How Many Promotional Products Do You Need for Trade Shows & Conventions?

How Many Promotional Items are Needed for Trade Shows & Events?
Scott Kalapos on Dec 15, 2021

With the large increase in the number of in-person events planned for the coming year, is your business ready to jump back in? If so, it's crucial to take some time to determine exactly what types of items you want to hand out to attendees who visit your booth. That being said, deciding how many promotional products to order for a specific event takes a little extra planning. This is why we’ve put together this guide.

We encourage you to read on to learn how to decide how many promotional products to order for your next trade show, convention, or event.

Step One: Consider the Number of Attendees

When determining the best marketing materials to order, determine the anticipated number of attendees for the event. In most cases, the organization hosting the event should be able to provide a figure based on previous years. Don’t put too much emphasis on this number. Rather, use it as a general baseline but keep in mind factors that may change that total in the current year.

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COVID-19 nearly wiped out trade show attendance in 2020 and 2021. Thankfully, organizations across a wide range of industries are increasingly more apt to try to attend in-person conventions this year. With attendance on the rise, it is important to look at other similar meetings in your industry to spot any dramatic increases that could be relevant to the event your company plans to attend.

Step Two: Decide Your Goals for Swag

The amount of promotional products your business needs to provide at any given event is a function of the goals it hopes to achieve. A large amount items may be needed if you’re just giving away branded products without any additional action necessary. In this situation, attendees will already be promoting your brand simply by carrying said items.

Other cases may be different. When attendees are required to sign up for a contact list, play a game, spin a wheel, or something else interactive, then you likely won’t need as many products. Instead, you might opt for a variety of items instead of having a lot of the same.

Step Three: Have a Plan for Your Booth

Next, you’ll want to consider where your booth is in the convention hall and how you want to set it up. If you have a space near the entrance or close to an area where people congregate, then there’s a good chance you’ll need more promotional items than if you were hidden in the back.

Also, consider whether potential customers can get the items themselves, such as grab bags on a table, or if they need someone from your booth to hand them out. You’ll likely go through far more items with the first option and will want to be prepared. Don't forget, the best custom trade show displays are going to win your company's booth that extra traffic.

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Step Four: Pair Your Printed Marketing Materials

Another essential aspect to consider is how each item pairs with your printed marketing materials. For example, is your company handing out promotional calendars that coordinate with its business cards? Do you have brochures and want to catch their attention by handing out something larger, like a coffee tumbler or a laptop bag?

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Take time to think about which items people usually carry around at trade shows. Then, decide how to include any informational materials with the so-called fun swag to attract their attention.

Step Five: Consider Future Events Later in the Year

The good news is that most promo items don’t expire. This means that even if there ends up being a surplus, it's no problem. These products will still be good for future trade shows and conventions. When deciding how many of each item to order, don’t be afraid to buy in bulk to create a maximum number of impressions.

Why buy promotional products in bulk? In addition to the higher number of impressions, it also ensures you won’t run out. It also allows your organization to spread the cost across multiple events within the same year, as bulk pricing is almost always better than small shipment orders.

Step Six: Determine Your Budget

Finally, your company should determine its overall budget when deciding how many promotional products to order. Consider whether you have the money to hand out big items, such as tech goodies. These can include promotional Bluetooth speakers, phone chargers, laptop bags, etc. If not, then there's certainly the option to go smaller with everyday things people need. Just a few would of these would be sticky notes, coffee mugs, pens, and notebooks.

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Also remember the importance of packaging. What do you plan on placing these in before handing them out? Do you need totes or plastic bags to create swag bags? Do you plan on ordering any of these items in bulk? Taking these factors into consideration is certainly important.

Bonus: Do You Need Staff Items and Office Supplies?

Ordering items for a convention or trade show isn’t only about the products that are given out to attendees. It's also important to consider if there are specific branded items and office supplies that can help your staff.

For example, consider shirts with your business logo on them. Pens, notepads, and other items representatives can use within the booth are also helpful while presenting a professional appeal. If you’re getting ready for an event, these are all things that should be considered before placing an order.

Turn to 4AllPromos for Help in Choosing the Right Promotional Products

At 4AllPromos, we offer a wide range of promotional items and custom logo printed products to suit your needs. As your company prepares for what’s likely to be its first trade show in a couple of years, we would love to help with all of your customization and imprinting needs. Please shop our inventory now or get in touch with us for more information.

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