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Custom bag clips and personalized wholesale chip clips are excellent business promotional products both in home settings and in offices. Additionally, our custom imprinted business logo bag clips make for excellent promotional giveaway items at trade shows. Whether used as promotional freezer bag clips, paper organizers, or personalized sandwich bag clips, these high quality yet cheap promotional items are always up to the task.

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Display your snack brand, food related business or company logo on the surface of a promotional bag clip! Widely used for keeping snack bags sealed and fresh, these clips can also be useful for keeping papers together or holding notes or pictures on the refrigerator with the magnet backing. Recipients of a bag clip will bring it, along with snacks, to local sporting events or display it on their fridge, along with a memorable photo. This will give your logo the opportunity to be seen by many! We offer heart, paw, ribbon, house and heart shapes, as well as the traditional rectangular or circular designs. Some clips can even display a full color photo or allow for personalization! Get started creating your custom bag clip by giving us a call to find out more information!

Custom Promotional Bag Clips & Personalized Chip Clips

Our promotional bag clips and custom chip clips are great for keeping food fresh, keeping papers and documents in order, and most importantly, keeping your brand name in users’ minds on a daily basis for years to come. With many of our personalized bag clips being made of recycled materials, they make for some of the best eco-friendly home products to display your custom business logo.

Supplemental Information About Our Custom Imprinted Bag Clips & Promotional Chip Clips

If you’re new to the world of promotional bag clips for businesses, worry not. We’re here to explain any terms that might be unfamiliar as well as to guide you through the various features included to help direct you to the best custom imprinted bag clips & chip clips to fit your promotional needs.

Promotional Bag Clips

Personalized Chip Clips

Custom Polystyrene Bag Clips

Custom Bag Clip Features

Imprinting Methods


Promotional Bag Clips

Our custom imprint snack clips come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and applications. Our custom plastic bag sealing clips are great for keeping food fresh. Chips will stay crispy, cookies crunchy, and bread soft and mold-free when our personalized business logo bag clips are on the scene. Alternatively, they can be used to organize business and personal documents, taking on loads that are too heavy for paper clips to contain. One of the best things about our custom clips is that they’re a household item that is seen on a daily basis. This means a virtually unlimited amount of impressions for your business logo and multiple daily advertising opportunities for years.

Personalized Chip Clips

Wholesale chip clips are more or less the same as bag clips, with the connotation of smaller size. They get their name from their utility in clasping potato chip bags tightly shut to keep snacks fresh while preventing spoilage and spills. Who wants to eat stale chips? Don’t let their name fool you though. Our promotional chip clips can seal any kind of household plastic bag, set of papers, or even sets of clothing in a pinch when hangers aren’t readily available. They pair up quite well as giveaways with our promotional magnets.

Custom Polystyrene Bag Clips

The vast majority of our wholesale bag clips and chip clips are constructed from polystyrene. Polystyrene is a plastic polymer that comes in both rigid plastic and soft foam forms. It’s often seen in retail packaging as well as in shipping containers. In the latter case, it usually exists in the form of packing peanuts.

Our promotional polystyrene bag clips and personalized polystyrene chip clips are made of hard plastic that is impact resistant and can be designed in both opaque and transparent colors. It’s a stable, sturdy plastic that is also economical. The low cost is passed on to the consumer, making these cheap promotional products an advertising and brand awareness generation opportunity that just can’t be passed up! They're a great way of converting potential customers into loyal ones.

Custom Bag Clip Features

While on the surface there might not seem to be all that much variation among our collection of custom imprinted bag clips and promotional clips for snack bags, there is more than meets the eye. Size, shape, purpose, durability, recommended usage situations, and magnetic properties are just a few of the characteristics that will vary from clip to clip. You can also search our site for a clip in a custom shape, such as our heart power clip or mega magnet clip. We’ll explain some of the most significant features in the following paragraphs. 

Promotional Magnetic Bag Clips

Our promotional magnetic bag clips create multiple storage opportunities for any item they’re applied to. They also create multiple opportunities to promote your brand around the house and in the office for a low price. Food items that are used especially often or that need to be accessed quickly can be bagged, clipped, and magnetically affixed to refrigerators for convenient access and use. This eliminates the tedious process of having to constantly take the items in question in and out of the refrigerator or kitchen cabinets. A promotional freezer bag clip can protect the taste and integrity of foods that are stored in the coldest of temperatures.

Within an office setting, office supplies, files-in-progress, and to-do lists, break time sign out sheets, and visitor log entry papers can be placed on file cabinets and metal desk walls. This makes such items not only more easy to access, but also much more difficult to lose. It’s important to remember that whether in the office or at home, our refrigerator magnet clips don’t necessarily have to be used in conjunction with bags; they can skillfully hold items all by themselves as well. Their strong clamp grip and ability to hold stacks of paper or keep snacks fresh will make them a hit in the break room of any office.

Custom Bag Clip Sizes

We carry a number of small custom bag clips, medium promotional bag clips, and large personalized bag clips. Each size of promotional kitchen bag clip has its time to step up to the plate and be of the most use. While the size that is best to use will sometimes be dictated by the size and weight of the items they suspend, available space and visibility are also important factors to consider. When you’re using custom business logo imprinted bag clips and/or chip clips as promotional trade show giveaways, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right sizes and combinations in your booth to create a maximum amount of impressions and visits.

Personalized Bag Clips with Serrated Edges

Our personalized business logo bag clips with serrated edges are the go-to tools when you need an extra tight seal. The teeth within the blades (or clamps if you will) hook into the bags they suspend to create multiple locations and levels of tension. This helps them to further prevent air from getting into bags as well as slippage.

Custom Imprinted Bag Clips with Hook Through Holes

Some of our customized bag clips for businesses come with hook through holes. While this is a feature that may be overlooked at times, it actually adds a lot of versatility to any kitchen bag clip, office bag clip, or promotional chip clip. Dowels, strings, hooks, and rack sticks can easily fit through these holes. In a retail setting, this goes a long way toward ease of display. Bag clips with hook through holes are also useful once they’re in the hands of consumers since they can be tied to magnets or hooked onto virtually any extended surface to be organized and accessible at all times.

Custom Shaped Bag Clips

We offer custom shaped bag clips that cater to a variety of industries. Our promotional real estate bag clips feature house-shaped designs with custom logo imprints, much like our promotional real estate magnets. The two actually make quite a nice promotional product pair.  

We also carry dog-bone shaped personalized bag clips for veterinarians and animal clinics. Some of our custom shaped chip clips & bag clips aren’t targeted at any one industry, but rather simply dare to be different. Our round shaped personalized chip clips are a good example of this.

Imprinting Methods

If you’re going to invest your time and money in ordering promotional bag clips, you’re going to want them to actually be promotional, right? That’s why having your bag clips and chip clips custom imprinted with your business logo is one of the most important parts of the ordering process. Our talented team of artists will help you in creating the best imprint to fit your promotional needs. Before they do that though, it’s important to understand the different types of imprinting that are out there and knowing which methods are available on the bag clips you have your eye on.

Screen Printed Bag Clips

Our personalized business logo imprinted screen printed bag clips tend to be among our most affordable choices. In the screen printing process, also known as silkscreening, special stencils are cut out into shapes that will correspond to your requested designs. Ink is poured through these stencils to decorate your bag clip to get it just the way you want it. Since only one color of ink can be used with any one stencil, multiple color screen prints cost a bit more and take a longer time to produce. They’re still a great buy for the price though.

Pad Printed Bag Clips

A lot of our bag clips and chip clips are pad printed. Pad printing is a custom business logo imprinting method that is most frequently employed on items that are uniquely shaped, feature complicated textures, or are for any other reason difficult to imprint through any other means. The actual process of pad printing consists of pre-designed metal die being dipped in ink and then applied to a soft silicone pad, which is where this method gets its name from. The silicone pad then takes on the ink and pattern imbued by the die. The pad then is pressed against the bag clip and the desired design is transferred onto its surface.

Full-Color Imprinted Bag Clips

Full color imprinted bag clips present bold colors and intricate designs that aren’t as easily achieved through other methods. Full-color imprinting is also known as 4-color processing, as inks in the colors of yellow, magenta, black, and cyan are mixed together to create nearly any color imaginable. It’s a speedier process than screen printing, as multiple colors can be added to an item all in one shot.

PMS Color Matching

PMS stands for Pantone Matching System, which is a resource that helps to choose as specific a shade of any given color as possible. Using numerical codes, you can specify exactly what shade of color you want, so your yellows can range from neon to mustard, blues can range from powder to navy, reds can range from rose to brick, and so on. PMS color matching is available with many of our promotional bag clips, but it does involve an additional fee in most cases.