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4AllPromos is your #1 destination for the best promotional stadium cups! Browse our collection of custom fluted stadium cups, keepsake promotional souvenir stadium cups, eco-friendly bulk reusable plastic party cups, unique personalized frosted plastic stadium cups, wholesale cheap promotional glowing stadium cups and much more!

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At 4AllPromos, you'll find a vast selection of the best custom stadium cups the industry has to offer. Promoting on a budget? Try our cheap promo stadium cups for events! Try to stay eco-friendly? Take a spin through our collection of reusable and recycled stadium cups! In addition the two categories just mentioned, we also offer customizable fluted stadium cups, personalized sports stadium cups, promotional novelty stadium cups, bulk frosted plastic cups, light-up promotional plastic drinkware, and much more. Read through the following sections to learn more about our bulk stadium cups & be empowered to pick the best styles to fit your promotional needs!

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Different Styles of Customized Stadium Cups

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Different Styles of Customized Stadium Cups


We offer many different styles of personalized stadium cups for businesses, sports teams, and charities. Deciding which is the best fit for your promotional needs will be driven by a variety of factors. We ask that you read the following descriptions to get a quick sense of what makes each stadium cup style unique from the others.

Promotional Stadium Cups with Lids and Straws

Our bulk straw lid stadium cups are highly popular for use by athletes and as promotional giveaway items for sports teams. Their name pretty well sums up what they are. Essentially, these are customizable stadium cups that come with a straw and lid. Some feature curved straws while others have flexible straws. They're great for quick and easy drinking as well as spill resistance.

Personalized Fluted Stadium Cups

If you prefer a cup with a ridged, ribbed sort of exterior, then fluted cups will be right up your alley. Our company logo branded fluted plastic stadium cups feature the type of texture described in the previous sentence. In addition to aesthetic tastes, the grooves help the cups to conform to users' hands for a more secure grip.

Custom Reusable Stadium Cups

Any promotional product that can be used multiple times has the power to make multiple advertising impressions with superior longevity. They also help to reduce environmental waste, making a positive statement about your company's Earth-friendly corporate culture. One product group that serves as a perfect example is our collection of wholesale reusable party cups. When handed out as giveaway items or sold in gift shops, ball parks, or gyms, our promotional reusable stadium cups offer an impressive return on investment.

Bulk Recycled Stadium Cups at Wholesale Prices

The reusable stadium cups in the above paragraph get into the reduce & reuse part of the 3 Rs of environmental responsibility. Now it's time for the third R, which is recycling. Naturally, this concerns our custom eco-friendly recycled stadium cups. Made from recycled materials (and recyclable again in their own right), these make great giveaways for nature centers, parks, recycling plants & any other entity looking to go green.


Cheap Custom Plastic Stadium Cups

When promoting to a large audience, it becomes important to watch spending and not overspend. That's why our affordable plastic stadium cups with logo imprints are so popular as giveaways for sports teams, charities, and large public events. They just go to show that you don't have to break the bank to make bank.

There's a certain level of both novelty and comfort when it comes to drinking from a transparent glass or cup. It allows one to monitor their intake, as well as spotting any items that may have accidentally fallen in while a drink was being served. Additionally, they're great for showing off that you're not trying to shortchange customers by giving them drinks that are 90% ice. Our clear stadium cups and other promotional transparent stadium cups


Frosted stadium cups present a style that's sleek and smooth. They're translucent without being fully transparent and are a popular style with all audiences. We carry many different types of customized frosted plastic cups that will be a hit at your next trade show, event, or company party.

Our custom insulated stadium cups feature double wall construction, allowing them to keep beverages refreshing and cool. They're excellent promotional giveaway items for marathons, triathlons, and any other outdoor event taking place in warm weather.

Cheap Wholesale Paper Stadium Cups

Cheap, affordable, and available in large bulk orders, our promotional inexpensive paper stadium cups are perfect for keeping athletes and spectators properly hydrated. They're broken up into two groups, with one being our wholesale cold paper stadium cups and the other being our bulk hot paper stadium cups. The latter are designed to allow users to hold warm drinks without burning their hands. Invest in both for promotional coverage all year round!

Promotional Pill Holder Plastic Stadium Cups

If you're looking for the perfect promotional item for pharmacies, hospitals, medical facilities, or senior-based organizations, your quest ends here. Our company logo branded stadium cups with pill holders are unique promotional giveaway items that can bring an added sense of security to any event. Providing such an item is a great tool for kindling emotional bonds with the public. Each contains a pill holder within an easy to remove cap.

Nothing piece of personalized drinkware will impress the high rollers quite as much as our promotional casino cups. Casino cups have somewhat of a wide, squat form, as they were once used to hold quarters at slot machines. While those days are gone, casino cups still remain highly popular for serving drinks at casinos and resorts. They also serve as hot-selling souvenir items.

Fun Novelty Stadium Cup Giveaways

When you give the public a laugh, smile, or pull them into a double take, your advertising dollars are sure to stretch further and provide a greater ROI. It never hurts to have a little fun while doing business, and the customizable stadium cups we'll describe in this section will provide ample proof.

Wholesale Confetti Stadium Cups

Both the young and young at heart will have lots of fun with our customizable confetti stadium cups. They start out as white stadium cups, but burst into a slew of bright colors when filled with cold beverages. They're perfect giveaway items for any team that's recently won a championship. They also hit the spot when you wish to congratulate someone for reaching a milestone or a job well done.

Customized Mood Color Changing Stadium Cups


A personalized stadium cup style similar to the one described directly above comes in the form of our customized Mood color changing stadium cups. Each reacts to the coldness of icy drinks and/or the warmth of a user's hand. These wholesale plastic cup giveaways effectively use bold colors to draw eyes to your logo design imprint.

Promotional Light-Up Tumblers

Nobody has ever complained about repeated advertising exposure for a one-time cost. We doubt anyone ever will, because prolonged branding exposure at a low price is a win/win situation for all involved. Such is the case when you buy cheap personalized light-up tumblers at wholesale prices from 4AllPromos. Work with our team of artists to create a fun and unique promotional item that will garner advertising impressions for years to come.

Personalized Skull Shaped Stadium Cups

Looking for a fun promotional Halloween item for your bar or restaurant? Try our personalized skull shaped light-up cups on for size! These bulk LED cups with logo imprints are perfect for after-dark events.

Company Branded Glow in the Dark Stadium Cups

Speaking of items that are best enjoyed when the sun goes down, it's time we introduce you to our cheap glowing stadium cups at wholesale prices. They're perfect giveaway items for nighttime outdoor events, haunted houses, bars, restaurants, and outdoor sporting events.

Custom Plastic Party Cups for Events

Our personalized stadium cups function well in a variety of locations and applications. We'll use the next few paragraphs to tell you a bit about the events for which our stadium cups are the ideal promotional products.

Promotional Stadium Cups for Weddings

Some of our stadium cups perform very well when used as souvenir giveaway items for wedding venues. Our customized novelty champagne and wine glasses fit this bill to a T. They're a fun way to remember a day that will be treasured in the hearts of many for a lifetime.

Customized Stadium Cups for Tailgating

When throwing a tailgate party before or during a big game, having quality drinkware on hand is a must. Our promotional sports stadium cups always deliver when it comes to serving delicious drinks and showing off your company logo the masses.

Wholesale Party Stadium Cups for Birthdays & Bulk Stadium Cups for Corporate Events

Lay the foundation for building brand awareness with our custom logo branded stadium cups for giveaways! These cheap plastic cups, imprinted with your business logo, are ideal for birthdays, holiday parties, team building events, and any other festive occasion.

Branded Stadium Cups for Bars and Restaurants

When it comes to cheap promotional drinkware that doesn't skimp on quality, our logo imprinted stadium glasses will never disappoint. They're ideal for bars, restaurants, diners, lunch counters and all other food & drink vendors

Customized Mason Jar Stadium Cups

While only one of our promotional Mason drinking jars ventures into stadium cup territory, there's no need to worry. Our 27 oz Modern customized Mason jar stadium cups are great for ballgames, especially during special events such as team reunion nights and custom throwback jersey nights.

Promotional Stadium Cup Shot Glasses

A unique promotional giveaway item group presents itself in the form of our promotional stadium cup shot glasses. This category consists of glowing and color changing shot glasses that are fun giveaway items to keep your event & company logo fresh in the minds of users for years to come.

Customized Glowing Martini Glasses

Our unique customized glowing martini glasses are perfect for celebrating the grand opening of a bar or restaurant or putting on an event designed to reel in traffic. These custom logo printed light-up glasses are excellent for use after dark or in lights-out party atmospheres.

Personalized Frosted Plastic Margarita Glasses

Similarly to the light-up martini glasses described in the preceding paragraph, the personalized frosted plastic martini glasses on our site are just made for having fun. Light up the night at your pub or bar with these novelty martini glasses or hand them out as giveaway items for years' worth of advertising impressions.

Wholesale Light-Up Beer Glasses

The last of our custom LED barware items we'll discuss on this page are our wholesale light-up beer glasses. The bar will be hopping with good vibes when these are given out as giveaways. Afterward, they'll create daily marketing impressions when taken home by users to be enjoyed again and again.

Design Your Own Custom Stadium Cups

There are quite a few different ways to go about making a customized stadium glass truly your own. Goals such as affordability, speedy production times, and logo prominence can all be best reached by way of different imprinting processes. The following four paragraphs will detail some of our most commonly used methods. Please remember that whatever method you choose, our team of talented artists is ready, willing, and able to turn your creative logo dreams into a radiant reality!

Cheap Screen Printed Plastic Stadium Cups

When promoting across numerous demographics to quickly spread brand awareness, giveaway items will need to be supplied in bulk. If one isn't careful, this can become quite expensive. However, this need not be the case. Our cheap screen printed plastic stadium cups are a perfect example. These items can be purchased and personalized with your company logo at easily affordable prices.

Customized Full Color Stadium Cups

Looking to shorten production times and expand your logo design's color palette? If so, our customized full color stadium cups are for you. Also known as 4 color process printing, full color logo imprinting is more expensive than screen printing, but produces higher quality images in a shorter timespan.

If you're unfamiliar with offset printing, we'll lay out the details for you. This is a decoration method in which the ink for a design is printed on to a rubber sheet and then pressed up against the item to be decorated. Since the printer doesn't come into direct contact with the item, the decoration is "offset". This method works well when large order quantities are in the picture and high quality, sharp images are desired. You can see this demonstrated quite well in our custom logo promotional stadium cups with offset printing.

Personalized Digital Direct Printed Stadium Cups

The last company logo printing method we'll get into on this page is digital direct printing. This method involves, as its name would imply, printers directly styling objects. It's a good way to go when lower order quantities are needed, particularly when this involves changing small details to fit individual recipients. You can observe the fruits of this style of creative labor when you view our personalized digital direct printed stadium cups.