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Upgrade your marketing game with attention-grabbing promotional pens. You can get fun, custom-designed novelty pens with your company name and logo imprinted on each pen. Choose between high-quality ballpoint and gel ink pens and plenty of exciting designs.

Your Brand in Every Stroke of Promotional Novelty Pens 

Unique custom pens are fun writing utensils for teachers, students, children, office workers, and everyone in between. Imprint your logo and company name on novelty pens to spread brand awareness with each giveaway. These pens are an amusing alternative to the pens you’ll normally see in office settings. Many types of businesses can benefit from bulk novelty pens, including healthcare professionals, B2B brands, educational institutions, and more.

What are novelty pens? Novelty pens are set apart from most pens because they come in more eye-catching shapes and sizes. Users are more likely to have fun while using the pen.

What are novelty pens used for? These funky pens can be used for any writing task and are perfect for branding initiatives too. Novelty pens are far more memorable than basic pens and can see a lot of use.

Types of Personalized Novelty Pens for You

Your business has a wide variety of pens to choose from for the office and to use for marketing giveaways. In our collection of novelty pens, you’ll find products that fit with your brand and offer the greatest value. We’ll help you find the right promotional pen design to add to your cart.

Moptopper Pens

A moptopper pen features a microfiber “mop” on one end and a soft silicone stylus tip with a writing component on the other end. You can use this fun pen to write on paper or a touchscreen, and then use the microfiber mop to clear away smudges on your device at any time. Promotional zany moptopper pens are a perfect giveaway pen for tech brands at a trade show. 

Bone-Shaped Pens

Is your business in the healthcare space? These cool pens come in bone shapes to make a memorable impression on users. They are particularly powerful branding items for dentists or physicians who serve in healthcare practices.

Sports Ball Top Pens

Our unique sports ball top pens feature a ball of your choice on one end for our sports-oriented businesses. These giveaways work even better when paired with recreational sports products, and can make great prizes at an athletic event. We offer multiple styles of sports ball pens, including footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, and baseball top-click pens.

As a bonus, the ball tops are removable and double as stress-relief toys!

Fruit-Shaped Pens

Promotional novelty pens in the shapes of fruits are a fun way to promote healthy eating with your next campaign. These quirky pens are a great gift to employees at a doctor’s office, customers of an organic beverage store, or a wellness and exercise brand. All the fruit-shaped pens can feature your logo! Here are the crazy pens you can get:

  • Apple slice pen
  • Banana pen
  • Lemon slice pen 
  • Lime slice pen
  • Orange slice pen

Tool Pens

For customers who love home improvement or hardware in general, try our pens shaped like tools. This is the perfect way to advertise your brand logo and connect with your target audience. You can give them away from a prize wheel at a booth during a community event to bring more attention to your business. The tool shapes our pens come in include:

  • Calipers
  • Black nails
  • Drill bit tools
  • Paintbrushes
  • Carabiners
  • Floating sand timers

Race Car Pens

One of the most unique pens in our collection is the race car pen. The barrels of these unique pens are shaped like cool race cars, which would make them a fantastic Christmas gift for car-loving children. Pediatricians, toy brands, and early educational institutions have the opportunity to generate brand awareness by giving away funky pens with their logo on the barrel. 

Bendable Pens

We all get a little fidgety sometimes. When customers or employees are fidgeters too, offer them a branded bendable pen. Many of our bendy pens include goofy character faces, and one is even in the shape of a tooth. Bendable pens are a fun giveaway idea that kids and adults can both appreciate.

Buy Custom Novelty Pens in Bulk

If you want to invest in some fun pens to spread your brand logo and company name in public, then ordering in bulk makes sense. Take advantage of bulk prices in our shop to get a large quantity for a lower price per item. Just choose a design for your giveaway, and don’t forget to include the personalized print of your logo and business name. 

Filter through our selection and order a bulk quantity (minimum starts at 50 items) to take advantage of our guaranteed low prices. 

Write the Next Chapter of Your Brand with Novelty Pens

When you want fun, memorable pens to create an impression with audiences, our novelty pens are exactly what you need. Give them away at trade shows, community events, or even as office gifts to create an immediate impression and spread brand awareness with your imprinted logo on these unique products. 

Shop our website to see the selection of promotional novelty pens that will make clients and employees smile!

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