A Dozen Promotional Hockey Products for Scoring Branding Goals

Best Custom Hockey Products for Promotional Giveaways
Scott Kalapos on Jan 6, 2022

With hockey season underway and the NHL playoffs coming up in a few months, now is a great time to think about promoting your team, business, school, or charitable organization with custom hockey items. 4AllPromos has 12 solid suggestions for doing this, focusing on some of our most popular and best-selling logo imprinted hockey products. Among our assortment, you'll find items focusing on team spirit, fan comfort, achievement recognition, fun giveaways, and more. Let's get started!

1. Full Color Logo Printed Hockey Pucks

It's pretty hard to play a game of hockey without a puck. That'd be like playing basketball without a ball, pool without a cue stick, or swimming without water. Amateur hockey games or hockey matches played in schools, in sports camps, or even in parks or driveways provide an opportunity to promote your organization. Our promotional hockey pucks are of regulation size and weight and are perfect for use in any game. Black in color, they are 3 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick. Each is imprinted in full color with a photographic quality image of your logo or other chosen design on the top side. For an upgrade charge, further personalization can be included. This could be used to add player names and/or numbers for an ideal fan giveaway night promotion.

Promotional Hockey Puck | Best Custom Hockey Items for Promotions


2. Spirit Hockey Helmet

Fans who cheer on the home team often like to wear team colors to feel one with their athletic heroes. Our wholesale foam hockey helmets take this to the next level. These promotional foam spirit items can be worn over users' faces, as they are shaped as traditional hockey helmets, complete with the grid-style mask. Despite covering the head, they are easy to see out of and are comfortable to wear. They come in your choice of yellow, blue, white, charcoal, green, maroon, and red. Each has a 3 inch wide by 3 inch high imprint area on the sides. A single imprint color comes standard, though multiple imprint colors can be included as an upgrade option for orders of 250 units or more.

Spirit Hockey Helmet | Foam Hockey Helmets with Logo

3. 27" Foam Spirit Hockey Stick and Puck Set

It's always more fun to root for one's chosen team with a novelty spirit item in hand. In addition to this, they can also be used to distract and intimidate opposing players. All of this is even better when fans are armed with a 2-in-1 spirit item such as our promotional foam hockey stick and puck sets. Each of these foam spirit wavers features a 27 inch long hockey stick with a round foam puck attached. The handle, blade, and puck areas are all imprinted with your custom logo design in one color. Multiple imprint colors can be added for an upgrade fee on orders of 250 or more. The sticks come in your choice of blue, charcoal, yellow, white, maroon, and green.

27" Foam Spirit Hockey & Stick Set | Promotional Hockey Spirit Items

4. Hockey Jersey Shaped Rally Towel

Here's another fun and innovative promotional team spirit item for showing fan loyalty and support. Our personalized hockey jersey shaped rally towels are great cheer accessory items that are perfect for giveaways and retail sale. They can be used to show support at the home team takes the ice or when starting lineups are announced. Another popular time to use them during games is during power plays for the opposing team, as fans will wave them around to create a visual distraction. Our hockey jersey shaped towels are white by default, but can be fully customized via dye sublimation to include logos, text, numbers, images and any other design of choice in virtually any color. Each ships free of charge and is fully customized with your design on one side. In terms of size, they are 17 inches wide by 18 inches high.

Hockey Jersey Shaped Rally Towel | Custom Logo Printed Hockey Products

5. Round Puck & Antenna Topper

The last spirit item we'll cover in this post is our promotional hockey puck antenna topper. These promotional foam spirit items can be placed at the top of automobile antennae to show fandom (and your logo) all over the open road. Fans can travel to games convoy style, showing players that even in away games, there will still be plenty of people cheering them on in the audience. These items aren't exclusively for use on cars. They can also be used as fun pencil toppers, placed atop flagpole points, perched on reflective driveway and sidewalk guide sticks, and much more. They're weather proof and come in your choice of 9 different colors. Made from soft EVA foam, each has a diameter of 1.75 inches. One side is imprinted in full color, with second side imprints coming at an additional charge.

Round Puck & Antenna Cover | Bulk Hockey Items with Logos

6. Aura Pom Beanie with Cuff

Since hockey is played on ice, cold conditions are to be expected when taking in a game. Your company can help fans to stay comfortable and warm by providing them with fun and fashionable logo embroidered beanie hats. Our Aura Beanies are made from 100% knit acrylic and come in a colorful rainbow pattern. A large pom-pom and cuff come standard, adding to their stylish flair. These warm and attractive beanies are of the one size fits most variety. Your embroidered logo design appears on the cuff in up to 10,000 stitches and in as many as 7 colors. Even more stitches can go into your design for an added charge. They're great for adding team or company logos for wearing at hockey games or anywhere else where the conditions are chilly. They'll even see use in warmer climates, as beanie caps are becoming increasingly popular as fashion accessories. To up the personalization factor even further, leatherette and woven patches can be added for an extra fee.

Aura Pom Beanie with Cuff | Promotional Apparel Items for Hockey Teams

7. Hockey Puck Stadium Cushion

When bleachers and seats (or a lack thereof) become uncomfortable, 4AllPromos is ready to help with promotional stadium cushions. Our hockey puck shaped stadium cushions provide instant comfort for users and instant advertising impressions for your brand. Proudly made in the USA, these novelty sports stadium cushions come in 10 different color choices and are formed in the shape of a hockey puck. A die cut handle is included for easy carrying. They're soft and comfortable, thanks to their closed cell foam construction. Each is 13.5 inches in diameter and 0.75 inches thick. Your custom logo imprint design appears in a 6 inch wide by 6 inch high area on top of the cushion. An upgrade fee grants access to imprint designs in multiple colors.

Hockey Puck Stadium Cushion | Branded Hockey Giveaways

8. Insulated Folding Stadium Cushion

Looking for something with some more back support? If so, our company logo Folding Stadium Cushions will be a perfect fit. These items are ideal for sporting venues and other areas where the seating consists of firm plastic or metal chairs. The cushions can be placed on top of them and folded open, providing padding on the bottom and back. Like the cushions described in the previous paragraph, they're made from closed cell foam and are very soft and comfortable. They're also insulated, providing added heat to combat the cold conditions found rinkside. They are available in your choice of any one of 10 different colors. The back measures 14 inches wide by 18 inches high by 0.75 inches thick, while the seat measures 14 inches wide by 17 inches high by 0.75 inches thick. The imprint area is located on the backrest and is 10 inches wide by 10 inches high. While a single imprint color comes standard, multiple colors can be ordered for an added charge. These are items that loyal fans will bring back to every game during the season, creating advertising impressions both at home and away.

Imprinted Folding Stadium Cushion | Promotional Products for Hockey Teams

9. Hockey Puck Stress Ball

We've talked a bit about physical comfort when reviewing the last two items, so now we'll get into emotional comfort a bit. Promotional stress balls have been a favorite giveaway item across nearly all industries over the past two decades. This trend doesn't show any signs of going away. The particular stress toy we'd like to introduce to you today is our Hockey Puck Shaped Stress Ball. Fans will relieve game-related stress by squeezing them in late moments where the score is tight. They'll also use them to calm their nerves at home, at work, in school, and beyond. These items can be therapeutic for people dealing with arthritis as well as providing important soothing sensory stimulation for folks on the autism spectrum. Our hockey puck stress toys are black and have dimensions of 2.75 inches in diameter by 0.9375 inches in depth. Each is imprinted with your logo in one color and location in an area spanning 2 inches in diameter. For an additional charge, multiple imprint locations and multiple logo design colors can be included.

Hockey Puck Stress Balls | Wholesale Cheap Hockey Items

10. 24 oz HydroPouch! Collapsible Hockey Puck Water Bottle

Ideal for hydrating players on the bench and fans in the stands, our HydroPouch! branded collapsible water bottles come in a fun hockey puck shape. Each is black in color with a white drinking spout and plastic sport cap closure. Made from food-safe and BPA-free nylon with PE lamination, these collapsible sport bottles ship 100% free of charge. They're designed for holding cold drinks and are freezer-friendly. However, they are not designed to be placed in microwaves or dishwashers. They're easy to wash by hand though and even more easy to transport and store. When they are empty, they can be collapsed and folded down to a very small size, taking up a minimum of space. Each expands to a size of 6 inches wide by 9 inches high by 3.5 inches deep. A 4 inch wide by 2.25 inch high imprint area is provided, upon which your single color logo design will appear. Please give us a call, email, or live chat message to learn of possible upgrade options.

24 oz HydroPouch! Collapsible Hockey Puck Water Bottle

11. Full Color Hockey Bottle Opener

Sports bars, restaurants, hockey teams, campus bookstores, and supermarkets are just a few of the many businesses that will find our custom sports themed bottle openers to be ideal promotional giveaway items. Also available in basketball, baseball, football, golf, and soccer designs, these personalized bottle openers feature sport stock designs. They also contain your logo, imprinted in photographic quality full color. With a low minimum order quantity of just 6 units, these are an accessible promotional gift or giveaway for companies of any size. Each unit is 1.5 inches wide by 2.4 inches long and has an imprint area of 1.5 inches wide by 1.5 inches high on one side. Please be aware of the fact that orders of 36 pieces or more may have longer production times.

Full Color Hockey Puck Bottle Opener | Company Logo Hockey Items

12. Engraved 3D Bronze Hockey Dog Tag

When looking to award a star player, recognize outstanding individual efforts, or congratulate all members of a team, our personalized engraved hockey dog tags are a perfect choice. Our Bronze 3D Engraved Hockey Dog Tags feature a design with a hockey mask over a pair of crossed hockey sticks with a puck below the blades. They can be given to every member of a championship team, participants in a hockey camp, tournament award winners, and many other recipients. They're a low minimum order promotional item, with only 6 units being required to place an order. As a result, they're accessible to organizations of any size and can be reserved for a select chosen few if desired. Each comes with a 30" beaded chain, making it possible to wear the dog tag as a necklace. Each is engraved on one side with your logo or other chosen text, such as a recipient's name or the achievement being celebrated. They can also be sold as promotional retail items as special gifts for hockey lovers.

3D Bronze Hockey Dog Tag | Custom Engraved Sports Dog Tags

Find all of the best promotional hockey items & giveaways at 4AllPromos

With that, time has run on out the regulation period for this guide to our picks for the top hockey promotional products. Your organization can take things into overtime by taking a closer look at these and all of our other hockey items to decide which is the best fit for meeting its promotional needs. Feel free at any time to contact us with any questions you have regarding these or any of our other products.

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