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Where Can I Buy Personalized Corporate Pens?

We offer a wide selection of the best brands of promotional pens, including personalized Cross pens (opens in a new window), discount promotional Hub pens (opens in a new window), custom stylus pens, Bic Clic Stic pen models, and much more. In addition to all of the great brands of these promotional items listed above, we also offer a nearly endless supply of different customized ink pen categories, color options, sizes, shapes, and functions. Scroll down past our product images, and we'll treat you to a comprehensive guide to our promotional writing instruments. Read it all or select your specific item of interest from the menu and be empowered to shop and buy the best custom pens to make your promotional dreams a reality!


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At 4AllPromos, we understand how vital it is to find only the best promotional products and personalized corporate gifts at a low cost. Even though more people every day are writing less and typing more, there will always be a big place in the world for pens. That's why our custom pens are some of our most popular personalized branding products and are arguably the category that offers the most diversity.

Whether you're looking for discount image imprinted pens, personalized laser engraved pens, premium personalized pens, or the best promotional corporate writing sets, we have everything you could ever need. Remember that color options abound, so you can buy pens with your organization name in black, white, pink, blue, red, purple, green, yellow, and more.

Read on and examine the following section, which is a comprehensive summary of our different varieties of bulk personalized pens and luxury corporate pen gifts. Knowledge is power, and the knowledge you'll glean from our little guide will empower you to make the best choice for your promotional needs. Have questions? Call, email, or message us for assistance.

Pens in Bulk for Advertising

What is the Difference Between Ballpoint Pens and Rollerball Pens?

  1. Ballpoints use a thick oil-based ink, whereas rollerball fluid is fully liquid.
  2. Ballpoints typically offer extended longevity as compared to rollerballs.
  3. Rollerball pens handle more smoothly while writing than ballpoint pens. Their feel is almost reminiscent of fountain pens.
  4. Ballpoints have caps to avoid staining other items, but rollerball pens need caps in order to prevent them from drying out.
  5. Ballpoints are generally cheaper than rollerballs, but the latter tends to be preferred in more formal situations

Wholesale Ballpoint Pens

  • Durable yet highly affordable
  • Excellent for promoting your brand at trade shows and other events
  • Many types available - help your business shine

Custom Brand Image Rollerball Pens

  • Write smoothly and consistently
  • An easy favorite for your customers, providing daily exposure to your brand

Personalized Fountain Pens

  • Add a touch of class to everyday writing
  • Can be engraved with your logo, associating your brand with luxury
  • Make a great retirement present

Promotional Gel Pens

  • Wide selection lets you get exactly what you want
  • Available in multiple ink colors
  • One of our best sellers

Fine Fiber Point Pens

  • Great for artists
  • Multiple colors mean every creative can find exactly what they want
  • Stunning promo choice for art stores, schools, and fine arts colleges

Highlighters and Permanent Markers

College students deserve some love too! These hardworking youths need implements that are just as committed. Highlighters are a must on every college student's shopping list, and they will see your logo every time they emphasize something on their paper outlines. Permanent markets are also incredibly helpful for marking belongings so that they don't get mixed up in a hectic dorm. These thoughtful promotional items will really help highlight your business to bookworms everywhere - and you may just build a customer relationship that lasts for years.

Custom Logo Imprinted Highlighters (opens in a new window)

  • Help important parts of a text stand out
  • Don't fade or bleed
  • Come in far more colors than the traditional yellow, orange, or pink
  • Great for bookstores, student centers, and dorms

Dual Use Custom Highlighter Pen Combos (opens in a new window)

  • Wonderful for students on the go
  • One side highlights and the other writes
  • Excellent for office supply outlets or to include in a goodie bag for freshmen

Image Imprinted Permanent Markers

  • Strong, bold color that won't fade
  • Thick tip makes a powerful impression
  • Useful for college students, contractors, and anyone who needs a long-lasting label

Different Kinds of Personalized Pens

There are so many different types of these promotional items that it would be impossible to name them all. While the preceding section focused primarily on the tips and ultimate writing areas of each pen, this section is going to take a look at the different functions and body styles of our wholesale promotional items.

There are three types that we'll discuss in brief; each of them can be found in the ballpoint, gel, and rollerball varieties. Click pens work by depressing an exterior mechanism, usually at the end of the pen, which activates an interior spring that pulls the tip back inside of the barrel. Twist pens require you to twist the barrel of the pen to reveal or conceal your writing instrument. Lastly, we've got the capped options, which are excellent if you want to add a bit of pizzazz to your promos. With our many options, be sure to use the filter at the side of the page to find exactly what you want.

Promotional Click Pens

  • A mainstay of any promotional strategy for organizations of all types
  • Satisfying click
  • Huge assortment of colors: blue, black, red, silver, and more
  • A number of materials available as well

Personalized Twist Pens

  • Twist a portion of the barrel to reveal the tip
  • Easy to access when needed and to store when not
  • Convenient and budget-friendly choice

Wholesale Pull Cap Pens

  • A variety of types, including fun and novelty options
  • The removable cap ensures they will never leak in your purse or pocket
  • Won't dry out if properly capped
  • Low price makes them highly affordable for teams of all types

Customized Stick Pens

  • Supreme discount choice
  • Thin body with ballpoint tip
  • Order in large quantities to have some on hand at all times
  • Great for any organization
  • Discounts for bulk orders

Personalized Stylus Pens

  • Soft point is great for writing or typing on touchscreens
  • Ideal for tech firms, mobile phone retailers, computer repair companies, web design firms, and other tech organizations
  • A variety of image-imprinted products available

What are the Different Materials for Promotional Writing Tools?

Everyone has different tastes and styles: that's why you'll want to make sure you offer your clients and coworkers the right type of tool to fit their wants and needs. We offer promotional writing implements in plastic, wood, metal, and gold-filled metal to fit any taste or occasion.

Cheap Plastic Business Pens in bulk

  • Excellent when you need pens in bulk
  • Blue or black ink available
  • Can ship in only a few days

Metallic Pens

  • Solid, durable, and attractive
  • Chrome is the most common, but other options are available
  • Great gift for those standout employees who always deliver results

Wooden Pens

  • Natural wood is pleasing to the hands and eyes
  • Come in a number of different shapes
  • Choose from novelty options and dignified executive ranges

Gold Filled Pens

  • Timeless style that doesn't fade
  • Black or blue ink available
  • Can handle a great deal of wear and tear
  • The ultimate choice for a special retirement present

Unique Promotional Pens - Discount, Premium & More

Everyone has a different budget to work with and different promotional goals. Your organization may do very well by offering cheap promotion pen giveaways. Alternatively, you may want to recognize a select few or target a very discriminating crowd, in which case, you'd want to go with our premium luxury personalized pens.

Other times, it's a happy medium that will work best in reaching promotional goals. The next few paragraphs will explore our different promotion pen persuasions, running the gamut from economic to elegant.

Cheap Personalized Pens with Logo Imprints

  • Write well and at a low prices
  • Buy in bulk to have plenty on hand for events of all kinds
  • Work great for many situations, including trade shows, schools, office supply stores, and supermarkets

Mid-Range Promotion Pens

  • Great middle-of-the-road option for a variety of situations
  • Soft grip and imitation metal finish will create a sense of class at a much cheaper price
  • Good for smaller events

Personalized Executive Pens

  • Refined and personalized
  • Draw smoothly and clearly
  • Resist smudges and fading
  • Excellent for corporate retreats and high-status clients

Premium Promotional Corporate Pens

  • When only the best of the best will do
  • Broad range of substances, shapes, and colors
  • Low minimum orders
  • Can be purchased on their own or as part of a writing set

Promotional Novelty Pens

Your staff and associates can all have a little bit of fun when you buy our funny personalized pens in bulk. These novelty options make great promotional products; they also work wonders in brightening up a dull cubicle or making the process of filling out forms a little less daunting.

We offer a grand assortment of cheeky custom pens, with these being some of our favorite picks! There are many additional styles of discount novelty pens for promotional giveaways (opens in a new window); feel free to reach out if you don't see what you're looking for listed here.

Personalized MopTopper™ Pens (opens in a new window)

  • Friendly face is a hit with children
  • Microfiber hair also cleans phone screens

Personalized Pull-Out Ad Pens (opens in a new window)

  • Roll out a promotional banner to display your most convincing message
  • Good for trade shows, industry events, and door-to-door sales

Custom Animal Shaped Pens (opens in a new window)

  • Cheerful characters in sturdy plastic
  • Calm kids at a doctor's office or dentist

Promotional Bone Shaped Pens (opens in a new window)

  • Excellent for spine clinics, chiropractic offices, or hospitals
  • Works great for Halloween too!
  • Ergonomic and economical

Wholesale Mood Color Changing Pens (opens in a new window)

  • Change colors with the application of body heat
  • A perennial favorite with tweens and children
  • Great for party stores or as a prize at a school festival

Bulk Pinwheel Pens

  • The reliability of a ballpoint with the whimsy of a desk toy
  • A unique way to promote a renewable energy business or garden center

Business Logo Imprinted Lipstick Pens (opens in a new window)

  • Functional and feminine with a pleasing shape
  • Come in a number of cap colors to represent different lipsticks
  • Great for cosmetics companies and boutiques

Bulk Cannabis Pens (opens in a new window)

  • Upscale your dispensary business with this highly aesthetic promo
  • Mock aluminum finish adds a professional touch
  • The cannabis leaf at the top is a squeezable stress toy too!

Custom Stress Toy Pens (opens in a new window)

  • Give your clients a break with these relaxing tools
  • A satisfying squish and superior writing quality

Bulk Fork Pens (opens in a new window)

  • Appetizing option for catering companies and restaurants
  • Can actually work as a fork too!
  • Ballpoint cleverly hidden in the body of the implement

Unique Custom Pens - Promotional Multi Function Pens

Everyone loves getting more bang for their buck, and that's just what will happen when you buy our multi-function promotions for businesses. We have all of the promotional multi-use writing implements to get any job done; take a gander at our logo imprint options to decide what will work best for your team.

Custom Screwdriver Pens (opens in a new window)

  • Wonderful for hardware stores, office supply retailers, carpenters, and general contractors
  • Never be without a screwdriver again! Incredibly convenient

Promotional Flashlight Pens

  • Classy and convenient all in one
  • Includes a lanyard for added comfort
  • Ballpoint is hidden in the flashlight, so you don't need a cap
  • Good for any client that works with their hands or outdoors

Wholesale Keychain Custom Pens

  • Wonderful promo products at corporate events or impulse items in stores
  • Incredibly convenient and functional
  • Help customers stay organized while promoting your brand

Discount Carabiner Pens

  • A wide variety of practical applications
  • Can hook onto nearly anything
  • Associates your company with reliability and utility

Promotional Multi-Tool Pens

Custom Pen Gifts

The final area we'll touch upon in this promotion primer is our customized pen gifts and wholesale writing gift sets. These are products with low minimum order quantities that allow extensive personalization when you want to recognize the achievements of dedicated employees or those who are celebrating significant life events and milestones.

Just a few examples of possible gifting options would be for retirements, new hires, and new parents. If you're not sure what would work best, feel free to ask! We're happy to advise you.

Custom Engraved Pens

  • Go the extra mile for executives, partners, and business associates
  • Laser imprint will not fade or blur
  • Will outlast countless cheap pens

Personalized Writing Set Gifts

  • Large variety of different sets to choose from, some with journals
  • Personalized engraved image
  • Include a classy presentation box
  • Lovely for luxury hotels, souvenir shops, and boutiques

Corporate Pen & Pencil Gift Sets

  • Classy corporate present
  • Many offer multiple writing instruments
  • Mix and match to create an impressive corporate giveaway  

Promotional Stylus Pen Corporate Giveaways

  • Cream of the crop for corporate tech gifts
  • Pinnacle of useful and hip tech events
  • One end for writing, the other for typing
  • Compatible with iPhones, Androids, and most other touchscreen devices

Customized Key Ring & Pen Gift Sets

  • Offer variety and elegance in a single package
  • Great investment for high-end salons, hotels, boutiques, and spas
  • Custom logo engraving that will last for years

Personalized Journal & Corporate Gifts

  • Classy faux leather cover
  • 80 ruled pages for plenty of writing
  • A wonderful option for a raffle prize or charity auction

Unique Personalized Individual Pens

Some may think that handing out a single item as a giveaway is a little stingy, but this couldn't be further from the truth - at least when you're talking about our premium individual personalized Rosewood pens (opens in a new window) and our beautiful individual maple ballpoint pens with logo engraving (opens in a new window). Call us to learn more about our many options for personalized pens that will leave a powerful impression on any lucky recipient.with logo engraving.