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Custom tech giveaway items are a sure-fire way to impress the public and potential customers. This is true at trade shows, events, corporate offices, and retail locations. Our custom USB hubs & adapters are a perfect illustration. Find branding success with our customizable USB charging adapters, assorted personalized USB charging hubs, safety-conscious promotional surge protector hubs, fun unique USB hubs & adapters with logos, various branded USB charging cables, cheap wholesale USB charger keychains, and more.

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Buy our custom USB adapters and hubs in bulk and reap the rewards of having the best high-tech giveaway items! People are relying on mobile devices more than ever these days. Few things send people into a panic more quickly than seeing their battery level plummeting toward 0%. Your business can be there to help by way of providing branded mobile charging hubs and adapters, imprinted with your logo. You'll have 4AllPromos to thank when your logo is being flashed in every imaginable setting as users stay powered and stay loyal to your brand.

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Different Types of Custom USB Adapters & Promotional USB Hubs

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Premium Customizable USB Charging Adapters & Hubs

Different Types of Custom USB Adapters & Promotional USB Hubs

Our branded USB adapters and hubs come in a plethora of different designs, shapes, sizes, colors, and functional purposes. Deciding which is the best one to fit your promotional needs can require a bit of research, but the work will be well worth it in the end. We've decided to make the process a bit easier for your business by way of providing descriptions of some of our most prominent styles within the next nine paragraphs.

Wholesale USB Car Adapters

If you want to offer affordable USB power adapters for mobile devices in a form that's great for trade shows and large events, consider investing in our cheap USB car chargers in bulk. Users can plug these into the power outlets in their cars and to give phones, GPS units, MP3 players, and other mobile devices a thorough charge during commutes or leisurely drives. many of them come with dual ports, enabling users to power up more than one item at a time.

Branded USB Charger Keychains

Another of the more affordable USB hub categories you'll see on our site is represented by our wholesale promotional USB hub keychains. These are also great for trade show giveaways and provide another avenue for users to remain armed with a charging tool while on the road. Since most people bring their keys everywhere they go, these items will generate a cavalcade of advertising impressions for your company in a countless variety of settings.

Promotional Multi-Port USB Hubs

People will often be in situations where they need to charge more than one item at a time. This is pretty much the primary idea behind USB hubs. Our custom multi-port USB hubs can contain 2, 3, 4, 5, and sometimes even more ports for plugging devices in to restore battery power. They're highly convenient and are great for both homes and the workplace.

Custom Novelty USB Hubs & Adapters

Do you remember when we mentioned the great degree of variety found in our charging hubs and adapters? One of the areas where you'll notice it most is when viewing our many personalized novelty USB hubs in unique shapes. Stars, robots, sports balls, floppy disks, stick figures, are just a few of the many you'll find. The previous link goes to our robot version, but you'll find many others as you browse through our collection.

Bulk Travel USB Adapters

If you expect your target market to travel to foreign countries, take extended road trips, or go on exciting outdoor excursions, you'll want to provide them with our custom printed USB travel adapters. Whether they're formatted to fit outlets/plugs on different continents, designed for visibility in the dark, or aimed to offer maximum convenience while in transit, these items will satisfy any demographic with a sense of wanderlust.

Our promotional universal power adapters are designed to function all around the world. They have specialized sockets and plugs which enable them to work in different countries and even on different continents. Many parts of Europe, Australia, Asia, and other portions of the globe have different styles of electrical outlets and plugs than what we're used to here in the USA and Canada. These custom universal adapters will erase any worries related to that. They also contain voltage converters, which are important as power outlets in the aforementioned areas tend to run at higher voltage rates than those in Canada and the States. Therefore, even with an adapter that provides compatibility with different outlet types, damage can be done when the higher electric currents enter a device. The voltage converters built into universal power adapters reduce the voltage levels, ensuring a safe flow of electricity that won't overwhelm & break devices.

Personalized Cell Phone Stand USB Charging Hubs

Our wholesale phone stand USB charging hubs offer not only a speedy & efficient way to charge mobile phones, but also a place to store them in the process! With these items, users can simply place their phones on/against the provided holding surfaces for hands free charging. This is highly convenient for when users wish to view videos, engage in virtual meetings, or take hands-free calls while charging up their phones.

Promotional Light-Up USB Hubs

Brighten users' lives with added convenience by way of our custom light-up USB hubs! Available in many sizes and styles, these tech giveaway items can light up a work space, help with visibility outdoors after the sun goes down, and aid in searching for dropped items in dark spaces. As the preceding link will demonstrate, these lights take on many forms and are useful in innumerable situations.

Custom Fast-Charging USB Adapters & Hubs

When users are in a hurry and need full battery capacity on the double, imprinted fast USB chargers with your logo can be there to save the day. Our fast-charging power adapters will have devices running at full capacity in a short period of time, leaving users with your brand to thank.

Custom Printed USB Charging Cables & Accessories

The right accessories can often bring any promotional giveaway or product package up to the next level and win over a potential client. We have many handy custom USB item accessories and top-notch USB charging cables that perfectly complement our hubs and adapters.

Promotional Braided USB Cables

When you buy custom braided USB cables in bulk, your business will be armed with promotional products that offer many benefits to its target audience. Braided cables are often more affordable than their non-braided counterparts. They also offer a buffer against interference from other nearby signals and are durable, being less likely to split and fray than traditional cables.

Cables can be unwieldy at times and nobody wants to lose important time to trying to untangle knotted wires. This is why our promotional USB cable containers are such popular items. They keep cables stored and neatly organized so they don't get lost, tangled, or misplaced. These items also provide a handy way of ensuring that users are never left without charging cables, as their small size makes them easy to store and transport.

Custom Light-Up USB Cables

Much like the light-up hubs and adapters we discussed earlier, our branded light-up charging cables have many practical uses. These items can light up dim spaces, help users avoid stepping on cables in the dark, highlight items that have been dropped on floors, and much more.

Wholesale USB Extension Cables

When items require extra long cords to charge or stay in operation, our promotional USB extension cables are ready to step up and get to work. They can come in handy when users need to operate in areas that are far away from the power outlets that adapters are connected to or when being used for items that need to have extra freedom of movement. With some up to 6 feet in length, these products definitely stand tall among the competition.

Promotional Power Adapters with Multiple Cables

Our multi-USB connector adapters feature multiple cables. This enables them to power a variety of different devices. Type A, Type C, micro USB, and other connectors can be found in many of these products, giving them the versatility to charge iPhones, Androids, and nearly any other mobile device you can name.

Branded USB Charging Cable Kits

Want to offer your customers and target audience a personalized package that takes care of all of their mobile device charging needs? If so, consider investing in some of our promotional USB cable kits. These mobile charger sets come with imprinted packaging that holds together all of the components needed to keep tablets, phones, MP3 players, wireless headphones, and other devices running at all times.

Promotional USB Wall Chargers

Plugging into a sturdy power outlet in a wall or in a charging post is a great way to power up a mobile device while feeling confident and secure. Power adapters and charging banks need to be charged up themselves so that they can pass the juice on to the devices users connect to them. At this point, we'd like to tell you more about some of our custom USB wall chargers and what they can do for your business & its customers.

Personalized USB Chargers with AC Adapters

You'll find many promotional USB chargers with AC adapters when navigating through our offerings. Such items will include the USB cables users need to charge their devices along with an AC adapter they can place into a wall outlet to get the power flowing. Picture a standard cell phone charger setup and you have the basic idea.

Custom USB Hub Night Lights

While night lights can be comforting to children who are overcoming their fear of the dark, that's far from the only benefit they bring to the table. This is especially true when they're combined with other items, such as can be seen with our company logo USB charger night lights. They're ideal for charging phones and other devices while sleeping, but can also light the way when a user needs to get up in the middle of the night. They can also add just the right touch of light to a room when working and assist in the search for items when they roll off of a desk, table, or behind a bed.

Our promotional USB surge protectors and custom Wifi surge protectors help to prevent users' devices from enduring damage caused by sudden voltage spikes. Lightning and other suddenly-striking factors can cause electrical abnormalities which can instantly ruin nearby devices that are plugged in. Our surge protectors ensure that this will not happen, while also providing a place to charge mobile devices and even control connected technology via voice control tools.

Premium Customizable USB Charging Adapters & Hubs

Not all adapters & hubs are created equally. Some truly go above and beyond. Whether this is a factor of their power, peripheral devices, innovative qualities, or durability, some models truly stand out above the rest. Often available in smaller quantities for use as gifts or to really wow important prospective clients, our premium USB hubs and adapters are a sight to behold. We'll tell you a bit more about some of them over the course of the next five paragraphs.

Custom Wireless Charging Pads

Our promotional charging pads offer consumers a way to power up their mobile devices without having to plug them into a port. These work best with modern devices and can allow them to be charged up on the go, even if a cable isn't present. However, the pads themselves must be charged via a cable beforehand. Once they're at full capacity, a mobile phone can have its battery power restored simply by being placed atop the pad.

Promotional USB Hub Multi-Tools

Custom USB multi-tools can do everything from charging mobile devices to cutting seatbelts to serving as flashlights and just about everything in between. We also offer several imprinted bottle opener USB hubs. Any of our multi-tool USB hubs and adapters make for flexible promotional products that can be used to spread awareness for nearly any company in any industry. Meanwhile, they keep users well-supplied and secure, knowing they have the tools to take on whatever life may throw their way. Providing that sense of security is a great way to engage in relationship marketing, building a loyal customer base in the process.

Branded WiFi Smart Plugs

Our custom promotional WiFi smart plugs allow devices to be charged up as well as linked to voice command devices. Tablets, smartphones, and more can be turned off at home, even when users are away by way of a simple vocal prompt.

Personalized Bluetooth Charging Adapters

Another of our premium products in this category can be found in our promotional Bluetooth USB chargers. These items enable older and non-wireless headphones to use modern technology and engage in hands-free calling and more. With these, users can upgrade their headphones without having to buy an entirely new set.

Promotional Solar Chargers with USB Ports

For those who like eco-friendly promotional items that capitalize on the power provided by the sun, we suggest our custom solar USB chargers and personalized solar USB hubs with speakers. These items offer a chance to burn a bit less electricity while using the power sources Mother Nature provides in order to keep devices at peak power and performance. They're especially handy for outdoor workers and for camping trips.