Promotional Dental Products

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Promotional dental products are effective tools for orthodontists and dental practices, not only in marketing their services but also in emphasizing the importance of oral health. Our collection of oral care items includes a variety of customizable products, such as toothbrushes and floss, designed to reinforce a brand recall and a commitment to dental wellness.

Custom Dental Products for Healthy Smiles

Promotional dental items like dental picks and travel toothbrushes, can be branded with your dental practice's logo and contact information. You can give patients these freebie items to build the relationship and show that your brand cares. At community events, these promotional items make great giveaways to attract new customers to your business too. 

Your office can use branded thank-you mints or breath fresheners in tandem with branded dental care kits or other personal care products.

What are promotional dental products? Promotional dental products include toothbrushes, floss, travel cases, tooth-shaped keychains, and useful dental hygiene kits. All these items can be customized with your brand to boost visibility. We also carry novelty dental care items for children like brushing timers and dental picks shaped like sea creatures to make oral hygiene and visits to the dentist more fun. 

Types of Promotional Oral Care Items

4AllPromos offers many different types of dental promotional items to help boost brand recognition and show customer appreciation. Our promotional products are functional, providing value to both the customer and you.


Branded toothbrushes are an excellent way to encourage good dental hygiene through regular brushing while reminding your patients to schedule routine appointments with you. Your logo on the toothbrush is a reminder every morning and night that you care about their well-being. 

Toothbrush Cases and Covers

Promotional toothbrush covers protect a patient’s toothbrush from unpleasant bathroom particles and debris. A toothbrush case keeps the brush secure and clean during travel. Dentists can use these practical toothbrush accessories to help customers protect their oral hygiene products. 

Dental Floss

Dental floss in a container with your logo provides patients with the means to floss regularly. Get creative and choose a tooth-shaped floss container attached to a key chain for on-the-go flossing, or opt for your favorite floss brands rebranded with your business logo.

Dental Kits

Dental kits can be a great way to welcome new patients to the office. Our dental kits include a collection of dental promotional items like a travel bag, small-sized toothpaste, compact toothbrush, and floss. 

Some dental kits may include other personal care items, like pens, mints, or lip balm. Adding a few stress relievers to your dental kit can also help patients who may be more hesitant to come in for a cleaning. Include favorite food snacks like peanuts, mints, or gum. Some of our top-liked dental kits include:

  • Health Pac Dental Kit – This kit includes all the necessities for a beautiful smile, including fresh mint toothpaste, dental floss, and a compact, travel-sized toothbrush.
  • Disaster Hygiene Kit – This kit is perfect for travel or emergencies and includes all the dental care items you might need during an unexpected overnight trip.
  • Custom Time to Brush Kit – This customized dental kit is designed for your younger patients. It includes a toothbrush, friendly faces floss keychain, sand timer, and travel bag. Easily customize the bags to your choice of color.
  • Printed Adult Wellness 5-Piece Oral Care Kit – This complete kit is for your adult clients. The kits include a toothbrush, travel toothpaste, and toothbrush cover, each carefully packed in sturdy plastic bags with your company logo.


Toothpicks can be a great dental promotional item that patients will carry with them. Branded toothpicks do the job when dental floss isn't available, helping to get stuck food out of your teeth. They’re also convenient to have in office breakrooms, allowing your practice to be seen by more people.

Buy Dental Promotional Products in Bulk

For practices with a high volume of patients or to prepare for a summer event, consider buying bulk dental promotional products. Orthodontists or primary care physicians can use dental giveaways to celebrate National Dental Health Month in February of each year. Pediatricians can help promote good oral hygiene by gifting young patients and their parents with dental promotional items too. The usefulness of promotional oral care products will make everyone grab a product as they pass your booth at a trade show. 

Make sure you have enough dental marketing products on hand. Consider bulk ordering and access wholesale dental product prices. The more products you order the better your discount will be. 

FAQs About Dental Promotional Items

Can I add my logo to dental promotional items?
All of our dental promotional products are ready for your logo to be added. We offer full-color and single-color logo printing to toothbrushes or dental floss to promote greater brand awareness. You can also use company magnets or bags with your office logo to reach your marketing goals.
Are materials in dental items safe for kids to use?
4AllPromos uses materials that are safe for your customers, including children. We even carry oral care items specifically suited for children. Our children's toothbrushes are smaller and include encouraging messages to promote good oral hygiene.
Which colors are available for dental promotional items?
4AllPromos offers a wide range of vibrant colors to help match your dental promotional gifts to your branding guidelines. Choose from white, blue, green, red, purple, orange, yellow, black, pink, off-white, or teal as the base of your dentist promotional items. Then, add your company logo to your chosen items for a consistent theme across all promotional materials.
Are there discounts on bulk purchases of dental items?
We offer discounts on bulk promotional items. Whether selling promotional items or gifting them to patients, ensuring you have enough for a successful campaign is important. Stocking up on dental floss, lip balm, toothpaste, and toothbrushes ensures you have enough for all your customers.

Promotional Dental Products for Your Customer’s Radiant Smile

Build relationships with your patients when you give away dental promo products. Your clients will be ready to show off their smiles with the oral care your practice provides. Browse our selection of diverse inventory for your creative and unique dental care time that can boost your dental office’s visibility.

Brush up your branding and smile brighter with dental product promotions. 

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