Top 10 Custom PopSocket Phone Stands & Mobile Device Holders

Best Promotional PopSocket Phone Holders & Cell Phone Stands
Scott Kalapos on Jan 9, 2018

The promotional mobile device market is one that is always changing as new and improved versions of existing products as well as completely new innovations come along. Whether it's the best custom cell phone stand, most durable personalized tablet holder, custom imprinted mobile phone grip, or an up-and-coming custom PopSocket that's on your mind, we're here to help you keep up to date. In this article, we'll share our picks for the Top Ten best promotional PopSockets, customized cell phone stands, and personalized mobile device holders. If you want a nice visual depiction of PopSockets and what they can do for you, scroll down to the end of this article to view our PopSockets infographic.

1. Authentic PopSocket Phone Grip & Stand

First things first. Just what is a PopSocket? A PopSocket is a new and dynamic cell phone stand, produced by the PopSockets company. They're one of the hottest trends in customized mobile phone accessories and don't show any signs of slowing. They consist of a base which adheres to the back of a phone, an "accordion" which can expand and collapse, and a button, which rests against a surface to prop your mobile phone up for easy use. We carry several varieties of PopSockets' fine products on our site and the first one we'll share with you is our Authentic PopSocket Phone Grip & Stand

                                                             Custom Popsockets Promotional Phone Stands in Bulk

These promotional phone accessories ensure that you can comfortably text, take pictures, surf the Internet, navigate, or watch videos in comfort and convenience. An adhesive backing secures the stand to your mobile phone, while an extended button provides a stable tool for propping your phone up against a solid surface. Between these two elements is the accordion, which can expand and collapse based on your needs. When you're on the run and pressed for space, you can press the button down flat against the base. When you're settled and need to position your phone, just pull the button back up and you're ready to go!

                                                                 Custom Popsockets with Full Color Imprints

Pictured above is the same model, but with a noticeable twist. These are full-color custom logo imprinted PopSocket cell phone stands, which are available for purchase every day at 4AllPromos. This version allows for a fully customized button which creates a custom designed business logo that really stands out. Whether you go with the original Authentic PopSocket smartphone stand or the full color model, the dimensions and unit colors will be the same. You can choose a black button and base, white button and black base, or white button and white base. When collapsed, these personalized phone grips measure 1½ inches in diameter and ¼ of an inch in thickness. When fully expanded, the thickness increases to ⅞ of an inch.

Each of custom authentic PopSocket comes with a one color & one location custom logo imprint included in the price. However, you can upgrade to multiple colors & imprint locations if desired. The design of these promotional cell phone stands is such that they can easily be held in two fingers, making selfies much easier to take and allowing your pinky finger to enjoy some R&R. When expanded, they can also double as earbud cord wraps.

Now that you know what custom wholesale PopSockets are all about, you might also be interested in learning how to remove and reposition them. Worry not, as the video below explains this very concept. 

2. Promotional PopSocket Phone Grip with Clip Mount

The second model of wholesale custom PopSockets we'd like to share with you today is the personalized Authentic PopSocket Phone Grip with Clip Mount. These expand upon the more basic promotional PopSockets visited in the previous section. In addition to having all of the features mentioned earlier, these custom logo imprinted cell phone holders also offer a mounting clip. Coated in a non-residue 3M adhesive, the clip mount secures to any surface of choice, to which the button can then be slipped into for secure holding. The benefit here is that you don't need to have a flat surface to work with. These are ideal promotional cell phone grips for dashboards, windshields, file cabinets, appliances, mirrors, and most anywhere else you'd want to stick your phone. These clips measure in at 2 inches wide by 1½ inches tall.

                                                                Custom PopSocket Smartphone Stand with Clip Mount

When you wish to remove the clip from the surface it's been affixed to, you can do so easily and without leaving any filmy residue behind. Simply work a length of fishing line or dental floss behind the clip and gently work it back and forth to free the clip. It comes with a holder card measuring 3 inches in width and 3¼ inches in height. These are also personalized company logo imprinted cell phone stands, with an imprint area measuring 1½ inches in diameter located on the button. When fully expanded, these wholesale PopSockets are 1½ inches in diameter and 1 inch thick. When collapsed, the thickness reduces to a very convenient ¼ of an inch.

3. Custom Engraved Aluminum PopSocket with Mount

The next promotional PopSocket on our lists is the custom logo engraved Aluminum PopSocket with mounting clip. It functions in much the same way as the model we've just described. This style allows for tilted viewing, which is a pretty convenient option when laying in bed to avoid neck strain or holding a GPS on a dashboard or car vent to help keep your eyes on the road. Its size is a bit different from  that of its plastic brother. It retains the 1½ inch diameter, but it stands 9/10 of an inch high when fully expanded and 3/10 of an inch when collapsed. It features an engraving area with a diameter of 1½, allowing it to clearly and strongly display your custom business logo.

                                                  Promotional Engraved Aluminum PopSocket Mobile Device Holders

While this model arrives shipped with a white and blue holding box, we felt we'd show you something a little different and display its individual components, as referred to earlier. To the left is the button, to the top right is the PopSocket fully extended, and the bottom right image shows the unit fully compressed. These custom engraved PopSocket cell phone holders are available in Black, Rose Gold, and Space Gray. They're a bit more expensive than their plastic counterparts, but have quite a few advantages. What are the advantages of aluminum cell phone holders? We'll list them for you right now!

The Advantages of Aluminum Cell Phone Holders

  • Superior Strength & Durability
  • Modern, Stylish Look
  • Heavier Weight and Stronger Layer of Protection
  • Capacity for More Intricately Detailed Designs
  • Premium, High-End Look Perfect for Personal & Corporate Gifts

4. Custom Imprinted Multiple Device Cell Phone & Tablet Stand


Here's one of our promotional multiple mobile device stands that is sure to see a continued upward trend in popularity throughout the year. The item we're referring to is our aptly named Phone and Tablet Stand. This is a custom smartphone stand that will see as much use at home as it will around the office. It's perfect for holding iPhones, Androids, iPads, Samsung Tablets, MP3 players, and more. It has a sleek, modern design, which is accented by its clear shell with colored interior. When it comes to the interior color, you can have your choice of black, white, or blue.

                                                                  Promotional Multiple Mobile Device Stand

One of the most handy features of these wholesale cell phone stands, as you'll see in the above images, is an oval shaped hole cut into the back. This provides a perfect access point for USB cables, allowing you to charge your smartphone or tablet without having to move it from its ideal position. It's just as helpful when it comes to data transfer to/from digital cameras and computers as well as sending documents to printers. Each of these bulk promotional smartphone stands 2¼ inches tall by 2 inches wide. These custom logo imprinted mobile device stands also boast an imprint surface occupying an area measuring 1¼ inches wide by ¾ of an inch high, located at the front of the stand. While a single custom imprint design color and location are included in the listed price, one may opt to upgrade to multiple colors and imprint locations.

5. Promotional Silicone Phone Pocket with Stand

Next up is one of our best selling promotional tech items. This wholesale promotional smartphone stand gives you the best of both worlds, by way of combining a personalized cell phone wallet and custom cell phone holder all in one product. These custom imprinted cell phone wallets adhere to the back of your phone and are ideal for holding credit cards, hotel room key cards, money, business cards, ID cards, and any other small item you wish to keep track of while still carrying inconspicuously. Their snap closure ensues that items won't fall our and get lost, giving you an added measure of security at all times. 

                                                                       Custom Imprinted Silicone Cell Phone Stands

To convert these mobile phone pockets into the perfect custom imprinted silicone cell phone stands, all you have to do is open the snap closure and extended the folded portion outward. Rest it against a solid surface and it will have all the strength needed to hold your mobile phone in your position of choice. These are some of the best mobile device grips for nightstands, as they allow you to lie down and rest your head without having to crane your neck to view videos, messages, pictures, or websites. Once again, it's question time. What are the benefits of silicone cell phone stands? We'll tell you right now!

The Benefits of Silicone Cell Phone Stands

  • Lightweight for Easy Transportation
  • Shock Absorbency
  • Screen Protection without Limiting Use & Visibility
  • Heat Resistance
  • Resistance to Dirt, Dust, and Lint
  • Affordability
  • Simple Design that is Easily Embellished

6. Wholesale Suction Cup Smartphone Stand


Another trend in personalized cell phone stands that is growing in popularity is the suction cup style. These promotional cell phone stands are perfect for home, work, and on the road. Simply press the suction cup side of the phone stand against a solid surface and it's mounted and ready for action. Dashboards, windshields, desks, file cabinets, printers, and windows are all possible areas you have to work with. These are swivel cell phone holders which allow you to rotate them into any position of your choosing. This is possible due to the ball and socket style joint which connects the mount base to the upper circular component, which is coated in a non-residue adhesive for attachment to your phone.

                                                                 Wholesale Promotional Suction Cup Cell Phone Stands in Bulk

Our wholesale suction cup mobile phone stands are made of ABS plastic. This is a fully recyclable material known as a thermoplastic, due to its ability to be melted down, reformed, and repurposed into most anything. These promotional suction cup smartphone stands are 1 inch tall and are available in  white and black, white and royal blue, white and lime green, and white and red. Their imprint area has a diameter of 1⅜ inches and come with a single color & location custom logo imprint design. Multiple imprint locations and colors are available, but require an additional charge. 

7. Trance Promotional Power Bank Cell Phone Stand

Our Trance custom imprinted power bank mobile phone stands provide not only a support to prop your phone up, but also a source of power to keep it running. It features a Grade A Lithium-Ion battery with a capacity of 2200mAh. This figure is a reference to its millamp hours, meaning that it can consistently provide 2200 millamps of electricity for 1 hour before needing a recharge. This means it has more than enough power to fully charge your smartphone or MP3 player. It has an input of 5V/500mA and an output of 5V/1000mA. Here's quick explanation of what the input and output values of a power bank mean. If you're curious as to the question of "what are power banks and how do they work?", you can click on the preceding link for a full explanation. Not to worry, both of the links in this paragraph are set to open in new tabs, so they won't take you away from this article. 

                                                                    Custom Business Logo Imprinted Power Bank Phone Stand

The power bank portion of these bulk promotional cell phone stands provides a solid base for propping your mobile device up. The USB cable that is included with it provides a connection for charging your mobile device, but also allows the power bank itself to be recharged. It is capable of providing a charge to any mobile device with a micro USB input, which pretty much covers them all. The body of this custom imprinted power bank phone stand is a metallic sliver, but has accent color pieces in your choice of red, lime green, black, or royal blue. It's 1 inch wide, 15/16 of an inch tall (when laid flat), and 4 inches long. Get your custom company logo imprinted on these power bank iPhone stands in a 3 inch wide by ⅜ inch high imprint area, with one location and color coming standard. If you want to personalize it further, you can do so with additional imprint locations and colors. 

Making these personalized power bank mobile device stands even more appealing is the fact that they possess an indicator light to let you know when your device is fully charged. Equally appealing is the fact that they do NOT possess any shipping charges!

If you're unclear on how to use a power bank, the video below will walk you through the process.

8. Deluxe Custom Imprinted Dashboard Swivel Phone Holder

If you or your target market are within the travel industry or just happen to have a serious case of wanderlust, this is the promotional cell phone holder for you. These personalized mobile phone stands are designed such that you'll be able to use your GPS or phone navigation app without having to use your hands. This hands free navigation tool ensures a much safer way of getting around when compared to having to constantly hold and move your phone, and it also helps to avoid unwanted traffic tickets. It also takes the old school method of trying to hold a map while driving out of the equation, as well as the seemingly impossible task of re-folding the map to get it back into the glove compartment. Incidentally, if any of you younger readers out there have never experienced the frustration of trying to neatly put away a glove compartment travel map, try it out sometime. After all, struggle builds character. Just don't do it while driving. 

                                                                     Best Promotional GPS Swivel Holders

As can be seen in the image above, when you buy these personalized swivel cell phone holders in bulk, you'll have a stoic yet sophisticated device on your hands. The lower base portion features a suction cup bottom, which makes securing it to dashboards a breeze. A swivel joint connects it to the actual holder portion, and also allows it to be moved to the position that best suits a user's needs. The holder is adjustable and can expand and contract to conform to the dimensions of your mobile device. It's padded for protection and has a maximum width of 5 inches, meaning users can orient their phones either vertically or horizontally, dependent upon their preferences. In addition to holding cell phones, it's also one of the best promotional GPS holders around. 

Perfect as trade show giveaways for the mobile technology and travel industries, these custom dashboard mobile device holders are 3½ inches wide and 2¾ inches tall. Their imprint area measures 1 inch in width and comes with a one color, one location custom design standard. As is the case with most of the personalized cell phone holders you'll see in this article, this model also comes with the option of upgrading to multiple color & location custom business logo imprints. As if this custom GPS holder wasn't already tempting enough, it also has absolutely no shipping charges!

9. Custom Imprinted Phone Holder with Screen Cleaner

If a personalized cell phone holder that is extra durable and can also keep mobile devices clean is the best fit for your promotional needs, this is the custom cell phone stand for you. These promotional mobile phone grips with microfiber screen cleaner are made of ultra-strong high impact polystyrene and feature rubber grips to prevent slips and drops. Their convenience is kicked up a notch by the fact that they're custom folding cell phone holders, allowing for easy storage and transportation. Their crowning feature is their built-in microfiber cleaning cloths, which are the safest tools for cleaning smudges, dust, lint, and fingerprints off of any mobile device screen. Just run the cloth gently over your screen and you're good to go.

                                                         Promotional Cell Phone Stands with Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

These bulk personalized cell phone stands with screen cleaning microfiber cloth are available in colors of blue, red, green, and white. They're 2¼ inches wide, 2¾ inches tall, and ⅝ of an inch thick. Their imprint area covers a space measuring 1⅝ inches in width and 1½ inches in height. Your custom imprinted business logo will appear on the front surface of the unit, ensuring prime visibility whenever it is in use. The incline design makes these personalized cell phone stands ideal for the workplace. Users will be able to keep up the pace of their work without having to constantly search for and pick up their phones every time there's an alert. They're also highly desirable mobile device holders to have on hand while enjoying well-earned rest and relaxation. Place them on top of a nightstand or bedside table and they're perfect for viewing videos in bed without any unwanted neck strain. 

If you're using a device that requires large microfiber cleaning cloths, we've got you covered. If you're unsure of how to best use them, here's a helpful video resource with some quick and easy instructions.


10. Custom Logo Engraved iPad Holder & Stand

Here's a premium personalized tablet holder with low minimum orders that offers a high degree of personalization and versatility. Our custom engraved tablet Holder & Stand with low minimum orders are incredible as corporate gifts, employee incentive rewards, personalized gifts for loyal and valued customers, or even as a nice little present for yourself! Their low minimum order size of just 6 allows you to personalize each of these engraved iPad holders individually to give special recognition to every recipient. They're capable of holding 9 inch tablets and can function as both tablet carrying cases and custom tablet stands.

                                                            Custom Engraved iPad Holders

These promotional engraved tablet portfolios are 7½ inches wide, 9⅝ inches tall, and ⅝ inches thick. They're made of a black vinyl material that is complemented by a matching strap. The exterior is further fleshed out by way of elastic corner tabs and an anodized aluminum plate which resides on the front cover. This plate is where your personalized company logo will be engraved, in an area measuring 3 25/32 inches wide by 4 29/32 inches high. On the inside, there's a soft microfiber lining for safe, scratchless storage, as well as a hidden magnetic closure. These custom engraved iPad holders are compatible with both the iPad 2 and iPad 3. It's a great tool for not just carrying your tablet, but also propping it up and supporting your tablet and keyboard when it's time to get down to business. As great as this promotional engraved tablet stand is, it's just one of our many exemplary wholesale padfolios for businesses.

Bonus Item - Promotional Smart Phone Arm Band

Okay, so we said this was going to be our list for the top ten best promotional cell phone stands. Still, we have so many to choose from that we felt we had to fit just one more into this list. The final item is a highly unique promotional mobile device holder that we think you'll really like, especially if you and your business are dedicated to a healthy and active lifestyle. What we're talking about here is our custom logo imprinted promotional cell phone arm band holder. These bulk personalized cell phone holders are perfect for active users who are always on the go and have a focus on fitness. They function by strapping a mobile device compartment around the arms of users, so that they can take their phones with them and access them immediately when running, hiking, weight lifting, or hitting the gym.

                                                         Promotional Arm Band Cell Phone Holders

Made of durable, comfortable, and highly elastic neoprene, these personalized cell phone arm bands can expand to a size of up to 17½ inches. They're soft to the touch and feature a Velcro closure for security. a semi-octagonal area is where the phone pocket is located. This is also the area where your custom imprinted business logo will appear, in an imprint area comprising 1 inch in width and 1 inch in height. These wholesale mobile device arm band holders are available in black, gray, yellow, blue, green, red, and magenta. They're yet another of our custom imprinted cell phone holders with free shipping, making what is already an ideal promotional product for gyms, health clubs, mobile phone retailers, and tech companies even more desirable. 

As promised in the introduction, here is our infographic guide to the Many Uses of PopSockets

                                                               PopSockets Infographic - What are PopSockets and How Do You Use Them?

We hope you've enjoyed this tour of our Top 10 Custom PopSockets & Promotional Cell Phone Holders. Do you have any questions about the wholesale mobile device stands we've featured in this article? Are there other styles on our site that we didn't talk about today for which you'd like some more information? Send us an email, give us a call, or better yet, leave a comment and let us know!

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