Custom Fortune Cookies

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Convey your message in a fun and memorable way with custom fortune cookies. With custom fortune cookies you can choose the phrases, jokes, or notes to include in the cookies, making them great for restaurants, event giveaways, and special occasions like weddings.

Unwrap Your Brand’s Future With Promotional Fortune Cookies

Custom fortune cookies are sweet, crispy cookies that we customize to contain your personalized or promotional messages. Even though they are associated with Chinese restaurants, they make a unique addition to weddings, birthdays, and holidays. Customized fortune cookies can also display your brand logo or business information at a trade show or a networking event. Anyone who grabs one off your table will get an extra look at your brand.

What are the benefits of custom fortune cookies? These fun snacks draw in your audience or guests. They benefit from a yummy treat and entertaining message, and your business raises brand visibility in a fun way. 

To attract traffic to your booth at an event, pair custom fortune cookies with other items people can’t resist like assorted candy gifts and chocolate giveaways

Types of Custom Fortune Cookies

At 4AllPromos, we want to help you reach people. We offer custom fortune cookies in an assortment of flavors, packaging, and for different occasions in our collection. 

Original Fortune Cookie

Get traditional flavored fortune cookies with custom messages at 4AllPromos.Personalized original fortune cookies are fun additions to have at weddings when the messages pertain to what may happen at the reception. They’re also great for engaging with prospects when you include engaging calls to action that lead them back to your brand. 

Whichever messages you choose to include, recipients will remember the clever positioning and have a positive experience with your company or event. 

Flavored Fortune Cookies

The messages in the after-dinner treats are not the only part of our cookies that people can look forward to. We also offer a ton of different flavors so that you can customize your selection to your specific audience. What flavor are fortune cookies? Fortune cookies are traditionally vanilla-flavored, but we offer 20 different flavors to choose from. Some of our highest-rated flavors include: 

  • Chocolate
  • Green apple
  • Red apple
  • Black raspberry
  • Blueberry
  • Raspberry

If you’re looking for a different flavor, or want to try chocolate-dipped cookies, take a look at the rest of the collection for our other offerings.

Fortune Cookie Pails

If you want a unique container for your custom fortune cookie giveaway, then you’ll love our fortune cookie pails. We have options for holidays like Christmas, Mother’s Day, Easter, and Valentine’s Day. We also carry congratulatory and thank you fortune cookie themed pails, different types of sports and movie trivia, and even nationalities and religious theme fortune cookie pails.

Carry-Out Fortune Cookies

Our carry-out options can serve your needs if you want a fancy fortune cookie campaign. They come in a convenient carry-out container featuring your message or branding and individually wrapped fortune cookies. You can order Carry-Out boxes with 2, 4, 6, or 8 cookies in the pail.

Giant Fortune Cookies

For a premium fortune cookie giveaway, check out our individually wrapped giant fortune cookie. This big fortune cookie will dwarf your hands when you hold it, providing plenty of snacking and brand impressions. When this chocolate-covered treat includes an 11-inch message inside, it becomes a complete dessert that will grab everyone’s attention.

Buy Branded Fortune Cookies in Bulk

For restaurants, special events, or an outside-of-the-box promotional campaign, take advantage of fortune cookie bulk buying instead of numerous small orders. 4AllPromos offers lower rates per item when larger quantities are purchased.  

This is a clever investment for the right type of business and event. Use branded fortune cookies at trade shows, corporate conferences, community festivals, and job fairs to entice visitors to find your company when they come to read a fortune. 

Inspire Your Audience With Personalized Fortune Cookies

Add personalized messages, logos, witty sayings, or promotional content to custom fortune cookies to engage with customers, employees, friends, and family. They’ll get a taste of what your brand is all about with these customized fortune cookies. Perfect for weddings, corporate events, or any gathering where you want to leave a lasting impression, these fortune cookies provide a way to unwrap a memorable surprise.

Shop our collection of custom fortune cookie products today to crack into a message that resonates, entertains, and inspires on behalf of your brand. 

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