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Custom keychains are promotional items that will accompany your clients, customers, and employees everywhere they go. Promo keychains are a practical giveaway at trade shows and keep your brand in view for a lasting connection with your audience. Browse our variety of carabiners, bottle opener keychains, and others for the perfect business keychains. 

Unlock Your Next Promo Campaign With Custom Keychains

Keychains are universally used by anyone who owns a set of keys. They’re easy to tailor to your brand and come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. 

What are promotional keychains? Promotional keychains are small, portable items with split ring attachments that can be imprinted with your logo. Your brand can help organize keys and keep them easy to find when you attach the promo keychain to car keys, house keys, or office keys.

What are the benefits of promotional keychains? Promotional keychains benefit the recipient by making sure important keys are all attached to a single keyring and providing an easy way to find and identify your keys from others. Businesses benefit every time a door, padlock, locker, or post box opens because your audience sees your logo.

Custom key tags can easily attach to belts, backpacks, pocketbooks, coolers, and even carabiner water bottles. Think of them as business cards that don't have to live in your wallet, but have the opportunity to be seen by others. In addition to holding keys, you can use custom keychains to attach sanitizers, LED lights, access cards, and more to your key ring.

Types of Promotional Keychains and Custom Key Tags

Whether you're looking for cost-effective promotional items for your real estate firm, auto dealership, t-shirt or apparel company, bar, restaurant, or any other industry, we have you covered. We have many different types of personalized keychains to choose from. 

Bottle Opener Keychains

Custom logo-imprinted bottle opener keychains are fun and handy items that bring your brand to the party or picnic. Your brand can save the day when you’re out and need to pop a bottle of beer or specialty soda. We have both plastic and aluminum bottle opener key ring varieties, any of which can double as a fine drinkware accessory.

Carabiner Key Holders

Our wholesale carabiner key holders are tough, durable, practical, and one of our best-sellers. Camping supply stores, marine supply shops, hardware stores, and grocery stores find our personalized carabiner key holders to be ideal promotional items to giveaway to customers or have at the register for a last-minute purchase.

LED Key Tags

Customize our promotional LED light keychains to create marketing items that your customers and target audience will love. A light on your key ring can help to locate items have have been dropped and navigate in dark rooms or outdoors at night. These key lights are great as a standalone giveaway or as part of a gift set.

Flashlight Keychains

LED flashlight keychains are similar to LED key tags but with more power. Our personalized flashlight keychains vary in shape and size, but any style of our custom-imprinted flashlight keychains will put the spotlight on your company logo. 

Multi-Tool Keychains

Custom imprinted multi-tool keychains are high-quality key tags with a combination of assorted tools, similar to a Swiss army knife. Having tools on you at all times can be handy in an emergency. 

Screwdriver Keychains

Promotional screwdriver keychains are an ideal purchase for car dealerships, hardware stores, and garages. These personalized screwdriver keychain giveaways will provide trusty service over and over again. 

We also sell tape measure keychains, stylus keychains, and many other dual-purpose keychains to choose from to satisfy the needs of your audience.  

Stuffed Animal Keychains

Few people can resist the charm of a cute stuffed animal. Our promotional plush animal keychains are always among our best-sellers. We offer a wide selection of cute personalized stuffed animal key tags, from bears to elephants, eagles, and more.

Whistle & Safety Keychains

Let your brand protect your audience with whistle keychains and safety keychains are promotional items. You can foster loyalty and trust when your customers have the ability to venture outdoors with a little more confidence. 

Our wholesale whistle key rings and personalized safety light-up compass keychains help users call for help when needed and navigate outdoors at night and in inclement weather. Your brand can be a lifesaver with these custom keychain giveaways.

Floating Keychains

If your audience is out on the lakes and rivers, we carry the best floating keychains for boaters and anyone enjoying the beach or pool. Made of buoyant foam, our promotional floating keychains are great promotional products for marine supply shops and pool stores. Buy bulk keychains for an effective, but cheap and affordable promotional item at the next marine or fishing trade show.

Novelty Keychains

Our wholesale novelty key tags are promotional products that know how to have a little bit of fun. Catering to an intellectual crowd? Try our personalized mini Rubik's cube keychains on for size. Need to cast off steam? Our custom stress toy keychains with goofy stress ball faces are there whenever your clients need to vent.

We have plenty of fun ideas on this page to create a memorable novelty item for customers' keys. We even have promotional toilet-shaped novelty key tags for all the plumbers out there.  

Dog Tag Keychains

Our personalized engraved dog tag keychains are a great gift for anyone who has served in the military or would like a stoic, yet elegant promotional gift to their pride in the USA. Available with low minimum orders, our custom laser-engraved dog tag key rings are a great holiday gift to show how much your staff is appreciated. 

Get Custom Keychain in Bulk

Buying cheap personalized keychains in bulk is an effective strategy for affordably promoting your business. Because this particular promotional product has a nearly universal appeal, custom keychains in bulk are ideal for large-scale giveaways, such as at trade shows and other high-traffic events. 

When you order in higher volumes, you're treated to a lower price per unit. In the long run, you spend less money when you buy promotional keychains wholesale instead of breaking them up into smaller orders over time. They go very well with other bulk-order promotional items, including lanyards and badge holders.

FAQ About Promotional Keychains

Can keychains be customized to resell?
Our personalized keychains can be decorated with your logo, branding, special message, or unique designs for both promotional and reselling purposes. Browse our key tags to choose the customization method that fits your style. We can decorate keychains via screen printing and full-color logo printing. A full-color design comes with a faster production time and can be used for more complex designs.
Engraving is an option that results in a sharp, premium customized keychain. Our laser-engraved keychains have your design cut into their surfaces, ensuring that your mark stands the test of time.
What is the minimum order quantity for custom keychains?
We have custom logo keychains with minimum order quantities as low as 6 keychains.
Are promotional keychains a good investment?
Promotional keychains are great investments for marketing campaigns. Your logo will be seen by countless numbers of people every day when your branded keychain is grabbed to open a lock.
Your customized key tag will be on the same key ring as keys for cars, mailboxes, and doors around the home and office. Our pendant-style keychains are an especially great buy to get noticed. According to Business Research Insights, a high compound annual growth rate in revenue (opens in a new window) from these items is expected through at least 2031.
What materials can I buy keychains in?
We offer many types of materials for keychains, including:
  • Plastic keychains - Great for bulk keychain giveaways
  • Metal keychains - Available in stainless steel, brass, and aluminum
  • Neoprene - Add your logo for a keychain that comfortably fits in pockets.
  • Acrylic - a sturdy material for keychain longevity
  • Silicone - flexible and durable
  • Bamboo - for a natural look with a laser-engraved logo
  • Leatherette - a leather alternative for a sophisticated look.
Some of our branded keychains are made from soft fabrics, such as our plush animal key tags. In addition to the many material choices, our branded keychains can also be ordered in many different colors. Red, black, white, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, silver, gold, brown, and gray are just a few of the many color options.

Your Logo Travels Far and Wide with Promotional Keychains

From daily commutes to travel adventures, your brand can be part of every journey with custom logo promotional keychains. These promo items are small and affordable, but still very effective for building brand awareness. Turn to 4AllPromos for the best promotional keychains to put in the hands of potential customers.

Create a promotional keychain that not only holds keys but also unlocks new prospects - order company logo keychains from our collection today!

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