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Best Promotional Stainless Steel Water Bottles
Scott Kalapos on Jun 12, 2017

While summer won't officially start for another eight days, many of us in the Northern Hemisphere are already dealing with scorching temperatures. When you're out working in the sun, mowing your lawn, playing a game of baseball or beach volleyball, or just relaxing out on the hammock, you'll work up a sweat pretty quickly. Even when indoors at the office, the summer heat can really get to you when you're plugging away at the desk. Whether your activities involve labor or leisure, it's more important than ever to stay well-hydrated when the mercury climbs to its highest. Our promotional stainless steel water bottles are a perfect way to make sure your body stays hydrated and that your drinks stay as cool and refreshing as possible. Doing it in style never hurts either, and our promotional drinkware always allows you to do just that.

In this blog entry, we'll be covering just five of our many metal sports bottles. We'll explain the advantages and finer details of each one, in order to help you find the best promotional stainless steel water bottles to bear your company's logo and to best serve your customers and ensure repeat business and referrals. With that said, we'll now talk a little about the first of these custom stainless steel water bottles, which happens to be our h2go Force hot & cold water bottle. 

Promotional Stainless Steel Water Bottles - h2go Force 17 ozOur h2g0 Force promotional stainless steel water bottles come in 17 oz and 34 oz sizes. You may hear them being called hot and cold water bottles, thermal water bottles, thermoses (though be careful with that one as Thermos is a trademarked brand name and not an actual type of bottle), vacuum bottle, or double wall stainless steel water bottle. At the end of the day, all of these terms refer to the same thing.

A double wall stainless steel water bottle consists of one steel cup inserted inside of another one that's slightly larger. They're fused together along the top of the smaller bottle, but before this done, as much air as possible is removed from the gap between the two bottles. This is where the name "vacuum bottle" comes from, as the absence of air creates a vacuum-like effect with prevents heat from both entering and escaping this inner gap. It surrounds the beverage surrounded by it with optimum temperature retention.

Why is this important? Well first and foremost, it allows you to keep a hot drink hot and a cold drink cold. Who wants to tote a bottle full of cold coffee or extra warm water around all day? Nobody who wants to enjoy their drink, unless they have extremely unusual taste preferences. Both sizes of the h2go Force double wall stainless steel bottles will retain heat for up to 8 hours and will keep a drink cold for up to 16 hours. That's great news for anyone who has a long day of work or play planned during the dog days of summer. When the bullets of sweat start dropping and mouths get dry, a swig of cool, refreshing liquid from the h2go Force will bring a refreshing wave of rejuvenating hydration and energy.

Custom Logo Imprinted Stainless Steel Water Bottles - h2go Force 34 ozSpeaking of sweat, that brings us to another advantage the h2go brings to the table. A well-constructed vacuum insulated water bottle is sweat-proof. It's always annoying when the process of condensation causes the outside of a drinking vessel to drip all over whatever is in its vicinity. It also makes it tough to grip, which can result in spills or even slippage when a wet bottle slides out of a sweaty hand. Being sweat proof also helps the h2go Force to be spill proof. Its stay-dry exterior as well as its contoured shape make it easy to hold on to. Even if you do drop it, the specially designed spill proof lid will prevent any messes from occurring. These particular stainless steel drink bottles have a screw-on threaded stainless steel lid and sturdy stainless steel base which can really stand up to punishment.

In addition to their functional qualities, our 17 oz and 34 oz h2go Force water bottles are quite pleasing to the eye. Their streamlined shape and bold colors really make quite a stimulating fashion statement. If your customers consist of tech companies, fashion designers, web design firms, or any other cutting-edge and style-conscious organization, this is the bottle for you. In addition to black and gray, these custom logo imprinted water bottles come in bright neon shades of orange, green, blue, pink, and yellow. One color, multi color, one-sided, two-sided, and wraparound company logo imprints are available, providing the right promotional options to suit most anyone's needs.

We highly recommend hand washing for both h2go Force bottles and to avoid microwaving and machine washing. There are many different ways in which you could manually wash these stainless steel business logo bottles. Below is a video of a very unique and inventive cleaning technique that will get results, as long as you don't mind going off the beaten path just a bit.



Another piece of promotional drinkware we'd like to introduce to you today is the 30 oz Zippo Copper Vacuum Stainless Steel Bottle. When many people hear the name Zippo, the first things to come to mind are cigarette lighters. This may be fair enough, as Zippo's lighters are some of the best on the planet. Those of us in the business promotional products business are fully aware of the fact that lighters are just the beginning when it comes to the Zippo product family. Zippo promotional items for businesses never fail to please and are consistently among our top selling items. One of our most in-demand Zippo products is the aforementioned 30 ounce Copper Vacuum Stainless Steel Bottle. 

We've already explained what a vacuum bottle is, but to this point, we've only talked about stainless steel. Copper is a very important part of the picture when it comes to our custom business logo imprinted thermal water bottles. Many (but not all) double wall stainless steel water bottles feature a copper lining along the inner container. As we explain on our promotional stainless steel water bottles product home page, this copper lining is applied to the inner and smaller of the two fused steel bottles. It provides an additional level of protection against heat transfer, which is another way of saying that it blocks out ambient heat that tries to seep into the container and reflect inner heat that tries to escape back into the heart of the bottle. It's yet another way of keeping the hot hot and the cool cool. We're sorry if that last line made you think of the now-discontinued McDLT, so we'll make it up to you by posting this delightful video of the 1985 McDLT ad featuring Jason Alexander, before he took on his role of George Costanza on Seinfeld.

On a more serious note, the Zippo Copper Vacuum Stainless Steel Drink Bottle is constructed of 18/8 grade stainless steel. This extra-durable material is also referred to as 304 grade stainless steel. The 18 represents the percentage of chromium and the 8 represents the percentage of nickel that make up the composition of the stainless steel used in this thermal bottle. The alternate name of 304 grade is another reference to the high quality of the stainless steel used. 300s grade stainless steel is among the most durable and valuable varieties. To be more specific, 304 grade stainless steel is composed of at least 50% iron and contains absolutely no more than 0.8% carbon. When put together, these factors all go a long way in preventing rust and extending the life of any stainless steel product. 

Zippo Promotional Insulated Stainless Steel Water BottlesThis promotional stainless steel water bottle from Zippo has a strong and stoic look, which makes it ideal for construction companies and any other line of business that has that roll-up-your-sleeves, lunch pail and hard hat kind of ethic. At the same time, its serious, non-nonsense look gives it a certain level of dignity and formality which will be appreciated by executives and companies within the legal and real estate industries. It features a screw-on stainless steel lid with a high gloss polish accent and convenient metal wire carrying handle. The stainless steel base also includes a high gloss polish accent for a strong yet classy appearance.

In terms of performance, this particular promotional hot & cold water bottle from Zippo can keep liquids hot for up to 12 hours and cold for a whopping 48 hours. This makes it an ideal water bottle for campers, hikers, construction workers, or anyone else who's going to be outdoors for a long time or people who for whatever other reason will be without access to a refrigerator for a significant period of time. While the custom imprinted business logo on this stainless steel water bottle comes in one color and one location standard, additional color imprinting is available, as is custom logo engraving on the lid.

The next promotional stainless steel water bottle we'd like to teach you a little more about is our 24 oz Stainless Steel Bike Bottle. As its name would imply, this is a piece of promotional drinkware that will be of the most use to bicyclists, but it is by no means only useful when riding a bike. It is also great for hiking, working out at the gym, or storing a cool drink during the commute to and from work. This particular water bottle is of single-wall construction, so it does not have quite the same temperature retention features as the first two custom logo water bottles we talked about. However, it is not without its many advantages, and one of them is its BPA free construction.

24 oz Promotional Stainless Steel Bike BottleThis is a BPA free stainless steel water bottle, which means that it contains absolutely no Bisphenol A. Bisphenol A, which is usually abbreviated as BPA, is a chemical found in many varieties of water bottles. Some studies have suggested that BPA can cause certain health and behavioral problems, especially in young children, infants, and fetuses. While these issues have not been officially confirmed, a promotional BPA-free stainless steel water bottle allows peace of mind with this added level of food-safe protection.

A screw-on, spill resistant lid ensures that you'll never lose any of your drink due to dropping the bottle. It is a sip-through lid with a snap closure, which is very easy to open and close. A silver split ring is attached to the lid, and attached to the silver split ring is a carabiner. The carabiner allows a user to clip the bottle on to most anything and makes hands-free carrying accessible and easy for maximum portability.

Our 24 oz Stainless Steel Bike Bottle comes in three colors: metallic blue, metallic red, and metallic charcoal. The metallic colors lend a shiny, eye-catching look that will make people stand up and notice your imprinted corporate logo. One-sided, two-sided, wraparound, one-color, and multi-color imprints are all available. In addition, each and every one of these promotional sports bottles comes individually packaged in a a charming gift box. When maintaining this bottle, we recommend hand washing only and to refrain from placing in a dishwasher or microwave.

Next up is the only promotional drink bottle we're going to discuss which isn't made of stainless steel. The Pacific Sports Bottle is not made of stainless steel, but rather ultra lightweight aluminum. While aluminum is not as strong as stainless steel and will not keep liquids cold while in hot environments, it still has several advantages. Aluminum water bottles are very light and easy to carry most anywhere. Aluminum water bottles tend to have an enamel epoxy inner lining, and sometimes these include BPA. We're proud to say that our Pacific Sports Bottle is lined with 100% BPA free material for food/drink safety and is fully compliant with all FDA requirements.

Custom Promotional Aluminum Water Bottles - The Pacific Sports BottleAside from being a safe choice in promotional drinkware, The Pacific Sports Bottle is also very eco-friendly. It is fully recyclable and serves as a great alternative to one-time use plastic water bottles. Protecting the environment is just one of the great causes championed by this custom imprinted aluminum water bottle. Your company or charity's logo will be displayed with pride and optimum visibility, promoting awareness of any brand, organization, or charity that uses this bottle. One-color, multi-color, one-sided, double sided, and wraparound logo imprinting are all available. The Pacific Sports Bottle also comes in a wide variety of colors, enabling you to choose the perfect look to accompany your business logo.

Anyone with a big thirst will appreciate the 26 oz capacity of this promotional aluminum water bottle. It also features a black twist-on lid with a finger loop for easy carrying. As is the case with the 24 oz Stainless Steel Bike Bottle, the Pacific Sports Bottle also has a split silver ring and carabiner attached to its lid. This makes it a very portable promotional item which can go wherever you go while leaving your hands free.

The last business promotional drinkware item we'll discuss today is our 64 oz Engraved Black Stainless Steel Growler. If after reading the previous sentence you find yourself asking, "What is a growler?", there's no need to worry, because we're here to answer that question. A growler is a container, usually constructed of stainless steel, that is used to carry draft beer and beer that is brewed at home. Not everyone agrees on how the name growler came about, but the explanation most people support is that the term goes back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. At this time, when beer and ale were usually carried from their brewing location to pubs and taverns by way of metal pails. These pails were sealed, but not extremely well. As the beer sloshed around in the pail, carbon dioxide would escape poorly sealed areas at the top of the pail. This made a distinctive noise, which was eventually dubbed as a "growl", and hence the name growler was born.

64 oz Promotional Stainless Steel Growler with Company Logo EngravedWhile growler technology has improved over the years, many growlers still have weaknesses when it comes to retaining temperature and flavor. This won't be a problem with our growlers though. Our stainless steel promotional growlers have a swing-top cap accompanied by a D-ring, which give it the tightest seal possible. Consequently, any draft beers you take home or any homebrews you take out of your home will remain robustly flavorful and will not go flat. The D-ring also creates an ideal handle that is easy to grip and carry.

Our promotional growlers are made of 18/8 grade stainless steel and are coated in a matte black finish for scratch resistance. The stainless steel in our custom logo engraved growlers is passivated. This means that free iron has been eliminated from the stainless steel, both to prevent rust and to ensure the best possible flavor of anything it carries. Our stainless steel growlers come with your company logo engraved for a bold and rugged look. Laser engraving results in a logo that will never peel off, smudge, fade, or go unnoticed by anyone who passes by. Our laser engraved growlers and water bottles are low minimum order promotional items and are great for smaller organizations. Small businesses, sports teams, and civic organizations are just some of the groups for which low minimum laser engraved promotional product are tailor-made.

The laser engraving process consists of a given custom logo pattern being programmed into a laser engraving machine. This design will be relayed to the part of the machine that controls the laser beam, which will then etch the design into the item that will bear the logo. Here's an interesting video that shows the laser engraving process from start to finish.

Whether you choose to go with a aluminum, stainless steel, double wall, or growler model, you can rest assured that any custom promotional stainless steel water bottle, or any other promotional water bottle you order from 4AllPromos will do your company proud and create brand awareness and goodwill for years to come. 

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