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Design your own tote bags with our broad assortment of custom logo imprinted totes. Choose from styles including custom reusable grocery bags, affordable bulk tote bags at wholesale prices, fancy promotional laminated tote bags, corporate logo printed company branded cinch bags, and much more!

Buy in bulk for low price items for your next event or shop minimum quantity items for smaller gifts & giveaways. They make great accessories that will be certain to have your branding seen each and every day.

Custom Imprinted Tote Bags | Promotional Recycled Tote Bags | Wholesale Boat Bags

Our broad selection of customized tote bags has something for everyone. Our customized tote bag giveaways come in a very broad assortment of styles, colors and sizes, so you're sure to find the one that best fits your promotional needs and company branding style.

Design your own tote bags by way of having your logo imprinted on our custom reusable grocery bags, wholesale cotton canvas boat tote bags & beach tote bags, promotional recycled tote bags, plastic shopping bags, laminated tote bags, bulk wine bottle bags and several more.

To learn about all of the different kinds of custom tote bags we offer, feel free to peruse the guide below.

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Different Styles of Promotional Tote Bags


Custom Reusable Tote Bags - Materials

Custom Tote Bags FAQ


Different Styles of Promotional Tote Bags

We offer custom printed tote bags in many, many different styles, shapes, colors, sizes, and so on. In order to separate each style from the crowd, we'll describe them quickly in the following sections.

If there's a certain style of personalized tote bags your business has in mind, you can just click to the link the menu above and you'll be taken directly to its respective description.

Custom Printed Grocery Tote Bags & Personalized Shopper Totes

One of our most popular promotional tote bag categories is our collection of wholesale gusseted tote bags in the grocery and shopper tote family. Essentially these two names refer to the same product. Both names refer to personalized tote bags with gussets and handles in a rectangular shape.

They're ideal for accessories carrying groceries to reduce waste, lugging books around campus, or collecting trade show giveaway items. We offer large promotional grocery tote bags for heavy jobs, other medium custom reusable grocery bags, and weather resistant PVC tote bags, just to name a few. These custom tote bags are great for carrying items on a day trip or while going to and from the store or library.

Wholesale Exhibition Bags & Promotional Trade Show Tote Bags

Whether you're giving or receiving promotional giveaway items at a trade show, it's useful to have a vessel to carry them in. Sometimes that vessel can be the actual giveaway itself, which is the case with our personalized exhibition bags.

These custom tote bags are great for carrying around sample giveaways as well as providing numerous visual brand impressions when you're on the giving end. At trade shows, they're a handy tool for carrying items such as t-shirts, small gifts, pens, and several other types of branded gear. Even when the trade show is over and gone, our customizable trade show tote bag giveaways are still handy for shopping, carrying books, and using as carry-on luggage while flying.

Insulated Lunch Tote Bags in Bulk

If you want to promote your brand to schools or the culinary crowd, promotional lunch totes are an effective way of doing so. These custom insulated tote bags are designed to store and carry food and drinks while keeping them at optimum temperatures for hours at a time. Their utility and fashion appeal make them some of our best selling custom tote bags.

Promotional Recycled Tote Bags

You can go green and look great while doing it when you pack your gear in our wholesale recycled tote bags. Made from recycled (and recyclable) materials of both post and pre production categories, our imprinted recycled non-woven tote bags are most often composed of polypropylene. This is a material that doesn't require stitching, as it's not a fabric. In addition to being an eco-friendly material, it also produces excellent custom weatherproof tote bags that are resistant to rain and UV rays.

Custom Laminated Tote Bags

Feeling a little fancy and stylish? If so, you might want to meet & greet our collection of promotional laminated tote bags. They make ideal giveaway items for salons, beauty shops, upscale clothing stores, and boutiques. We carry different styles of bulk laminated tote bags to fit different needs & tastes.

For a shiny finish, we suggest our wholesale gloss laminated tote bags or personalized laminated tote bags with patent finish. If you want to customize something without the shine but with all the same protection, our custom matte laminated tote bags are the way to go.

Personalized Beach Totes & Customized Boat Tote Bags

When having fun in the sun or serenity on the seas, users will want to have trusty and reliable luggage in which to carry their most essential items. Our custom printed canvas boat bags designed for water resistance and protection against UV rays to keep your brand's designs looking their best and inner items in top shape during adventures on the water. Meanwhile, our wholesale beach tote bags are created to ensure the same kind of safety for those who would rather lounge on the shore or poolside.

Bulk Wine Bottle Tote Bags

We offer many different types of promotional wine bottle bags, a needed accessory in these modern times where wine is more popular than ever before. We offer personalized insulated wine totes as well as non-insulated wine bottle bags with dividers and secure closures to keep bottles safe. Several sizes are available to pack & store bottles, including custom 4 bottle wine bottle bags, single wine bottle totes, promotional 6 bottle wine totes, and mor

Cheap Promotional Tote Bags

Looking to buy discount tote bags at wholesale prices? If so, we have a treasure trove of affordable logo imprinted tote bags for you to sort through. Just click the link at the beginning of this section to see all of our tote bags that cost less than $1 apiece.

Our promotional zippered pouches are a suitable promotional giveaway item when your employees, customers, or target audience are looking for something small to hold items such as coins, ID cards, licenses, jewelry or medication.

Buying these business logo imprinted small tote bags in bulk is always an affordable and effective strategy for companies who want to create advertising impressions on a daily basis in all imaginable settings.

Wholesale Messenger Bags in Bulk

If you're not familiar with messenger bags (or perhaps just their name), we'll explain them for you now. Our promotional messenger bags are worn over one shoulder in a sling fashion. They're often referred to as "newsboy" bags since they resemble those carried by the street corner newspaper-hawking lads from the days of yore. They can provide a look that's nostalgic or decidedly modern, depending on your design choices.

A related category would be our custom portfolio tote bags, many of which have a similar fit and are most frequently used for carrying computers, tablets, and business documents. Ideal for trips to school, the office, the store, and many other destinations, these items are often available at a low minimum order quantity.

Personalized Fold-Away Tote Bags & Custom Morph Sacs

When time and space are at a premium, you and your customer base will appreciate the utility provided by our personalized collapsible tote bags and coolers. When empty, they fold inward on themselves and can often be zipped up into one very small and manageable package. When unfolded, they can haul groceries, books, clothes, and more. A popular and top-selling sub-category within this same area is our line of unique bulk morph sacs at wholesale prices.

What is a morph sac? A morph sac is a tote bag or backpack that contains a specifically shaped securable (usually by drawstring) container into which the bag can fully fit inside of when empty. It "morphs" from a backpack or tote bag into the shape of the aforementioned container. For a visual aid, you can take a look at our promotional Golf Ball Morph Sac.

When your brand has a passion for fashion, glitz, and glamour, personalized metallic tote bags are a must-have accessory. Our custom business logo imprinted metallic tote bags come in many colors, with silver and gold being among the most commonly spotted. The high-class touch they bring makes them perfect promotional products for high-end boutiques, jewelry stores, luxury hotels, resorts, casinos, and spas.

Customizable Awareness Ribbon Tote Bags

If you're looking for the best promotional tote bags for charities, you've found them in our awareness ribbon tote bags. They're perfect promotional giveaway items when raising money and/or when trying to create awareness for an important cause. You can order them in the colors that best represent the good you're trying to support or for fighting the negative element that you're trying to eradicate. We offer these items in polyester and several other material choices.

Promotional Sports Tote Bags

Our customized sports tote bags are unique and attractive promotional giveaway items for sports teams, colleges, athletic venues, physical therapy centers, YMCAs, sports camps, and more. Below is a quick list of some of the sports-themed tote bags available at 4AllPromos:

Cheap Promotional Tote Bags with Die Cut Handles

While the phrase "tote bag" may conjure up images of bags with loose double handles, not all totes have this feature. We submit our cheap wholesale tote bags with die cut handles as evidence. Each has a set of rectangular or oval slots cut near the top, designed for users' hands to slip through for gripping and moving the bag.

Bulk T-Shirt Style Tote Bags

Here's one of our most unique tote bag styles. Our promotional t-shirt tote bags are designed in such a way that they look like a t-shirt that has had the arm sections removed and the bottom portion sewed together. They can be made from a variety of fabrics & polymers, with some models being made from recycled materials. They can be used to pack in clothes, pens, office supplies, money, and more. Shop our full collection today to find the models that best fit your price and branding needs.

Promotional Cinch Bags

Our personalized cinch bags represent a classic look and style in the world of custom handbags that won't be leaving us any time soon. Most are carried similarly to clutch bags, with a drawstring closure keeping them closed at the top. They're just one of our many types of custom drawstring bags that we're sure will fit & exceed your promotional needs.

Personalized Frosted Plastic Tote Bags

The final custom tote bag variety we'll examine in this guide is our line of bulk frosted tote bags with logo imprints. These surprisingly durable personalized plastic tote bags have a translucent, but not transparent, material that makes up their exterior. They're affordable custom tote bags that are especially popular at salons, gift shops, spas, jewelry stores, and all other fashion-forward businesses.

Custom Reusable Tote Bags - Materials

Now that we've told you about the different kinds of custom tote bags we offer, we feel it's a good idea to give you the lowdown on the material sources that they're made from. After all, you're going to come across the material names quite a bit in our item descriptions, so it's best to take a moment to become familiar with some of the most common examples.

Promotional Non-Woven Polypropylene Tote Bags

4AllPromos is the #1 source for the best promotional recycled polypropylene tote bags. While that's good to know, it doesn't mean a whole lot if you aren't familiar with this material and the benefits it brings to the table. Polypropylene is one of the most frequently used industrial recycled polymers in the world. Due to the fact that it is not a fabric, you'll often see "non-woven" preceding it in many item titles.

This is because this synthetic polymer is heat sealed rather than sewn together. The best part thing is that these are Earth-friendly in more than one way. While they're among the best custom tote bags made from recycled materials, their polypropylene material is fully recyclable itself. This keeps the 3 Rs in motion even after their lives as tote bags are done!

Wholesale Jute Tote Bags & Custom Jute Grocery Bags

While the name may sound a little strange, this a perfectly natural material. Derived from large plant fibers, the materials used to make our custom colorful jute tote bags are eco-friendly and ultra durable. In fact, jute is one of the key materials used in the construction of burlap sacks.

It tends to have a slightly rough texture, adding to its reputation as the tough guy on the fabric block, rivaling that of canvas. Consequently, it's no mystery why our promotional reusable jute grocery bags last for years and provide extreme longevity for brand awareness generation.

When something on the softer side is needed, you can count on our personalized cotton tote bags to answer the call of duty. They're prime candidates for use as trade show tote bags, as they expand easily and take color very well. While not designed for heavy lifting, the soft texture & ease of movement our wholesale lightweight cotton tote bags provide make them a highly popular choice for promotional events year after year.

Personalized Heavy Duty Canvas Tote Bags

Since we've just finished discussing some of our most lightweight custom tote bags, we'll now move to the other end of the spectrum and converse about canvas for a bit. The promotional canvas tote bags you'll find at 4AllPromos are designed for carrying heavy loads with security & durability. Canvas is a material that is built for fun and functionality. It is water resistant and it also battles UV rays. This means that your corporate artwork design, as well as the items users carry beneath it stay in prime condition in all kinds of weather.

Bulk PET Tote Bags

PET is an acronym standing for polyethylene terephthalate. That's hard enough to pronounce, let alone spell, which is why we like to stick to calling it PET. Have you ever seen a number 1 inside of the recycling symbol on a plastic bottle? If so, you've met PET. One of the most widely recycled substances in the world, PET is non-toxic and lightweight, but a tad heavier than polypropylene.

Custom logo imprinted PET tote bags are a top choice as promotional giveaway items for recycling centers, nature museums, solar & wind power centers, and organic food stores. Design them with your artwork today to get customers showing off your brand anywhere and everywhere!

Promotional Nylon Tote Bags

We'll wrap this tote bag manual up by presenting our wholesale nylon tote bags. Nylon, a material whose strength is measured in Deniers (a higher D count means a stronger & thicker specimen), is smooth, flexible, and sturdy. It excels in expansion and is resistant to mildew, UV rays, and water. Customized nylon tote bags are excellent promotional giveaway item for nearly any business, especially those who hang their hats on innovation, aesthetics, and contemporary appeal.

Custom Tote Bags FAQ

What are the different types of custom tote bags?
4AllPromos offers a variety of custom tote bags to fit your needs. Our tote bags are available in several fabrics, such as nylon, straw, cotton, recycled materials, and more.
What are the most popular tote bags for promos?
Some of our most popular custom tote bags for promos include our trade show polypropylene tote bag, our striped economy cotton tote, and our recycled grocery tote. Not only are these options spacious and versatile, but they are also available in bulk at affordable prices.
What is a good size for a promotional tote bag?
The right size tote bag depends on your promotional plan. For example, if you’ll be handing them out to people to use as grocery bags, it’s best to choose a large tote with a wide gusset. Meanwhile, if you will be giving away tote bags at a trade show, you can’t go wrong with a lightweight, unobtrusive design that can be carried or stored with ease.
What are recycled tote bags made from?
Our recycled custom tote bags are made of post-consumer, non-woven polypropylene. This material can be recycled at most processing facilities. They're also reusable tote bags that reduce waste, hitting all three of the Rs.