Top 12 Promotional Tailgate Gear Products

Promotional 22" Foam Hands for Tailgate Parties
Scott Kalapos on Oct 20, 2017

It's autumn and the leaves may be falling, but the popularity of promotional tailgating products is on the rise. You know the powerful brand awareness and emotional bonds that the right personalized tailgate products can have on your target market and fanbase. After all, people are going to the game and other outdoor events to have a great time with friends and family while leaving their troubles behind. When your company is a positive part of that experience, lasting and valuable relationships are kindled.

When the tailgating gear bearing your school, team, or company logo keeps fans comfortable, their drinks cold, and their team spirit in full gear, these products will see use game after game, season after season. This is not to mention all of the branding impressions you can create with other tailgate partiers. When they see their fellow fans tailgating in luxury with your products, they'll turn green with envy. Their green will lead to your green, as many will be sure to invest in your tailgating promotional items before going to the next game.

We offer a wide variety of wholesale promotional tailgate gear that you and all of your associates will be sure to love. In order to guide you to the best personalized tailgating items for your business, we've put together our list of the Top 12 Promotional Tailgate Products, presented in no particular order. That's two touchdowns worth of the best customized tailgating products for your business, including, but not limited to, promotional stadium blankets, custom tailgate party drinkware, wholesale tailgate flags, tailgate chairs, and more.

Now that you we've told you what this post is all about, we'll get to the point and introduce you to the best business tailgating products.

1. Promotional Double-Sided 5' x 3' Polyester Flags for Tailgate Parties

A high quality yet cheap promotional tailgate flag is something that fans can wave with pride at the stadium, arena, or race track, and then keep as a prized posession in their homes afterward. Our fully customizable 5' x 3' tailgate flags are durable and pleasing to the eye. Each one comes with a 90 day warranty for outdoor use and a 6 month warranty for indoor use. The strength of these flags lies in their design and construction. Each customized double sided flag features double stitching along its edges to prevent fraying, as well as quad stitching in the corners. 

                                             promotional double stitched tailgate flags

Further durability comes by way of a canvas heading, reinforced by brass grommets. This is sewn to the inner portion of the flag and occupies the area where a pole can be inserted. The flag itself is made of superknit polyester is fully customizable by way of dye sublimation. Team logos (as well as customized imprinted business logos) will fly high as spirited fans proudly waves these premium tailgate flags in the wind. If another size better suits your needs, we also carry promotional double stiched 2' x 3' tailgating flags.

2. 12-Inch Full Color Tailgate Car Flags

The next item on our list is our 12" Full-Color Tailgating Car Flag. Fans will love the comeraderie and fun that comes standard when rolling into the stadium parking lot as part of a convoy of fans, clearly identified by team logo auto flags. These particular car flags come with a 23" white mast and mount, so they're easy to use. All they need to do is secure the mast to the mount, clip the mount to the bottom of a car window, and then they'll be good to go. The distinct rippling sound and rapidly flapping visual effect car tailgates poessess is without parallel. The durable white-knit polyester they're made of has the smooth feel of a mesh sports jersey.

                                                     wholesale tailgate car flags

The banner portion of these team spirit accessories measures 13¾" wide by 12" tall. The pole stands 20½" tall and into the base mount with ease. Made in the USA, this team logo auto flag comes sewn to the pole and offers a full color bleed imprinting option. If desired, you can opt for what's known as a safe imprint space, which leaves the area closest to the pole undecorated. This still leaves a generous 12" wide by 10" high imprint area for your custom school or business logo. If football tailgating is the specific market you're looking to tap into, our promotional football shaped tailgate flag will rush your promotional goals into the end zone.  

3. 22" Foam #1 Hand for Tailgating Parties

Our promotional foam hands and custom imprinted foam mitts & hats are some of our most beloved school spirit items. While there are many to choose from, our personalized 22" #1 Tailgating Foam Hands are the model that gets the honor of being included in this top 12 list. 

When it comes to tailgate parties, bigger is always better. That's why students, employees, and fans of all ages will love these large personalized foam hands. Standing 22 inches tall, they offer an imprint area of 7 inches wide by 4 inches high along the palm and 1½ inches wide by 10 inches high on the upwardly extended index finger. 

These foam hands for tailgating parties are highly customizable. Choose from colors of blue, charcoal gray, green, maroon, navy blue, orange, pink, purple, red, teal, white, yellow, athletic gold, black, or royal blue to best fit your team colors or business logo. A one color, one-sided imprint is standard, but for order sizes of 250 of greater, multi-color imprints are an option. 

If you're looking for something slightly smaller, our wholesale 16" tailgate foam hands will be a great fit. As great as these #1 foam hands are as promotional tailgating gear products, they're also ideal tools as tradeshow giveaway items, college orientation and/or tour gifts, company picnic memorabilia, comemmorative event items, fair and carnival game prizes, and so much more. 

4. Thermos® Stainless King 40oz Vacuum Insulated Tailgate Bottle

40 oz promotional tailgating thermosesThe 40 oz Stainless King is the next item to make our list, this time crossing into the category of the best promotional tailgating drinkware. Employees, students, customers, and fans can all bring a thirst-quenching 40 oz of their favorite beverage to the game with these promotional vacuum insulated hot & cold bottles. These tailgating thermoses offer maximum temperature retention qualities. They can keep a beverage (or bottle-friendly food) hot or cold for up to 24 hours! These are a great promotional product to keep in mind for the tailgaters who show up to camp out in the parking lot or track infield the night before the game or race.

With its many advanced features, this stainless steel water bottle lives up to its name of "King" in every regard. As if its top-rate performance weren't enough, it is also a model of convenience. The twist-off lid serves as a cup or bowl and its twist and pour stopper allows users to let the liquid inside freely flow with a simple twist, freeing them from having to continually remove and insert the stopper.

Another handy feature is its hinged carrying handle, as can be seen in the image to the left. It's much easier to carry an item when you can just slip your hand through rather than having to use both hands or carry it as if it were a football. This makes it a natural choice to promote businesses at all kinds of events.

Each bottle stands 12¾" tall and has a diameter of 3½". Despite its large size and impressive 40 oz capacity, this stainless steel tailgating water bottle is surprisingly lightweight. A one color & location imprint is included in the price, with 4 locations to choose from. As an upgrade, you can order this as a custom business logo engraved Thermos®. Incidentally, in case you're wondering, Thermos isn't a generic name. It is trademark protected, as explained in our article about Name Brands Being Used Generically. However, as that same post points out, using a lowercase t for the plural "thermoses" is fair game.

If you'd like to take a look at some smaller promotional tailgating thermoses, we also carry an 18 oz model. Curious about this product and how it works? Check out the video below!


5. Koozie Tailgate 24 Can Rolling Cooler

A tailgate party event without drinks would be like, well, a tailgate party event without drinks. It's bad enough that it doesn't need a simile for context. At the same time, a container full of warm beer won't make for a group of happy campers either. Keeping drinks cold will keep tailgaters happy, and that's why you don't want to forget our custom business logo imprinted coolers. Specifically, we suggest the 24 can rolling tailgate cooler from Koozie. These rolling promotional coolers accommodate 24 cans of cool refreshment and are a breeze to transport and circulate among the party. 

                                                         Company Branded Tailgating Rolling Coolers

As you can see in the images above, these promotional business logo tailgating coolers are available in green, gray, and blue. Each one features side mesh pockets, a zippered top compartment, retractable handle for rolling, and a zippered front compartment for extra storage. Its dimensions of 11½ inches wide by 17 inches high by 12¼ inches deep make it small enough to be conveniently stored and moved, but large enough to offer enough cold drinks for everyone.

Your personalized business logo will be screen printed in a 5 inch by 5 inch imprint area on the front pocket. For an additional charge, you can upgrade to a full color imprint and really turn some heads. If you're catering to a crowd that might have parties of more gigantic proportions planned, you might also want to take a look at our 50 can tailgate tub coolers. Contact us for further details, sample requests, and any other information resources you may need.

6. Magnetic Bar & Tailgate Bottle Opener

We're now at the halfway point of our top twelve picks for the best promotional tailgate products for 2017. We've introduced you to some great team spirit items and beverage holders, but there's an important thing to stop and consider. What if your targeted tailgaters prefer their beer bottled rather than in a can? If they show up to the big game and have nothing to get their bottles open with, they'll be a bit perturbed. You can put out this fire before it starts by equipping your employees, customers, and target audience with the best promotional tailgating bottle openers on the market. 

Our Magnetic Tailgate & Bottle Openers are made of sturdy, impact-resistant ABS plastic and feature an inner iron ring that fits most any bottle cap for easy opening. They're also magnetic, which means that when they're not in use, they can be clipped to any magnetic surface in the area for quick storage and easy access. They fit well inside of tote bags and cooler bags, making them great for gift sets and free samples.

As soon as the next person wants to pop open another cold one, they can just grab the bottle opener imprinted with your custom logo and have satisfying refreshment with just a quick flick of the wrist. Now that's a way to build some quick and efficient brand loyalty. They're also great for opening the tabs on soda and beer cans, which can be surprisingly difficult for people without fingernails, especially during those cold Thanksgiving Day rivalry football games.

                                                        Wholesale Magnetic Tailgate Bottle Openers

As can be seen in the pictures above, these custom imprinted promotional products are available in colors of red, blue, black, and white. Each bottle opener is 2 inches wide, 4¼ inches long, and one-eighth of an inch thick. Their imprint areas measure 2 inches wide by 3/4 inch high, and are decorated with your custom designed pad printed business logo or graphic.

If you have a very specific look in mind for how you want your imprint to look and don't want to risk deviating from that plan, PMS color matching is available for an additional cost. This service consists of using a hexadecimally-coded library of colors to make sure that you get the exact shade you're looking for, for a photographic level of accuracy. 

If you want to add a little extra element of variety for your customers, considering pairing these with our football shaped novelty tailgate bottle openers. Both are high quality yet cheap tailgating promotional items that also make for some of the best promotional trade show giveaways.  

7. Portable BBQ Grill and Cooler Set

By now, you're pretty well covered for promotional tailgate drinkware, but sports fans can be a hungry bunch. All of that cheering and jocularity can leave a man or woman feeling famished and drinks alone simply won't do. That's why you'll want to be sure to have the parking lots filled with the best promotional grilling products, imprinted with your custom business logo. You're picking a winner when you go with our Portable Tailgating BBQ Grill & Cooler Set, and we're about to present you with the facts to back that claim up. This is an all-in-one tailgating grilling kit that will make its users the kings and queens of the tailgate party and all outdoor events. 

First off, you get a grill that's small enough to easily store and pack up in a vehicle, but big enough to serve up the best burgers, dogs, and brats at the arena. It comes with two grilling racks, which can be essential if you're cooking groups of foods with conflicting flavors or using different types of wood for a specific smokiness factor.

The grill is also equipped with handles and removable feet for the ultimate easy of assembly, operation, and transportation. As if this were not enough, the grill also sports an adjustable air intake, allowing grill masters to keep the flames going at just the right level at all times.

                                                Custom Logo Imprinted Tailgating Grills with Coolers

Before we let the grill steal the entire show, we'd also like to give some well-earned kudos to the cooler which accompanies it. Both come packaged together in the same 6½ inch tall and 11¾ inch diameter cylindrical container. At the top of this cylinder is a double zippered compartment that doubles as an insulated drink cooler. It's capable of holding a 6-pack and keeping it cool, no matter how hot the partying gets. It's also fully food and drink safe, having been tested for compliance with all FDA requirements.

This promotional grill and cooler combo is a tailgater's dream and as well as promotional product paydirt. Order these promotional tailgating cooler & grill sets, imprinted with your custom business logo in a 4" x 4" imprint area on top of the cooler pocket. Full color imprints are available for an added charge, but whatever printing method you go with, your custom design will look great against these gray & black BBQ beauties. 

If you're shooting to score some points with die-hard sports fans who are also culinary wizards, it would be well worth your while to search our promotional tailgating BBQ gift set with cookware

8. Promotional Folding Tailgate Chair with Carrying Bag

Unless tailgaters plan on taking their parties to the literal extreme, they're going to need somewhere to sit other than just the bed of a truck. That's why promotional tailgate chairs are such a hit and why we're including two of them in our top picks. This custom logo imprinted tailgate chair is a reminder that the simple things in life can often be the best things in life.

These cheap promotional tailgate chairs folded up and presented in a nylon carrying bag with an optional imprint of your business logo. We'll tell you some more about that in just a bit. The nylon carrying bag boasts a super comfortable shoulder strap and simple-yet-effective drawstring closure. This, as well as the folding chair within, is available in colors of black, camouflage, hunter green, khaki, lime green, maroon, navy blue, orange, purple, red, royal blue, and yellow, all of which are accompanied by black trim for a visually appealing promotion.

                                                     Best Promotional Folding Tailgate Chair

As can be observed in the images directly above, these cheap promotional folding tailgate chairs contain a mesh cup for water bottles & other drinks in both arm rests as well as sturdy folding legs and a wide, comfortable seating surface. The seats are made of sturdy 600D nylon and can accommodate up to 300 lbs.

A tubular steel frame keeps these chairs standing tall and proud and able to see repeated use for years. They're also perfect for concerts, graduation ceremonies, fireworks shows, fishing, camping, or any outdoor event where a comfortable portable chair would be a welcome addition. 

Getting back to the promise we made a couple of paragraphs ago, we'll tell you a little bit about the business logo customization aspect of these chairs. The power of choice is yours, as you get to select from three different imprint areas. You can choose to have your business logo imprinted on the nylon carrying bag, on the front of the chair's backrest, or on the back of the chair's backrest. One of these imprints is included in the price, but you can also upgrade to have multiple imprint areas as well as full-color imprints. If you're looking for a promotional tailgate product that offers a maximum level of creative license, this is the pick for you. 

For a more in-depth and live action look at these custom imprinted folding stadium chairs, we'll turn things over to Mary, one of our promotional product experts who is featured in the video below. 


9. Convenience Sports Chair

While the chair we just showed you is a model of beautiful simplicity, there's also something to be said for a premium product that has all the bells and whistles a tailgater could ask for. At this end of the spectrum, our aptly named Convenience Sports chair has earned a spot in our list for the best of the best personalized tailgate gear. With all of their handy and luxurious features, these custom imprinted premium tailgate chairs are like having a skybox on the ground. 

Measuring 24 inches wide, 15 inches deep, and 33 inches tall, this premium tailgate chair also has a spacious 19.5 inch wide seat that can hold up to 300 lbs. A sturdy yet lightweight aluminum frame is complemented by a 600D seat and backrest with extra padding for extra comfort. They're a great fit for kids & adults alike.

On one side of the chair, there's a fold-out side table that can support 10 lbs of weight. It's a perfect surface for holding cold drinks or tasty BBQ delights served up on any of our promotional tailgating grills. The other side of the chair features a folding polyester accessory panel, which contains multiple levels of storage for any items a user wants to have within arm's reach at all times. Padded arm rests also come standard, making these tailgate giveaways a garden of creature comforts.

                                                 Best Premium Tailgate Chairs                              

Between its durable lightweight construction, comfortable seating capacity, table, and storage features, this is the undisputed king of tailgating chairs, and the perfect way to show that your company never skimps on quantity and can always be counted on to step out to the plate and satisfy the masses.

A one color imprint on the chair's backrest is included in the price, but you also have the choice to customize your logo further by way of adding more colors, more imprint locations, or even opting for an embroidered logo over an imprinted one. You'll want to be sure to order this chair in the color that best matches your team or school colors or company emblem.

Choose from black, camouflage, hunter green, purple, red, natural botanica (a tan, hemp-like look), navy blue, pink with pink and brown stripes, Moka (brown, red, pink, and white stripes), or St Tropez (light blue, navy blue, green, orange, and white horizontal stripes).

10. Wedge Super Comfort Self-Supporting Tailgate Stadium Cushion

If you want to provide your customers with all-purpose chairs that provide comfort and support both indoors and outdoors, the Wedge Super Comfort Self-Supporting Promotional Tailgate Stadium Cushion is sure to please. These stadium cushions are perfect both for tailgating parties or while viewing games from backless bleacher seats or hard stadium chairs.

Filled with Optipoly™ soft foam surrounded by 600D polyester with waterproof nylon backing, these promotional stadium cushions will keep fans comfortable and dry at all times. Unlike most stadium cushions, this model has a self-supporting back, which makes it something of a stadium cushion and tailgate chair hybrid. Backs, bones, and muscles everywhere will appreciate the cushioning and support these items provide.

                                                                 Wholesale Full Back Tailgate Stadium Cushions

The backs of these cushions measure 14 inches wide by 18 inches high by 2 inches deep, while their bases chart at 14" wide, 15" long, and 4" deep. They're designed with not only comfort, but also ideal posture in mind. Your customized school, team, or business logo stands out loud and proud in a 12" x 12" imprint area on the back rest of the cushion, which is capable of supporting up to 225 lbs.

A one color imprint comes standard, but you can kick things up a notch and have your logo printed in multiple colors and locations, or even emroidered for a personalized, refined look that is second to none. Pick the perfect background color to accentuate your imprint by selecting this promotional stadium cushion in black, charcoal gray, dark brown, forest green, maroon, navy blue, olive green, orange, purple, red, royal blue, silver gray, taupe, or yellow gold.

When the game is over, this cushion conveniently folds up and can be carried by way of comfortable and eco-friendly recycled polypropylene webbed handles. If you're looking for something slightly different or just wish to diversify your offerings, you might find it helpful to examine our Coleman® promotional tailgating stadium seats.

11. Embroidered Roll Up Stadium Blanket

When temperatures drop and the group wants to huddle together, or if a tailgating party is doubling as a romantic outing for two, you'll find our to be the best promotional product to provide to your employees and customers. These promotional tailgate blankets are made of comfy, cozy polyester fleece. This is a human and eco-friendly stadium blanket that is free of any animal products whatsoever. When rolled out, it has a seating area of 53 inches wide by 48 inches high and will keep users comfortable, dry, and closely connected. 

                                                         Promotional Embroidered Stadium Blankets for Tailgating

When not in use or when being carried to and from games, these personalized tailgating blankets conveniently roll up into an easy to handle package, secured by a Velcro flaps. A sturdy handle makes for easy carrying for people of all sizes and ages. When rolled up, your custom embroidered company logo will stand front and center for all eyes to see. You'll be treated to a 7 color, 5,000 stitch embroidered design that will give your business logo a 3-dimensional effect and really bring it to life in a way that refuses to be ignored or overlooked.

The fleece polyester fabric that composes this blanket is resistant to mildew, mold, and shrinkage, and will have your business logo as a fixture at tailgate parties for years to come. It is important to note that handwashing and line-drying are the strongly recommended methods of cleaning to keep this blanket looking its best and enjoying a maximum lifespan. 

If you're looking for a slightly more affordable option, you can order this same promotional tailgate blanket with a screen printed logo. On the other hand, if a larger blanket better fits your promotional needs, our large plaid personalized tailgate picnic blanket will be a great fit. 

12. Collapsible Tailgate Picnic Table

Rounding our our desirable dozen of personalized tailgate gear products is our promotional Folding Tailgate Picnic Table. There's nothing like sitting down to a delicious cookout dinner with family and friends while cheering on the home team.

Fans of all ages will be able to enjoy this experience at the highest level when sitting at our collapsible tailgate tables. You'll enjoy the additional exposure it gives your brand name and logo, as well as the emotional bonds it is bound to kindle with the people who matter to your company the most. 

These portable tailgate picnic tables seat 4 people and can support 250 lbs of weight on each side. The legs and lower frame are constructed of a durable aluminum alloy and the table top is made of ABS plastic. The bench seats come with a rustic woven basket style pattern and are made of environmentally-friendly molded polypropylene.

The center of the table top contains a 1.25" circular hole, designed to fit the pole of any of our shade-giving, sun-blocking promotional tailgate umbrellas

                                                            Premium Promotional Tailgate Party Tables

When open and unfolded, these promotional tailgate party tables sport dimensions of 54" wide by 34" long by 25.8" tall. When folded, these numbers reduce to 33.5", 4", and 13", respectively.

With a carrying weight of only 20 lbs, these tables are easy for most any adult to carry and store. Your customized business logo will be screen printed across the top of the table in a 16" x 9.5" imprint area. Mutliple imprint locations and colors are also available.

Though these folding tailgate tables come in black, red, royal blue, and hunter green, sports-themed models can also be ordered by special request. These include football, soccer, poker table, and football field designs. Just give us a call and let our team of dedicated, skillful artists know just what you want and they'll bring your visions to life! If you're looking for something slightly smaller or in a different shape, our promotional folding travel tables and custom logo imprinted Game Day folding tailgate tables are worth taking a gander at.

If you'd like to know more about our Collapsible Picnic Table or are just curious to see it in action, you can view the video below.

Shop 4AllPromos for the Best Tailgate Giveaways for Your Next Event or Outdoor Party 

That's a wrap for our personal picks of the 12 best promotional tailgating products and tailgate giveaways. Choose any or all of these items and your company will score a brand awareness touchdown topped off by a much greater than two-point sales conversion. Sorry, that last football pun was horrible, but we just couldn't resist. If these items sparked your fancy and you'd like to see more, feel free to browse our full collection of wholesale promotional tailgating products

Did you like this entry and find it helpful? Do you feel we left anything important out or didn't address product areas that you were hoping to see? Leave us a comment and let us know! Your ideas, thoughts, and input are what keep us running and allow us to perfect our offerings to create the best user experience possible, so fire away!

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