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If you're searching for where to buy all of the best promotional stainless steel water bottle brands, your search ends at 4AllPromos. Read through the following sections to learn more about the different types of metal water bottles for sale on our site.

As an interesting side note, did you know that stainless steel was discovered by accident? Believe it or not, it's true. To learn more about this and other mistakes that made millions, you can take a spin through our blog post about the 13 Best Accidental Innovations.

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Promotional Stainless Steel Water Bottles & Custom Aluminum Water Bottles

When you want your logo printed on a metal sports bottle at the guaranteed lowest price, 4AllPromos is the place to go. While this page mostly focuses on our personalized stainless steel water bottles, we also offer personalized aluminum sport & bike bottles, imprinted double wall insulated bottles with copper lining, and many more types of custom metal water bottles.

Wondering where to order wholesale stainless bottles wholesale or for low minimum quantities? 4AllPromos is your answer. We sell a broad menagerie of personalized stainless steel water bottles at prices to fit any budget. 

The majority of our models for sale are constructed from 18/8 grade (also known as 304 grade or 304 type) stainless steel. 18/8 grade steel is extra durable yet also very lightweight. They make for great promotional items for businesses because of their rugged construction, portability, compact shape, and long life. It's very unlikely that you'll ever need to replace any of our custom 18/8 stainless grade stainless steel water bottles

Many of our high quality yet low price custom metal water bottles are made out of aluminum. It's not quite as strong and durable as stainless steel, but it is more lightweight. They have a thin inner coating of enamel or epoxy, as it prevents the acidic content of liquids from eating away at the walls and thus will promote superior longevity. 

Many of them are highly eco-friendly, being made of fully recyclable materials. All of them are reusable. This leads to less reliance on plastic materials as well as less pollution in the form of discarded one-time-only use styles. Our promotional aluminum water bottles provide an excellent way of spreading awareness of your business, event, charity, team, or school. They are among the best choices for bicyclists, runners, hikers, and other active people on the go. They also pair nicely for sale with our custom glass water bottles.

BPA is an abbreviation for Bisphenol A, a chemical compound that is often an ingredient in the epoxy layers of aluminum bottles. Some studies have suggested that BPA exposure can lead to high blood pressure and negative effects to the brain including behavior disorders, especially in fetuses, infants, and growing children. Therefore, you can imagine why our wholesale BPA free stainless steel water bottles are handy both for promoting your brand and giving users peace of mind. They're also reusable, allowing them to be kept in use for years in perfect condition.

If you're looking to build your brand while on a tight budget, it would logically follow that cheap promotional metal water bottles, printed with your branding, would be a great investment. They'll allow your business to break into the scene without breaking the bank.

A carabiner is a metal device with a D-like shape that has a spring-loaded gate. When pressed upon, the gate opens and allows the carabiner to be clipped on to another device. Our wholesale customized stainless steel water bottles with carabiners can be clipped on to most anything, allowing for hands-free carrying. A carabiner will typically be attached to the lid by way of a split metal ring or a nylon strap.

Custom Insulated Water Bottles

A lot of different terms are used for insulated bottles, which are among our best-selling promotional products and a perfect match for many users' needs. Hot and cold, thermal, double wall, vacuum insulation, temperature control, and heat retention are all prefixes you'll often find in descriptions. 

Essentially, one stainless container is placed inside of another larger one. The two containers are fused together at the top, with the air having been evacuated from the space between them. This creates a vacuum effect which prevents the environment outside of the bottle from changing the temperature of the inner contents. 

Although very effective, the effect doesn't last forever, regardless of construction quality. The company logo branded double wall vacuum insulated water bottles for sale on our site generally are able to retain high inner temperatures for between 6 and 12 hours and cold inner temperatures between 24 and 48 hours.

By applying copper plating to the inner container, maximum protection is provided about the small amount of heat transfer that is capable of occurring in the vacuumed space. This is possible because copper has the ability to block and reflect thermal radiation. It prevents external heat from getting into the inner chamber and internal heat from leaving it.

This style is great for anyone who has a cold beverage without access to a refrigerator, or for keeping hot liquids at prime temperatures for long periods of time. If users are bringing soup or hot coffee to work, our bulk copper lined insulated bottles will keep it hot and delicious for hours. They're ideal for people who work outdoors, campers, hikers, athletes, or anyone else who needs to keep a hot beverage hot or a cold beverage cold.

Wholesale Stainless Steel Water Bottle Gifts

When you really want to congratulate a job well done or show appreciation to your most loyal customers, personalized stainless steel water bottle gift sets are always a good way to go. We offer many different custom metal bottle gift packages to choose from, all of which ideal for thanking customers and employees.

Bulk Stainless Steel Bottle Closure Styles

On this page, you'll see models for sale with several different types of lids and closures. Some will have both a lid and a closure and in some cases, the lid and closure are one and the same. In the next five paragraphs, we'll get a little more specific on these details.

One example of lids and closures being the same comes in the form of our promotional water bottles with flip top closures. A hinged cap snaps down to close the bottle, and to open it, all one needs to do is flip it back up again. We have a broad variety of promotional flip top stainless steel water bottles in both large & small purchase quantities for you to check through at your convenience.

A lid and closure are also the same in our branded wholesale stainless steel water bottles with screw-on lids. As their names would imply, they're topped with caps that are screwed on over a stainless steel threaded neck, a design that helps to ensure safety against spillage. A screw down cap screws downward into internal threading in the neck, and usually features a finger loop. A finger loop exists when a closed arch is added to the top of a lid/closure and is designed for fingers to fit through it for easy carrying.

Finger loops aren't the only way for providing an easy carrying experience. We stock several different types of wholesale stainless steel water bottles with carrying handles attached to either their lids or sides. These make it even easier for users to show off your branding over town and beyond.

We offer multiple models of custom metal water bottles with push-pull closure, some of which have additional lid coverage. Essentially, a cylindrical spout can be pulled upward for drinking access, and then pushed back down to securely close

When you're targeting a demographic that is always in motion and leading an active lifestyle, metal bottles with straws are always a sound investment. They allow quick and easy drinking access for athletes looking to quickly hydrate during time-outs or halftime breaks, as well as a handy way for cyclists to sip their beverages with a minimum of difficulty. Conversely, they can also be a good choice when marketing toward users who aren't able to get around so well. 

If someone is injured or is dealing with physical impairments, drinking via straws is often the safest and easiest option. As a result, our bulk straw lid water bottles make useful promotional products for schools, sports teams, sporting goods shops, hospitals, physical therapy clinics, pharmacies, convalescent homes, and more.

Custom logo printed & engraved swing top growlers are items that you'll come across while searching our site. A swing top closure is attached to the neck of a bottle by way of a D-ring, which is a hinged apparatus that moves the lid up and down in a swing-like motion. Swing tops are ideal for beverages that are carbonated, as they allow for repeated opening and closure without the loss of carbonation that a screw on cap/lid would cause.

Create Your Own Stainless Steel Bottle

There are many different imprinting and engraving methods out there that can be employed to make a promotional product uniquely "you". Whether screen printed, full color printed, engraved, or decorated by way of digital direct imprinting, your design will always look amazing. 

Design your own screen printed metal water bottles and you'll save money while building brand awareness. Screen printing involves the use of a frame or screen into which patterns are cut and different hues of ink are poured through onto an item. While it's a good way to save money, this process can be more time consuming than many others, as a different screen is needed for each color. However, it can still be relatively speedy for creating single color designs. Check out our many options today!

For a faster and more colorful look in your imprints, full color printing, also known as 4-color process printing, is a prime option. Our personalized stainless steel water bottles with full color logo designs feature vibrant colors throughout the spectrum. While often more expensive than screen printed items, their shorter production times can sometimes make them a superior option.

Laser engraving is a helpful decoration option when your goal is to create a promotional product with a graphic that will last for years and that users will love for a lifetime. Available both when buying in large numbers or for items with low minimum order quantities, laser engraving is a highly popular method. Our personalized laser engraved stainless steel water bottles, striking custom engraved aluminum sports bottles, and promotional laser engraved beer growlers all make excellent corporate promotional gift ideas.