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Promoting your business or organization just got easier with now that you've found 4AllPromos. Our selection of customizable outdoor promotional products simply can't be outdone. These products are ideal for use during a day at the park, a family trip to the beach, patio & backyard parties, corporate events, and more. We also offer a vast selection of outdoor giveaway items such as personalized event tents, several promotional picnic supplies, fun custom printed sand buckets for the beach, affordable personalized grills & coolers, high-quality custom imprinted pool goggles, attractive customized barware items, and much more.

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Nurture your audience’s love of nature with our fantastic wholesale outdoor items and promotional garden products. As with all of our products, each item on this page offers durable construction and the ability to add your own branded touch. Many of our custom outdoor products are highly complementary to each other. This makes it easy to put together small gift sets and prize collections, which are ideal for raffles & giveaways at corporate events.

Your audience is guaranteed to have a great time using our promotional outdoor products with co-workers, family members, and friends. They'll also recognize your logo and fondly associate your organization with good times and happy memories. These custom outdoor giveaways are great for sports teams, non-profit organizations, local interest clubs, schools, charities and nearly any other organization you can name!

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Additional Promotional Outdoor Accessories

Custom Gardening Products

Does your audience have a green thumb and a passion for making the world a more beautiful place? If so, they’re sure to enjoy any of the customizable giveaway items from our selection of gardening tools and accessories. We carry wholesale seed packets, personalized garden & work gloves, and much more. With our fine assortment, your business will find everything it needs to help customers, employees, and target market members beautify their yards and windowsill gardens.

Promotional Gardening Gloves & Imprinted Work Gloves

Users will have your brand on their minds every time they get to work in their flower beds while wearing our custom gardening gloves. High-quality gloves are must-have items when it comes to protecting gardeners’ hands and keeping them clean. Therefore, adding your own logo and company name to a set our garden gloves or custom work gloves is a great way to maintain a prominent presence in the minds of those you wish to reach.

Personalized Seed Pack Confetti

Flowers bloom and colors abound with our personalized seed pack confetti. These items work very well as a fun & memorable giveaway when handed out at company picnics and events. Imprinted with your logo and contact information, they'll be sure to help users associate your brand with treasured memories of bonding with family and friends. Each packet contains multi-colored confetti that filled with wildflower seeds. These plantable seed paper strips are a great alternative to traditional confetti, which can increase littering when not properly cleaned. These wholesale seed packets are also excellent eco-friendly promotional items for those in the event planning industry. Bridal consultants, wedding planners, corporate event organizers, and event venues will all find our seed paper confetti packets to be a popular way to spread brand awareness.

Bulk Camping Items, Custom Picnic Supplies, and Wholesale Backyard Accessories

Inspire your audience’s sense of adventure or enhance their outdoor living spaces with our selection of camping and backyard items. These customizable products are perfect for use at home or during excursions in the great outdoors. All items are durable, useful, and practical, with many offering multiple uses, adding utility & quality to your brand image.

Portable tables come in handy for everything from tailgating to birthday parties to camping trips and beyond. At 4AllPromos, we offer promotional collapsible picnic tables and personalized foldable tables that recipients are sure to love. These items are a great way to catch your audience’s attention with a higher-level promotional gift, while still giving them something useful to take home. Each table is constructed for stability and includes a carrying case that can be customized with a special logo, message, or business name. Not interested in a table? Perhaps our custom picnic blankets would be a better fit. With these, users can stay comfortable and dry even while sitting on the ground to dine or take in a game or fireworks show.

Personalized Pop-Up Tents for Events & Picnics

If you’re really looking for a way to stand out from competitor booths and displays, our custom pop-up event tents are a great idea. These items are ideal for all kinds of outdoor occasions, including sports games, backyard barbeques, company picnics, outings to parks, and much more. They also make ideal branding tools for events such as trade shows, sidewalk sales, and fundraising functions. Plus, with a variety of color and customization options, the possibilities are nearly endless. Our advice? Pair a tent with our imprinted portable folding hammocks for a unique gift set that all lovers of the great outdoors will adore!

Weekends are always more fun with a cold beverage and the smell of delicious barbecuing wafting through the air. Your business, charity, or other organization can ensure target audience members will keep it in mind all summer long. This can be achieved by making their next outdoor party, gathering, sports game, or any other event even more exciting with one of our company logo portable grills and/or custom rolling coolers. From small galvanized drink buckets to coolers that nestle inside of a portable charcoal grill, we have everything you need to ensure their time tailgating or relaxing with family is as enjoyable as can be. Want both in a single package? No problem! We offer several promotional grill and cooler combos as well!

Promotional Outdoor Toys & Wholesale Sporting Goods

While some people like to spend their time outdoors relaxing and socializing, others prefer to be more active. Luckily, 4AllPromos has everything you need to delight high-energy audiences with fun in the sun. We supply it all, from sports equipment to beach accessories and more.

Custom Fishing Lures

Bring a bit of fun to your giveaway arsenal with our unique promotional fishing lures. Available in a wide range of colors, these branded fishing products are great for handing out to current customers and potential clients alike. Plus, full-color printing on items such as our matchbook style lure cases will instantly draw eyes to your logo, slogan, and contact information. Best of all, users might just give your company some of credit when they reel in that trophy-winning catch of the day!

Personalized Sand Pails

Building sand castles is a classic summertime activity for kids of all ages. Even adults can have plenty of fun sculpting seaside masterpieces. Therefore, it's not hard to see why our custom sand pails are top-notch items for promoting your brand. At 4AllPromos, we offer a wide selection of sand pails (many coming with shovels) in bright colors, perfect for summer. Simply add your logo or contact information for a fun giveaway product that will advertise your business at every shoreline and lakeside.

Wholesale Beach Balls

Want to know the secret as to why beach balls are such effective promotional products? They’re not just for the beach! Parks, pools, ball games, concerts, company picnics, and most any other large event will allow our bulk inflatable beach balls to provide hours of fun. They're also soft and safe enough for users of almost any age to enjoy. They're also useful as physical therapy items, helping to build coordination and motor skills. We offer a wide variety of fun patterns and colors. In addition to classic striped beach balls, we also have sports-themed styles. These include soccer, baseball, and basketball models. Add your logo to create the perfect promotional product for conventions, school events, grand opening ceremonies, and more!

Gyms, schools, daycare centers, toy stores, and more will find our personalized jump ropes to be excellent promotional products for making positive public impressions. Jumping rope is a classic pastime for kids, as well as a great way for anyone to exercise and stay fit. One doesn't need a gym, fancy equipment, or tons of space to make jump rope games and/or workouts successful. Consequently, these are items that can be used almost anywhere.

Promotional Swim Goggles

Nothing ruins a good time at the beach, in the pool, or at the swimming hole faster than getting water in one's eyes. It can be uncomfortable, but also downright inconvenient, such as when it causes contact lenses to dislodge. Additionally, part of the fun of going swimming is ducking underwater to see all of the fascinating sights that people on dry land are missing. That's why our wholesale goggles are such popular items. They can be used by competitive swimmers, divers, or anyone looking to have some fun while getting wet.

Your business can welcome customers to its office or retail location by way of investing in our durable & attractive custom door mats. In addition to creating a more welcoming air, they also make it so that users will have clean and dry feet, keeping them safe and your floors clean. Another great option is presented in the form of our personalized inlay style floor mats. These can be used both indoors and outdoors and provide a vehicle for presenting your logo in a prominent and visually appealing manner.

Additional Promotional Outdoor Accessories

We'll end this tour of our world of outdoor promotional products by introducing some item styles that don't fit into any one specific category. These are high-quality products with a multitude of uses that are simply too good to be left out. Read on and we'll go over some of the top representatives.

Custom Mini Hand Held Fans

Whether attending a game, spending a hot day in the office, attending classes, or doing most anything else in warm surroundings, users will find great relief in our promotional hand held fans. These custom mini fans come in electric and manual styles, with the latter also having use as auction paddles. Imprint these with your custom logo design and you'll have thankful customers lining up at your door all summer long!

Our custom electric lanterns are helpful in many different situations. They can help to light the way while taking a hike after dark, enjoying a camping trip, or navigating dark conditions during a power failure. These promotional portable lanterns come in many sizes and styles, creating different degrees of brightness to fit different purposes. However, all of them do a great job in putting the spotlight on your brand, with your imprinted or engraved logo design adorning each.

Wholesale Outdoor Drinkware Accessories

Many restaurants and bars offer outdoor service during periods of warm weather. Additionally, when opening up and returning to normalcy after pandemics, renovations, or other hurdles, outdoor dining is often the only option other than take-out. That's why we want your business to become familiar with our grand array of personalized outdoor drinkware and barware accessories. Mugs, coasters, stadium cups, stainless steel water bottles, straws, and more make up this popular collection.

When the temperature drops, people typically feel the deepest chills in their extremities. This is especially true when it comes to hands, as they're often uncovered. Even when wearing gloves, they can still get pretty chilly. With this in mind, you can be certain that wholesale hand warmers with your logo can bring much-needed comfort to your user base and target audience. Over short periods of time, they can even prevent serious issues such as frostbite. Keeping the public safe and warm is a great way to kindle the fires of relationship marketing and customer loyalty.