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Custom school supply kits make excellent promotional products for teachers, schools, charities, and many other organizations & businesses. We offer a broad assortment of branded pencil pouches equipped with rulers, erasers, pencil sharpeners, and more. Our personalized back-to-school supply sets make great wholesale school spirit items, as they can be customized with school colors and logos to build enthusiasm. They're handy classroom tools for helping teachers convey lessons and keeping all students involved and successful in their education.

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Your school or business can start the academic year off on the right foot by providing students with logo imprinted back-to-school gift sets from 4AllPromos. We offer a wide choice of colorful zippered pouches with just about every combination of staple school supplies you can name. Create a simple collection with rulers and pencils, or get together a deluxe school gift pack by adding on erasers, sharpeners, and/or crayons. Design custom school supply sets with your logo and school colors and watch school spirit & academic performance soar! They can welcome both new and returning students, as well as help teachers to build a rapport with their pupils from the outset. School supply gift sets are also useful giveaways at community events, political rallies, and at summer camps, too. They can also make great promotional products and retail items for art supply retailers, office supply stores, bookstores, and more. Read on to learn a bit more about the various types of wholesale school supply gift sets and kits we have to offer.

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Buy Custom School Supply Kits in Bulk

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Buy Custom School Supply Kits in Bulk

As we've already mentioned, we have more than a few different types of wholesale back-to-school kits, just waiting to wear your logo with pride. Over the course of the next four paragraphs, we'll explain some of our most popular options to help you find the model that best suits your promotional & educational needs.

Promotional Pencil Cases

At the core of our custom school supply gift set collection are our custom back-to-school pencil kits. Each offers at least one #2 pencil in an attractive yet durable vinyl pouch. The pouches are three-hole punched in order to be able to easily fit inside of binders. A zippered closure keeps the internal items secure, while your choice of a clear or translucent colored pouch allows kids to see the contents of these kits at all times. Many come with additional accessories in addition to just the pencil(s). The example linked to also provides a ruler and a rectangular eraser.

Custom School Pen Kits

While pencils are a staple of the academic life, there's also something to be said for a good pen. That's why we carry promotional stationery sets for students. These items come in zippered vinyl pouches and contain a logo imprinted ballpoint pen along with a pair of pencils, an eraser, ruler, and pencil sharpener. The pouches are clear, but contain an accent color along the zipper area and hole-punched base.

Wholesale School Supply Kits with Crayons

Elementary schools and art classrooms will find our custom logo imprinted school supply gift sets with crayons to be the perfect packages for welcoming students back to school. In addition to a fine selection of useful school supplies, these kits also contain a package of four crayons for more creative projects. Each crayon box holds 4 crayons in the colors of red, yellow, blue, and green.

Branded Back-to-School Kits with Rulers

When students are learning about measurements, taking geometry or industrial arts classes, or just need a straightedge for drawing lines, our personalized school supply kits with rulers will prove valuable assets. These custom school supply gift sets contain a handy 6 inch ruler along with items such as pencils, erasers, and pencil sharpeners. They're packaged in secure zippered pouches that are available in a grand array of color choices.

Bulk School Supply Sets with Logos

Buy our custom printed school supply kits in bulk and you'll have some excellent giveaway items on hand to promote a business or brew up some school spirit. Each of our personalized back-to-school supply gift kits are imprinted with your custom logo design on the pouches as well as on several of the academic tools they contain.