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Promotional Medical Marijuana Products & Wholesale Dispensary Accessories

Buy promotional marijuana items in bulk for your dispensary or clinic from 4AllPromos and save! We offer many personalized medical marijuana dispensary accessories, including custom printed rolling papers, fun personalized marijuana stress toys, durable discreet medicinal marijuana containers, customized cannabis pens, and many other promotional marijuana products, intended for legal use by dispensaries, doctors & clinics.

Promotional Cannabis Items for Dispensaries & Cheap Medical Marijuana Accessories

If you're asking, "Where can you buy promotional medical marijuana products?" you've found your answer in 4AllPromos. It might at first seem surprising to see promotional marijuana supplies being sold on a business promotional products site. However, there are many people who believe in the benefits of medicinal marijuana, and we're here to help legal vendors find the best possible wholesale cannabis items for their dispensaries & clinics. If buying custom logo imprinted medical cannabis items & personalized cannabis swag in bulk is what best fits your dispensary's branding needs, you've come to the right place.

With that being said, we'd like to again stress that our promotional medical marijuana supplies are meant for legal medical usage and that we in no way endorse illegal drug use. All of our non-medically related items in this category contain no actual cannabis and are meant for promotional purposes. Examples include our custom logo cannabis pens, personalized cannabis leaf stress toys, and promotional marijuana leaf keychains.

Read on to learn more about the wide variety of different promotional medical cannabis supplies available at 4AllPromos.

  • Promotional Medical Marijuana Containers
  • Wholesale Cannabis Pens & Custom Novelty Marijuana Swag
  • Custom Imprinted Rolling Papers for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
  • Different Types of Promotional Medicinal Marijuana Grinders
  • Promotional Marijuana Accessories for Dispensaries and Clinics

  • Promotional Medical Marijuana Containers

    With the medical marijuana industry being relatively new, both dispensaries and the customers they serve may have questions about what the best container options might be. We're here to help you with that. In the following paragraphs, we'll address the best promotional marijuana containers for dispensaries and quickly explain the features and benefits of each one.

    What is a Fluid Dram?

    A fluid dram is equal to 1/8 of a fluid ounce, which in metric, would be measured as 3.7 ml. This is a term you'll see when it comes to describing the capacities of some of our wholesale medical marijuana supplies and containers.

    Our promotional platinum cured silicone concentrate containers are the best medicinal marijuana containers for oils and waxes. They have excellent temperature retention qualities and are able to withstand extreme levels of heat and cold. They're also highly durable and due to their non-stick coating, are perfect for handling viscous substances and are easy to clean. They're cheap yet handy wholesale cannabis items, perfect for giveaways.

    Wholesale Marijuana Flip-Top Bottles

    Buy cheap flip-top marijuana bottles in bulk for your clinic or dispensary and enjoy providing your customers with a promotional product they'll use on a daily basis. When custom imprinted with your dispensary's logo, these become cheap promotional items that can go a long way in establishing relationships and reputations.

    Personalized Childproof Cannabis Storage Containers

    Child safety is very important to us and we're sure it's something that you value greatly as well. That's why we provide promotional childproof medical marijuana storage containers. These dispensary logo imprinted tube shaped cannabis containers are built solidly so that their contents are only used by those who need them and that they're kept out of little hands. Our custom silicone concentrate containers are ideal promotional giveaways for medical marijuana dispensaries.

    Promotional Discreet Medical Marijuana Containers

    With the legalization of medicinal marijuana still being a new state of affairs through much of the United States, some patients may feel a bit uncomfortable when transporting their prescribed doses in public. For this reason, we offer several discreet medicinal cannabis packaging containers for any dispensary, doctor, or authorized grower who wants to help their patients receive their supplies inconspicuously. We have many models of personalized marijuana storage containers that are small enough to easily fit in a pocket or purse, while still being large enough to accommodate all prescribed dosages.

    Wholesale Cannabis Pens & Custom Novelty Marijuana Swag

    Some of our promotional marijuana products don't contain any actual marijuana at all! Such is the case with many of our cannabis accessories and novelty marijuana swag items. We'll introduce a few of those to you now.

    One of the most popular varieties of our cannabis-free marijuana promotional products are our wholesale marijuana themed pens. Whether you operate a medical marijuana dispensary or your business is one that fully believes and supports the legalization of medical marijuana, these pens are a great way of getting your message out to the public and having your brand name remembered. This category encompasses typical ballpoint pens as well as novelty cannabis pens topped with stress toys.

    Promotional Marijuana Stress Relief Toys

    Our personalized stress toys are a big hit, and that's why they're so well represented among so many of our diverse promotional product categories. Our medical cannabis promotional product offerings aren't excluded from this trend. We offer fun and relaxing custom imprinted cannabis leaf squeeze stress toys for businesses such as licensed medical marijuana dispensaries & clinics. They're an excellent way to help customers to relax and to build emotional bonds with your organization.

    Custom Imprinted Rolling Papers for Marijuana Dispensaries

    Many dispensaries and clinics may find that their patients prefer to do their own rolling & assembly when using medicinal marijuana. With this in mind, we offer three different varieties of logo imprinted rolling papers to suit the unique needs and preferences of all patients.

    One of the different styles of rolling papers we offer is the bleached variety. Our personalized bleached rolling papers are made from wood pulp paper and feature a bright white color. Patients who need a more controlled and even burn will find this to be a good fit.

    Another rolling paper variety you can buy in bulk from our site falls into the category of wholesale unrefined rolling papers. Also known as unbleached rolling papers, these are typically used by patients who have an intolerance to the taste/smell that bleached rolling paper can have. This style also has arabic gum to help the papers to stay together after rolling.

    Wholesale Hemp Rolling Papers

    Another kind of rolling paper we offer is of the hemp variety. Our promotional hemp rolling papers for dispensaries have a rougher surface than most other kinds and this makes them easier to grip and manipulate. They're the most natural variety, without the amount of additional chemicals found in other styles.

    Different Types of Promotional Medical Marijuana Grinders

    For various reasons, some patients prefer to break up buds into a more flake-like size and consistency. This is achieved through the use of items called grinders. We offer two styles of wholesale medical marijuana grinders for dispensaries and clinics.

    Customized Medical Marijuana Grinders

    One style of grinder available on our site would is our company logo imprinted lightweight plastic grinders. These are easy for patients to store, transport, and operate. They're especially helpful for users who wish perform their own rolling and for dispensaries who receive requests to break up buds before selling to familiar patients.

    Personalized Grinder Cards

    A promotional medical marijuana product that takes a different approach toward grinding is our custom stainless steel grinder card. This is an item that allows for fast and efficient grating, though it doesn't need to be used for marijuana - it is useful for many purposes around the kitchen as well.

    Promotional Marijuana Supplies for Dispensaries and Clinics

    The last area we'll touch upon in this guide to our promotional medicinal marijuana products is the general cannabis accessory family. These are the various odds and ends that are excellent promotional products for marijuana dispensaries. They're able to promote brands while also making the lives of patients easier in the process. Some of these items would include our promotional medical marijuana rolling trays, general purpose promotional dispensary butane lighters & personalized ash trays, as well as our customized stress toy marijuana leaf key tags.