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Branded Personal Care Products & Custom Essential Item Kits

Customers, employees, and just about everyone else have certain basic items that they need on a daily basis. Whether these items are for grooming, healthcare, cleaning, or general maintenance, they have a nearly universal appeal and therefore are a great fit for promoting any business. We offer a wide variety of product options that qualify under this umbrella, including portable mini mirror items, manicure sets, back scratchers, eyeglass repair kits, facial tissue packets, shoehorns, and much, much more.

Personalized Amenity Products with Company Logo

No matter which useful items you choose to promote with, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Add your brand logo and other personalization artwork to our customizable amenity products & kits to enjoy a high number of daily advertising impressions for a low price. Read through the following paragraphs to learn more about the personal care products offered on this page to find the ones that best fit your promotional needs. If you're left with any questions by the time you're through, feel free to reach out and contact us for help and extra information.

Custom Personal Grooming Products

Among the many personal care essentials your brand can order from 4AllPromos, you'll find options such as custom manicure set gifts, logo imprinted travel toothbrushes, handy personalized travel hairbrushes, promotional pocket mirrors, bulk custom logo soap bars, and much more. Any time or any place, these are things that your target audience members can use to stay clean and to look their best. Whenever they use them, they'll see your logo design and have your brand to thank for the confidence boost. 

Branded Health & Hygiene Essentials

Closely related to our grooming products are our health and hygiene items. This product category consists of such everyday essentials as promotional tissue packets, soothing custom massage tools, cheap promotional backscratchers and branded shoe horns, custom logo printed medicine spoons, and more.

Wholesale Cleaning Amenity Items

Another product category full of great options just waiting to wear your logo personalization are our cleaning and organization supplies. This is the kind of product area that can help with keeping clothes, tech devices, desks, and other objects and areas clean and orderly. Just a few examples include our promotional lint sticks & custom lint rollers, highly useful logo printed medical diaries & medical history organizers, tech-friendly promotional microfiber cleaning cloth & spray kits, and several additional product choices.

Promotional Essential Item Kits

Your customers, employees, and target market members will find great utility and satisfaction in our amenity product kits. These low cost giveaway items are great for trade shows, retail sales, general promotions, and more. Just a few of these products include our promotional manicure sets, custom eyeglass repair kits, fashion forward personalized lip gloss kits, and versatile branded sewing kits. Another great choice for corporate gifts can be found in the form of our personalized spa gift sets.

Create Your Own Personal Amenity Promotional Products & Kits

Adding your logo personalization to our customizable personal amenity products and essential item sets is a great way to promote your brand. Imprint your company logo, contact information, or special message on each product you order. As a result, you'll offer customers useful items they'll employ on a daily basis, ensuring that your brand logo is seen multiple times each and every day.