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Awareness Promotional ProductsAwareness Promotional Products   What is the most effective marketing strategy for your business?
Scott Kalapos on Nov 6, 2022

What is the most effective marketing strategy for your business? Depending on your particular industry, this answer could vary wildly between companies. Some may thrive by focusing on social media posts and ad campaigns that can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or TikTok. Others may be able to boost their sales via email campaigns. Some companies can also build their audience effectively with direct mail marketing or television advertising. It all depends on your target audience.

Reaching potential customers from your ideal population is critical to business success. If you are not able to nail down the niche you fit into, it will be difficult to cast your messaging nets in the right direction to capture as many customers as possible. For this reason, you need to know what marketing channels will connect you with the right people so that you can inform them about your product or services.

What Are Promotional Products, and Why are They an Effective Marketing Strategy?

Promotional Products for Building Brand Awareness

One marketing channel that could be a game-changer for your brand is the use of promotional items. These are tangible items that can be given away or sold to display your logo and company name in public. Why should you consider this strategy for your marketing efforts?

Consistent Visibility

When customers own branded items from your business, they become a walking advertisement. A t-shirt with your brand name and image can be as effective as a successful social media campaign at getting your name in front of more eyes. This can cause others to be interested in why this person is displaying the logo, which could lead to a conversation about your product or service.

Cost Effective

If you want your name to get out there without spending tons of money on repeated online advertising campaigns, then ordering promotional products may be the perfect solution. They allow you to leverage the enthusiasm of your customers for ongoing visibility in the community. Every item that you sell or give away could lead to many "impressions" and increased awareness. For example, a person who owns a branded shirt with your company name will display your business every time they wear it in public.

Perfect for Events

If you ever go to a trade show, corporate event, or local event, promotional items can be given away. This will increase awareness, get people excited about your brand, and create new customers out of thin air, especially if you give away free gifts. The recipient, even if they have never purchased from your business, could decide to go forward out of gratitude for the free item. Plus, giving away promotional products at events is rarely out of place since other businesses are likely doing the same.

Who Can Promotional Product Campaigns Benefit?

Who Can Benefit from Promotional Products

While this type of advertising can benefit businesses in any industry, there are a few sectors that could see a significant boost in their customer pool and sales as a result of this channel.

Non-Profit Organizations

When you have a mission that many people believe in, harnessing the power of promotional products could dramatically extend your reach. Customers who own promotional products are probably enthusiastic about supporting your business, and they will make great brand ambassadors when people ask them about the logo on their hats or travel mugs. Your organization will gain access to more supporters with the right items to spread awareness and a loyal group of customers.

Small Businesses

When you are starting your entrepreneurial journey, word-of-mouth is crucial for your success. You may not have numerous ways to contact potential customers right out of the gate. The right merchandise can help build awareness (opens in a new window) of your brand and give you a chance to share your message with more people in your local community.

Social Media Heavy Industries

For any business that thrives on social media presence, such as coaches or health and wellness brands, promotional products can be very effective. Your followers love to support you in ways outside of paying for your product or service, and branded merchandise is the perfect avenue for that support to materialize. They would probably jump at the idea of showing off your brand in public with customizable items.

Using Promotional Products the Right Way

The Right Way to Use Promotional Products

Promotional products may be a very effective and low-cost marketing strategy, but you have to know how to use them correctly. Otherwise, you could end up wasting money.

Quality Over Quantity

First, you need to make sure that the products you are giving away have a certain level of quality. It can be tempting to try to save money when ordering items and depend on the enthusiasm of your customers to overlook this characteristic. People get much more excited about well-crafted items and will be far more likely to use them often if it serves their purpose well. Plus, it will last longer if it is not cheaply made.

What Will Your Audience Use?

Second, you need to know what promotional products to order. Not every audience out there wants to use travel mugs, no matter how popular they are. When you understand your niche and what your audience enjoys, then you can choose items that will excite them and be used.

What Design Will Draw More Eyes?

This question has more to do with your logo and company name than the product itself. If you are going to display your business to the public, it has to be in a way that causes people to look twice. Is the design attractive and does it draw the eye? If you have a forgettable design, then no one will look twice at it and want to know more about the brand. This may not matter on an item as small as a pen, but for a mug or t-shirt, you better make sure that it looks good when the design is blown up.

Let Brand Awareness Soar with Promotional Products

Getting your business in front of more eyes is key to growth. People who see your company name in public on an item of clothing or even a water bottle may be left with a lasting impression that could cause them to look up your brand the next time they are looking for a product or service that you offer.

For small businesses, non-profit organizations, influencers, and even large corporations, awareness is key to growth. Consider how you could leverage the public to share the message about your services with promotional products. Any questions? Contact us today and we'll get you on the road to finding the best promotional product to get your company on the road to boosting brand awareness!

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