Have Fun with Promotional Gifts for Obscure Holidays!

Promotional Products for Obscure Holidays
Scott Kalapos on Dec 6, 2022

At 4AllPromos, we pride ourselves on providing your business with the best promotional products for reaching your target market and building your brand. While this is something we take seriously and strive for every day, there's still something to be said for having some fun every now and then. We're sure that your company (as well as its employees and customers) feel the same way.

That's why we've created our guide to the best promotional products to give as gifts for obscure holidays. We're going to present a zany (but real) holiday for each month of the year, along with promotional product suggestions to give out as wacky gifts.

Though you've likely never heard of the majority of these lesser-known holidays, each does present a practical yet lighthearted way to reach your target audience and supply them with a product they'll love. Without any further ado, here we go!

January 3 - Festival of Sleep Day

There's no doubt about it - getting a proper amount of sleep each night is key to maintaining one's health and staying energized. When mental and physical energy are at peak levels, people will be able to give their all when on the job, in the classroom, playing for a sports team, or just going about the necessary tasks of daily life.

Each year, we celebrate the gift of sleep on Festival of Sleep Day. Taking place on January 3, this is a holiday on which proper sleep awareness is emphasized. Before getting in your 40 winks, take a moment to offer a product that will help customers and employees to get theirs. With our Ear Plugs & Eye Mask Set, you can do just that. Coming with a high quality sleep mask, ear plugs, and handy carry case, these items are perfect for helping users get sleep at home and on the road. Make your company logo the face of restfulness on Festival of Sleep Day!

Custom Eye Mask Gift Set for Festival of Sleep Day

February 23 - International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

Here's a holiday that our canine pals are sure to approve of. Did you know that February 23 is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day? If you didn't before, you do now. Dog biscuits help to train our four-legged friends, offer them a little pick-me-up when bored, or serve as a well deserved treat when a dog has gone above and beyond in their duties.

This is a holiday that presents a great opportunity for any pet store, veterinary clinic, dog sitting service, or other pet-related business to connect with its customers. We suggest investing in our Zagasnacks Dog Bones Pack as a promotional giveaway for February 23. Each comes in a handy package with a full color logo imprint and is a perfect idea for bulk giveaways at shelter & adoption events and more.

Zagasnacks Dog Bones Bag for International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

March 6 - Dentist's Day

Much like Festival of Sleep Day in January, Dentist's Day, which falls on March 6, celebrates another cornerstone of self-care and wellness. Everyone gets just one set of permanent teeth, so neglecting to care for them is a big mistake. Dentist's Day celebrates not only the importance of proper dental & oral hygiene, but also the professionals who care for our teeth year after year.

Dental clinics, orthodontic practices, pharmacies, and more will find Dentist's Day to be the perfect time to hand out giveaways and promo products to their customers, staff, and target market members. We have many different custom dental related products to choose from. For our present purposes, we'll suggest our Tooth Shaped Hot & Cold Gel Pack. Shaped like a smiling tooth, these logo imprinted gel packs offer cooling and warming relief those in need, including anyone suffering from jaw pain, a toothache, or other dental distress.

Tooth Shaped Gel Pack for Dentist's Day Giveaways

April 17 - Haiku Poetry Day

April seventeenth

A day for writing haikus

See what we did there?

On April 17, we celebrate everyone's favorite 5-7-5 verse in the form of Haiku Poetry Day. These poems are fun to write and can be applied to all sorts of situations. They're also a good way to let creativity and linguistic skills grow and flow. This is a holiday that lends itself well to a good promotional giveaway. Whether it's a fun little gift for students learning about haikus or a giveaway for a bookstore, office supply retailer, literary magazine, or any other organization dedicated to the written word, Haiku Poetry Day presents an opportunity to make your mark.

Our promotional product suggestion for this rather unsung holiday is the Everyday Varsity Fountain Pen by Pilot®. Shipping free of charge and imprinted with your company logo, these custom fountain pens are great tools for engaging in creative writing. They make the experience of writing a haiku all the more stimulating, especially when employing a fancy style such as calligraphy.

Everyday Varsity Fountain Pen for Haiku Poetry Day

May 9 - Lost Sock Memorial Day

One of the more tragically amusing holidays that's made its way to the calendar is Lost Sock Memorial Day. Each and every year, May 9 is the designated date to remember all of those socks that we put into the washing machine or dryer and somehow never made it back out. It's a sad state of affairs when one loses a favorite sock or has to go through the embarrassment of wearing a mismatched pair when laundry day rolls around.

While we can't do much to help your business or its customers recover any socks that have been lost over the years, we can offer a great promo product to celebrate this kooky holiday and replenish sock drawer supplies. Our Dye Sublimation Athletic Crew Socks are a great way to get your logo out into the public eye while providing users with a custom apparel item they're sure to use again and again. They're fully customizable with your full color design (minus a black heel and toe) and are constructed for both comfort and style with a one-size-fits-most design.

Dye Sublimated Crew Athletic Socks for Lost Sock Memorial Day

June 14 - Bourbon Day

One need not be from Kentucky to enjoy a stiff and satisfying shot of bourbon every now and then. Don't forget to mark your calendar for June 14, as that's the official day to celebrate this beloved brown beverage. Bourbon Day presents a wonderful chance for bars, restaurants, liquor stores, distilleries, and more to reach out and show their customer base how much they're appreciated.

Looking for the perfect giveaway item or promotional product with which to recognize this day? Try our Traverse Mamba Whiskey Stones Set. These company logo whiskey gifts are unique, useful, memorable, and sure to be a hit with all who receive them. Six top quality whiskey stones are packaged in a logo engraved box that also comes with a velvet bag. It's a high end appreciation gift that might just make Bourbon Day a fixture of everyone's annual celebrations!

Traverse Mamba Engraved Whiskey Stones for Bourbon Day

July 2 - World UFO Day

Ready for a lesser-known holiday that's truly out of this world? Once you're done purchasing 4th of July promotional products, make sure there's a little left in the budget to take part in World UFO Day, which falls on July 2. Why July 2? This date was chosen because it marks the anniversary (75th this year) of the landing of an unidentified flying object in Roswell, New Mexico. Tech firms, comic book stores, sci-fi related companies, toy stores, and more can get in on the fun by offering a World UFO Day giveaway to their employees and customers.

So, what should your business get to celebrate such an unusual holiday? Our top suggestion is our branded UFO Magnifier. These unique custom magnifying glasses are shaped like a flying saucer and have three legs to keep them steady. The metal case comes with a 8x magnifying lens made from mineral glass and is imprinted with your company logo. Shipping is free, allowing extraterrestrial enthusiasts to stock up and celebrate.

UFO Magnifier for World UFO Day

August 22 - Be an Angel Day

In these modern, fast-paced, and crazy times, it seems like the Golden Rule isn't applied as much as it used to be. Random acts of kindness, care, and concern for others should be part of the daily routine, but at times, it can be tough when we feel so overwhelmed with our own woes and responsibilities. That's why it's nice to set aside a day each year to make an effort to think of others and be as kind as we can. This is the idea behind Be an Angel Day, which takes place every year on August 22.

This is an especially great holiday for churches and other religious organizations to reach out to their congregations and communities. That's why our suggested products for this day is our Guardian Angel Hand Fan. Offered without a set-up fee, these custom hand fans are imprinted with your logo on one side and have a beautiful image of an angel watching over two children on the other.  A convenient stick is included, making the fans easy to hold and operate. They're a great item for a church, religious school, bible publisher, Christian gift shop, and more.

Custom Religious Hand Fan for Be An Angel Day

September 13 - Positive Thinking Day

"Whether  you think you can or can't, you're right." - Henry Ford

The above quote from automotive legend Henry Ford is certainly a wise and apt one. Although there are times where everyone has to deal with circumstances that are beyond their control, having a positive attitude and looking on the bright side can often be crucial to achieving a favorable outcome. That's why September 13 is set aside as Positive Thinking Day, an annual observance dedicated toward being the best we can be, starting from the inside out.

There are times where it can be difficult to maintain a positive outlook. That's why we're presenting an item than can help with that. Our Coronado Motivations Stapled Wall Calendar is packed with gorgeous imagery and inspirational quotes and phrases to help users keep their chins up when the going gets tough. Made in the USA, each contains 13 months to help users keep track of important dates as well as staying focused and optimistic in challenging times.

Coronado Motivations Stapled Wall Calendar for Positive Thinking Day

October 25 - Sourest Day

Have you ever heard of Sweetest Day? It's not the most well-known of holidays, but it certainly has more fame than anything contained on this list. It essentially functions as a second Valentine's Day and falls on the third Sunday of every October. The main difference between Valentine's Day and Sweetest Day is that it doesn't have quite as heavy of a focus on romantic relationships. Some think it's a great thing, and others view it as a Hallmark holiday, something just designed to sell a few extra trinkets and make a little extra green.

If your business or its customers fall into the more cynical camp when it comes to Sweetest Day, you'll definitely appreciate Sourest Day. It's sort of tongue-in-cheek protest against Sweetest Day, where people embrace their inner grouch and aren't quite so sugary. Want to get in on the fun of this anti-holiday? We have just the product for you. Our Sweets Box with Sour Patch Kids creates the perfect little gift giveaway for those who want to provide a present for this dour date. Each includes a clear plastic box that's filled with eye-watering sour candy.

Sour Patch Kids in Clear Gift Box for Sourest Day

November 16 - National Fast Food Day

While it's a good idea to maintain a healthy diet, sometimes it's important to let your guard down and enjoy a salty, greasy, and just plain delicious meal from your favorite drive through joint. After all, there's something to be said for adding life to one's years instead of only adding years to one's life. In this spirit, National Fast Food Day is observed every year on November 16. It's obviously a great time for any fast food chain to promote its wares, but it's also a day for diners, cafeterias, snack stands, ice cream shops, pizza parlors, and more to celebrate their food and their customers.

When celebrating a holiday based around fast food, it's important to supply a promotional giveaway item that is related to this day of deliciousness. One of our top suggestions for filling this role is our 60 Minute Hamburger Shaped Kitchen Timer. Shaped like a juicy, mouthwatering burger, these custom printed kitchen timers make great giveaways, gifts, and promo products for culinary schools, restaurants, home goods retailers, and anyone involved in the food industry. These items are easy and fun to operate and are imprinted with your company logo.

Hamburger 60 Minute Kitchen Timer for National Fast Food Day

December 8 - Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day

Our obscure holiday for December is quite possibly the only one on this list that's even stranger than Lost Sock Memorial Day. Just what is this occasion? We're talking about Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day, an offbeat observance that takes place on December 8. A fun and creative holiday, Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day is an ideal time to get creative and whimsical with one's promotions. It's naturally a perfect fit for tech related businesses as well as toy stores, film schools, media production companies, and more.

On this day, imprints and imagination can combine to create memorable promotional products that will make this holiday a bit more well known. Of course, that's nothing compared to how much our suggested giveaway item will help to grow brand awareness. For Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day, we encourage you to consider our Keen Wireless Charging Desk Clock. This item definitely has a futuristic feel. A sleek silver clock with a white digital display shows the time as well as temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. It also functions as a wireless charger  for mobile devices. With a low minimum order quantity of just 12 units, it's an accessible item for small and large businesses alike.

Keen Wireless Charger Alarm Clock for Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day

Find the Best Novelty Gifts for Obscure Holidays at 4AllPromos!

That's it for our yearly guide to fun promotional products for some of the less highly touted holidays. Hopefully, you've come away from this post with some great ideas for marketing to your audience in a fun and memorable way. As always, if you have any questions or need to talk to us, we welcome you to contact us at any time. Did you like this post? If so, keep your eyes peeled. We might just come out with a Part 2 in 2023…

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