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Looking for the best cheap promotional business cards? Look no further! We also carry custom engraved business card cases, a variety of personalized business card magnets, wholesale promotional guitar pick business cards, fun bulk novelty business cards for giveaways & much more!

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If you're looking for custom logo imprinted business cards, cheap paper business cards, engraved metal business card holders, bulk cookie business cards, safe and secure promotional business card envelopes, or any other type of customizable business card giveaway item, you're sure to find everything you need on this page. We've supplied an in-depth pool of information in the following section to help you learn everything you need to know about our company branded business cards & promotional business card holders.

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Different Types of Promotional Business Cards

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Different Types of Promotional Business Cards


While business cards have been a fixture of corporate communication for as long as anyone living can remember, they don't always have to be just about the facts. Let's face it; some business cards are just downright boring and easily forgettable. Our vast array of different business card styles flip the script, creating fun, interesting, and memorable promotional giveaways that will be huge in your networking endeavors.

Custom Seed Paper Business Cards

When it comes to promotional eco-friendly business card giveaways, few routes are more satisfying than buying cheap plantable business cards wholesale from 4AllPromos. These company branded seed paper business cards can be placed right into the ground and with proper care, will yield beautiful flowers. They're a great promotional product idea for garden shops, nature centers, farms & more.

Promotional Emery Board Business Cards

Looking for the best promotional business cards for salons, spas, beauty shops, and high-end boutiques? If so, you've found them in our custom nail file business cards. Users can keep their nails trim and in perfect order, viewing your business logo and contact information all the while.

When you want a whole lot of business cards that will see repeated use, there are few better choices than our promotional business card sticky notes. Users will take notes around the office, peeling off a new page with your personalized company logo & contact information every time they need to quickly jot something down.

Wholesale Outdoor Business Cards

Depending on the industry in which your business operates and the ways in which employees interact with the public, it might be a good idea to invest in business cards that won't be damaged by a little stormy weather. That's why we offer bulk weatherproof business cards. They're great for park rangers, construction crews, landscaping companies, roofers, and many more businesses with an outdoor angle.

Promotional Folding Business Cards

Desktop business cards are a handy promotional product to have on hand when interacting with a new or frequently recurring business contact. Our promotional tent business cards can literally stand on their own, as their folding design allows them to be set on top of desks/tables without requiring any additional items for support.

Wholesale Blank Business Cards in Bulk

Sometimes it may behoove your business or its target audience to have some no imprint business card giveaways on hand. When these moments arrive, you'll want to be armed with our promotional magnetic business cards, which come with blank punch-out business card magnets.

Custom UV Coated Laminated Business Cards

A customized business card that is visually appealing is one that will have the greatest impact. That's why our wholesale UV coated business cards are such great sellers. They're laminated in a UV resistant coating that ensures their background and imprint colors stay sharp and don't fade away with time.

Different Styles of Custom Business Card Holders

While our company branded business cards are highly useful business promotional products, you're going to need to find somewhere to put them. Why stick them in a plain old drawer or file cabinet when there's a whole world full of unique promotional business card holders out there? Take a spin through the following section and learn about some of the styles we offer and which might be the best fit for your promotional needs.

Promotional Golf Ball Box Business Card Holders

If your business is in the sporting goods industry or you/your targeted customers like to unwind at the links, our personalized business card holder golf ball boxes will be the perfect promotional giveaway. As the preceding link will show you, there are quite a few different options, all of which will help to spread brand awareness from tee to green.

Personalized Card Wheel Business Card Cases

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of a card wheel, we can explain it pretty easily. Essentially, they consist of multiple credit card or business card sized pockets that are linked together at the upper interior corner, where they rotate around a circular hub. Now that you have the picture, we'd like to introduce you to our unique promotional card wheels for business cards. They allow users to categorize, organize, and effortlessly glide through their collection to find the card they're looking for.

Employees and customers will be able to keep all of their contacts in order and within easy reach with our custom desktop business card holders. A solid base, unique style, and bold company logo imprint are all features that make our personalized desktop card holders simply irresistible for any industry.

Promotional Business Card Envelopes

Are you hoping to find a promotional product that's perfect for trade shows and networking events? We'd have to imagine that most anyone shopping on our site would answer that question to the affirmative. Your search ends right here with our wholesale business card envelopes with zippered closure. Able to hold multiple cards at a time, these make perfect giveaway items for trade shows, job fairs, networking cocktail parties, and any other event where one can expect to meet the best and the brightest.

Many of the most popular promotional products in the world are those that offer more than one function. That's not such a hard concept to understand, because who doesn't like getting two or more items for the price of one? Our promotional business card sticky flag packs are one shining example. They offer both a vessel for holding business cards, as well as a bounty of other handy office items. Sticky note flags, sticky note pads, and microfiber cleaning cloths all come together as part of the package.

Personalized Tote Bags with Business Card Holders

When hitting the road, seas, or skies in the name of professionalism and brand awareness, users will want luggage designed to assist in their efforts. Our custom logo printed business card holder tote bags will do just that. Going to an after-hours network cocktail party or wine tasting? Then our promotional wine bottle bags with business card holders are a no-brainer.

Custom Business Card Wallets

Our personalized business card wallets for giveaways at trade shows and corporate events never fail to please. These handy promotional business card cases come in many styles, colors, and materials, so you're sure to find one that's a perfect fit for your business & its user base.

Some of our best-selling personalized business card giveaway items are our custom magnetic business cards. This is a truly diverse product category, combining promotional magnets, custom logo printed business cards, and frequently an additional component to create a perfect giveaway for most any line of business.

Wholesale Sports Schedule Business Card Magnets

A great promotional product for schools or giveaway for sports teams, our promotional sports schedule magnetic business cards are unique, useful, and imprinted with your logo & information. It's a great way to stay in the public eye throughout the whole season.

Keep your contact information and company logo in users' minds all year long with our custom business calendar magnets. Many include your the option to feature a full color, photographic quality image of your choosing above the calendar grid. This helps to keep turning heads as the year goes on.

Promotional Magnetic Memo Pad Business Cards

Another very handy promotional giveaway business card item for trade shows and exhibitions would be our wholesale business card magnets with notepads. Available in many different sizes, styles, and colors, these writing pad business card magnets provide a place to write down names, numbers, and notes while keeping up with schedules. Having your logo & contact information displayed for 365 days while providing this utility for users is sure to create a loyal customer base.

Promotional Peel and Stick Business Card Magnets

If a small personalized magnetic business card is an item that you can see helping in your effort to achieve brand awareness goals, stay tuned. Able to fit and be transported and displayed nearly anywhere, our custom printed peel and stick business card magnets with your logo are perfect as trade show giveaways. They're items that will be useful at all times, so there's no need to worry about these being forgotten and discarded. These magnetic business cards can be placed on refrigerators, file cabinets, white boards, and several other surfaces in the office and at home.

Custom Novelty Business Card Giveaways

In these difficult times, giving someone a reason to have a little laugh, smile, or thrill can be enormous in your attempts to win over customers. Our bulk novelty business cards will be useful toward this end, putting a fun and unique spin on an old classic.

Custom Color Changing Business Cards

No matter how old one gets, the intrigue of a color changing item never goes out of style. Our promotional color changing business cards are a prime example. These custom heat reactive business cards are made from a flexible plastic, allowing them to be moved and stored in ways that other custom plastic business cards can't quite stand up to.

Personalized Tape Measure Business Cards

Our custom tape measure business cards with logo imprints are perfect promotional giveaway items for contractors, roofers, carpenters, and hardware stores. Also including a level, these are fully functional tape measures that can't be used without displaying your logo & contact information.

Wholesale Guitar Pick Business Cards

A great promotional "pick" for music stores, concert venues, guitar teachers, and anyone else in the music industry, our bulk guitar pick business cards are top-sellers year after year. They also ship for free, which we don't think anyone will ever complain about.

Promotional Business Card Briefcases

What could be a more perfect marriage of business professionalism and lighthearted fun than some personalized novelty briefcase business card holders? Their shape departs from the traditional business card/holder format, creating a fun and unique item that will certainly give the public a vehicle for remembering your business.

Custom Shaped Business Cards

While there's nothing wrong with a traditional rectangular shaped business card, one that departs from the usual form is more likely to stand out and, turn heads, and be remembered. We have several wholesale business cards in unique shapes, with some of the most popular forms being detailed in the following paragraphs.

Cheap Promotional Cookie Business Cards

Possessing a style that is growing in popularity, our custom cookie business cards with bite shapes are great for bakeries, restaurants, and home furnishing shops. Don't want to take the cookie route? No problem! Our personalized bite shaped business cards can work with most any decorative graphic.

Wholesale House Shaped Business Cards

When trying to keep in touch with prospective home buyers, our bulk real estate house business cards are a natural choice. They're a fun shape which make no bones about what services your business provides, helping it to stand out from all of the other business cards that are shuffled around in the deck.

Personalized Round Business Cards for Giveaways

If you're looking for a personalized business card style that will be a hit at restaurants, casinos, and even around the house, our wholesale circle business cards are a great fit. They can double as coasters or even as large betting discs.

Custom Thumb Notch Business Card Holders

One of the more annoying aspects about dealing with business cards is that they can be quite a pain to try to extract from a typical wallet. This irritating and embarrassing challenge can be taken out of the equation with our promotional thumb notch business card cases. They're shaped such that one can position their thumb atop the notch and smoothly slide out the card held inside.

Promotional Business Card Giveaways - Materials

Our customizable business cards come in many different forms. We offer the full gamut, from cheap promotional business cards to premium personalized business cards & business card holders. The materials that they're composed from play a big role in overall style and functionality, so we'll explain some of the most common materials in the next 7 paragraphs.

Cheap Paper Business Cards in Bulk

Some of our most affordable business cards are our promotional inexpensive paper stock business cards. Many of our most affordable business card magnets have a paper stock surface upon which your logo and contact information are printed.

Wholesale Inexpensive Plastic Business Cards & Card Holders

When you buy our cheap plastic business cards & cases in bulk, you'll be treated to a large quantity of cheap yet effective trade show giveaway items and stay in touch with new contacts. Some are stiff plastic while others are flexible, so there's plenty of variety to go around.

Personalized Aluminum Business Cards & Custom Aluminum Business Card Holders

Our custom aluminum business cards & logo engraved aluminum business card cases are low minimum order items that can be personalized to fit each individual recipient. Their modern look and smooth feel make them ideal corporate promotional gifts & giveaway items for just about anyone.

Promotional Leather Business Card Holders

When your goal is to provide a high-end, luxurious promotional giveaway item, personalized leather business card holders are stylish and attractive business card cases that are certain to succeed. The genuine cowhide model linked to above has a timeless look and feel that all users will be delighted to receive.

Custom Leatherette Business Card Holders

While leather is surely stylish and chic, it's not so appealing to everyone. Specifically, we're referring to those of you (and your customers/employees) who prefer animal-friendly items free of any animal products. Our custom faux leather business card holders are the perfect items for these folks. They have all the style and charm of leather, without the inclusion of cowhide.

Since they tend to be marketed differently, many are lead to believe that suede and leather are two separate entities. However, this is not the case, as suede is a variety of leather. Particularly, it's a soft leather with a matte finish, for a look that's literally less flashy. Our promotional suede business card cases feature this material, offering a luxurious look and feel that spells first class all the way.

Personalized Soft Touch Business Card Cases

To wrap up this section, we'll talk a little about our custom soft touch business card holders with logo imprints. They're made from an extra soft form of faux leather and include magnetic closure for an added measure of security.

Custom Candy & Cookie Business Card Cases

Why not sweeten the deal and have your business logo & contact information printed on a custom mint tin, cookie, or candy business card case? The tasty treats will give something for your customers & contacts to remember you by. If you really want to make an impression, you can buy actual cookies and custom molded chocolates imprinted with your business logo & information.

Promotional Multi-Purpose Business Card Holders

A promotional business card or customizable business card holder doesn't have to be limited to just one role in life. The following five paragraphs will detail some of the highly useful, convenient, and stylish business cards & cases that are of a hybrid nature.

Wholesale Business Card Key Tags

A high quality yet cheap option in this category is represented by our personalized business card keychains. Users will see your logo and contact information every time they get behind the wheel, so you'll get exposure on the commute to and from work, errand runs, and weekend excursions.

Promotional Calculator Business Card Holders

You'll be crunching numbers and crushing the competition like never before when you invest in our promotional calculators with business card holders. As their name would suggest, these are fully functional calculators which contain a space for holding business cards. They make great promotional products for accountants, schools, math tutors, campus bookstores, and office supply stores.

Another popular and versatile style of personalized business card cases is our custom logo printed power clip business card holders. Your custom printed business card is inserted into the slot in the top portion, while the unit as a whole can be used to hold mountains of paperwork together or keep bags tightly shut.

Custom Cell Phone Stand Business Card Holders

With even Google going "mobile first" these days, we can't leave the digital revolution out of our promotional offerings. That's why a real up-and-coming promotional giveaway item category for us is our collection of bulk cell phone stand business card holders. These can accommodate both phones and business cards, making for a very handy desktop accessory.

Design Your Own Business Cards & Business Card Holders

At 4AllPromos, we empower you with the ability to design your own promotional business cards and to design your own personalized business card holders. There are many different ways to make each item unique. In this final section, we'll focus on three of the most prominent logo customization styles.

Custom Engraved Business Cards & Cases

Our personalized aluminum business card holders with engraved logos are low minimum order promotional gifts with more than just a touch of class. Due to their low minimum order requirements, each can be specially designed to fit its intended recipient.

Personalized Debossed Business Card Holders

When you want to create a promotional product with a logo imprint that will stand the test of time, debossing is one of the best ways to go. Our promotional debossed business card holders feature logo imprints that are set within the leather/faux leather exterior, for a design that can't chip, fade, or blur with time.

Promotional Full Color Business Card Giveaways

Make your promotional giveaway items come to life through the process of full color printing! Our wholesale full color business cards and wholesale full color business card magnets are designed to do your logo justice and catch eyes wherever they go. They're also a great way to make your business cards stand out from the multitude of others that a user may accumulate over time or at a trade show or networking event.