supplying the best personalized home office products. We have customizable tote bags, promotional bending lamps, branded mouse pads, and more to provide everything needed for an efficient home office space.

Custom Tote Bags

Even if one's commute is completely within their own home, they're still going to need a vessel in which to keep all necessary supplies together. This is a call that can be easily answered by any of our promotional totes and carrying bags. Imprinted with your personalized logo design, our branded tote bags are great tool for bringing everything together for home office solutions.

Promotional Study Lamps

Our various bendable lights make for ideal custom office lamps, both for corporate and in-home offices. Affordable, lightweight, and able to be shifted to create just the right angle, these promotional book and desk lights can perfectly illuminate any environment to maximize productivity.

Bulk Sticky Notes for Home Offices

Anyone who has ever worked out of a home office is familiar with the constant need to jot down numbers, notes, and "things to do" lists. We're here to help both these dedicated professionals as well as your company's branding efforts with our wholesale sticky note pads and imprinted note cubes. Buy these items in bulk and your logo will show up in home offices across the country every day, showing off your logo and reminding all professionals of your business.

Both desktop and laptop users will find great utility in our personalized home office mouse pads. These custom tech accessories make working from home easier while adding a bit of fun and color at the same time. There are many styles and shapes to choose from, including custom COVID-19 prevention sign mouse pads.

Wholesale Promotional Stress Balls

Working at home, whether it's a new way of life or a part of the established routine, creates its own set of potentially anxiety-building issues. Your company can help to counter this by keeping users calm and entertained with our custom logo printed stress toys. These come in both ball form as well as in many different custom shapes to add a touch of humor and comfort to moments where the tension runs high.

Custom In-Home Health Products

Sometimes social distancing and hand washing aren't going to take care of 100% of health issues and concerns. 4AllPromos will help your business to add some additional protection to your audience with our collection of personalized health & wellness items for the home.

Promotional First Aid Kits

With or without the existence of a quarantine, no home should be without a top-flight First Aid kit for handling potential illness and injury within the home. We offer a wide variety of personalized First Aid kits with your logo to keep your target audience, employees, and customers safe, sound, and secure. They range from basic to extensive, enabling users to treat a wide variety of self and safety concerns without having to leave home.

Water is often the healthiest and most effective solution for quenching thirst and staying properly hydrated. Your company can supply users with cool, clean, and satisfying drinking water by way of investing in our bulk bottled water with custom labels. Coming in different sizes to slake different thirsts, our wholesale bottled water comes with custom printed labels for showcasing your personalized business logo design.

Wholesale Tissue Boxes and Packs

A runny nose won't keep telecommuters from staying on top of their game when your company supplies them with our bulk facial tissues in boxes and packets. Perfect for placing on top of a desk to prevent users from having to get up and repeatedly run to the bathroom (or wherever else the family supply of tissues is kept), our custom imprinted tissue packs and boxes make perfect promotional giveaways for home offices.