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Your search for the best wholesale portfolio products ends right here. We have all of the best customizable tablet padfolios, affordable cheap leather portfolios wholesale, stylish custom 3 ring binders for schools, handy spiral bound notebook portfolios, high-tech promotional portfolios with USB drives, networking-friendly customized portfolios with business card holders, and so much more!

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4AllPromos is your one-stop-shop for all of the best promotional portfolios and custom logo imprinted padfolios for businesses and schools! We offer a broad selection of personalized portfolios & discount portfolio products at wholesale prices. Our offerings run the gamut from cheap vinyl portfolios to deluxe premium embroidered leather portfolios. Among this category, you'll also find excellent personalized journals, custom printed notebooks, promotional travel document holders, custom hardback menu holders for restaurants, and personalized diploma covers for schools. That's just the tip of the iceberg though. Read on to learn more about the many different items we have to offer in our collection of customized portfolios.

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Different Types of Custom Padfolios & Types of Promotional Portfolios

If you're looking for promotional portfolios with your logo, you've come to the right place. However, not all portfolios/padfolios are created equally. Different styles will work better than others in different situations. That's why we pride ourselves on the degree of diversity in our collection. Take a spin through the next ten paragraphs to learn more about the assorted styles of custom padfolios & portfolios available on our site.

Custom Zippered Portfolios and Padfolios

One of the most popular styles we offer is our array of personalized zipper portfolios. With a secure zippered closure, they keep items safe and eliminate worries over losing the important contents that lie within. Naturally, they're a perfect choice for schools, medical facilities, statisticians, and researchers.

Wholesale Compact Portfolios

If your business is looking to save money and space along with users' legal, business, and personal documents, we have you covered. Buy our custom compact portfolios at cheap prices and you'll have a promotional office supply giveaway that will make your company logo & name synonymous with efficiency and security.

Promotional Organizer Portfolios

When it comes to keeping it all together, nothing beats our company branded portfolios with organizers. Coming in many different formats, these personalized portfolios offer multiple compartments and accessories aimed at helping users to keep everything in order and readily accessible.

Cheap Custom Portfolios and Cheap Promotional Padfolios

Promoting on a budget? Then take the time to meet our discount promotional portfolios and wholesale discount padfolios! Whether the job is large or small, prices don't have to rise in tandem. Offering cheap promotional portfolio giveaways at trade shows and events is a great way to get your logo out to the masses and build positive brand awareness.

Deluxe Personalized Executive Portfolios

When looking for a corporate executive gift that's sure to please or marketing to an upscale audience, our premium executive leather portfolios are your key to success. They offer the perfect combination of stateliness and sensibility to show the public that your company is class all the way.

Custom Legal Size Portfolios

Our promotional legal portfolios are ideal for law firms, colleges, bail bond companies, accountants, and many other business professionals. They'll make users' lives easier while making your company put forth its best possible image in the courthouse, classroom, seminar, or corporate event.

Promotional Clipboard Portfolios

Our custom clipboard padfolios & portfolios are ideal for use by those who have to quickly jot down notes while on the go. They're handy for multitasking and jobs that require note-taking and observations while outdoors. Electric and oil company employees reading meters, park rangers monitoring wildlife, and teachers taking attendance are all just a few of the demographics who will find these items to be especially useful.

Company Branded Power Bank Portfolios & Promotional Power Bank Padfolios

Computer repair companies, web design agencies, and tech firms will all find our promotional power bank portfolios to be a perfect way to reach out to their target audience. These custom printed portfolios come with the needed accessories to charge up phones, tablets, and other mobile devices to suit the 21st century business professional.

Customized Tablet Padfolios & Branded Computer Portfolios

Keeping all needed items together in one package is a way to reduce clutter, improve organization, and save time. Throw in growth in brand awareness and a wealth of mobile advertising impressions and you'll see the numerous benefits of our personalized tablet padfolios and promotional computer portfolio cases. These items enable users to store their tablets and laptops in style while showing off your personalized logo design all over town.

Bulk Writing Pad Portfolios with Calculators

Numbers and letters can all be kept under control and in perfect order when users are armed with custom logo imprinted portfolios with calculators. We offer several of these on our site, coupling the benefits of a promotional writing pad with the convenience of a calculator. Items as useful as these are sure to see frequent use in a variety of settings and scenarios, creating countless advertising impressions along the way.

Company Branded Portfolios & Custom Padfolios - Materials

Many different materials go into making our peerless amalgamation of custom printed portfolios and padfolios. The material that is the best fit for your company and for reaching its target audience can vary based on many factors. That's why we offer padfolios & portfolios in all of the different materials your business could possibly need.

Custom Leather Business Portfolios & Custom Leather Padfolios

Our promotional leather portfolios and personalized leather padfolios are among the most popular items within this category. We offer cheap wholesale leather portfolios, handsome bonded leather portfolios, and luxurious executive leather portfolios & padfolios. In short, we have something for everyone.

Personalized Leatherette Portfolios

If you're looking for a low cost and animal-friendly alternative to a traditional leather portfolio/padfolio, we think we can help you out. Our custom faux leather padfolios have the regal look of genuine leather but without the princely price tags or use of animal products.

Personalized Engraved Metal Portfolios

For those who want to take a unique yet luxurious route in building brand awareness & satisfying customers, we offer our promotional metal cover portfolios. Engraved with your company logo design, these are durable, stylish, and distinctive giveaway items that will keep your brand on users' minds for years to come.

Cheap Promotional Vinyl Portfolios & Bulk Vinyl Padfolios

When affordability and quality need to share the spotlight, there are few better items than our bulk affordable vinyl portfolios. These are highly useful items for students, business owners, conference attendees, and legal professionals. They're a perfect way to promote your company without breaking the bank in the process.

Custom Microfiber Portfolios

Our personalized microfiber portfolios offer a soft feel and unique look that continues to grow more popular with time. They're great for anyone who prefers a little extra comfort on the job, as well as anyone looking for a slew of bonus internal organizer features.

Wholesale DuraHyde™ Padfolios

Promotional bound leather portfolios such as our custom DuraHyde™ padfolios are durable, attractive, and always make a great impression. DuraHyde™ is a unique patented form of bonded leather with a long-standing reputation for style & quality.

Bulk Non-Woven Polypropylene Portfolios & Padfolios

Polypropylene is a recyclable material that is highly versatile within the world of promotional products and beyond. This eco-friendly material is a thermoplastic, meaning that it can be melted down, reformed, and repurposed for a new life after its original run of service is complete. That period might not ever come when using our customized polypropylene padfolios, as these items are durable enough to last for years, decades, and then some!

Custom Polyester Padfolios

We'll round out our list of material compositions by touching upon our promotional polyester portfolios. Affordable, versatile, and fashionable, our polyester padfolios come in multiple models, all of which are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Sometimes a given brand name has so much clout that it can make the difference between a sale and a browse or an advertising impression and a fleeting glance. Brands with a reputation for quality and peak performance will help to fuel your business to prominence as well through powerful consumer associations. The following is a brief list of just some of the best promotional portfolio and padfolio brands offered on our site:

Custom Journals and Personalized Notebooks

We offer broad enough collections of promotional notebooks and logo imprinted personalized journals that they have their own category page. Still, we also like to showcase them alongside our promotional portfolios as they're a perfect complement to each other. It's classic case of one great promotional giveaway item deserving another!

Branded Document Holders

Anyone who travels regularly knows the importance of having all personal ID documents and business files close at hand. Losing just one card, paper, check, or key can lead to disaster. We help to relieve the travel trembles by providing the best travel document holders to serve your target audience and meet your promotional needs.

Promotional Travel Document Holders

We carry a broad variety of customized travel documents to help businesspeople on the go stay organized & show off your logo. Browse our many bulk padfolios with document holders to find which case is best for fitting the documents and security needs of your employees, customers, and target market.

Promotional Hotel Room Key Card Holders

It's safe to assume that everyone hates the feeling of panic that sets in when coming up empty after fishing around one's pockets, wallet, and car for missing hotel room keys. Your company can reduce this common terror trigger to a distant memory when arming the public with our company branded hotel key holders. These lightweight & compact sleeves are foil stamped with your business logo and make the perfect home for hotel room key cards, ensuring their whereabouts are always known.

Keep organized and bring all related files together into one attractive package with our promotional document envelopes! Available in many assorted styles and colors, these custom portfolio giveaways are perfect for corporate meetings, de-cluttering file cabinets, travel, and cross-department communications.

Bulk Insurance Card Holders at Wholesale Prices

Losing hotel room keys is certainly a bad time, but at least it won't land anyone in legal trouble. Driving without an insurance card? Now that can create a pretty serious pickle. Fortunately, we're here to help. Invest in our custom printed insurance card holders and you'll provide peace of mind for each and every lucky recipient. All they need to do is place their insurance cards into your logo imprinted card holder and slip it into their glove compartment. Just like that, they'll be ready to get through any traffic stop like a pro.

Personalized Diploma Covers

One of our lesser-known yet still important document holders are our customizable diploma covers for schools. A graduation is always a special event that both the graduate and all who accompany them will always remember. Your school can make the moment even more memorable by way of providing the best possible diploma covers for its students. Order our custom printed diploma covers in bulk and you'll have hundreds of future family heirlooms on your hands.

Promotional Passport Holders

If you haven't noticed by now, there's been a bit of a theme to this category, revolving around the stress of losing important documents. Our personalized passport holders for businesses continue the narrative. Any business would hate to spend big money to send an employee on an international trip only to have them lose their passport and be unable to board the plane. An even worse situation can come into being if the passport is lost after arriving abroad, but before returning home. A stylish and functional passport holder, imprinted with your business logo design, will go a long way in preventing such incidents from occurring.

Custom Checkbook Covers

If you're looking for great promotional giveaways for banks, we have just the item for you. Our promotional checkbook covers make great gifts for new bank customers or promotional giveaway items for a bank that's just opened a new location. Also popular as trade show giveaways, personalized checkbook covers are items that will see daily use, meaning your business will see daily advertising impressions.

Cheap Promotional Document Sleeves

Some of our custom document holder giveaways are friendly both toward the environment and toward your wallet. One such example is presented in the form of our bulk discount document sleeves. Made from eco-friendly non-woven polypropylene and imprinted with your business logo, these are cheap trade show giveaway items that will see daily use. They'll also see new lives when their days as document sleeves come to an end. How? We'll explain. Polypropylene is a thermal plastic that can be melted down, reformed, and repurposed into new items, over and over again.

Custom Portfolio Folders

Folders are some of the greatest unsung heroes in the world of office supplies. They may not be big and fancy, (usually) high-tech, or ultra trendy, but they still play the "glue guy" role to perfection. These handy little organization tools can go a long way in promoting your business and engaging in powerful relationship marketing. By always being there when users need to find a file or important document, your logo can become the face of reliability.

Personalized Conference Folders

When holding a boardroom meeting, attending a seminar, or collecting industry literature at trade shows, few items step up to the plate better than bulk promotional folders for meetings and events. They come in many different styles to fit different needs, locations, and atmospheres. Their enduring popularity shows that there's still a place for the old standbys in this modern digital world.

Personalized Presentation Folders

Perfect for teachers, students, and conference organizers, our custom logo printed presentation folders are consistent best-sellers. Alternately known was "pocket folders", our promotional presentation folders are designed to hold items such as pre-written speeches, company reports, important letters to and from business contacts, business cards, and more.

Promotional Self Locking Packets

One of our more novel styles of discount business logo printed folders are our wholesale self locking folders. As their name implies, these folders literally fold into themselves to create a sturdy, trusty seal. In addition to being conversation starters and just plain fun to use, these items go the extra mile in preventing the loss of important notes, cards, and documents.

Wholesale Three Panel Folders

When a traditional folder isn't quite large enough to get the job done, you can turn to our custom three panel folders for certainty in storage. Their unique look will certainly catch eyes, which will inevitably be drawn to your customized corporate logo imprint. As a result, these are some of the best trade show & seminar giveaway items for generating instant brand awareness among large crowds.

Bulk Two Pocket Folders

If the world learned anything from the whole New Coke fiasco, it's that there's always a place in the world for the old classics. Few items do a better job of proving this point than ourpromotional two pocket folders for schools. Ideal for college orientations, band and chorus programs, art portfolios, and syllabus handouts, our two-pocket folders are beautiful simplicity at its finest.

Some of our most affordable promotional portfolio offerings come in the form of our custom folios. They tend to be smaller and lighter than a typical portfolio or padfolio, but still present plenty of utility and variety. Speaking of variety, we'll explain some of the most popular styles over the course of the next three paragraphs.

Wholesale Meeting Folios

Companies that regularly hold team conferences or send employees to seminars can build efficiency and awareness with our promotional meeting folios. Low in price, high in value, and easy to operate, our meeting folios are perfect for professionals in nearly any line of work.

Customized Ringfolios

Our branded ringfolios with logo design imprints offer the perfect hybrid of a portfolio and ring binder. Each offers a three ring retainer for paper as well as various interior organizer features and functions.

Promotional Power Bank Folios

Looking for the perfect wholesale folios for your tech firm or web design company? Consider for a moment our custom power bank folios. In addition to offering a handy organizational tool for showing off your company logo, these custom portfolio giveaways also provide a means for users to charge their mobile devices for efficient and effective use while on the go.

Promotional Ring Binders

Our custom ring binders come in many different shapes, styles, sizes, and brands. Whether it's a classic three ring binder, cheap promotional vinyl binder, or premium executive ring binder, you can count on finding only the best at 4AllPromos.

Custom Printed Menu Covers

Our personalized menu covers for restaurants are up and coming items on our site that are quickly gaining a loyal fan base. One example would be our custom hardback menu holders. Firm and never flimsy, they provide a great way to present a wine list or elegant entree menu.

Discount Promotional Folders and Personalized Flyers for Businesses

When you want to send out a piece of direct mail that will really grab the attention of your target market, our customizable business flyers are the way to go. While some see this as an old-fashioned method, there is plenty of data out there to back up the fact that direct mail is still a sure-fire way to drum up business. If you're looking for a larger and more stationary way to advertise a sale or business event, there are few better tactics than to design your own promotional posters. Our personalized business posters differ from our flyers in that they are larger and are designed to be displayed in one place rather than distributed in large amounts.

Design Your Own Custom Portfolios and Padfolios

Without the inclusion of your personalized logo design, it will be hard to tie a promotional product to your business, therefore defeating the purpose of investing in one to begin with. That's why we offer many different methods for decorating our customizable portfolios and padfolios with your corporate logo design. We'll detail a few of them in this final section.

There are many affordable yet effective ways to personalize a promotional product with your logo to make it distinctly and unmistakably yours. Not every method has to be expensive. Our discount screen printed portfolios are one such example. They allow businesses to create powerful and attractive logo graphics at an affordable price. We also offer a vast collection of hot foil stamped padfolios and portfolios which also create impressive designs without draining the bank account.

Custom Embroidered Portfolios

Going for a high class look? Then you'll not want to miss out on our premium embroidered portfolios for businesses. Whether it comes standard or is included as an upgrade option, embroidery offers a bold, colorful, and elegant way of presenting your logo that won't chip, fade, or smear with the passage of time.

Another way to provide longevity for your business logo design is to have it debossed into the surface of a promotional product. Our custom debossed padfolios feature logo designs that are stamped deep into their surfaces, creating a three-dimensional design that will continue to impress for years to come.

It can be argued that our most unique customized portfolios are our engravable metal and leather models. These custom engraved portfolios feature laser engraved designs that immediately catch eyes and turn heads. They enable you to rest assured that each advertising impression will be an effective one.