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Our collection of custom golf apparel, polo shirts, and sports shirts is second to none. Perfect for use on the golf course, as company uniforms, and business & casual events, these shirts promote your brand in style. Among the varieties we carry are striped polo shirts with logos and custom solid color polo shirts, high performance lightweight golf shirts, assorted branded moisture wicking sport shirts, and much more. Scroll down to see our available items & learn more about what we have to offer!

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Custom sports shirts make for great promotional products. Corporate logo polo shirts can create unity among employees when worn as uniforms or to events. Imprinted and embroidered polo shirts highly popular for athletic, business, and casual events. They come in many colors and styles, including both promotional short sleeve polo shirts and custom long sleeve polo shirts. Restaurants, retail stores, country clubs, computer repair companies, and several other businesses will love to have their workers, customers, and target audience outfitted in our personalized golf shirts and polo shirts.

Embroidered Polo Shirts | Imprinted Golf Shirts | Promotional Sport Shirts

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Different Types of Custom Sport Shirts

Whether you're looking for custom golf shirts for wearing on the course, sharp polo shirts for looking great on the job or out having fun, or high performance tech shirts for heavy activity, you'll find them all at 4AllPromos. In this section, we'll cover the different varieties of personalized sports shirts we offer.

Promotional Polo Shirts

Many of the custom apparel items you'll find on this page fall into the category of polo shirts. Our personalized polo shirts with logos are great for casual and semi-formal occasions. Many companies employ them as uniform apparel pieces, though many people like to wear them just as much while off the clock. These high quality shirts strike the perfect balance between formal and casual, making them a fashionable and appropriate choice for both men and women for all sorts of occasions. Polo shirts can be distinguished from golf shirts in the fact that they often have cuffs and collars with a degree of piping, as well as collars that can be popped to stand up. They're often made from 100% cotton, featuring pique knit fabrics. Most polo shirts do not have pockets. You will, however, see plackets referred to in our polo shirt descriptions. The placket is fabric along the neck area opening, upon which the buttons are located.

Personalized Golf Shirts

Our golf shirts with logo imprints are similar to polo shirts, but are not exactly the same. Unlike polo shirts, golf shirts have collars that often lie flat. They can also include self fabric collars, which is a collar made from the same material as the rest of the shirt, as opposed to a separately knit unit. Golf shirts may feature gussets on the side or underarm areas and often feature double knitting on cuffs and collars. They're usually made from either 100% cotton or a 50/50 cotton polyester blend. Generally speaking, their fabric is of a lighter weight than what would be found in a polo shirt. This makes them a bit more comfortable during periods of extended activity or brisk movement.

Branded High Performance Tech Shirts

Now we'll introduce you to our promotional high performance sport shirts. Sometimes referred to as "tech shirts", these are apparel items with an especially lightweight and elastic fabric composition. They are designed for periods of extended, rigorous activity. High performance shirts are popular among golfers, tennis players, mechanics (hence the "tech" name), and as uniform pieces for high temperature areas. They have excellent moisture wicking abilities to help users stay dry and cool.

Custom Men's Sport Shirts

If you're looking for the best personalized golf apparel for men, you'll find it on this page. We have all of the top personalized golf shirts for men and promotional men's polo shirts to keep your employees, customers, and target audience members looking their best. Many colors, fabrics, styles, and sizes are available, creating a broad assortment of items to best fit your promotional needs.

Promotional Sport Shirts for Women

One of the great things about our sports shirts is that we have lots of options for women as well. Take a spin through our terrific selection of custom golf shirts for women and personalized ladies polo shirts to find the models that best match the needs of the women your company hopes to reach. Our women's golf and polo shirts are shaped differently than our men's offerings, as each style is designed to most comfortably fit the body shape of its intended users.

At 4AllPromos, you'll find polo shirts and golf shirts made from some of the biggest and best names in the apparel business. The following is a list of just some of the great brands of promotional sports shirts that we have in stock each and every day.

Personalized Sport Shirts - Features

Our promotional golf shirts and custom polo shirts have many different features that help to distinguish them from one another. Whether it's the absence of a tab, the presence of moisture wicking abilities, stain-fighting protection, snag resistance, or UV protection, our branded sport shirts go the extra mile in providing a product of the highest quality.

Promotional Tagless Polo Shirts

Users who appreciate comfortable apparel will enjoy our custom logo tagless polo shirts. These sport shirts offer a smooth and itch-free wearing experience, with the information that would typically be on a tag being printed on the inside of the shirt.

Custom Moisture Wicking Golf Shirts

Our sport shirt collection offers numerous promotional moisture wicking golf shirts and branded moisture wicking polo shirts. These shirts are made from fabric that absorbs sweat and channels it to the outside surface for speedy evaporation. This helps keep users dry and comfortable while also producing a cooling effect. It's something that's sure to be appreciated on the golf course and on the job.

Personalized Snag Resistant Sport Shirts

Our custom anti-snag polo shirts are made from fabric that is comfortable yet extra strong. These shirts are designed to avoid getting caught on rough surfaces, something that can cause other shirts to rip, tear, or unravel.

Soil and other materials will quickly find themselves removed from our promotional stain resistant polo shirts. These shirts are treated with a fabric coating that also can help to reduce the potential of wrinkles for a crisp and clean look.

Custom Polo Shirts with UV Protection

Since our polo shirts are often worn outdoors for extended periods of time, it's important that they provide adequate protection from skin damage due to UV rays. We offer several branded UV protection sport shirts with excellent ultraviolet ray blocking abilities. These shirts come with a UPF rating, which stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. These numbers can be interpreted by way of making a fraction where a 1 is the numerator and the provided UPF is the denominator. For example, a shirt with a 40 UPF rating would become a fraction of 1/40. One divided by forty equals .025, or 2.5%. This means that such a shirt blocks out all but 2.5% of ultraviolet rays.

Design Your Own Custom Golf Shirts & Branded Polo Shirts

Adding your company logo to a custom sport shirt is the best way to make it as a vehicle for promoting your brand. There are many different ways to go about this. Some of the most commonly pursued methods include imprinting, embroidery, and dye sublimation. When ordering them as a gift, adding a monogram is another special touch we can provide. We'll explain all of these decoration choices in a bit more detail as this section goes on.

Our imprinted polo shirts feature an affordable and speedy decoration method for displaying your logo. Screen printing and heat transfer printing are two of the most common methods for achieving this. It's a decoration method that can be used to add single color, multicolor, or even full color logo imprints to an item.

Custom embroidered golf shirts and promotional embroidered polo shirts make up the largest portion of our sport shirt selections. These promotional apparel items contain logo designs that are stitched into the surface of the fabric. The result is a colorful logo design that has a three-dimensional effect. It has a high quality, professional look that is durable and has the ability to advertise your company for a long time to come.

Wholesale Sports Shirts with Dye Sublimation Logos

We also carry promotional dye sublimation sport shirts. These shirts present a fully customizable surface for the inclusion of stunning full color graphics. The whole garment becomes your canvas for creating a large and memorable design to make your branding impossible to overlook.

Personalized Monogrammed Polo Shirts

The vast majority of our customizable sport shirts have relatively low minimum order requirements. Several are available with minimum orders as low as 12 units. This makes them ideal for corporate gifts as well as for providing personalized uniforms for employees for companies of any size. Providing custom monogrammed polo shirts is a great way to add an extra bit of personalization to make any user feel especially appreciated by your business.