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Every business and professional within the personal care industry knows how important it is to pay proper attention to the teeth and gums. Your orthodontist or dentist office can spread the word about proper oral hygiene while also spreading brand awareness. How? By making an investment in our broad selection of personalized dental promotional items. We have all of the marketing tools and trade show giveaways you need to reach your target market, including dental floss, oral hygiene kit bags, toothbrush sets, toothpaste squeezers, breath fresheners, and much more.

Oral Care Marketing Supplies | Wholesale Dental Giveaways | Custom Tooth Care Promotions

Our website is filled with items that will build your brand while helping customers and patients keep clean teeth and optimum oral health. Promote your dental clinic, orthodontic center, or general practice with the perfect item models to keep smiles bright and healthy for years to come. Take advantage of our low (guaranteed lowest) prices as you choose from our vast collection of great dental marketing products. We have something to fit everyone's needs, with product choices in an array of colors, size options, and uses for both adults and children. Read on to learn more about the dental giveaways we offer and how they can stand to promote your business.

Personalized Toothbrushes & More for Your Dental Practice

Everyone needs to brush twice or more per day in order to keep their smile looking its best and their body feeling its best. There are plenty of promotional toothbrush items located on this page to aid in the effort. Browse to see what we have in store marketing supplies to help your office, clinic, or business brush the competition under the rug. We have custom folding toothbrushes, handy personalized travel toothbrushes with toothpaste, protective toothbrush container items, and much more. Remember to check back often, as we're always adding new toothbrushes and related items!

Wholesale Dental Floss Items

If you want to ensure a pearly smile on the face of every patient while you add to your brand awareness building arsenal, bulk dental floss is one thing you need to consider. We have many choices to offer when it comes to buying dental floss products in bulk. In addition to our imprinted dispensers, we also have custom dental floss keychains, travel-friendly promotional credit card floss sets with mirrors, fun personalized dental pick sets, and much more.

Promotional Dental Kits 

Patients will need to keep on taking great care of their teeth in the months between visits to the dentist. When your patients aren't in the office, you can stay in their minds adding your own logo to our dental promotional items. Some of the most popular products within this category consist of our personalized dental care kits. Ideal for promoting both your dental clinic and proper oral hygiene, these tooth care kits come in secure logo printed pouch bags and contain tools such as a toothbrush, dental floss, timers, dental picks, toothpaste, branded breath mints, and more. 

Branded Dental Office Promotional Items - Promotional Oral Care Accessories

It only makes sense that with all of the things patients need to do in order to keep their smiles in pristine condition, several different dental item tools must enter the picture. Your item choices go beyond just toothbrushes and floss when you order from 4AllPromos. We have several other great tooth cleaning item choices to hand out in the office or at trade shows and industry events. Just a few of these include custom dental timers, useful branded toothpaste tube squeezers, lip balm and toothpick dispensers with your logo, and company logo breath freshener spray, just to name a few. 

Design Your Own Dental Promotional Products

Whether we're talking oral hygiene supplies, toys, pens, food gifts, stress relievers, or any other sort of promotional products, adding your logo is crucial to making promotional tools work. We have several custom logo printed dental care giveaways in the categories described above. By giving them out to patients, you might even find them looking forward to coming in for a visit, knowing they'll leave with a fun oral care supply bag at the end of the appointment. 

When users see your logo as they brush their teeth each morning and night, they'll be reminded of your dental practice or other business and the exemplary services and products it provides. Adding a custom imprint to your giveaways is a great way to secure a spot in the public's mind as they work to keep their smile white and their oral health in prime condition.

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After reading our guide, are you still left with any questions? If so, we'd love for you to reach out and contact us via email, a phone call, or live chat message. We can't wait to get to work in providing you with the perfect oral care item in the size, colors, and design choices you need to build brand awareness get ahead of the competition.