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Our promotional pot holders & custom oven mitts are ideal promotional products for nearly any food-related business. We carry promotional Therma-Grip oven mitts and pot holders, custom embroidered magnetic pot holders, personalized dye sublimated oven mitts, protective promotional silicone oven mitts, customized cotton pot holders, personalized oven mitts with silicone gripping stripes & many more. If any terms are unfamiliar, refer to the informational section located in the lower portion of this page.

Additional Information About our Promotional Oven Mitts & Pot Holders

Oven mitts and pot holders make excellent promotional gifts. They are used on a daily basis in kitchens around the world, guaranteeing consisted brand exposure & awareness. 4AllPromos offers a variety of company logo imprinted oven mitts and pot holders to fit business promotional needs. These commercial grilling mitts, oven mitts, and pot holders are great items to sell at home decor stores, hardware stores, cooking supply stores, or even outdoor shops. They also make an excellent gift for employees around the holidays!

  • Promotional Grilling Mitts & Custom Imprinted Oven Mitts

  • Commercial Pot Holders with Business Logos

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  • Promotional Oven Mitt & Pot Holder Materials

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  • Custom Oven Mitt & Custom Pot Holder Features

  • Promotional Grilling Mitts & Custom Imprinted Oven Mitts

    Our promotional grilling mitts feature long sleeves to protect your arms while laboring over the flames. Oven mitts are those the are pulled fully over your hand, just like a pair of mittens. We offer a variety of oven mitts in numerous styles and colors. The kitchen bright oven mitt is neon and brilliantly colored to draw all attention to your company’s logo. It is a fresh take on the classic oven mitt style. For one that is a bit more modern, the oven mitt with silicone stripes is a traditional cotton mitt with a twist. Silicone stripes add a bit more grip without compromising the traditional, old fashioned cotton oven mitt look. For full hand coverage, this is the choice for you!

    Commercial Pot Holders with Business Logos

    Looking for an item a little more compact or more manageable than an oven mitt? We also offer pot holders in a variety of shapes and sizes! Whether holding hot dishes or protecting surfaces from them, put holders are a necessity in any kitchen. For use with such hot items, this Teflon-lined pot holder is an excellent safety product. The Teflon backing is a flame-resistant bonus that will protect you further from heat and even flames.

    All of our pot holders are customizable and offer sizable space for your company or business’s logo to be displayed.

    Promotional Multi-Purpose Pot Holders

    Some of our more interesting items in this category are our promotional multi-purpose pot holders. These tend to be extra large pot holders with exterior pockets. Their size and pockets allow users to slip a hand inside and use them as if they were oven mitts.

    Promotional Oven Mitt & Pot Holder Materials

    We offer a wide variety of fabrics to fit your promotional product needs! Our custom oven mitts and pot holders come in neoprene, silicone, cotton, and polyester blends. Some of our products are a combination of several materials to create the best possible product to fit your company’s needs.

    Promotional Cotton Pot Holders & Oven Mitts

    We offer a plethora of cotton canvas oven mitts and pot holders. Cotton mitts are the traditional, well known material and design for oven mitts. Budget-friendly and trustworthy, cotton mitts are the go-to for many! Our clients love the promotional pocket oven mitt for its versatile front pocket option and classic look that will go with any decor.

    Promotional Cotton Canvas Pot Holders & Oven Mitts

    We carry both promotional cotton canvas pot holders and promotional cotton canvas oven mitts. They offer some added toughness and additional heat protection as compared to our cotton offerings. They also feature a rougher texture.

    Promotional Polyester Pot Holders & Oven Mitts

    Some of our promotional oven mitts and pot holders are cotton and polyester blends. The blended fabrics allow for the material to be more flexible and stretch better while maintaining their durable nature. This allows for your client to easily grasp the items they need to and ensures maximum comfort. Patrons with this promotional oven mitt will notice the ease of use the poly-cotton blend allows for!

    Promotional Silicone Oven Mitts

    We also offer silicone oven mitts. Silicone oven mitts are stain resistant and are easy to wash. They are sleeker and thinner than cotton mitts with just as much, if not more, protection than traditional mitts. Further, gripping items is far easier as you can really get a grip when comparing to normal cloths. The deluxe silicone oven mitt, for example, has a poly-cotton blend for a sleeve for maximum comfort but a strong, textured, silicone mitt. It allows your to handle hot materials with ease, even on the grill!

    Promotional Neoprene Oven Mitts

    Our neoprene oven mitts use the latest technology to create a fantastic cooking safety product! Neoprene is well known for its heat and fire resistant qualities. In fact, our extra long neoprene oven mitt can withstand heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit! The extra long sleeve makes it perfect for grilling and fits most!

    The most important part of your chosen promotion is the imprint. Whether you’re looking to promote your business, a product, or an event, the design you create is the “Wow!” factor you look to generate in order to get the attention you seek. We offer several different custom business logo imprinting options, and we’ll share those with you now.

    Screen Printing

    While many screen printed logos are one color, they certainly don’t have to be. Many of our business promotional products offer single and multi-color screen printed logos. The screen printing process works by cutting a stencil of the desired logo within a screen. This screen is then held over the product to be decorated and each color of ink is poured through one by one, as only one color can be put through any one screen. Therefore, multiple colors require multiple stencils.

    Full-Color logo imprinting also goes by the names of Full-Color Processing, Photographic Reproduction, 4-Color Processing, and a nearly endless list of company copyrighted terms. It uses a heat transfer process through which multiple colors can be applied to an item at the same time. It also permits for very bold and strongly contrasting colors.

    Pad Printing

    Pad printing is often used on hard-to-print objects. These can be items that are oddly shaped, have heavily textured surfaces, or those that require extra fine details. It’s a process that is frequently used on our custom neoprene grilling gloves & custom neoprene oven mitts. This process consists of a metal plate being engraved with a specific design and then being coated in ink. After this, a soft pad, usually made of silicone, is pressed against the metal plate, taking on the custom imprint. Then, the pad is pressed to the item being decorated. Once it’s dry, it’s ready to go.

    Transfer Printing

    Transfer printing is unique in that it is one of the few printing processes in which heat is used for setting an image at the very end of the process, rather than at various times throughout it. Once a design has been created, it’s printed on special transfer paper. The paper and the image it carries is pressed against the promotional item being decorated by way of a heat press. When the image has been successfully imprinted, the press is lifted and the image is allowed to cool.

    Dye Sublimation

    We also offer a dye sublimated oven mitt that will ensure that your logo is seen by all! Dye sublimation is used in creating full-bleed designs on our business promotional items. Sublimation is actually a scientific term that refers to an item going directly from being solid to gas, without the usual liquid phase occurring in between. This is precisely what happens with the dyes that are used in this process, which is made possible through the very high levels of heat utilized by customized heat transfer printers.

    Custom Oven Mitt & Custom Pot Holder Features

    Our custom promotional pot holders & promotional business logo imprinted oven mitts come in many styles and varieties. Each different feature has its own purpose and benefits. Read on and gain a deeper knowledge of what features our promotional oven mitts & pot holders possess and what they can do for you.

    Hanging Loops

    There is a feature that nearly every promotional oven mitt & pot holder has - that classic hanging loop. Classic as it may be, they still have a few different names. They’re also referred to as hanging tabs and sometimes even hanging hooks, even though the hook is what they’re hung on, not what they actually are. Whether you are using these as a marketing product in display homes and new renovations, or you just want your brand seen daily in local homes, hanging loops make display and storage easy.

    Promotional Pot Holders with Pockets

    Another feature that is primarily seen on our custom pot holders (but sometimes on our personalized oven mitts as well) is an external pocket. External pockets are perfect for storing useful items, such as our business logo imprinted bottle openers and meat thermometers. Many of these pockets are also ideal for using oven mitts as pot holders. These two-in-one promotional pot holders & oven mitts double your promotional power!

    Promotional Oven Mitts with Silicone Palms & Gripping Stripes

    One last feature is the palm of the commercial oven mitts. Some have a quilted palm to increase gripping ability while limited heat transfer to your hand, as seen in our cotton twill pot holders. We also have promotional oven mitts with silicone grips. Some of these consist of oven mitts with silicone palm and thumb grips, while others feature criss-cross silicone stripes for superior control & burn protection. These gloves provide maximum grip when securing hot dinnerware and cooking tools.

    Promotional Magnetic Pot Holders & Promotional Magnetic Oven Mitts

    For the ultimate in convenience, we offer custom logo imprinted magnetic pot holders and company branded magnetic oven mitts. This feature really comes in handy when you have to frequently switch between pot holders and oven mitts, or if you just have to take them on and off a lot. Instead of having to continually put them into a drawer and fish them out again, these magnetic versions can cling to your refrigerator for easy access.

    Promotional Ambidextrous Oven Mitts

    Our promotional ambidextrous grilling mitts and oven gloves are just what their name would imply. That is, they can be worn on either hand without needing any major adjustments. Lefty cooks and grill masters will be love these custom cooking accessories.