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Scott Kalapos on Jul 3, 2018

First of all, what exactly is a dry bag? A dry bag is a flexible pack that is sealed in a watertight manner. Dry bags are typically used to protect electronics from water, as well as important papers such as a driver’s license, credit cards, etc. Further uses include keeping clothing dry, or sleeping bags and tents. Avid users of dry bags include participants in outdoor activities and sports, particularly ones in which exposure to water is a common occurrence. Examples of this include but are not limited to boating, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, and various other outdoor activities.

In this article, we’ll share our top picks for any situation that may be improved with a dry bag.

1. Sandbar Neoprene Waterproof Pouch

First up is the Sandbar Neoprene Waterproof Pouch. This travel accessory is small in size, and perfect for keeping travel accessories dry when out on the water or facing a possibility of exposure to water. It even keeps your items dry if you capsize your canoe or kayak! This product features an inner PVC pocket, triple-secure closure, a durable zippered neoprene sleeve, bonus padding, a black plastic swivel clip, a removable lanyard, and is water-resistant.

Why risk ruining your electronic device when you could utilize this customized water-proof container to secure your personal belongings. Also ideal for your IDs, money, paper documents, and more, this pouch will ensure that you can enjoy your water activity without fear of losing or ruining your personal possessions.

                                                              Promotional Neoprene Dry Bags

2. Deluge Personalized Waterproof Backpacks

The Deluge Waterproof Backpack deserves a top spot on this list, at least in the eyes of this college student. If you are looking for a promotional product that caters to an active, adventurous, or youthful crowd, look no further! This custom logo printed waterproof backpack is full of all the accessories that any user could possibly desire. Features include an adjustable chest and waist strap, back padding with breathable mesh, contrast zippers and webbing, a key clip, laptop compartment, media port, multiple two-way zippered compartments, reflective back panel, side compression straps, and water bottle pockets.

Evidently, if you’re looking for something equipped with a few more bells and whistles than a typical dry bag, you’ve come to the right place. Increase the diversity in your store’s bag selection by adding this backpack to your stock. With this deluxe bag, you can have your consumers stand out from the rest of the flimsy drawstring-toting crowd. Made with a strong, water-resistant blend of PVC and 1680D polyester, and a 26-liter capacity in the main compartment, this backpack is equipped to function in just about any climate, from beautiful sunshine to torrential downpour.

                                                                      Deluge Custom Waterproof Backpacks

3. Dry Bag Duffel

Up next on our list of recommended dry bags is the Dry Bag Duffel. This promotional dry bag is ideal if you are planning an adventure where a waterproof bag can keep your belongings dry and protect them from damage. Thus, these bags have the ability to seal tightly and ensure protection against rain, snow, dirt, wind, waves, spills, and leaks. These 50-liter personalized waterproof duffel bags are designed to cater to the consumers from everything including camping supply stores, marine supply outlets, travel firms, luggage companies, and outdoor lifestyle retailers. They are offered in the color gray and are designed like a classic duffel, but can be carried either over the shoulder or by hand with the utilization of the removable padded shoulder strap. The bulk waterproof duffel features a large main storage compartment, as well as a front zippered pocket that is perfect for storing money, licenses, ID cards, mobile devices and phones, keys, and more. This bag is a great alternative to a suitcase for a trip, since you’ll be able to pack all of your supplies into this bag and check it at the airport!


                                                                50 Liter Personalized Dry Duffel Bags

4. Wholesale Urban Peak Dry Bags

Next on our list is the Urban Peak Dry Bags, which were selected due to their unique shape and the diverse sizes in which it is offered. This style of dry bag comes in 4 separate sizes to accommodate for the needs of dry bags across a variety of outdoor and water activities. We carry  small 3 liter Urban Peak Dry Bags, mid-size 10 liter Urban Peak Dry Bags, large 20 liter Urban Peak Dry Bags, and jumbo 30 liter Urban Peak Dry Bag Backpacks. The 10 liter models are represented in the picture below. The various sizes option are based on what your dry bag needs are, such as small ones for keys, camera, phone, money, etc; a medium size for watersports or outdoor activities such as fishing, camping or golfing; a large size ideal for boating, camping, or to take to school; and an even larger size suitable for again camping, traveling, or boating.

Promotional Urban Peak dry bags are ideal to bear a personalized logo design for tackle shops, camping supply store, hotel, resort, or park. These wholesale waterproof bags feature a roll top that helps keep personal items dry and safe, even when the weather is not acclimate or when exposed to water. The custom logo bags also feature taped waterproof seams to eliminate any chance of permeability. Each bag also comes equipped with a carabiner clip, which is handy for attaching items such as key rings, cell phone pouches, fishing knives, compasses, or other personal items.

                                                                    Custom Imprinted 10 Liter Urban Peak Dry Bags

Cooler Water-Resistant Dry Bag

Next on our list is the Cooler Water-Resistant Dry Bag. This soft-sided cooler is the perfect promotional product for people who enjoy spending time in the outdoors. A dry bag/cooler combo allows for people to keep small belongings and food and drinks both dry and safe. Often times, people get hungry when hiking, fishing, kayaking, camping, or boating, yet they are hesitant to bring along food, drink, and personal items from fear of them being ruined: problem solved. This custom imprinted water-resistant dry bag cooler is the perfect solution, allowing people to pack all of those items without worry of them being compromised while also promoting the idea of spending time outdoors. It is made of tarpaulin (also known as tarp), which is a strong and durable material that also functions as an earth-friendly form of insulation, as it is biodegradable and chlorine-free.


                                                                 Wholesale Dry Bag Coolers

6. Large Atlantis Promotional Waterproof Gear Bag

Another featured product on our list is the Large Atlantis Promotional Waterproof Gear Bag. This dry bag is the ideal promotional product for marine supply store, camping supply retailers, or sports equipment vendors alike. The durable reinforced PVC material serves to prevent any water from seeping in and soaking your clothing or gear, thus functioning to keep athletes, campers and boaters safe and dry, and keeps concerns such as hypothermia at bay. These bags work great as personalized waterproof bags for any outdoor activity, particularly if exposure to water is a possibility.

Our custom imprinted duffel offers plenty of water-proof storage space, with a large main compartment that is sealed by way of a zippered flap, as well as smaller inside mesh pocket and storage ideal for ID cards, licenses and permits, credit cards, and practically any other document or small personal item. A great design feature of this bag is the removable padded shoulder strap, which enables users to have the options to carry it as either a duffel or a backpack at their convenience. They’ll love it!                     

                                                                   Atlantis Custom Logo Imprinted Large Dry Bags

Waterproof Phone Pouch with Cord

7. Finally, this product functions as an alternative option for small dry bags: the Waterproof Phone Pouch with Cord. This small dry bag is the perfect dry bag to ensure that your phone stays safe and dry for the entire day. It is ideal for a variety of activities from a boat ride to a beach day to a fishing trip. Why risk dropping your cell phone in the water when you could carry it in a small, convenient dry bag? This pouch comes clear with a color trim, so it is inconspicuous and its small size means it isn’t an inconvenience to carry around. It features an adjustable 17.5-inch cord, zip lock, and Velcro closures, and fits most smartphones -the latest generations of iPhones included.


                                                                          Promotional Waterproof Smartphone Pouches

Hopefully this article was able to provide you with some insight into the useful functions and variants one can expect to find with dry bags. Whether you are going on a camping trip with the family, attending an away game at the local field, or heading out for a trip down the river in a canoe, there’s a dry bag size and style just for you!


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