Custom USB Hubs with Company Logo

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Wholesale USB Hub Promotional Products

Our custom USB hubs are great tech giveaway items that are sure to leave all users and potential customers completely satisfied. Handy, versatile, and sometimes just plain fun, our custom USB hubs with logos are ideal for trade shows, retail settings, and much more. Read on for additional information about our branded USB hubs and how they can help your business excel in its marketing efforts. 

Branded Charging Hub Giveaways

Browse our collection of customized USB hubs to find the best tech promo items for your next trade show or big event. We have numerous styles to choose from, including fast charging usb hubs, 2, 3, and 4 port models, fun novelty styles, smart plugs, car charging hubs, micro USB hubs, and more.

Promotional Travel Charging Hubs & Personalized Car USB Hubs

When USB ports are needed while on the go, our wholesale USB hubs for cars are there to answer the call! Cell phones and other mobile devices can be powered up with these cheap promotional charger hubs. We have several different models, with some being of the fast-charging variety and all offering at least 2 ports. 

We also offer bulk travel USB hubs in the form of our logo imprinted wall plug hubs and customized keychain USB hubs. These are great for use on the road, while staying in hotels, or keeping devices at full power on campus, in the office, or in most any other public space.

Wholesale Novelty USB Hubs

Our promo USB hubs offer a great deal of variety. One of the areas where you'll notice it most is when viewing our many personalized novelty USB hubs with logos. Stars, robots, sports balls, floppy disks, stick figures, are just a few of the many you'll find. The previous link goes to our robot version, but you'll find many others as you browse through our collection. Some are even multi-tools, doubling as items such as night lights, keychains, and more. 

Custom USB Hub Phone Chargers & Stands

Our wholesale phone stand USB charging hubs offer not only a speedy & efficient way to charge mobile phones, but also a place to store them in the process! With these items, users can simply place their phones on/against the provided holding surfaces for hands free charging. This is highly convenient for when users wish to view videos, engage in virtual meetings, or take hands-free calls while charging up their phones.

Branded USB Desk Hubs

With multiple USB ports to charge multiple devices, our bulk USB desktop chargers are a great promo item and gift for around the office. Imprinted with your company logo, brand information, or special message, these customized USB hubs help to keep desks organized and can double as phone stands.

Promotional Charging Hubs with Multiple USB Ports

People will often be in situations where they need to charge multiple devices at the same time. This is pretty much the primary idea behind USB hubs. Our custom multi-port USB charging hubs can contain 2, 3, 4, 5, and sometimes even more  USB ports for plugging devices in to restore battery power. They're highly convenient and are great for both homes and the workplace. We have models to accommodate cable Types A, B, C, micro USB cables, and more. These custom USB hubs are compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

Design Your Own Custom USB Charging Hubs

When these top-notch personalized tech giveaways are offered by your company, users will employ them daily. They'll see action when existing and potential customers power their smartphones and other devices, showing off your brand in the process. Of course, for that to work, you'll need to add your company logo artwork to the hub. There are multiple ways of doing this. We offer custom imprinted USB hubs, branded USB charging hubs with full color logo designs, and even company logo engraved charging hubs