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Promoting to a crowd with a green thumb? If so, our custom plant grow kits and gift sets will be the ideal promotional products to go with. Great as giveaways for farms, nurseries, florists, craft shops, hardware stores, and more, our custom plant gifts are always a hit. They can be used by real estate firms and homeowner associations to welcome homebuyers, as special "thank-you" style corporate gifts, get well presents for customers and employees, Mother's Day gifts, and much more. Read on to learn more about the many items that are just waiting to wear your imprint to celebrate special occasions everywhere!

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Whether one lives their life in the country, city, or suburbs, our custom planters and grow kits are perennial guaranteed favorites. Taking the time to nurture a plant and then seeing it growing strong and healthy is a wonderful experience. It can even be therapeutic for those going through a tough time to watch beautiful flowers, trees, and herbs growing. All the while, your company logo designs will be showing, helping to make your business a special part of the experience. Emotional bonding is a highly effective advertising method, and that's what these items will deliver with your customers, both potential and existing.

Search and shop our full collection to find plants, seeds, and kits at the guaranteed lowest prices to make a lasting impression on your target market. Whether green thumb gardening experts or novice plant parents, all recipients will love the grow kits your business provides. Read through the following paragraphs to learn more about our promotional grow kit options and pricing to find the plants that best fit your promotional needs.

Personalized Planter Kits - Flowers, Trees & More

We have many different bulk planter kits with logos for you to shop & select from. Among these, you'll find custom flower grow kits, assorted promotional tree planter kits, eco-friendly options such as custom biodegradable planter pots, and much more. These promotional grow kit products come with seeds, a pot, a soil disk, instructions, and additional supplies to make successful gardeners out of any customer or employee. For those who want something that truly goes above and beyond, we offer personalized grow kits with skincare products.

Branded Flower Pots

Great for outdoor gardens, office desk tops, or even showing off on a windowsill, our promotional flower pots come in many varieties. Each is imprinted or engraved with your message or logo design to keep your brand showing while plants are growing. They make great gifts for kids and adults alike and are items that will assist in forming loyalty with clients and customers of all ages and backgrounds. 

Many of our custom flower pots are of the eco-friendly variety, helping to speak to your brand's dedication toward environmental responsibility. We even have custom novelty flower pots for those who wish to have a little extra fun as they nurture their flowers, herbs, and tea plants into prosperity. Some are shaped like watering cans, some have silly goofy faces printed on them, and others are of the Planter Guy style.

Custom Indoor & Outdoor Plant Gift Sets

As we've already mentioned, we have a number of promotional grow kit items to advertise your business in a fun and unique way. Set at prices to fit all budget levels, we have products that can grow indoors or outdoors. We have custom ceramic planter sets that make great mini desk grow kits. Looking for a product that offers employees and customers a chance to engage in soil free farming? Our promotional self watering planters do just that.

Whether you're looking for sunflower, basil, bamboo, marigold, wildflower, tea, or other plant and seed options, our garden gifts cover all the bases. Coming with pots, seed packets, instructions, a peat pellet/soil disk and other gardening essentials, these kits will grow beautiful plants that will show their beauty in the home, around the office, and in an outdoor garden. They can even make a fun and unique wedding gift! 

Promotional Tea Garden Grow Kits

Lovers of tea are sure to enjoy our personalized tea garden kits. Each custom herbal tea garden kit offers multiple tea seed options to choose from along with stakes, starter soil pellets, a custom belly band, and an eco-friendly recycled egg carton style growing package. Clients will be able to grow their own tea to enjoy a soothing cup around the office or at home. They'll have your brand to thank as they enjoy this top seller gift that enables them to grow all of their herbal tea favorites. Add your logo, message, or contact information to each to ensure all of your branding is covered on all of these tea grow kits.

Create Your Own Customized Plant Gifts & Kits

Your business can infuse a great deal of gardening fun and relaxation into the life of everyone who receives a 4AllPromos custom plant gift. Of course, adding your custom logo to each will add increased brand awareness and customer loyalty to the life of your business. That's why we include customized branding on all of our promotional planters. Some of our promotional planter gift sets come with a presentation sleeve that is imprinted with your logo design in full color. We also offer custom logo engraved grow kits & personalized engraved planter sets. Affordable custom printed planter sets are also available for those who need to shop on a budget but still desire a top-quality corporate gift.

Need any help or additional information? Contact us today for details on products, special offers, artwork upload instructions, ship & delivery information, and anything else that's on your mind.