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Custom bag clips and personalized wholesale chip clips are excellent business promotional products both in home settings and in offices. Additionally, our custom imprinted business logo bag clips make for excellent promotional giveaway items at trade shows. Whether used as promotional freezer bag clips, paper organizers, to hang things from the refrigerator, or personalized sandwich bag clips, these high quality yet cheap promotional items are always up to the task. If you are looking for fun giveaways for your customers or employees that won't cost a ton of money, read on to learn more about ordering clips in bulk.

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Display your snack brand, food-related business, or company logo on the surface of a promotional bag clip! Widely used for keeping chip bags or other snack bags sealed and fresh, a clip can also be useful for keeping papers together or holding notes or pictures on the refrigerator with the magnet backing. Recipients of a bag clip will bring it, along with snacks, to local sporting events or display it on their fridge, along with a memorable photo. These promotional items could also be used in the break room at the office or at a birthday party. This will give your logo the opportunity to be seen by many! The more your logo is displayed on the fridge at work or while out and about, the more potential leads can be generated.

We offer heart, paw, ribbon, house, and heart shapes, as well as traditional rectangular or circular designs. Chip clips can even display a full-color photo or allow for personalization! Whether people use them to keep their favorite snacks fresh or hang their child's artwork from their refrigerators, promotional chip clips are the perfect way to show off your business's logo. Get started creating your custom bag clip by giving us a call to find out more information!

Promotional Bag Clips & Custom Chip Clips

Our promotional bag clips (opens in a new window) and custom chip clips (opens in a new window) are great for preventing spilled chips at a party, tidying the office by stowing documents, holding up calendars on the fridge, and, most importantly, keeping your brand name in users' minds. As many of our personalized bag clips are made of recycled materials, they make for some of the best eco-friendly home products (opens in a new window) to display your company name.

Your search for the perfect advertising product that wows customers and employees alike is over. There is one type of product that can result in more impressions for your company: promotional clips.

Supplemental Information About Our Custom Imprinted Bag Clips & Promotional Chip Clips

If you're new to the world of custom chip clips for businesses, worry not. We're here to explain any terms that might be unfamiliar as well as to guide you through the various features included to help direct you to the best custom imprinted chip clips to fit your promotional needs.

Custom Chip Clips for All Situations

Personalized Chip Clips

Polystyrene Custom Bag Clips

Custom Clip Features

Imprinting Methods and Resources for Custom Clips


Custom Chip Clips for All Situations

Custom imprint snack clips come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and applications, from keeping food fresh to organizing documents. One of the best things about our custom clips is that they're a household item that is seen on a daily basis, which means a virtually unlimited amount of impressions for your business logo.

Personalized Chip Clips

Our promotional chip clips (opens in a new window) can seal packages, hold important papers, or line dry clothes when clothing pins aren't available! They pair well with our promotional magnets (opens in a new window).  

Polystyrene Custom Bag Clips

The vast majority of our custom chip clips are constructed from polystyrene, which comes in both rigid plastic and soft foam forms. It's often seen in retail packaging as well as in shipping containers.

Our promotional polystyrene bag clips (opens in a new window) and personalized polystyrene chip clips (opens in a new window) are made of hard plastic that is impact resistant and can be designed in both opaque and transparent colors. It's a stable, sturdy plastic that is also economical, which means you can order a large quantity at an incredibly low price.

Custom Clip Features

Size, shape, purpose, durability, recommended usage situations, and magnetic properties are just a few of the characteristics that will vary; we'll explain some of the most significant features in the following sections.

Promotional Magnetic Bag Clips

  • Magnetic clips provide multiple ways to promote your company
  • Refrigerator magnet clips keep food readily available
  • Prevent stale potato chips by keeping air out

To store food in walk-in fridges or other cold places, check out our promotional freezer bag clips

Custom Bag Clip Sizes

Personalized Bag Clips with Serrated Edges

  • Provides an extra-tight seal
  • Teeth in the clamp hook into the bag to prevent any air leakage
  • Good choice for slightly slippery materials that may slide out otherwise

Custom Imprinted Bag Clips with Hook Through Holes

  • Creates a more versatile product that can appeal to many industries
  • Dowels, strings, hooks, and rack sticks fit easily through the hole
  • Perfect for culinary or contractor trade shows
  • Useful for consumers, too, as they can be tied to magnets or hooked onto any other surface

Looking for something more special? Check out our more unique options!

Promotional real estate bag clips

Dog bone-shaped personalized bag clips

  • A wonderful choice for veterinarians and animal clinics
  • Warm and welcoming, will put customers at ease

Round-shaped personalized chip clips

  • Suitable for clients in any industry
  • Adds variety and interest to help your brand stand out

Imprinting Method and Resources for Custom Clips

If you're going to invest in promotional products, you want to know exactly how they're made! Let's investigate the methods we can use once you've sent over your image upload and explained what you'd like.

Screen Printed Bag Clips

Also known as silk screening, this is one of our most affordable choices, excellent for bulk orders. The process is quite simple, and it includes three basic steps.

  1. Special stencils are cut to match your design.
  2. The appropriate ink is mixed and readied.
  3. Ink is poured through the stencils to create the image.

Since only one color of ink can be used with any one stencil, multiple color screen prints cost a bit more and take a longer time to produce. They're still a great buy for the price, though, especially when ordered in bulk.

Pad Printed Custom Bag Clips

Pad printing is a custom business logo imprinting method that is most frequently employed on items that are uniquely shaped, feature complicated textures, or are, for any other reason, difficult to imprint through any other means.

  1. A predesigned metal die is dipped in the corresponding ink.
  2. This die is applied to a soft silicone pad, which takes on the ink and the pattern from the die.
  3. The soft pad is pressed to the product, transferring the design to its surface.

While more expensive, this does allow for a bit more variety when it comes to textures and shapes.

Full-Color Imprinted Bag Clips

Full-color imprinted chip clips present bold colors and intricate designs that aren't as easily achieved through other methods.

  1. The artwork is separated into four primary colors - yellow, magenta, black, and cyan - to create individual color channels.
  2. Plates or screens are prepared that capture the color channels.
  3. Colors are mixed to create the separate color channels needed.
  4. The plates or screens are aligned, then print the given color onto the chip clips.

Full-color imprinting is a speedier process than screen printing, as multiple colors can be added to an item all in one shot.

PMS Color Matching

PMS stands for Pantone Matching System, which is a resource that helps to choose as specific a shade of any given color as possible.

Using numerical codes, you can specify exactly what shade of color you want, so the yellow parts can range from neon to mustard, blues can range from powder to navy, reds can range from rose to brick, and so on.

PMS color matching is available with many of our promotional bag clips, but it does involve an additional fee in most cases.