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Best Embroidered Promotional Products & Giveaway Items
Scott Kalapos on Dec 21, 2022

While screen printing is definitely a great way to get your brand into public consciousness, there are additional design methods out there that are also more than worth a little consideration. One of these happens to be embroidery, and that's the topic we'll focus on today. When you add your branding to personalized apparel, wellness items, kitchen products, and nearly all other giveaway categories, you're sewing in some serious promotional power. 

In this article, we're going to briefly sum up some of the top advantages to promotional products that are embroidered. We'll also share some of the categories for which this can be done, as well as displaying images of some of the best selling embroidered promo products and trade show giveaways on our site. 

Advantages of Custom Embroidery Giveaways & Promo Items

There are several advantages to embroidery and reasons why you'll want to consider this decoration method when it comes to getting your brand noticed and increasing awareness. The bullet list below covers some of the key benefits that your business will enjoy when it chooses to embroider its promotional products.

  • Visibility - Embroidery is the perfect way to make your branded items stand out. It adds color and a three-dimensional effect to your designs that will naturally draw eyes.
  • Longevity - Embroidered items will be around to show off your brand to potential customers for the long haul. They won't chip, peel, or fade with time, looking great for decades to come.
  • Professional Look - Employees will look unified and organized when they wear uniforms with embroidered logo patches and designs.
  • Message of Quality - When brands customize a product with embroidery, it conveys the message that they will settle for nothing but the best. The way a company is presented can and will have a profound effect on how its products are perceived.
  • Value - Businesses that choose to embroider their giveaways will have their logo and message seen on a daily basis for years to come. A one time investment will lead to a lifetime of advertising impressions.

Now that we've shared some of the top advantages to advertising with embroidery, we'll introduce you to some of the product categories to which this design method can be applied. Read on to learn about some of our best-selling embroidered products, any of which will be ideal for your next conference, trade show, or business event.  

Embroidered Outerwear Items

Outdoor workers, hikers, campers, and anyone who lives in an area where the weather gets cold and/or rainy are sure to appreciate custom embroidered jackets and other forms of outerwear such as vests, pullovers, and hoodies. Even in stormy or chilly weather, your company will still have a voice as users make their way through parks, trails, and streets. Embroider custom apparel items such as jackets, hoodies, and traditional sweatshirts with your design and your business will have high quality and effective garments that customers & employees will be proud to wear. 

Embroidered promotional apparel extends beyond just outerwear though. Sweatshirts, dress shirts, and many other outfit components can carry your logo embroidery to send out a message of quality and unity among a sales team, service team, event staff, and your organization as a whole.  

Men's Flint Lightweight Jacket | Custom Embroidered Outerwear Products

Hats & Caps with Logo Embroidery

Hats and caps are low cost giveaway items that provide plenty of style, functionality, and brand awareness building power. Create custom embroidered hats for your employees to complete a uniform or provide them to clients to show your logo off all over town. Putting a team logo on a cap is a great way to create a popular giveaway item that will help to pull in big crowds for big games. With the many style choices we have in store, you can easily find the best embroidered hats and caps to fit your promotional needs.

USA Made Plaid Knit Beanie with Cuff | Custom Embroidered Winter Hats

Custom Embroidered Tote Bags

Much like the aforementioned hats, jackets, shirts, and hoodies, many of our promotional totes and other bags also will go far when decorated via embroidery. A perfect idea for any business that wants to make it big a trade show, logo embroidered tote bags will catch eyes and turn heads as they're brought around the convention center, filling up with giveaways and other goodies. 

Grocery stores and other retailers can sell them to customers as reusable bags that they can use again and again while shopping or carrying personal items to and from work, school, and beyond.

Jet Tote with Logo Embroidery | Personalized Embroidered Tote Bags

Company Logo Embroidered Backpacks

Personalized luggage items such as our wholesale backpacks and drawstring bags are another category where embroidery proves a great option. Users will increase brand awareness while going to school, taking trips, hiking, camping, and more when they have our custom logo embroidered backpacks upon their shoulders. A great promotional item for showing your brand off at trade shows and beyond, a logo embroidered backpack can also work great as a back-to-school product or a promotional item for the travel industry.

Custom Embroidered Sports Backpack | Embroidered Backpacks with Logo

Wholesale Embroidered Kitchen Items

Embroidered items for the kitchen make terrific trade show giveaways. They also will do a great job of promoting your brand at restaurants, culinary schools, bars, diners, cafeterias, and beyond. Add your logo embroidery to our custom pot holders and promotional oven mitts for a branded item that users can employ at home and in the workplace. 

Our embroidered aprons can help to build brand awareness and company spirit when worn at company picnics, cookouts, and big BBQ events. While many of our aprons come with screen printing, embroidery is an available upgrade option, such as on the BBQ Apron pictured below.

Embroidered BBQ Apron | Aprons with Logo Embroidery

Custom Blankets with Embroidery

Custom embroidered blankets are another set of embroidered items that offer a high degree of versatility. They can show off your logo indoors and outdoors. Embroidery is an available option on many of our custom throw blankets, water resistant promo picnic blankets, comfy personalized stadium blankets, and all of our other personalized blanket categories. 

In some cases, your custom embroidered logo design will appear on the blanket itself, while in others, it can appear on a carrying case. With our roll-up blankets, it's really one and the same, as they fold up to form their own tote bags for easy carrying. 

Embroidered Cozy Fleece Blanket | Branded Embroidery Stadium Blankets

Bulk Embroidered Stuffed Animals

Want to offer a fun and cute promotional item for the kids and animal lovers of all ages? Consider our promotional stuffed animals. The majority, such as the Little Buddies plush animal giveaways pictured below, come with shirts that bear the logo of your business. 

While many of them have shirts that are printed rather than embroidered, these adorable plush animals feature embroidery in their body detail. Embroidered eyes, noses, and mouths add some extra character to these little guys, making them an extra appealing item to snuggle up with in bed or during naptime. 

Little Buddies Stuffed Sloth | Custom Embroidered Plush Animals

Branded Towels with Embroidery

Logo embroidery is an available decoration method on many of our branded beach towels and personalized golf towels. Adding your logo in a colorful and prominent fashion makes any towel your brand designs much more likely to be noticed. Material choices abound, with many of our towels offering up to 8,000 stitches. Even higher stitch counts are accessible on most for an upgrade charge. 

With your logo branding sewn right into the product, an extremely large area becomes available for spreading your message and bringing attention to your brand. They're great for showing off your logo at the beach, by the pool, at the gym, and beyond. 

Platinum Collection Embroidered Beach Towel | Logo Embroidered Towels

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That brings us to the end of our guide to promotional products with custom embroidery. We hope we've provided you with some inspiration as to ideas to invest in for promoting to potential customers and existing clients. It's also our hope that you'll remember all of the benefits that can result when you choose to embroider an item with your logo and that this knowledge will be to your advantage in all of your future branding pursuits. 

Any questions? Feel free to contact us at your convenience.


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