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Custom Logo Promotional Stuffed Animals

Custom stuffed animals are more than toys, they’re cute companions that allow your brand to connect with a wider audience! From teddy bears, lions, pandas, and more, they're great promotional items for zoos, veterinary clinics, schools, and any organizations that want a little variety in their giveaways.

Make Promotional Stuffed Animals Your Ultimate Brand Ambassadors

For most of us, the friendly face of a stuffed animal was one of our very first childhood best friends. It’s easy to create an emotional bond with a soft, plush animal, and you can use that bond to strengthen the connection your customers have with your organization. 

Promotional stuffed animals offer a creative and endearing way to represent your brand. Our collection at 4AllPromos ranges from soft and lovable teddy bears to a section of plush animals and even alien creatures! These promo items are fun for children and adults, and they look great in social media posts to get extra organic reach for your organization. 

Custom logo plush animals can attract visitors to your booth at trade shows and events, they are great for fairs and carnival game prizes, and make cute gifts when an employee needs a pick-me-up or is celebrating a new baby. You can also level up your corporate gifting by using promotional plush toys to hold gift cards. 

Types of Promotional Plush Toys and Custom Stuffed Animals

We have a broad collection of cuddly & soft toys at 4AllPromos. You can choose from a variety of options to match the mascots of your marketing campaign theme or school spirit products.


Our personalized stuffed animal keychains are the most affordable options in our collection. They're great for a bulk stuffed animal giveaway for a large or small business and work well at trade shows. Each has a keyring attachment, making it easy for your customers to clip on their keys and catch onlookers' eyes wherever they go.


Puppets never fail to put a smile on a child’s face. The handful of promotional puppets in our catalog are reversible, allowing you to switch from a teddy bear that changes into a bull or a stuffed donkey to an elephant puppet. 


For an alternative to stuffies filled with cotton, we carry high-quality custom beanie animals that are filled with small pellets or beads. Promotional beanies are great for sensory processing and stress relief because they have a more tactile texture and feel.


Plush stuffed animals are extremely soft to the touch and stuffed with gentle, pliable material that maintains its shape. What materials are the plush animals made with? Common materials in plush animals include fur-like fabric made from silk, rayon, cotton polyester, or a mixture of these things. As the traditional stuffed animal style, these are our best sellers and most adored versions of novelty stuffed toys.


Custom stuffed animals are perfect gifts for employees with children. From bulldogs to lambs, and frogs to monkeys, 4AllPromos has some great holiday options if you’re interested in a novelty plush toy. For office pet lovers, check our collection to find the best likeness for stuffed animals of your pet!

Get Bulk Stuffed Animals and Promotional Teddy Bears

Promotional stuffed animals are custom products that lend themselves well to large-scale giveaways. Order stuffed animals in bulk for trade shows, corporate gifting, and retail purposes, and more. The prices are discounted per-unit prices when ordering in higher quantities. You can reach more people and make more advertising impressions.

FAQ About Custom Logo Stuffed Animals

How do you personalize a stuffed animal?
You can personalize your own custom stuffed animal by adding your logo or special message to your chosen plush doll. You can order them with single or multiple-color logo imprints, full-color imprinting, or even logo embroidery. Embroidery is the most expensive option, but the results are more intricate, enduring, and engaging.
How much does it cost to make a custom plushie?
Our most affordable style costs $3.53 per unit, but most of our models are under $10 each.
What are some features that are popular for custom plushies?
Some popular features in a stuffy include keyring attachments, capes, tiny logo-printed t-shirts or hoodies, neckties, ribbons, embroidered facial details, and adorable, life-like eyes.
What is the minimum order for custom logo plush animals?
We have custom stuffed animals with minimum order quantities as low as 24.
What size are custom stuffed animals?
We carry custom stuffed animals from as small as 6 inches in height to as large as 16 inches in height.
What is the hardest part of making a stuffed animal?
The hardest part is probably choosing just one of our adorable custom plush toys! We strive to make the entire order process smooth and easy for our customers.

Cuddle Up to Success with Promotional Stuffed Animals

Get your custom logo plushies for Valentine's Day, or Christmas giveaways, or order personalized stuffed animals for your next keepsake or baby shower gift. Our custom plush toys are always a heartwarming addition to your marketing strategy. Cuddle your way to better brand awareness with personalized plush animals!

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